Scarborough Researchunethical practices


This componay called me 25 times when i finally agreed to take their over the phone survey they told me they were gonna send me 50 dollars for a tv report of what I watch and a household item list of what I bought they did'nt, I then contacted the company and spoke to a very rude man who was no help at all. I cant wait for them to call back again Im gonna give them hell. I might evan just call them over and over to see how they like it, after all it can't be illegal if they do it to us and get away with it.


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    emmitk May 18, 2011

    This is a sleazy company. They've been calling me every day for about a month. If I want it to stop the only way is to call their 800 number? Are you kidding me? Why is it my responsibility to call THEM to get them to stop this harassment? What a scam. I really launched on the last caller but it won't do any good, just made me feel a little better. I guess the national do not call list doesn't work anymore like it did for the first couple years.

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  • Do
    Donald 1948 May 24, 2012

    They are a sleazy company. Also arrogant, rude, and unethical. You should NOT have to call a 1-800 number to be left alone. They have been pestering me for weeks and I finally called the 1-800 number and requested to be taken off their list on 5/24/12. The woman I spoke to was extremely rude. They LOVE to point out that they are "exempt" from the Do Not Call law, but the law states that any entity which one requests to cease calling, do so immediately. If I get more calls after the 72 hour wait, then I will do what so many other decent citizens are impelled to do when playing by the rules fails: flood them with calls. Tie up their lines. Insult their decision to work for a dishonorable entity. There is no need to be polite to these people.

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  • Ms
    msandra Aug 30, 2012

    I just received one of their surveys by mail along with what they claim to be a dollar bill. (It's slightly larger than my dollar bills and feels and sounds like regular paper.) They said they would send a total of $5 if I filled out the survey and sent it back. So, maybe they've broken the law by using what appears to be counterfeit money.

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  • Re
    RealityCheck928 Sep 28, 2012

    Seriously! I work for this company mailing out surveys with REAL money attached. This is a Market Research firm that conducts surveys (mostly regarding newspaper, television, and radio). We send out money upon completion of the surveys in the amount of $5 to $50.

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