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I went to Seacoast Mazda on January 29, 2009 and spoke to Rob Bazylewicz the salesman. I know my car was not worth what I owed but did not know how bad. Without even looking at my car Rob said I was in a bad situation. He suggested that I buy a car from him and give mine back to the bank. REPO!! WHAT!!! I have a 700 credit score.

Rob said it didn't matter because it will wash themselves! He then brought his manager out to try to convince me of this. Rob went on to tell me story after story of people they do this service for and that he is helping me out. He tried to make me feel it was the banks fault I owed to much, when I understand the economy is making it hard to trade cars right now.

I walked away from their 'help'. I was going to call the banking commission, which I may. I just want everyone to know that a repo on your bureau won't get fixed with another loan!! I spoke to 2 other people who have had Rob's sales tactics actually work.. They will be taking action.

In closing watch out for Rob Bazylewicz and Seacoast Mazda!


  • Nh
    nhtoma Feb 19, 2009

    This man is totally right!!! I had a different issue with this particular dealership and salesman, but my experience was largely the same... horrible. I was fed lots of half truths and outright lies in order to try to get me to buy a car from them. A few times I pointed out their dishonesty, and they would simply deny what they had said, or they would say that I had misunderstood what they meant. It made me feel stupid and like they were blatently stinging me along to take my money. I did end up buying a mazda and it's a great car, but DON'T buy yours from Seacoast Mazda!!

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  • Ha
    hateseacoastmazda Feb 22, 2009

    I had the same thing happen and again it was with Rob Bazylewciz!!! He is a thief!! The owner there Tim Ackerman is even worse then the sales person!! There so called certified cars there are a joke. People on the seacoast need to know about this place. Never buy or service your car from these people. I thought the sales end was bad, the Service Department is even worse!! My "certified" mazda had all kinds of problems and their service manager will do nothing for me!! I bought this car in Febuary and has already broke twice and was suppose to be certified and went through 100% my the service department. Hard for me to believe.

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  • Si
    singlemomof2 Mar 05, 2009

    I am so happy i did not see this site before i shoped at seacoast mazda, My credit is horable i had no money down and my clunker just stoped running. I went to seacoast mazda after hearing NO from so many other dealers . I met a sales man by the name of Christopher Caissie. I had told him about my situation. I could tell he really wanted to help me. He took a credit application from me after about an hour he told me that he would need to work on it and he would get back to me. And i thought that was his kind way of saying NO. It took chris about a week but he called me every day to tell me he did not forget about me and that he was still working on it.Then one friday morning Chris called me and said come pick up your new car. I was waiting for the BUT your going to need thousands down or a co-sighner. So all day i didnt get my hopes up to high when i got there that friday night after work chris had the car ready for a test drive it was a 2007 with 21, 000 miles on it. I truley thought it was to good to be true. When we got back from the test drive he asked me if i liked the car and i said i love it but will it be under 300 a month? I was so shocked to have him come bact to his desk with a payment of 279 a month with 279 down. When i told him i didnt have 279 to put down. He went back to the boss and asked if i could pay half this week and half next week. they said yes. when i drove my new car home that night before i left the dealership i started to cry. I am a single mom of two girls strugling every day and just to know my babys and i will be safe on the road was to much. I thank Christopher Caissie for his hard work and i am so happy to have met him. tracy

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  • Mi
    Mickey Mar 14, 2009

    Everyone, I need to retract my complaint against Rob Bazylewicz and Seacoast Mazda, I have a dual personality problem and I attacked him unfairly I even forgot my original login password, and what e-mail address I used when I was registering my previous comment, so this is the only way I can undo what I have done. I am mainly just a jealous person and was so over zealous of someone I felt I had to lash out at them. after all Misery Loves Company. I do hope all who look at the complaint I had written also look and read my retraction. Rob is a great guy and Seacoast Mazda really is a great place to do business I do so humbly apologize for what I did earlier.


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  • Mi
    Mickey Mar 14, 2009

    I would also like to say that I am the same person as nhtoma and hateseacoastmazda, I was merely lashing out in the wrong direction and the wrong way. I never really meant to do any harm I was an angry man and felt he deserved my aggression. again I am deeply sorry, should I revert back to my old self again and continue these attacks I shall always post a retraction to apologize.

    nhtoma, hateseacoastmazda and mickey

    we are all sorry

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  • Sa
    sanscou Mar 27, 2009

    I had the same type thing happen at Seacoast Mazda! And wouldn't you know it, same crooked salesman; Rob Bazylewicz. He is a liar and a creep. Never buy a car there. He played the same games with me. The whole place is like that. no one cares what they are selling. Never buy a car from them!
    And cute comments, as if that isn't Rob writing the rebuttals!!! Dirt bags!

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  • So
    Somersworth guy Mar 28, 2009

    I was reading this today and GOD those people are soooo right. I have dealt with Seacoast Mazda and Rob Bazylewicz and they are terrible. I had credit issues so I understand I sort of get what I get because I made mistakes in the past, but Seacoast Mazda take advantage of that and lie!!
    The worse part is they do not stand behind their used cars and make you lie to the banks about what options the vehicles have to the bank.
    If you have any other choice don't go to Seacoast Mazda and if you have to don't talk to Rob!

