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Austin, Texas
United States

I worked for SecondMeta for two weeks at the 'training rate' of 10 dollars an hour. When I applied for the job I was told that they would pay 10 dollars an hour base PLUS comissions. This coincided with the various ads they placed on and craigslist seeking employees for the call center.

It turns out to be a completely different story. After 9 days of working there at the purported rate of 10 dollars an hour, I was told in a meeting that included my coworkers that the base pay was only in Lieu of commissions. It wasn't 10 dollars an hour base + comissions, it turns out it was 10 dollars an hour OR comissions. I immediately produced one of the job postings and asked for an explanation. After about 15 minutes the supervisor came back into the crowded room and explained that it was a 'typo' in the posting. I immediately showed him another job posting from He left for a few minutes, and then came back in the room, visibly troubled, and said that it was also a typo, and that he was not responsible.

Ok.. so i can understand that.. no problem I think to myself. But it gets better. During this time it seems 2ndMeta decided that the top producers were making too much money in comissions. They openly said that they were restructuring the pay to penalize the top producers. In no way did this benefit people new to the company, or for that matter anyone who worked there. Of course I discussed this change with my coworkers, never thinking that it was not allowed to engage in conversation about compensation.

Two days later I was called into an office and told I was terminated. The reason being is that I discussed the compensation plan (common to all employees) with my coworkers. Additionally I was being terminated because I had taken 3 cell phone calls that lasted no more than 10 minutes total over a two week time period. ( I said I would have been happy to sign out during those times). Just as one does when he/she needs to take a restroom break at this company.

After I was terminated I waited for my compensation for two months. It is nigh impossible to call them and get ahold of anyone there, and they will not return a call. Finally today I managed to get in touch with the director of Human Resources and ask about my paycheck. She told me I could come pick it up (after being told by the accounting department that they had no record of me). My math may be wrong, but as far as i can determine 10 dollars an hour times 2 weeks of full time work works out to about 800 dollars. The check was for 200 dollars. That works out to about $2.50 an hour. Since there is no record of hours worked on the pay stub, I can only assume it was hastily printed out while I was on the way there.

Of course I left several messages asking for an explanation, but as usual have not received a call back or any effort on the part of the company to contact me.

The CEO of this company is a person by the name of Christian Hunter . The name of the company is SecondMeta, or 2ndMeta. the address is 3018 N Lamar Austin TX 78705 .
The company is engaged in the business of getting subscriptions to lists of foreclosed properties, lists of public auto auctions, and the sale of coupon books. They take credit card information over the phone and sell these subscriptions on a recurring charge basis. (they charge the credit card once a month unless the customer cancels). (good luck with that).

The two main areas they focus on are,

the company website is

The name of the CEO is Christian Hunter.


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    ambrosia831 Apr 06, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do we know anything about what happened with this? Hopefully a bunch of them are in jail or were super heavily fined...

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  • Ch
    ch_sucks Sep 19, 2018

    Before I deleted them, I came across accounting files that I was asked to hold, and were also in the backup that I turned in as part of a search warrant back in 2010. Along with that, I turned in a folder of music the managers shared with each other since it was part of the backup.

    Thought it all, along with the music had already been deleted, along time ago. 

    Whomever has been digging in online account files. Came across those and thought they were mine. I wouldn’t even have been able to open them. Couldn’t tell you what program. And made sure the ladies made sure they were password protected.

    Found the accounting files in google drive account I hadn’t used since then since they used enterprise gmail for a time.

    Back then made sure to flag their sites when we started having payroll issues.*/ — employee pay — Scamming customers Town Media/Second Meta — Paychecks not cashing meta — employee pay Saver / Money Edge — Take money from my account

    Their previous company over in California, Bargin network, easy pay, money saver had FTC charges brought against them. 

    California Companies that Made Fraudulent Claims About Government Auctions for Cars, Homes, and Jobs Settle FTC Charges the individual defendants,  Christian Hunter, Antoine Bourdeaux, Thomas Adams...requires individual defendants Christian Hunter, Thomas Adams III ...

