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Aug 24, 2019

I took out multiple loans with this company and beleive i will be due a redress. I took out the loans between [protected]. I was wondering if you could look into this for me please & also wageday advance, i took out several payday loand with them too. I am sure i will be due a redress from... / complaint

May 30, 2019

29th May 2019 Account Name: The Leadership for Extraordinary Futures Account Number: 4-823929 Contract Number: [protected] We were (rather aggressively) sold a 12 month subscription. We asked if this could be added on to 30 day trial and then switched over seamlessly. We were told yes. The account... / unethical behaviour

May 29, 2019

We are extremely disappointed with the services of your vendor Saasfocus. They have done some enhancement & implementation on Salesforce Enterprises which was not upto the mark. Still we are getting bugs and they also not been able to validate the partner functionality which was part of... / business dev calls

Apr 08, 2019

My name is Sarah Moore. My email is [protected] You have a Business Development Rep who continues to harass the company I work for. I have asked him to stop calling and yet he continues to call EVERYDAY and to also send emails. He is calling not only myself but also... / Spam email I believe comes from an old salesforce database

Feb 19, 2019

Hi there I'm the chair and ex-director of Creative Future, a UK/East Sussex/Brighton based charity. I'm writing because I'm getting regular virus emails (2, 3 a day) which I strongly suspect are generated via an old Salesforce database which we abandoned a few years ago. I don't have the... / license subscription

Oct 12, 2018

I was told that salesforce would be a good solution for us as a small startup company with very limited financial resources. Since the team was new we did not end up using the licenses. The payment mode was half yearly and since we were not using the licenses I requested not to be charged... / salesforce training

May 03, 2018

Don't ever go by his demo class. There would be a lot of difference between his regular class and demo class. In demo he will be polite and make the things look very easy. But as you go forward in your regular classes he gets cranky when you ask doubts. Moreover in his demos he says you... / security - lighting

Nov 14, 2017

Salesforce keeps enabling Lightening access and features by default. This is something we are testing and developing a plan for. Entering our org to update security and access to features and settings for our users and without our permission represents a flagrant disregard for our... / adam quinlan - rude and arrogant communication and copying my director into emails that I have specifically asked him to remove him from

Sep 14, 2017

Adam, I, quite frankly, am flabbergasted by your tone and your audacity to copy my Director into your response. I have given up a considerable amount of my time to educate different people on our needs (which have often not been communicated internally), each time saying that for me the...

[Resolved] / salesforce crm

Jul 28, 2017

We were told that salesforce would be a good solution for us as a one person company with very limited financial resources. The system is absolutely on usable without additional customizations made via salesforce programmer. Without The customization, it is essentially a unfinished... / salesforce iq errors, paid license not registering, api app store dysfunctional

Jul 24, 2017

SalesForce.comMutliple errors since joining up - DAY1. Some of the issue may have been easily explained or fixed, but customer service was unable to pin point the cause of the issue and offer a FIX. 6 weeks after sign up and reporting multiple issues not of the originally reported issues have been... / salesforce - professional edition - system cannot auto check if a contact is already in the system

Jun 08, 2017

SalesForce.comDear Madam, Sir, please find below my latest of many emails I sent to find a solution for my problem. I honestly am extremely frustrated and I feel mislead by the people who recommended salesforce for my small company, as people who claim to offer solutions - a company called cloud solution...

[Resolved] / inc, san francisco, jason michael mills

May 27, 2017

I thought I would add a note for any unsuspecting people who are employing this criminal for development of any form, including... Jason Mills of Portland, Oregon is a scammer. He will ask for a deposit (and shy away from escrow services), and then he will steal your money. I learned thi...

Salesforce / sales cloud - professional edition

Mar 05, 2017

Hello, I would like to file a compliant against one of Salesforce Account Executives. This is to complaint against: [removed] Sr. Account Executive | | NYSE: CRM [removed] This person has clearly deceived me and provided false information to me by saying that he will pa... / zero response received from sales rep sonja gracie lehmann

Feb 25, 2017

She responded my request to demo and I told her I would ask her a few more question after I signed up the trial and if she should point me to someone else, let me know. Once I signed up the trial. She never responded any of my email neither pointed me to someone else... We are new to... / salesforce

Dec 01, 2016

This is an ongoing issue. I signed up with them and began paying them. My employees did not integrate the CRM into their work due to it's unnecessary complexity for what they are selling/prospecting. I soon thereafter submitted a request to terminate my subscription with them, even willing...

