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We are also a victim of Scienceuticals. We had a hair/skin care line and Scienceuticals LIED about what they put in our products. We told them what we wanted but they totally disregarded our formulas and went with a cheaper alternative without our permission. We did not find this out till we received pallettes of our product and we signed off on the Approval forms which Don held against us. They do not release the ingredients list until AFTER you sign. Also our test batches didn't match any of our mass produced product. Additionally, after extensive testing, we found out that he didn't put half the ingredients in our products that he told us he did. Just water and fragrance!!! Because of our horrible experience with this company we have lost over $100, 000 and have to go to the legal system. It's not fair and no one should have to go through what we have...Please beware - Don Hayden is very unethical to the say the least and he doesn't care. Stay away...


  • Pr
    professional man Aug 28, 2010

    i was a former manager at this so called pharmaceutical company, I was shocked to see that none of the upper management i interviewed with were with the company once i got there, this gave me a sense that something was awfully wrong with this place and the scam artist known as don hayden, i found out later that he didnt pay them or the checks bounced so they left. You had people collecting debts fromdon hayden at an alarming rate and even showing up at the building which he would resolve by telling everyone to not open the door and just lie about his whereabouts. The personnel is not trained, no one follows sop`s, don asked me to lie about the company to one company that was coming in to sign a proposal, I declined and got layed off due to this. He is looking to scam companies out of their money, please dont buy into his scam. the facilities are subpar and personel are not trained properly and he breaks every rule in manufacturing.

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  • La
    laughable Jun 28, 2010

    This sure looks like litigation against scienceuticals Don... From the arizona business gazette:

    Case number: CV08-91115

    Plaintiff: Virthues LLC.

    Defendant: Scienceuticals Inc.

    Nature of complaint: Breach of contract.

    Attorney for plaintiff: Shane D. Buntrock.

    Read more:

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  • Ca
    Camj May 08, 2010

    News flash, he says that they get raws from all around the world but he gets it from local manufacturers, if they still let him. I feel bad for argon organics, she is thinking that her raws are from africa but he gets it from brenntag and others. ((( ))) this site is free business builder. It seems like Don has gone onto this site and tried to his company look good and himself by putting his own posts under a different user. ha ha the jokes on you Don, everyone can see that you are a FRAUD

    ((( I know for a fact this is full of bull cause he had his marketing exec. write up this crap and had it posted to "counter" all his complaints.

    He says that all this is his disgruntle employee's, well as you might know that is not the case. I will get all the past company's point of contacts and post them here so you will know the truth..

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  • Jw
    JWe112 May 05, 2010

    Anyone can write up a articles and pay to post them on the internet. Don you are a F**k ### and a coward. You don't have any awards, all you have is your stupid mouth and your off shore account. If you want to set the record straight tell them about DHEC, rats in the warehouse, how you tried to borrow money for gas, making products with regular tap water and charging them for DI Water, and how you fire your associates when it gets close to paying them their commission, talk about techistry, talk about the stratigies you use to pull the clients in and having them pay a lab fee. Talk about that you F**k.

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  • Do
    Donald Hayden Apr 28, 2010

    My name is Donald Hayden, president and founder of Scienceuticals, and I am writing to address the alleged complaints listed on this board. For over a year I have elected to ignore them, mostly because I never gave them credence due to their lack of transparency and moreover, did not want to dignify the claims. But now the time has come to address them, since people clearly think they can anonymously post fictitious and libelous slander without recourse.

    First and formost, we are NOT being investigated by ANY governing organization. This includes IRS, FDA, EPA or any of the others listed on this site. There has been no fraud or misleading of customers or of their products, nor are we a defendant in ANY litigation.

    That being said, I will attempt to address the comments in general, as opposed to each one specifically, as they all seem to stem from the same thread of thought. The themes are of lawsuits, fraud, theft, bad product or bad service. While, we have never claimed to be a perfect, our goal has always been is to provide excellent products and service to our customers. Our current clients will attest to our desire and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to accomplish this goal. However, I am sure there may have been unhappy customers, just like in any business, but nothing to the extent described here, and nothing we would not go out of our way to correct.

    The anonymity of these posting is problematic. Most of these ‘customers’ claim to exist in places where we do not, and have not, done business. There are alleged customers from Sussex, England, Provo UT, X, NC, Columbia, SC, El Cerrito, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Kentucky and even Guatemala! We do not, and never have had customers is these locales. While they claim to have been treated badly, our company has had no contact or record of contact with any of them.

    This can only lead me to the conclusion that they are posted strictly to bash our name and harm our reputation. If any one of these ‘customers’ posts their name and contact information, I will gladly contact them to discuss their issue, or they may contact me on my direct line at843-486-1002 ext 112.
    I truly believe that these postings are by former disgruntled employees.. Over the past 5 years we have experienced explosive growth and, like many companies, we have felt growing pains. It is unfortunate that during this period we had high turnover as we refined the business model and searched for the ideal team. Now these former employees are trying to exact some revenge for being let go.

    Clearly, we would not be in business for 5 years had there been any truth to these claims. I am proud of the business I have built and how we treat our customers, and employees, as well as how we conduct ourselves in the business community. We have created many award winning and highly successful products for our clients and will continue to do so.