    FTC Charges Companies with Making Fraudulent Claims about Government Auctions for Cars, Homes or Jobs, the complaint charges NCC; Christian Hunter, the founder, president and chief


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  • Ch
    ch_sucks Sep 19, 2018

    2008: moved to Austin. Ended up going to work for Home Centrix, Second Meta, My Town Media, Attention Ventures (name depended on when you started, they kept changing the name.). (they sold foreclosure, car repo information, and some kind of "state pay")

    Bought server that they needed from vendor back home Entre' and they drop shipped it to the office. Best price. They also bought a server rack from a place down in Kyle Texas, which was also a wedding venue in the front part of the property. Went through several OS's on it. When it closed it ran some version of linux due to some free mail server they wanted to run. That came about because of some court case going on. Had to go with Mindy Wallis to drop of some kind of paperwork to some court house, outside of town to some court house up on a bluff up on the right. He was afraid they would get access to all of his email. For some of his other accounts online, he had me walk him through downloading those to his local mac book machine at home.

    - Only thing stored in the local office was accounting files and a few files shared by the managers. All the websites, and any other data was stored elsewhere. Only the website programmers had access to them and any pictures, coding or data stored there. Other than that, the owner Christian Hunter kept everything somewhere.

    - In which I did take a picture of one of the venues back in 2008 while there for some friends who were looking for a venue for a wedding they were catering. Picture hasn’t been around since 2008 after I sent it to them, it got deleted.)
    In 2016, while back home, I checked with the vendor. Server was changed to be sold to Attention ventures, instead of Second Meta, and had a total of one terabyte of storage.

    - 2016-Also checked with the DA’s office. Case went to trial and everything for the case was disposed of. Let DA’s office know that someone had been in my email account, and that email was sent to their office from my account.
    - 07/18/2018, as everything with the ease dropping and tampering with my accounts has still continued, checked with TX OAG office for date of the search warrant and call tag I received back in 2010 for any information they had in regards to this company.

     If you were to search My Town media, some of the first results come up as an actual radio broadcasting station somewhere. You actually have to look a little further to find information about the actual company.
    Was on call twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year. I was lucky to get three or four hours of sleep a night.

    Always having to setup and support “at home agents” April 16, 2010 closed - it was a payday -that morning the landlord came in and kicked everyone out and locked up building due to non-payment. Mangers handing out payroll as employees left. HR started using ADP for direct deposit. Then that got to be an issue with funding payroll. Last 8/9 months switched from direct deposit to checks. Owner didn’t want payroll ever issued until after 5pm once banks had already closed. They had gone through most of the banks in town so some of us had been looking for something else. Basically, you would open an account at the bank they switched to, to be able to cash your check. Employees used check cashing services. Which eventually wouldn’t even cash them.
    I recall having to open accounts at:
    · Frost
    · Plains capital
    · Wells Fargo
    · Bank of America (issue here since they also used Bank of America "California" which was part of Bank of America, but considered separate, so some paycheck accounts weren't considered as part of Bank of America here, so you had to deposit instead of cashing.)
    Health Insurance plans got canceled because they ended up being too expensive for them.
    Employees gathered outside. Most Everyone left the job location since all the "directors" managers" said it wasn’t going to reopen and ended up moving home. News media showed up if I recall.
    Once home Marshalls called said they seized everything there (server, computers, files, Music owner and managers shared with each other. Owner even gave them his password to access music online via iTunes I was told. etc.). Was told that I may have offsite backup data and asked for what I had. Also asked if there was any encryption which there wasn’t that I was aware of, and for any passwords etc. Marshals sent a copy of search warrant paperwork and a drive to copy data to and asked that I keep a copy. Took some time and had to use several people computers to transfer everything to the drive. People got mad because iTunes would auto import the music. Told to send in and they were supposed to call me back with what to do with the equipment that I was told to take so they could setup “at home agents” after the office closed (never received a call back ended up just getting rid of the equipment).
    ( Mindy the Hr director, mentioned that Christians password always had to do with some kind of empire, she would have known since he shared it with her to allow her access to his music.)

    Sent what was requested back to them. Wasn’t much. Just manager’s folders/shares/music owner and managers shared with each other. Didn’t have enough space to store call recording (customer calls with sales agents and had customer credit card info if they decided to buy) (was later used for training new agents how to recite the script, tone, cadence, talk them out of their hesitations and into buying etc.). That took up a lot of the server. And was never given enough offline storage to do so after they switched it from being stored online to local. Was one of those, were storing them local as of right now. And switched it to the server and then they migrated the old call recordings and set new ones to store on the server.

