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Friday August 23rd at 9:00 pm I was being checked out by Eric the cashier. The first item he scanned was a bag of Lays potato chips he pick them up and tossed them in the bottom of the cart. I said oh no I don't wasnt that bag I went to grab another bag and by the time i came back 10 secs later he was walking away talking about ugh these customers etc. therest was incoherent. So another cashier came and finished ther transaction. I asked her if she was the manager she said no snd and pointed me to the direction of the manager. While she was telling where the manager was I hear Eric saying to the manager one of these customers wants to talk to you. meanwhile he is still rambling. After I load my groceries I talk to the manager and she says somethingI forget. As I am walking away ther security guard says to Eric you better be nice to these customers and bu now he is back at the register he says Im sick of these customers I aint bring nice to these customers etc. Now I understand this neighborhood and the people can be a handful but all i said was I didn't want the bag of chips he slammed down and he started going OFF!! I was extremely scared and nervous at one point I believe he went outside Im not for sure i just know i was at register 4 and he went somewhere behind me and wasn't seen again until i was done packing my groceries. People are getting killed and assaulted for the smallest things now and for him to get that ipset because I wanted a different bag of chips is scary. His attitude was horrible and extremely uncalled for.


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  • Km
      Aug 24, 2019

    Bags of potato chips are quiet malleable. Tossing them doesn't hurt them. To hurt a bag of potato chips you pretty much has to stomp or punch them against a hard surface. My guess is you got extremely upset over something that was a non-issue and when nobody else felt the same way and thought you were over-reacting and due to an anxiety disorder you concocted in your head a series of events that never happened, but have to believe with every fiber of your being. Though me saying this probably doesn't matter cause in your anxiety riddled mind you actually think while reading this I'm agreeing with you.

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