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This is supposed to be a discount travel club with up front paid membership with an association with DVI Inc. I have been associated with this club for 6 months and have yet to book an acceptable vacation through them. They have the worst communication methods I have ever come across. They rely on telephones yet they almost never return phone calls. Nearly everyone I talk too provides different information including management. When I speak with the recpetionist I am told someone will return my call. Good Luck! I have been mislead with the information provided to me and they do are not interested in correcting the situation.

I can not imagine a worst travel club. My fist attempt to book a vacation took 5-6 weeks of constant calls. yet the price was too high and in fact I booked travel using internet sources cheaper, with better accommodations and with less hassle. As a result of this mistake on their part I was verbally informed I would receive a free 1 week condo unit. When I attempted to collect they denied ever offering that to me.

This is the worst experience I have had for many years. I hope someone else can learn from this experience.


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    SerenityTravelClub Sep 21, 2009

    Destination Vacations International Reviews Top Five Travel Complaints

    DVI Understands There Are No Shortage of Complaints when it Comes to Travel Concerns!
    Complaints, Complaints, Complaints...Members Only Travel Club, Destination Vacations International tabulates the top five travel complaints.

    1. The number one complaint among all air travelers is the unacceptable size of airline seats. Scientists and health officials report the increasing girth of US citizens yet most airlines continue to offer the same unacceptable seat. Travelers need not be obese to take issue with the size of an airline seat, even healthy weight individuals express dissatisfaction. “I’m petite, yet I can’t get comfortable in the space US airline carriers assign. I feel like I have to keep my arms tight against my body.”

    2. Lost luggage landed in the second spot among Destination Vacations International members’ complaints. A vacation can be totally ruined by lost or delayed luggage. One traveler reported: “We were so excited to start our ski trip. We never dreamed of a ‘sick-out’ among baggage handlers would cause our luggage to be left behind in Philadelphia. The luggage was delayed for 2 days. I think the airline offered $100 per traveler, not nearly enough to get boots, hats, gloves and rent ski equipment. We lost two days of our vacation.”

    3. Complaints about airport delays and cancelled flights ranked third. Complaints on this issue rated highly among Destination Vacations International members because they often feel helpless when faced with delayed and/or cancelled flights. In some cases travelers are at the mercy of Mother Nature as storms, ice or fog delay the start of their vacation plans. Frustration levels run high when air carriers cancel flights forcing hundreds to the understaffed customer service desk to make other plans.
    4. Destination Vacations International members reported unanticipated seat assignment changes as their fourth biggest travel complaint. As airlines make equipment changes on routes, previously assigned seats can be automatically reassigned when a new class of aircraft is used. This affects vacationers traveling with small children the most as they are often no longer sitting together. Unfortunately, busy stewards/stewardesses distance themselves from the very problem they created. One angry customer explains: “I presented my confirmation which clearly showed my family seat assignments next to one another. The stewardess said there was nothing she could do but that I should try to trade seats with other passengers. I paid them for a product that included seats together. They don’t provide the product they sold me and I have to be the one to beg passengers to trade? It’s ridiculous and bordering on fraudulent.”

    5. Customers really dislike being put in “prison on the tarmac”, which earned final spot on the DVI list of common travel complaints. The proposal of a traveler’s bill of rights was a hot topic after public outrage regarding numerous incidents of flyers being forced to remain on the tarmac in their seatbelts with no access to restrooms, water or food. Most incidents are not as egregious as this but even an extra hour taxing or waiting in line on the tarmac can be stressful. The department of transportation and the avation consumer protection division has developed a 58 page document entitled “Development of Contingency Plans for Lengthy Airline On-Board Ground Delays”. This document spells out for the airline industry the basic needs of passengers including food, hydration, clean environment, access to lavatory facilities, information and the ability to communicate.

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    thresher97 Feb 07, 2010

    This is bull. They just put this there because they know most of the companies that sold their products are being sued by the attorney general in new jersey and the delaware company called serenity travel is being heavily investigated by the ag there. THey also have had the bbb accredation pulled and are now rated a C. Not that the rating really means much. they also do this so when people search for the name they wont see all the horror storeis of people who feel they have thousands of dollars ripped off from them. The website links to free websites anyone can use.

    Beware serenity travel, beware dvi, there is much more to this than meets the eye.

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    thresher97 Feb 25, 2010

    you are 100% correct and please see the various comments on DK and his exploits in the auto "sales" business and harbor resort management. They are heavily being investigated by the delaware and ( i think) the new jersey ag office. I would also file a dispute with your credit card company for theft by deception.

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    puntacana Mar 08, 2010

    Oh my goodness...I have literally had the same exact experience and it makes me want to throw up when I think about how much money I put out in advance! We are heavy travelers and I completely believed their whole story. This has been the absolute worst experience...and not to mention, everyone that I've spoken to has literally left the company!