[Resolved] Salesforce / renewal

Sep 09, 2015

After being a customer since 2012 our renewal time has come up and I feel there is no room for movement. We are a small business we are not able to fork out 33, 000GBP per year with a one off payment. Which smalll business can? We have been on a quarterly billing however Salesforce can... / investors before customers

Jun 15, 2015

Are ability to purchase software through is not dictated by our needs as a customer but by their investors. We have repeatedly attempted to upgrade editions for additional functionality but have been told 'no' and that we have to wait until the next renewal date as it... / inept acount executive

Oct 22, 2013

Our Account Executive's first line of defense is to tell us that our requests are not possible, in As I worked in Support, I know that they are indeed possible. Once I tell the AE this, he states that he will investigate the issue. These delays and the... / unfair contract

Feb 22, 2013 lured me into a 3 year contract with promises of what the product would do to integrate the customer data for my business. It does not perform as I was promised. I was told by my salesman that I could cancel at any time and pay the regular price for the months I used. After... / did not deliver what was promised.

Dec 12, 2012

I signed a contract with im May of 2010 for 50+ users of Enterprise. I did this based on the conversations I had with my sales rep and my sales engineer. Needless to say they have not delivered what was agreed upon. First they said the system could be easily... / non-existent customer service

Jul 11, 2012

This company's customer service is lamentable. They are super-attentive when trying to seal the deal - I can only assume a brutal incentive plan - but after the event you might as well be talking to a different company. Don't expect them to do what they say they will, expect them... / cancelation

Jun 05, 2012 is a nice service, but they make it pretty much impossible to cancel and their customer service is worthless. You have to go through this multi-step cancelation process and heaven help you if you try to cancel after your renewal date. They have to "go to management" to get...

Salesforce / failure to perform

Feb 15, 2012

My small business uses salesforce as a crm - sold to me as a hands off 'software as a service"no hardware to buy - no software upgrades - easy to add users (Employees) they keep your data safe etc. Well my salesforce database had a problem (Not necessarily their fault) but beware friends -... / customer service

Sep 07, 2011

I paid for an account and now I need a login reset and it's taken weeks. I had to fax and email them a form and once I did my part they disappeared and of-course it's because they already have my annual fee. I've emailed my sales agent and the company's contact form and... / sales team

May 03, 2011's Sales Team made my decision for me -- I will never recommend nor purchase their product. Their focus is "sealing the deal" vs. understanding the needs of their prospective and existing customers. My experience: 1) the sales person contacted me 8-10 times over the...

Salesforce / cancellation

Apr 29, 2011

Was pestered by Salesforce to sign up for 6mths, I explained we were unsure of it and was told we could cancel if not satisfied. We had a BRIEF look at it and decided it was not for us, DID NOT upload any clients nor use the service at all!!! They are now trying to persue us for ONE YEARS...

Salesforce / worst customer service ever


Probably the worst company i have ever worked with. Once you pay for your order don't plan on talking to anyone after that. They will not answer their phone and if your lucky, you will get a chance to speak to someone with a heavy Indian accent. I would suggest alternative crm... / insensitive during final crisis to small businesses


We have been a customer of for almost 3 years now. Until now we have always advocated to all of our clients that is a very good company and solution. We have probably helped Salesforce pull in more than 50k in revenue. We are a small business and just like all...

Salesforce / billing


Salesforce This company and their billing is ridiculously deceptive. I paid for a one-year subscription to a little over a year ago, for the price of $99 plus tax, for a single user. I also purchased another Salesforce account for a co-worker/friend for $99 dollars. He ended up leaving...

Salesforce / outlook connect


Salesforce allows the user to connect its Microsoft Outlook to it. A couple of months ago I lost this connection. I have spent the last two months on the phone for hours, responding to emails, to try to fix this small problem. Unfortunately I need it fixed. The latest is that I was assured... / billing


If you go with SalesForce, you better be in it for the long haul. Even if you sign up for quarterly billing, there is no way to cancel. The minimum contract length is one year, and even if you decided that you don't like after 2 months, you will have to pay for the remaining 10... / scam


Why can't you cancel your order after two days of using salesforce and you don't like it? I used the product for two days and am very dissatisfied with the Professional version of the product. I would have preferred to try the product for a few days first. Especially since I am... / billing/support


Salesforce is very sneaky in presenting their service to the business public. Their billing is deceptive; although they quote monthly pricing, you'll get a bill in advance for the first year. In fact, they'll tell you they don't have monthly billing frequencies; minimum i... / unauthorized charges


We signed a contract with on 03/27/08 which was a 3 month contract for $1, 125.00. We did not want automatic renewal, so the salesman put billing frequency as annually on our contract. On 11/26/08 our contract was void. on 11/28/08 our account was fraudulently charged by...