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CB Retail Stores Review of Savemore Banlic Cabuyao
Savemore Banlic Cabuyao

Savemore Banlic Cabuyao review: Bills payment

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02/14/2024; 9am

The line's taking forever. I've been standing for 45 minutes. The teller/clerk in the counter is super slow and doesn't seem to know how to do her job with efficiency and precision. I am working in a job where the set-up requires me to face many people IMMEDIATELY AND TO TAKE ACTION AND MAKE AN EFFECT AS FAST I CAN. I work in a hospital and we cannot be as slow as her in order to move forward to the job. I hope she does the same even though her job does not save lives like ours. I hope hers can save TIME and EFFORT of her customers/clients

Desired outcome: Faster service, efficient work and pacing

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