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  • dowhtsright Apr 07, 2010

    This company was opened by the business partner of Daryl T. Turner, Eric Shuman. Turner is the owner of new jerseys biggest travel scam around. If you look up DREAMWORKS VACATION CLUB, you will find all the info you need. Serenity Travel sold Dream Vacations memberships at the same time as Mr. Turner and his various offices in NJ. Mr. Shuman has sinced changed the company name to Destination Vacations or DVI for short to get away from bad press. ALSO, you should know that if anyone did have an initial travel experience with DVI that was satisfactory in price, its because they take a portion of your initial fee and apply it to your first trip. Once you travel, you cant cancel! No matter that youre next trip could be more than internet prices!!! Turner and Shuman are making millions defrauding everyday hardworking people and they couldnt care less. It has got to stop! The address to DVI is 69 Kirkwood Rd. Gibbsboro NJ 08026. You will find maybe 5 employees there claiming to be a call center among many in the nation. LIES.
    See for yourself!

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    stoplyingppl Apr 13, 2010

    Why does Mr. Shuman own both the SALES OFFICE in delaware AND the VACATION CLUB DVI- Destination Vacations in NJ? Isn't it supposed to be a seperate entity altogether? With the same person owning both, Mr. Shuman gets to keep all the money. That's actually worse than what Mr. Turner did in NJ. At least he was actually selling a vacation club owned by someone else, distributed nationwide by other sales office owners, and servicing the nation. Also, at least Turner didnt make his employees post false comments and "testimonies" claiming that their company is just great. Way to deceive people even more. DVI has less than 8 employees. And the sales office claims that they service thousands of people. They hardly even book anything for clients EVER because the clients find better prices on their own or get upset with the lack of discount/customer service they were expecting. Basically the office deals with complaint after complaint and issue after issue. Mr. Shuman started out at the office Turner owned in Parsippany. They then BOTH started DVI together and hired one woman to book ALL the trips from her home! A few months into it they had a few more employees and an office. But in June when the AG filed the complaint against Turner, he backed out of DVI for whatever reason. Mr. Shuman became the sole owner while simultaneously opening its sole sales office. They then changed the name from Dream Vacations to Destination Vacations to get away from the bad press (Dream Vacations is listed as one of Mr. Turners affliate companies in the official complaint!). Mainly so when clients come home and look it up on here they dont find the real information theyre looking for...

    Look, I'm not saying DK or whoever doesnt want their clients to be happy, of course they do! Its just the fact that they are initially misleading and lying to them that is causing the problems. Another difference between Turner and Shuman is this: Turner started his company fresh, no bad press, no Attorney General breathing down his neck, no complaints board, etc. Shuman has to try and keep as much underwraps as possible if he hopes to hold onto the MILLIONS he has made in the last year alone. One of the ways that a owner like Shuman will do this is to blame all the unhappy clients on the salespeople or customer service reps that work for them, this is straight bull! Trust me when I say that the salespeople that lie the most get the furthest in the company and make the most money, and the customer service people are left with hundreds of upset customers. Too many to even help. Not to mention the customer service people are asked to lie to clients on a regular basis. Horrible Horrible Horrible. And whats worse is that Mr. Shuman and his employees really think that they are not doing anything wrong! And if they have a clue, they dont have a care. OHHH sidenote: anyone who got the AWAY WE GO gifts for coming in to the presentation, Mr. Turner OWNS that company! Anyone who thinks I'm lashing out or making things up.. I would SWEAR to this in a court of law, every single word. And what's sad is that I probably will have to one day!

    Also... If you took a trip with DVI and were originally pleased with the price, accommodations, etc. PLEASE BE ADVISED: a portion of your initial sign-up fee was used to reduce the trip cost for you! Most likely, the trip was booked on Orbitz or Travelocity and a portion of the price was taken off and quoted to you (amount depends on the amount your deal was of course) when the trip was booked, Mr. Shuman's credit card was used and you were charged in the office. UNDERSTAND: this is only for 1st time trips! This is why new members are directed to a special and specific place for booking. The way they see it is this. If you pay $5000 for a membership and they take $800 off of your first trip, they still make $4200 and you think that their services are great and legitimate. By the time trip #2 comes around, they dont care about saving you money. In FACT, employees were actually encouraged by and forced by Mr. Shuman to add a commission to the cost of the trip!! So, you would ultimately be spending more money then booking on your own. So what did you spend your $4200 for? Some would say for the condo weeks. Thats a flimsy argument in and of itself. The condo weeks are a good deal if youre willing to be flexible in dates, times, location. And you want to travel off season. But even those have a commission added to them!!

    *I can copy and paste too serenity travel* At least what i say is true :-P

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    hunter1919 Jun 26, 2010

    You have so kind of personal problem with the company. The owner is just one person that worked all over the world for big companies like disney that sells vacations. If you vacation its a great deal. You seem to be barking up the wrong tree your a lier and what you say isn't true.

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