    I deleted my offsite since I never heard back from the marshal. Ladies in the office had also sent me their accounting files. And I presume were involved in the federal trial in some way. (2017 found a few files that accounting had sent. Sent back to them in case they still needed for the trial/case and then deleted)

    If I had not received the call from the marshal, I would have just deleted the files as soon as my computer got set back up. (Manager and Partner, Michael Mahoney, had given me a computer and an office chair for the house around the time I started there and when we opened the first floor. Chair got thrown out after it broke (I moved around a lot).
    - 2016 - Computer, as part of all this they have going on, was said someone was looking for it. Wiped hard drive and shredded it. Then turned over computer to law enforcement. Told them if that was what whoever was looking for they could have it.)
    Owner called asking me to come back, offered to pay back pay that I was owed and then a bonus for the trouble, and more money. Explained I had moved away. After payroll issues and being told everything was seized, I didn’t want to work for them again. I couldn’t afford to stay or live in Austin without work.

    All the managers were people from California. Some moved here with the owner/partners, others came afterwards. "Partners" came and went. All started out being people from California.

    Christian Hunter - Owner Tom Adams - Owner ( federal judges kid) Michael Mahoney - Head Manager / Partner

    Jessica Mitchell - Christian's Fiancé
    Owner - Fotofix

    Managers, Sia jihadi, Sara bornelite, Sean Mahoney, Nick galante and his brother, Shelby? and her husband.
    They also towards the end, opened up a second call center back in Goleta California where they were from. Had to provide minimal support. Place they rented, furnished all of the computers, internet, etc.

    First Online Ordering system was run by some friends of theirs back in California at first. After they had a falling out it was switch to another online vendor. Managers complained because that system was designed for the catalog industry. It got shut down several times for non-payment.

    Pretty much everything got shut off several times for non-payment. Phones / internet (same local vendor and also the secondary internet connection (boss configured dual homed so if one vendor went down for non-payment it would auto flip to the other since it was all run online. He also bought some kind an asa to do a vpn to handle that and also a connection over to California so they could access the files shared), water, electric. Several local vendors had payment issues getting paid also (online phone system, online order system, cabling vendor)
    They always did things on the cheap. Server and workstations bought by boss on his personal CC who lived in California. Had workstations sent to office. Got prices on servers as asked. Picked hp vendor back home because I got the best price on rack mount server (tried local but price was too high for boss). We found used / refurbished / damaged rack down south of town, they called in and payed over the phone with their cc. I went and picked it up. Workstation setup was simple since they came pre-installed, open box, put in cube, install java, add link to web-based order system and a shortcut to the phone system. No other software required. For managers, the accounting office went down to office depot and bought copies of office to install on their computers.

    They also purchased used refurbished computers from discount electronics in Austin. Pop in disk and re-install, didn’t have to activate as all the machines in the office came with a license. All machines came with restore media.
    Once they got the server, they shipped it to us at the office. He ran all the IT stuff (phone system configurations, ordering platform, web, etc.) from there. They brought someone on towards the end who invested money into the company to handle some web related things like creating reporting, analytics, etc. Towards the end they also brought on a new COO, Scott Wattenburg, who invested all of his retirement money into the company. At the end he was upset because he had just gotten married and lost everything and never got the return he was shown to expect. He had left a pretty good job. He mentioned something once about the numbers /reports not being right / adding up when he studied them.

    Owner would sometimes bring people through that he was trying to get to invest in the company. Even brought in the people from the company he had previously sold, to try and get them to re-invest they were concerned with no return on the money they had already invested.

    The ladies in the business office(s) said the owner was always filling insurance claims to supplement income and inflated numbers filled under the loss of business clause in the insurance plans.

    Office had space for about 65/70 people +/- but was more there than that. Parking for about maybe 20/25. employees parked on street. Pissing off the neighborhood and the nearby school. Member services grew rapidly due to constantly refunding most of the orders received. The ladies in member services explained that they were told the listings for foreclosures were pictures and information taken from reputable sites. That a lot of their calls would be people calling in because people had gone to the listings and spoken with the people who lived there and found out that the property was never in foreclosure or for sale. At most sometimes the listing was actually up for sale. Because of this they had started looking up as many properties as they could to see if the information was correct so it could be corrected or removed. They also said their refund to sales ratio was very high.