    I encourage people to view credible, authored, third party information on the web like our Silver Crest Award for manufacturing in SC or The Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA) announcement that Scienceuticals, Inc. has been selected for the 2009 Best of Business Award in the Cosmetic preparations category. In these cases, there are legitimate names and sources behind the references.

    In addition, you are welcome to visit us at any time and see for yourself. We maintain an immaculate facility that has been complimented on by some of the biggest names in the business. Also, I am happy to address any of these complaints or issues personally. However, I will not respond to any future anonymous claims or postings on this site. You may contact me by phone or email at 843.486.1002 ext 112 and [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you.
    Donald Hayden.

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  • Fo
    FormerEmployee1985 Nov 14, 2009

    I am a former employee of Scienceuticals and have just since came upon all of this information after a person contacted me about working for Don Hayden. I am willing to help everyone who has been harmed by Don Hayden and his company!

    For anyone interested please contact me at

    [email protected]

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  • Op
    opened Eyes Sep 06, 2009

    I have to let all know just how bad it is. I just heard that Don Hayden was not paying the withholding's from his employee's checks and taking the money. Now, if the IRS don't know or just waiting to see if he pays it or not. That is pure greed. I will notify the IRS Tuesday to look into this situation, if he didn't pay, what is going to happen to all of his former employee's that thought the withholding's were coming out? I also heard that he personally went down to the employment office to stop his former employee's unemployment checks. And now the State of South Carolina is looking into it. This guy is something else.

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  • Im
    Imgonnafindyou Oct 31, 2019

    @opened Eyes This is very true. I worked there. I can't say my position but he still owes me back pay over time pay and he never in the four years that I worked there ever paid in my social security wages ECT. I didn't find this out till I applied for disability just a couple years ago. I lost everything bc of this idiot ! He was direct depositing my check then taking it back out somehow so when I wrote checks they would bounce. Believe me I know I did jail time for bad checks because of Don Hyden. And to Don if you are reading this your Karma will come if it hasn't already.

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  • Sc
    Scumba Aug 24, 2009 His "CFO" (if you can even call him that) Dan Zapton

    Look above, this whole company is a scam. However, unlike white collar crime, because they are selling tainted goods that you may ingest or rub on your body they chances are they are going to kill someone.

    I hope more companies come forward before anyone is killed by Don Hayden and SCIENCEUTICALS .

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  • An
    AnotherVictim1 Aug 11, 2009

    Federal Bureau of Investigations
    John Lawrence Bailey Memorial Building
    1787 West Lake Mead Boulevard
    Las Vegas, Nevada [protected]

    [email protected]

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  • An
    AnotherVictim1 Aug 11, 2009

    Our company is to a victim, and from what I can see one of many. Patty Acton, and other staff may well be criminally liable at this point as we are seeking to have a DA or criminal court involved here as we to had tainted goods and in fact were lied to.

    While the money important, the fact is they are knowingly making tainted goods and sooner or latter someone is going to be killed.

    Unfortunately, it may take someone being killed by By Don Hayden, before the authority's step in .

    Now that they have moved to Nevada, maybe SCIENCEUTICALS will be found out.

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  • Co
    ConcernedCitizen Jul 30, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I heard he is laying his entire staff off as of August 5th and he will be running the show on his own. He should be in jail, he is a fraud and a con man. His lab technical director Patty Acton resigned weeks ago. Maybe her conscience finally caught up with her or she didn't want to get drug through the mud with him. Too late for that. I feel sorry for those with all their money tied up with him and his "company".

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  • Sc
    scienceuticals sucks Jul 29, 2009

    Don Hayden needs to be put in JAIL. His employees weren't getting paid, and their paychecks were even bouncing out of their accounts after being direct deposited. He even gave employees fraudulent checks and he now owes Wal-mart over $7, 000.

    A company they worked with, Jakks Pacific, were given 12 products, and 11 of 12 were tested positive with E-COLI!!! He has scammed so many "clients", it's ridiculous.

    His "CFO" (if you can even call him that) Dan Zapton, was indicted into court on a $50 million bank fraud scheme, which makes me wonder. He claims he doesn't have money, yet he had just recieved payments (unfortunate for the companies) from Argon Organics and several others, of over $90, where did that money go?

    His whole business was operating in South Carolina, yet his business license was dissolved, which is why he incorporated in Nevada.

    Don's unethical business practices are worse than anything i've ever heard of...why is he not in jail?

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  • Da
    David Hammond Jun 11, 2009

    Don sucks ###. The best place in the world for him is in Reno, Nevada, as the State of Nevada is the most fraudlent, filthy, crime-infested cesspool in the 50 States. Washoe County is crime infested. The area they are moving to is a meth area (Stead Facility). Maybe he can hire some crack-heads there.

    EDAWN probably gave Don the old "come to Nevada routine, and we will get rid of your problems in other States" song and dance.

    Unfortunately, EDAWN lies to every company they coax into coming to Nevada, the cesspool of the United States.

