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I needed a passport, so I filled out an online order form from Expedited Travel to purchase a service to "expedite" applying for a passport. I purchased this service in JUNE 2008. My trip was not until OCTOBER 2008. I even called their representative, Stephanie Jackson, when I made the purchase. I told her my trip was October. She NEVER told me that I did NOT need to use their service. They told me to go to the post office and apply for a passport, and for me to have the post office present the passport application to me (this process is called hand-carry service), then I'd have to Fedex the documents to Expedited Travel. The post office said hand-carry service is completely unnecessary in my case because my trip is months away, and that they would have my passport at my door in 1-2 weeks WITHOUT using Expedited Travel. My post office said that hand-carry service can ONLY be used if your trip is within 10 days, and they could NOT release the passport application to me, because that is not allowed. The post office REFUSED to provide hand-carry service. They tried to call Expedited Travel for me. but no one answered the phone. They told me I should get my money back from Expedited Travel. Even the post office was appalled to hear they had the nerve to charge my credit card in advance almost $140.00 for a service that was clearly NOT needed. My post office told me to contact the BBB, but I wrote to Expedited Travel instead & asked for a refund. I paid them in June with my Chase card. Expedited Travel stated I had to fill out a refund form, so I did. Now they say they will not refund my money. They did NOTHING for me, and provided NO service for me. All they did was take my money. Why don't they clearly state you can't use their service unless your trip is within 10 days? If it said that, I NEVER would have placed an order. How can they take my money for a service the post office provides alone?


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    Marlene Mahle Mar 23, 2009

    I had also a bad experience and this just happened in March 2009. I wanted to renew my son's passport and they charged me $140.00 Then after they charge me they said I needed to go the post office and do everything myself and get a form from my son's father because he is 15 yrs old. When I asked them to cancel my request and refund my $ they refused. Then they reimbursed part of the money but charged me $50 cancellation fee. All I did was provide some basic information in the internet, they never provided nor initiated any service for me !!! I went to the BBB and everyone else I could think of but apparently it is buyers beware out there. These company will charge anyone that goes to their site without providing any service whatsoever and their website claims they are certified by the BBB as well as Yahoo and MSNBC and all these other companies !

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    emihokumen Apr 03, 2009

    I also had a bad experience with this company. It was the last day that I had the chance to get my passport on-time, and the company gave me false hope all day long saying that it should be fine. It is currently 4:41pm (7:41pm Eastern) and I know I'm not going to hear from them anymore - meaning I will not be getting my passport on time.

    So when am I going to actually receive the passport so I can make arrangements to change my flight reservation? Who knows. I need to spend the rest of the weekend wondering when I am able to travel, all the while missing my flight. I am supposed to go see my grandmother who is not doing well (the company knows this too) and at least they could have done was to call and give me an estimated date.

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