Sentry Prosentry pro xft tick and flea

U Aug 31, 2018

I used this product on my 21 pound shih tzu on august 28, 2018. Within an hour, he was pacing, agitated, anxious, and had muscle tremors. I called the vet the next morning. He told me to wash my dog and give him benadryl. He also said there were complaints against sentry pro. My dog did not get better and developed heavy breathing and he started crying. I brought him to the vet and he was given a steroid shot. It is 3 days later and although he is slowly improving, he is still not himself. He is stationary and I have to lift him up and place him. He becomes extremely thirsty at times and still has muscle tremors.

I do not understand why this dangerous, awful product is still on the market. Do not purchase. A class action suit needs to be issued against sentry pro.

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