    They ran some of it out of a few rooms attached to the owner’s garage. One of the managers had me setup several computers there. And also, at several people's houses so they could be at home agents. If they didn’t have what was needed to work from home. They were often given what they were needed. They even rented out space from a furnished / equipped call center back in California. And had reps over there taking calls. Had to remote support minor issues. That call center had its own support staff on hand to handle issues with their internet / equipment related issues since the space was rented. Managers had some computers shipped out to people or gave them out to people who would be “at home agents” who were to be at home agents remotely, they would come in and pick one up. Most of the” at home agents” didn’t work out. Never started or did poorly in their sales and where let go.
    Company got broke into once and they filed a report. Several tv's were ripped from the walls. And then another incident where the windows to the manager’s/partners office got shattered (by front door). After those two he had me install a surveillance system. Set it up so he had the only access. Then he wanted a few cameras to be accessible to view only by night managers. So special pages were setup so they could only view them once the company went twenty-four hours and all doors stayed unlocked. Had to go through him to do anything with the system. Eventually he had me put it online so the owner could check in on the office since he rarely came in. All the managers had access to my office and the utilities room where it was all kept since the breakers etc. were in there and to update the power point that was displayed on the TV's.


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  • Go
    Gone_Postal May 03, 2010

    I drove by there the other day and it was so empty. Now I know why. I only worked for them for a few months, until I just got tired of them and stopped showing up. Surprisingly enough, I did get my W2 from them, and it said I made more than I did. Either way, good riddance. Hopefully, they don't do another name change and open up another office in Austin, or anywhere for that matter.

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  • i am in the same boat i worked at second my town media for 3 months and my last check bounced as well thats interesting to me that they are closed do you really think they are going to reopen not in austin. we need to jump on this a.s.a.p i have found a lawyer that does pro bono work. if interested in following me in doing this email me

    [email protected]

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  • Fe
    F***ED EMPLOYEE Apr 17, 2010

    I have worked for this company for a very long time. It is sooo sad that we as employees are treated with such little regards. I have not been able to cash my check for going on 2 pay peiords now . I will be going to the DAs office monday mornig with all my bad checks. The doors closing is the best thing that can happen why should we have to go through so much while the owner sits back and watches and does nothing...They only way anything will happen is EVEYONE goes down and files a class action law suite. I am also making a report with AG/BBB/FTC . EVERY ONE NEEDS TO DO THE SAME A.S.AP BEFORE IT RE OPENS WITH THE SAME LIES...

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  • Fy
    FYIatx Apr 17, 2010

    I just heard that SecondMeta/My Town Media locked their doors yesterday (April 16th). It's sad that all of those employees aren't going to get the money that's owed to them.

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  • At
    atxangel08 Apr 10, 2010

    I worked for the company for 2 weeks (training week and one following). I was able to cash the first check but the second one I have not. I went to Frost Bank yesterday because my rent is extrememly late and I was finally going to pay it. The bank teller actually told me they have no funds in their account. I am so ticked off and stressed. Has anyone tried going straight into their faces? I'm going to have to demand the money now because if I don't, I get locked out of my apartment on Monday. We seriously need to get a bunch of people to just sue the hell out of that company. They have sister companies in other towns that should be responsible for paying for our losses. This is such bull. And by the way, Marty Borges is an idiot! Did you guys hear him take calls? He is a complete dick! He says that if the customer doesn't work with you right away, they don't really need a home. That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. He wants employees to "control" the customers but its a cover up word for "SCAM" or "Screw them over". Everything they do is a lie and they shouldn't be allowed to be in business.

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  • Am
    ambrosia831 Apr 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Also worked for the company (5 miserable weeks), and havent been able to cash my final paycheck anywhere. I go into the office these days and its a ghost town!! Less than ten agents on during a Saturday afternoon...? Wow. I guess the employees and the customers all got smart at the same time. Anyway, filed a complaint with the federal trade commission...reference number above ^^^

    good luck getting paid, everyone!!

