Safe Ride WarrantyRefund


I fell for a slick talking sales pitch for a Vehicle Extended Warranty. (Salesman: Kelvin Carter) I was led to believe it was a CHRYSLER BUMPER TO BUMPER extended warranty. I received a SAFE RIDE WARRANTY card and put it in my vehicle. After paying over $2000.00 over 9 months I had a problem with my air conditioner, no problem I thought I had coverage. When the dealership called for authorization and had to wait 40 minutes and still didn't get an answer they called me. I finally got through to the company who then gave me a number that was supposed to expidite a call. The dealership called again to the different number and was told I didn't have coverage. I was really upset because I had been told when I bought this warranty that it was bumper to bumber. I was now stuck with an $800.00 repair bill. I told Safe Ride Warranty to cancel the warranty and refund my money. They told me someone would call me within 48 hours to discuss that with me. 5 days later I got a call trying to talk me into continuing the service since I only had 3 more payments to make. I said I wanted to cancel and get a refund. He (Richard James) told me I needed to return the booklet, card and a notorized odometer reading. I told him I don't have a booklet. He then told me to send in what I had but couldn't assure me that I would receive a refund because the refund procedure required the return of the booklet that we had never received. He argued with me tht if I had a card then I must have received the booklet and the return of that was part of the refund policy procedure. Furthermore along with this supposed Warranty I was to receive a $500.00 gas cash card which ended up being vouchers requiring me to send in $100.00 worth of gas slips per month and I was supposed to get a $25.00 card which I did and that turned out to be a scam too (America Direct). I was told they had gone out of business and it was turned over to another gas card company (Claim your What a surprise.

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