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Samuel I White PCDiscrimation

This attorneys office is a horrible place to work at. They discrimate against expectant mothers. Some of the managers/supervisors are rude and have no respect for their employees. Their pay is pretty bad considering all the task that you have to do. Not a good working enviroment at all.


  • Jo
    John for justice Jul 08, 2016

    This outfit not only is horrible to its employees from the comments, but make no mistake about it...THEY ARE FABRICATING AND FORGING legal instruments and using the fabricated evidence against thousands and thousands and thousands of homeowners to fraudulently foreclose. One day, it will all come home to roost to these evildoers who will stop at nothing to get more of what they worship. Fannie Mae, in cahoots w/bank of america, (or as they prefer in their falsified assignments: fka Countrywide), KNOWINGLY LIED to the District Attorneys about modifications in regards to their ponzi scheme loans, and instead underhandedly, bundled up the loans AGAIN, but not before forging owner's signatures on DOT's and adding falsified stamped "ta-da" endorsements, fabricated assignments and then handed them over to others, such as Ditech (FKA GreenTree), who then handed the fabricated documents over to their handy dandy substitute less than "trusty" trustee attorneys (Sickening Samuel I White ..Earl Edward Farnsworth...aka Shapiro & Burson who Freddie supposedly Stopped using due to their widespread fraudulent practices... who skipped and STILL are skipping to the courthouses across the country and turning in their fabricated evidence to foreclose on thousands of homeowners, who were NOTHING, but bamboozled from the start. But it's ok because evil bank of america dished out anywhere from $300-$2000 per homeowner a few years ago as their hush hush punishment. Then the games began...lies about modifications, lies about trial payments, lies about lost modification applications...all to stall and then bundle them up again with the newfound forgeries and falsifications. But it's ok because after Fannie Mae(hiding behind their handy dandy substitute trustees) kicks the defrauded homeowners to the curb, they'll make up for it by selling the home to minorities or small time investors. Sorta like if a child molester rapes a child and then on the way home stops by the candy store to buy a gumball for a kid on the street. How pathetically evil! Anyone who believes the wall street bailout ended in 2008 is sadly and sorely mistaken.

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  • Ki
    Kim Welcher Mar 30, 2016
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    Verified customer

    This place is the WORST place to work at. It's deceiving and not do bad at first, but then gets horrible after a few months. Management (Lisa Postlwait) treats their employees like dog crap. No matter how hard working you are they will find ways to show you're flaws than your strengths. Most of the team leads are unintelligent and claim you are rude when you point out one of their mistakes. Don't ever come in early to get your work started because you will get scolded for that. It is a hostile work environment and I don't know how I lasted 7 months here being treated the way they treated me. They treat their hardest workers like crap, but the people who mess up everything are treated like royalty! No joke on this you're better off to mess up you're work than do it right.

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  • Si
    Siwpc employee Apr 10, 2015
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    I worked there and all this is true! Worst place ever. Anyone who stays there is strictly lucky because as soon as you can be replaced with a puppet person you will be. Emmanuel is a snake in the grass and the Whites do know but do nothing. Karla is a joke of a supervisor, but so was most all. Only a few team leads, supervisors were any good. I could name a few but it wouldn't change my opinion of this terrible place.

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  • Ki
    Kimberly Buzzell Dec 05, 2014

    We have a Complaint filed against SIW, et al. Our Complaint is a Breach of Fiduciary, inter alia (inclusive of major fraud, submission of fraudulent and forged documents). The firm continues to allude a trial with devious delay tactics that have frustrated our Attorney as well as our family...this has been going on since 2008. If anyone can assist us in understanding why we didn't receive a notice of who the creditor was, what our cure amount would have been and what the payoff was, please respond to this site - we will look for your response. We lost our 1, 000, 000.00 valued home only owing approximately 272, 000.00. SIW being the Trustee, really screwed this one up!

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  • Al
    ALPHA456 May 03, 2014
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    I Stumbled on this info and the website looking for complaints on SIWPC and Fannie Mae. Needless to say I am not surprised by former employee complaints as tried to alert this firm to a property fraud in which personally I had never dealt with a more ruder and obnoxious group of individuals in my life and I'm 59. I was just in Court 05/01/14 and SWIPC will be in Court again. Discriminating against employees let alone committing fraud. I will do everything in my power to win a major case against them. I realize they're an entrenchment of dba USUAL practicing the 'Good old Boy' attitude. I really could use some info. from any who would be willing to share in strict confidence or be an 'expert witness' and help me prove the illegality of their misguided actions. Contact
    Em: [email protected]
    Subject: SWIPC/Confidential

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  • Ev
    Evil84 Jul 02, 2013