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  • Co
    concerned Jun 04, 2009

    They do not have 3 shifts. They barely have 1 shift. Don owes all the temp agencies money so he can not get employees through them anymore. He is now being investigated by the U.S. Department of Labor.

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  • Li
    lipbalm Jun 01, 2009

    We are yet another company they are attempting to fraud out of 50 K . We are in the process of filing a Filing a Lawsuit and other items, but really after seeing all this I hope to god a criminal court takes up this matter.

    This is really a matter where FBI should be involved as it crosses so many state lines.

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  • Re
    reliableSource May 17, 2009

    FYI... Dudley's pulled their product out of SCIENCEUTICALS due to there delinquent status with (brenntag) or 6 month of past due bill with their chemical vendors. Cotton babies pulled theirs. Public-- they can't get any chemicals because they are so far behind in payments. They need new customers to get their down payment to order chemicals. What a joke. I also heard that a lot of their sales directors got fired prior to their commission payout. Sounds like Don is holding their money for his personal use. I got someone on the inside to get info. They are not happy there since their pay checks bounce every other pay period. I'll post as I get info from them.

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  • Co
    concerned public May 16, 2009

    I agree, with all the statements here. I took a tour there and saw some expired materials on shelfs, caution!!! After seeing this, I will not be using them. Saw some rain water on the production floor and in batch room which means the roof is leaking. The shipping area did not look like the picture on the website and it look like crap. When I asked how many shift do they have, they said 3 shifts. God only knows if this is true. Oh I did see some rat traps in the shipping area, which means there rats in the plant. Also, it was very humid inside, which could be a concern if the workers sweet into products on the production floor. I heard epa and dhec came to the plant. You might want to investigate this before you contract with them. Maybe that's why he dissolved the plant in summerville earlier and re established the one in Reno to have a good standing if you were to look up that name oldest trick in the book. Things to wonder about. I only saw 4 employees there, the lab looks like they have no housekeeping in place. They were making something and the counters had white powder all over it. To me this shows that they don't care if your product mixes with other products. Samples, what a joke..

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  • Co
    ConcernedCitizen May 14, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is all very true and I'm happy that it's all coming out in the open now. If anyone wants to do business with Scienceuticals, please check references of other reputable customers and their experiences such as JoeyNY, The Whole Kidoodle, Curl Junkie, Sarah's Beauty Bar, Simply Organic Beauty, Suki Pure, Whish Body and countless others. They all have had very negative experiences with this company. The ingredients may not be what they say they are so have your products tested before selling. I hate to see someones hard earned money being thrown away with this company. Beware Reno, Nevada. He's in your backyard now.

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  • Ha

    Scienceuticals is the worst company ever. Like the above, we to had a specified ingredient list (with specified percentages) for our formulas which were not followed. Not only that, on re-orders the products were never the same twice (and could not be duplicated even after revision after revision). You would think they keep their formulas on file and it really ruins your product following when a product changes all the time. BUT TO TOP IT OFF, SCIENCEUTICALS SOLD US MOLDY CREAM ~ ON MORE THAN ONE PRODUCT!!! This disaster almost put us out of business. Luckily we work with honest and reputible manufacturers now. STAY AWAY FROM SCIENCEUTICALS & DON HAYDEN###!!!

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  • Go
    GOGREEN Mar 24, 2009

    Multiple Companies are now involved in multiple Criminal investigations from the East to West Coast against SCIENCEUTICALS namely Don Hayden. In addition to possible bank fraud it has been coming to light that many of the formulas may have ingredient's not listed or claimed by SCIENCEUTICALS and in fact they may have been manufactured without authorization during a claimed dissolution to the state of SC. See link below:

    Furthermore, Any formulation made by this firm is to be subjected to additional testing as there are questions to the actual contents of said products. If you suspect you have have purchased tainted products from SCIENCEUTICALS or are a victim of Fraud please contact and mail to:

    Barbra Wood FDA Investigators
    6083v Atlanta GA, 30309

    Or Contact SC investigative unit :
    [protected] or [protected]

    The Public's help is appreciated on this matter due to possible danger posed by from unlisted / unknown ingredients.

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  • Wh
    whistle blower Mar 24, 2009

    I am a former senior manager with Scienceuticals and I can tell you that the company is in a spiral. Don Hayden has told so many lies to so many clients that he is truly not able to keep up with them any more. Dudley Products, PH Partners, and Skindiniva are just a few of the upcoming product lines that will also be wronged by this shame of a company.
    He has his sales team brainwashed into thinking they are going to be the next great thing all the while his bank account is almost 13K in the red.

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  • In
    informer Mar 23, 2009

    Note:This online database was last updated on 3/22/2009 6:04:21 PM.
    See our Disclaimer.

    DOMESTIC / FOREIGN: Domestic
    STATUS: Dissolved
    ZIP: 29201
    FILE DATE: 05/20/2005
    EFFECTIVE DATE: 05/20/2005
    DISOLVED DATE: 01/15/2009
    Corporation History Records
    Dissolution 01/15/2009 DISSOLVED
    Incorporation 05/20/2005

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  • No
    nogoodthere Mar 20, 2009


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