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  • Aa
    aaron Mar 29, 2009

    i just read this and WOW i had a totaly different expierence with this dealership and the salesman rob bazylewicz i too made alot of mistakes in the past with bills and credit, they were open to listen to my problems and what i could do and not do, they were open and to the point with me, they gave me choices and options and held up to it!!..i now have a great car that is helping me and i am happy and glad i met rob bazylewicz he is a good guy and i would reccomend him to anyone!!!...thanks rob!!

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  • Ro
    robbed by seacoast mazda May 19, 2009

    I was reading through these and you are all so right. Seacoast Mazda is a bunch of crooks. And it all starts with rob bazylewicz and works its way to dennis and even the dirty bag owner tim ackerman!! they sold me a wrecked car and would not stand behind it.

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  • Nh
    nhtoma Aug 14, 2009

    Well I was shocked, but not at all surprised, when I checked back in on this thread and saw that "someone" is not only claiming to be me, but also all the other people who have posted negative comments about Rob & Seacoast Mazda. If you've read this far down through the comments, you'll see that someone is trying to discredit the complaints by claiming that were are all just the same schizophrenic person. Yeah, right... or perhaps the more plausible explanation is that Rob and the dealership is just trying to salvage what little is left of their reputation. This thread is a perfect example of the kind of dishonesty and deception that goes on at this place.

    Seacoast Mazda: good reputations and good reviews don't come about through lying and cheap trickery; you have to earn them by being honest and sincere the FIRST time around! Instead of trying to make yourselves look better by taking the time to discredit those who write bad reviews about you, you should put your time and effort into improving the way you actually do business. Just a suggestion.

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  • 06
    06mazda6 Nov 04, 2009

    A little surprised at this thread, no I am not Rob, but I did buy a car from Rob and I had a great experience. I went to four dealerships that weekend, in janauary of 2009. I'm a young person, only a year removed out of college so I suppose in some ways that might make people think I'm niave when it comes to buying a car, especially for the first time with my own money. However, I'm not new to the experience, my grandfather would lease a new car every year and a half, my other grandfather was a used cars saleseman, and since I was little I would go with them and my parents for every car purchase they made. I even helped my parents with both of their recent car purchases so I'm used to dealing with dealerships, and prices. Almost all the dealerships I went to didn't want to deal with me because I'm young and had a car that was worth maybe $1000 for trade in. Others tried to wine and dine me to no avail, one guy only offering me $500 for my car. I saw a higher end certified used mazda without a price at Seacoast and decided to check it out. Everybody I talked to at Secoast was completely differenet from any dealership I've ever been to in my life. Most places dealers act like vultures fighting each other to get to you, instead these guys helped me equally while I waited for Rob to finish with a another customer as I had spoken with Rob before about the car. Since it was the last day of the month, they were offering crazy deals, and it was nearly 8pm on a saturday. They sold six cars while I was in there, and I certainly didn't see anyone complaining. The manager brought the car over and let me inspect it inside their garage where it was warm since it was like 10 degrees out and I took it for a test drive and loved it, black leather heated seats, gps nav, 26, 000 miles, a nice car. Rob worked with me to get a deal I could afford. Originally $1500 for my car, not bad thats about what it's worth but I still needed the price a little lower. He called the owner who offered to buy my car off me for 2700, nearly 1700 more then it's worth to get the price down to the level I wanted. The owner wasn't pleased, I could even hear him on the phone, but as rob and I talked about at the end of the day no one is going to buy a car unless they get the deal they want, and he got me the deal I wanted. I have an awesome car, at a price I can afford, zero problems, and my experience with Rob is great. You're all kidding yourself if you don't think any dealer has an angle to sell something, Rob even admitted to me how difficult it can be to sell cars, it's a tough business and most people will always be distrusting and think of you as trying to screw them. Personally I think if you're stupid I guess that's you're own fault, but if you're upfront, you stick to your guns on what you want and at what price you want, you can't really go wrong. As far as the certified used program, please guys, anything can happen to anyones car after you buy it, especially used. Sure the certification thing was nice but I know I'm buying a used car and that's always a risk. All in all I had a good experience, everyone stayed late for me as they were supposed to close an hour and half earlier, Rob put off his date even ha ha, and even offered me and my girlfriend a couple cool places in Portsmouth to check out. When I left they didn't have time to give me a full tank of gas since the place was closed, and Rob told me to bring it back for a free inspection sticker and tank of gas when I could, and two weeks later I did. True to his word he got me a free sticker and a full tank of gas. I'm not saying the guy is a saint all I'm saying is he was fair to me, and I feel I got a good deal and was treated better then most dealerships I've been to in my life. If you're smart with your money, have a decent credit score, and stick to your guns about what you can reasonably afford you can't go wrong.

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  • Ke
    kevin2008 Jan 14, 2010

    Well I have been to Seacoast Mazda and had dealing with Rob Bazylewicz. He is a ###! They sell junk and cars that have had major damage at one time. Do not trust him. they lie, lie, lie!!!