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  • Sc
    scammed employee Mar 19, 2010

    I was currently employed by this company and pretty much everything you are reading is true. Most places wont even cash there pay checks because of so many bouncing. They do scam the customers and thier employees. This company has once again changed thier name and are now called "my town media" and answer the phones acution agency. But the tricks have not changed. they tell people they will only charge 1.95 but by the time you are done talking to them on the phone you have been charged 21.90 (which is 1.95 x 3 and 8.00 shipping and handleing x 2.)This shipping and handleing charge seems reasonable while the sales reps are telling you they are sending you 1000+ home listings, but when you do get your materials (which is usually 2 weeks after the trail is over) is really only 2 or 3 pages. out of these 2 or 3 pages one of them is the welcome package and the other one is old or fake listings averageing about 8 of them. And there financeing they speak of is a how to guide you can get from the library. Then at then end of your trial you are charged 39.95 per "free" service you agreed to. But they never tell you about the second set of 39.95s that they charge on day 30. Lots of employees do complain about short pay checks and there is no way to truely verify what you are getting paid. Also the supposed 10 dollars an hour only applies if you dont take lunches and dont take a break that is no longer that 6 min per hour. Also in order to get the 10 dollars an hour you have to show up about 30 min to an hour to make sure you can get a set in time. So in a nut shell you will never get 10 dollars an hour.

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  • De
    Deanna P Dec 18, 2009

    Well i have interviw for a job with them on MOnday, but after reading all these complaints. I am not showing up. I am glad you guys posted these complaints. Thanks, Deanna

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  • Ma
    Mad call agent Dec 11, 2009

    I just filed another complant with the ftc the ref number is [protected]

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  • Da
    Dave Martin Oct 19, 2009

    As a former employee (quit after the week of training when it was evident that the company was screwing the callers AND the employees), I filed a complaint against Second Meta and Christian Hunter with the Federal Trade Commission. The reference number for the complaint is [protected].

    Sadly, because I quit, I lost my unemployment, and lost the appeal to get it back. I was told that I should have spoken to a supervisor to see if my concerns could be rectified or my uncertainties corrected. Despite the clear lack of ethics on the part of everybody in management, I'm punished for refusing to be an accessory to this criminal fraud.

    There is something seriously wrong in Texas when integrity is considered to be a liability rather than an asset.


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  • Ot
    Otto BRD Oct 10, 2009

    Yes I agree with other people here that are complaining. My last paycheck "bounced" and I have tried 5 times to run it through the bank with no luck. I had to call for 2 weeks and then go through my former team lead to get the check.

    My hours were reduced because my sales were down. I feel this is so they do not have to pay the full hourly amount if you do not maintain being 85% available to answer calls. Mad clients that cannot reach customer service call the sales line and these count against your ratio of calls/sales.

    More later when I decide what course of action to pursue.

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  • Go
    Gone_Postal Oct 07, 2009

    Second Meta=Home Centrix LLC=Bargain Network=Forclosure Agency=National Repo Network=American Leisure=Easy Saver=SCAM=A PAIN IN THE ###!

    Second Meta scams its customers and its employees. Sad, but true. I was naive enough to think that maybe with all the lawsuits against their "companies" they'd get their act together. But, nope, looks like they're still up to their same old tricks. A friend of mine just recently completed their training, but didn't want to actually do the job once I told her what was up. She went to pick her check, but they said it wouldn't be there for another 2 weeks or something like that. She still hasn't gotten paid.

    National Repo Network and Foreclosure Agency are scams. Mostly, its just a bunch of Ebay listings that people can get for free. Yet, they want you to read a BS script and con people into putting $1.95 on their credit card to get the "free" listings. Then, they keep charging them, even if they canceled.

    With all the money they're illegally and unethically making, you'd think they'd pay their employees what they owe them. WRONG!. They lure you in training with promises of making $500, $1000, etc a day. Maybe one day, you can buy a mercedes, bmw, like the ones the managers drive. Maybe you can own 5 houses between Texas and California, like they do. Maybe, you'll get rich like Mike, Sia, Nick, and whoever else is still there.

    I hope you get the BBB, FCC, Attorney General and the Texas Labor Board on their ###. Last I heard, they are still under investigation and some of them were arrested for embezzlement. So they're transferring their assets between bank accounts, so it all doesn't get frozen. But, this isn't being done so that they have enough to pay you, the people that work for them. It's so that they have enough to cover their own ###.

    Good luck, with getting your money. I still haven't got my last check.

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