    Dante refered to 9 circles of hell in the Inferno. Had the man lived today he would have to add a 10th circle aka Samuel I White PC.
    I look at my discharge from the wretched hole as such a blessing!! I have never in my life seen such a miserable group of people who call themselves Managers and Team Leads. It goes without saying most of the employess are miserable. Except for the few that keep their heads planted in Karla Sickerott or Catherine behinds. Then the ring leader Emmanuel, what a snake in the grass he is the bad lawyer joke everyone tells. They Micro Manage to the likes I have never seen before. They are oppressive and just not kind people. I wish I could be there on judgment day to see some of the sentences that are handed down. Lets not eeven go into the fact you are written up if you clock back in from lunch and you are not on the nose, seconds gets you a write up. Kim Gershen there is the laziest lawyer in the free world.
    I think it all boils down to that management and lawyers there are so unhappy in their own lives and have no control in them; they go to work to makes others as miserable as they are. Sadly enough the Whites have no idea partly because one brother Adam has a Napoleon Complex and self impressed and the CFO Matt White can't put the bong down long enough.
    Should you ever get a call for an interview RUN! RUN! RUN!

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  • 12
    123456-2012 Dec 21, 2012

    This place has to be the most ### backwards place I have ever worked for. The team leads don't know a thing. They have so called team leads which are basically ### kissers such as Natalie Dalipe Fox and her bisexual lover sidekick Melissa Gainsforth that all they do is walk around all day might as well hold hands and wipe each other off in the bathroom. Natalie has had the most turnover in her team but as long as she kisses Diana hetricks ### she will be gainfully employed. The bisexual duo loves to go against any employee that works for them. They talk all day long about all the things they will do all weekends and bragging about all the presents she gets from her new fiancée I've been there for a couple of years and she has had plenty of them. She walks around with her fat belly hanging off and eats all day at her desk but this is acceptable.

    This place is a circus ran by the animals instead of humans. If they like you, you have a job if they disagree with you then you might have a chance to stay for a bit if they don't like you even if you work hard you still get fired.

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  • Em
    employee1761 Oct 10, 2012

    This is the absolute WORSE job I have ever had. I have worked for quite some time with one of the biggest servicers out there, and am good at what I do. I have only received compliments about the quality and efficiency of my work. Yet Samuel I. White management treated me with the complete disrespect. There are more problems with the management and process in the company I can't begin to list them all. Diana Hetrick, the pre-sales manager, sends out constant extra work to the pre-sale processors expecting it to be completed at that very moment - when the processors already have way more work to complete than anyone person could ever accomplish. Diana never seemed aware of what the assistant manager, Shelly and the VA general foreclosure team-leads (Jessica Payne and later Chan'Tiss Daniels) were doing or assigning to people. Jessica Payne was an extremely poor team lead - who slouched in her chair all day never coordinating with her team or caring how many files were piling up at people's desks... as long as Jessica could get the files off her desk and throw them on the processors she didn't care what was happening. I can't count how many late nights I spent at the office, and the team lead, Jessica, would be off the clock the second it hit 4pm. Jessica Payne was only ever pulled into meetings and got a slap on the hand for her poor work - she finally quit after there were a number of complaints made about her. In my entire time at the firm I was always overworked and underpaid. When I asked for a raise (due to my extreme overtime, picking up others' responsibilities and being told by all my managers that I was the best processor they have) I was ignored and never even given a yes or no response for a duration of 6 months of following up with my managers. I never did receive a yes or no answer - and after 6 months of waiting I couldn't take being beat up emotionally everyday from the leads, managers and assistant manager. For several months I was expected to cover the majority of the servicers we have, because they couldn't keep their employees more than a few months at a time - people constantly quit due to being treated like crap, overworked, and underpaid. Extremely high turn over rate. Due to fact that I was expected to cover nearly all the major servicers by myself with NO assistance from my leads or managers the pre-sale team got into an even deeper hole. Never being proactive or planning ahead - they finally hired more help after we were so far behind that we were receiving complaints daily from lenders and servicers. I have never seen a place of employment where management has caused so many people to break down in tears. Just because the job market is in rough shape does not give the right to degrade and disrespect employees - especially ones that give everything they have to their place of employment. When I started with SIWPC I had high hopes for my career with them (I was evening going to start my MBA program part time to excel and move up in the company), but those goals quickly faded. It was the best decision I ever made to leave this company. When I was hired I was told by Karla Sickerott that they do not tolerate gossip and did not want that in the work place. However, I cannot tell you how many times I overheard the managers gossip and ridicule the processors and assistants - especially the team leads (Jessica Payne) and pre-sale assistant manager, Shelly Outten. It was not only demeaning, but the volume of their constant chatter made it difficult to keep focused and concentrate on the extreme workload I was expected to take care of. As mentioned in previous comments - there was no communication. I cannot tell you how many questions I would ask my leads and managers and never received a response, or received a response after following up for days up to a week or even two weeks later. So many files would fall off the radar and through the cracks - as Diana Hetrick once said we are just trying to stay afloat and put the timeline back on the servicers. If you are considering this as a place of employment, please for your sake reconsider. I have a year college degree and I was looking at even doing a waitress job just to get me out of this place.