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  • My
    mynewcarrocks Jun 22, 2012

    I went in for a test drive just a few days ago...I was right up front and told the salesman who was actually very nice, Kyle, that I wasn't going to be buying that day, I was just checking out my options. He was very patient and knowledgeable about the vehicles I tested out. So, the inevitable sit down happened and I again said, I'm not ready to buy a car today...I need to think about this for a few days, check out a couple of other places. I know he was only doing his job by trying to convince me to buy a car that night...when he passed my credit information to the credit guy. I know he meant no harm. The jerk off behind the big desk that works the numbers however, was a complete dick to me. He actually started off by introducing himself to me and congratulating me on my new car...and I said...but, I'm not buying a car, and he says, well we worked the numbers for you, we got you a great deal...bla bla bla...and I had to flat out REFUSE to buy the car. At this point, his face got noticeably red and he got up and said "well, that's fine, we don't force people to buy cars here, you do what you want". All of the sudden it was like he wanted to punch me in the face because I wasted his time. Well Seacoast Mazda...I bought a car last night...for the same price of the car YOU were trying to sell me, only it's a much nicer car. You wanted to give me $1000 for my trade? They gave me $3800. They also financed me and beat your BEST rate by 8%. Maybe if you had treated me with a little respect you would have gotten that $18000 sale after all, but now the sale goes to Key Auto...who treated me like you usually treat a customer when you want their business. Again, thank you Kyle, you were a complete gentleman, and I'm sorry your boss is such an ###.

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  • Mi
    minerva500 Jul 12, 2012

    I have been to Seacoast Mazda a few times to check out their used cars. I wanted to spend between $20 - $25k. Each time I asked what the price was and they said, "How much do you want to spend a month". I said, " I really hadn't thought about it, but how much is it?" They kept saying it really didn't matter how much it was, what mattered was how much I wanted to spend a month. I could tell the original salesman was kind of imbarassed that he couldn't tell me how much it was. His "boss" was the one that wouldn't give me a price. All three times I went their I walked out without a price and REALLY pissed off. All three times I bought a car elsewhere. I would never do business with them.

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  • Dm
    dmsrnh Jul 17, 2013

    I wish I had seen this thread before we went to this dealership recently- July 2013. I have to say that my experience most closely resembled all the negative comments I have seen on this post. Honestly it was the first time my husband and I had ever been there and we walked away slightly puzzled at how they have remained in business. I agree with the comments that the problems definitely seem to be emanating from above as the salesperson we spoke to seemed personable and- yes slightly embarrassed- at some of the shenanigans going on. We did feel very blessed that we did not have to rely on a dealership such as this and since we're looking for a vehicle in the mid-20's price range we have an over whelming number of options available and are in no dire need of a vehicle. I DO worry for those visiting a place like that who are not in such a good situation. The dealership's over-confidence is amusing when you consider they were easily the least populated dealership we visited over the course of the weekend. I do also want to add a public service announcement for what it might be worth. The owner & his wife at this dealership enjoy driving the cars for their own personal use. It's important for the buying public to understand--and something that Seacoast Mazda will not tell you-- that once a car has over 1, 000 miles it no longer qualifies as "new" for insurance purposes. This could be an issue for you if (God Forbid) you total the car shortly after purchase- you will not qualify for the "replacement" option many carriers are now advertising/offering. While Seacoast Mazda never bothered to ask- my husband is a corporate insurance attorney so that's actually something we know a "little" something about.

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  • Bo
    Bob Blaisdell Jul 20, 2013

    I am sorry you feel this way. I am not sure of Insurance rules, but I do know the Factory, State and Lenders all consider a Manufacturer Certificate Of Origin to be a new car. I do not understand the "tactics" you refer to. We never hid the MSRP of the vehicle you looked at, we just did not move from sticker. As the consumer you always can choose where you want to purchase, but it seems it is more a price issue in this case. When informed of the mileage on the vehicle you were interested in you expected a discount and when you did not get a discounted price you decided not to purchase. Which is absolutely your right, but I feel in this case you decided to make a blanket derogatory claim against us because we would not meet a pre-conceived discount on the vehicle you wanted. As a group dealers have created the atmosphere we operate in and consumers have come to expect certain things to occur and when those things do not go as the consumer wants the consumer blames the dealer. Remember that when negotiating a deal it must make sense for both parties, as I mentioned before it seems the negotiation did not go your way and as you made clear in your statement you will be considering a Mazda just not from my store. I am happy that you still are considering Mazda, just disappointed that instead of voicing your concerns to Management, after what seems to be a pleasant experience up to negotiations, you decided to go to a public forum to voice your displeasure giving the impression you had bad experience while the bottom line is, it was just over not meeting your price expectations.

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  • Dm
    dmsrnh Jul 20, 2013

    Well- frankly with all due respect I am not sure who you were thought you were negotiating with since I thought both my husband and I were quite clear from the out set that you didn't have the car we were looking for on the lot, that we weren't interested in anything that you had, but we were interested in what inventory might be coming in--Thank you for facilitating my point however.

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