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Satya Pal review: Illegal Construction of balcony 2.75 feet in 3 feet lane (gali).

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The Commissioner
MCD, Town Hall,
New Delhi.

Subject: Low Grade material is using for construction in House No.T-510/C-13, Baljeet Nagar, Hill Marg, New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

I would like to inform you that at house No.T-510/C-13, Baljeet Nagar, Hill Marg, New Delhi construction is going on in full swing.

I, the undersigned, would like to draw your kind attention towards the above mentioned danger which is enrounding over the heads of not only the complainant but also on the head of nearby houses and can cause the loss of life and property any time.

The building material is used in this construction are very low grade and this can be so dangerous for which building collapsed at any time. The height of ground floor is around 12 ft. and first floor is around 11.50 ft. which is very high and the structure will be collapsed at any time.

It is mentioned here that illegal extension of galary/balcony (Chajja) is also constructed in the House No.T-510/C-13, Baljeet Nagar, Hill Marg, New Delhi. They have caused a lot of trouble during construction to the neighbours also.
The balcony extended by the owner is around 2.75 ft. while the Lane (gali) is only 3 ft. wide.

It is also mentioned here that none of any house owner extended their balconies (chajjas) in the Lane (gali) and why the owner of House No.T-510/C-13, Baljeet Nagar, Hill Marg, New Delhi extended his balcony (chajja).

You are requested to take the immediate action against the occupier either remove the illegal construction as early as possible or seal the construction with immediate effect.
I am surprising that even a MCD officer or any police man did not come to see this construction because this owner has already warm there pocket with huge bribe amount.

Yours faithfully

Satpal Singh Ranga
Baljeet Nagar
New Delhi-110008