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  • Pi
    piss_poor_management Sep 12, 2012

    This is a place that has extremely poor management and HR practices. I am surprised they have not been sued yet for how terrible they treat their employees. The best thing you can do is tell your friends how awful this place is and move on.

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  • Mn
    MNKY RLF Sep 12, 2012

    Agreed! None of the Pre-Sale Foreclosure Managers have any education on how to manage! There is no process on how to do your job or a manual. Chan'Tiss would create so many spreadsheets on what is required within your job then it changes daily and the spreadsheets would never be updated. When ever there is a quesiton regarding a procedure with a servicer, the managers and team leads wouldn't know since none of them ever process just assign tasks, so then they make you contact the servicer and ask how to do something that is a requirement within the servicer. Totally unprofessional. The highest emplioyee turnover rate I have ever witness! The team leads and managers would take anywhere to 2 days to a week to respond to email, and you were not allowed to ask questions other than via email. So even if a file was a rush regarding FHA deadline or whatever it would sit on your desk making it look bad on you in the system on why the file was sitting. You always had to notate SWO (the internal) computer system you emailed the team lead with your quesiton just to cover yourself. Diana the foreclosure manager has her nose peirced and would assign work also within your daily work load that didn't even make sense such as to process files where we haven't even received the referral from the servicer. Shelly was always talking and laughing while complaining instead of being productive. They don't know how to communicate any changes to all the legal assistants. Would only tell one or two then expect the other 15 to hear or know the updated changes. They were getting $600 fines from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for not meeting deadlines because so many legal assistants had so many questions regarding processng for a partcular servcer and never got any responses. I would get over 100 emails a day from servicers which totally didn't mind and loved the attention of being able to coordinate with the LPS servicers, however Diana and the team leads were getting so far behind in processing files they said no matter what you can only check your email one hour in the morning then you must process the rest of the day. Only if the email came from her, Diana could it be handled immediately. But the dilemma to that was all the emails received had a time requirement such as revision request froms serivcer within 24 hours and couldn't be met either. They are making employees look stupid to servicers and lenders because of their unorganization, and it just go to a point it wasn't worth me hurting my image anymore to be associated with a company that didn't have any organization or game plan. When I put in my two weeks notice they were so upset, being one of the best processors (which I even have in an email from the operational manager Karla Sickerott) that they moved my desk away from the entire pre-sale team to the complete opposite end of the building to be isolated by myself. How rude and unprofessional was that? When I spoke to HR and Diana Hetrick about it they just said it doesn't matter because I only had one more week to go there. So then I turned in my FOB and said I was raised with high professionalism and respect, but staying there to finish out my two weeks wasn't even manageable due to how the team leads and management treated me. WORSE COMPANY EVER!!!

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  • Ti
    Times Are Hard Aug 03, 2011

    I totally agree. I just got fired myself at this same law firm after 5 years and 4 months. I personally think all of the managers and including the attorneys are allowed to micro manage to a point that is ridiculous. Also all attorneys will not hear your side of the story all they do is run to the manager, convince the mananger somehow that that person is wrong and then you are pulled into HR (which they have already convinced) that you need to get written up. Take this for instance, I had managers that were itching to write me up so bad that they wrote me up for something I didn't even do and I had to prove to them who this person was that did not complete the website. The eerie thing is that they did not even bother to read SWO (which is the area in the computer where all our notes are of what we did on that particulat file go into) to find who the culprit was they just wanted it to be me!! Also, I asked for a transfer to another area in the law firm before I was fired and I was told that b/c of my salary and skillset they had nothing but entry level positions. This is a lie b/c I sat in the same area as another employee that got transferred to the accounting department the same week I asked to be transferred. Then right before I was fired another employee I sat next to emailed the same manager I did and not three days later she told her "Oh yeah we have an opening at our TNT office and you can apply there if you like." What's wrong with this picture? It's called railroading or better yet it is a conspiracy against a person to get them out of the company. I was taken off of the post sale desk b/c the attorney did not like me and claims he did not like my work but what they really did not tell anybody was that the desk was getting transferred to the Rockville Office. Then they put me on the pre sale foreclosure processor desk and and expected me to know what I was doing without any training.

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  • Pa
    parrisnvabeach May 20, 2011

    I suggest that anyone who feels they were wrongly terminated go to the EEOC website. There is a local office in Norfolk, VA. You can easily file a complaint with them and they will investigate the matter. This firm is known for a large turn-over in employees and that fact alone should be a red flag for anyone seeking possible employment with them.

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