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Save-A-Lot / refusal of service

Ro Apr 15, 2019

On April 15, 2019, I entered the Sav-a-lot store to purchase some items. I was having difficult time finding the apple pie filling. I sought out an employee for the location, she pointed me in the direction of the pie filling. I proceeded to the frozen foods section, which I was getting chicken strip. The location of the chicken strip was on the other side of the floor freezer so I proceeded to walk down the aisle and around to get those. The security guard approached me and said the store will be closing and I needed to hurry up and get my [censored] and get to the front of the store. I told the security officer that i was getting chicken and he said that he will not ring up my items. I said that he is not in control of that process. I put my item on the register for the cashier to ring me up, and the security guard told the cashier to discontinue to ring my items. I asked to speak to a manager. When the manger arrived to the register, I asked who control the process of a customer being ring up at the register. He get mad when he saw I was filming the encounter. I asked another manager and she said that there was nothing she could do. There were others in the store being ring at other registers during this whole process.

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