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Mo May 18, 2019 Review updated:

My name is Moises Rodriguez from Pearland Texas (E mail address [protected]
My complaint is regarding the poor Quality of my Kenmore Trio refrigerator.
On Monday May 13 we returned home from a short weekend vacation to find that my house had water on the floor in the kitchen, dinning area, pantry and laundry. The refrigerator door was frozen because the ice maker water continue to run flooding the freezer and turning in to a solid block of ice. Once we noticed the problem we unplugged the refigerator for 3 days, not realizing the amount of water in the freezer the house got flooded 2 additional times. This Kemore refrigerator has a long history of problems with the ice maker replaced by Sears at our expense and the compressor had to be replaced too.
When you buy Kenmore applicances you think you are buying top of the line but apparently I was wrong.
I expect a formal report regarding my complaint without having to escalate this. As a minimum expect some compensation for all the problems and loss of all our food in the freezer/ refrigerator and the pantry floor when it got floodded.
Base on your response and corrective action we will consider buying Kenmore applicances in the future. Attached are the pictures of the ice found causing the door to freeze and had to destroy it in order to open it after 72 hrs of defrosting.

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      May 19, 2019

    Hi Mr. Rodriguez.

    Hopefully I can assist.

    For clarification purposes, your Kenmore Elite brand Trio refrigerator was produced in early 2000; est. 2005.

    The photos do show a massive water build up, while also freezing within the freezer portion of refrigerator. There is a drainage hole in the bottom of this area, leading to a drip pan by the condenser fan. Without photos, it is possible water has also leaked into this area without freezing. At some point, the ice buildup within the freezer would have been helpful as keeping the water from draining onto the floor. Unfortunately, this didn't help when you later defrosted the fridge still in the same area.

    If you'll reference page 29 of your Trio's owner's manual:

    Preparing for Vacation

    For short vacations or absences (three months or less):
    1. Remove all perishables.
    2. If no one will be checking in on the refrigerator during your absence, remove all frozen items also.
    3. Since your refrigerator has an automatic ice maker:
    • Shut off the water supply to the ice maker at least one day ahead of time.
    • After the last load of ice drops, raise the wire shut off arm to the OFF position.
    • Empty the ice bin.
    4. If the room temperature will drop below 55°F(13°C), follow the instructions for longer absences.


    Unfortunately, manufacturers are not responsible for the misuse of their product. Even more so when much of the damage was done by defrosting a fully ice-caked freezer in an area is should not have been. It is, however, possible that your homeowner's insurance policy may cover part, if not all of the damage. Contact them for further consideration.

    Thank you for your inquiry. Hopefully you'll still consider being a customer.

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