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Rozel Furniturediscrimination

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today(5th April), i went to this Rozel Furniture (438 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Industrial Park 1 (JCS Building) with my boyfriend. we are looking for mattress, my boyfriend just want to buy a single mattress for temporary use and due to budget constraint, so he want to buy for cheap one, this staff (female), she promoted a mattress with the price of SGD 200 something, then my boyfriend say want to think about it first, then the staff say SGD 200 also want to think? That is really disappointed, I as a visitor here, the service that I see really not acceptable. SGD 200 is also money. Then, she promoted another mattress which cost SGD99 but with very low quality where i think i can get it at other place with a cheaper price, because of the quality not that good, then my boyfriend say he will consider about it, then the staff reply, SGD 99 also have to think? you better go "market" to buy it.
WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH THAT STAFF? Is it because we a are looking for cheap staff then we cannot get served better?
this is really a DISCRIMINATION..
the staff even talk bad behind us after we left the shop where i can heard her.
the shop should have stated there, poor people or low class people don't belong here.
that is not ethical at all, no matter how much value a product, when you sell it in your shop, every customer that walks in, should be treated FAIRLY.
I am really disappointed, this could bring down Singapore reputation, which i will refer as not friendly.
i really don't know how should i express it.


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    InnocentCustomerSG Jul 29, 2021
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Potential Buyers, AVOID Rozel Furnishing - Sungai Kadut (also known as Warehouse 69) as much as you can. My story as follows...
    Purchased furniture at showroom, paid in full (per their requirement).
    3 days before delivery, I am told product material and color not available. Asked to come to showroom to replace.
    I told - pls cancel order as the color/material we wanted not available any longer, beside the point the waste of full month waiting for delivery date.
    Rude salesman told, you have chop and sign on invoice - order will not be cancel. Instead of negotiating for alternative, keep mentioning already chop sign on invoice and I have no choice but to just buy whatever that is available.
    Not only that, the salesman has no sense of professionalism - told me to get my 'facts' right. Shouted to me. Said I have NO DIGNITY. Keep scaring me if I don't buy the alternative - it is my lost and said I can complaint wherever or whomever I want.
    Salesman claim to be a senior person in the organisation - it is a pity!.
    I found out the reason the salesman can do and say all the above is becuase that is the way the organisation is structured - just make the 'SALE', no concern about reputation or customer service. Let me explain...
    During that time, I search multiple sites and got hold of some senior management names in the company. I called the warehouse/head office numbers and asked to verify that the person is there - they confirmed yes. I told I want to talk,
    they said, the person is busy and will call back. No news from them. I called at least 10-12 times talking to different person who picked up the phone. No one got any senior person to call me back. I emailed to them 3 times, no response at all.
    Bottom line, it is a BLACK HOLE - if you get your purchase all ok - then it is ok. But if there is a problem with the purchase (which can happen natually when we buy big value items) - then you are are on your own - there is no help.
    Today I am living with furniture which is not of my choice and got delivered 3 months late!! So, as I said, my only intend of writting this comment is, only shop from them when you have NO CHOICE (for whatever reason).
    I wish everyone a pleasant shopping experience.

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    engwoon Dec 25, 2020
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    never purchase or sign package with Rozel jurong east Toh guan Rd,
    we bought an package with dining table set, sofa and mattress set,
    from it first delivery dining table are told will be delay because marble broken when delivery,
    that's fine we can understand and service recovery was done by borrowing us an dining
    table to use while waiting for our replacement, next item sofa set was told that it be delay don't know reason,
    again service recovery was done by borrow us a small sofa to use first .

    after waiting for 3 week sofa delivery but is not the quality and design we choice at the showroom,
    we had inform showroom manager Eric I was told that he will check with his staff,
    his staff called me and insist that's the quality we choice and keep on repeating that is what we choice,
    ridiculous service and wasting my time talking with him, we had asked manager Eric to cancel the sofa item
    as we don't wish to waste any more time on waiting and stress on the sofa quality, Eric asked us to give him one
    more change and will make sure the sofa replacement quality,
    now we are going to wait for another 3 to 4week for replacement and worries on the quality send to us .

    I am not the person who like to write an negative comments, but i
    never expected spending money as an consumer end up become so stressful,
    overall experience with Rozel are very disappointed


    show room manager Mr Eric had called us to follow up on our issues and provide satisfactory resolution. Thanks Eric for assist us to cancel the sofa and arrange logistics to pick up borrow sofa by next week, so we don't need wait few weeks for replacement . Thanks Eric for prompt response,

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    toto12345 Feb 09, 2018

    Ya, I had very big problems with Rozel Furnishing Pte Ltd, on 06 Jan 2018, I went to the show room located at 17, Sungei kaddut way, wanted to purchase a cabinet for my bed room, the sale person told me there also can customer mark, so I purchase a custom make for my cabinet on that day and sale man asked me to pay full amount for free interest for 24 month installment. Two days later the sale man come down to my house and take the room measurement for my custom make cabinet and I received the cabinet drawing from him in two days.

    Ten days later call him for the delivery date and confirmed on 05 Feb 2018. But the next day his call me said that their factory in JB make the wrong dimension on one of the cabinet(total three pcs ) and asking for delay for another three days(08 Feb 18). I have no chose to accept the new date.

    Finally the cabinet delivery today 09 Feb 2018, But the problems is the delivery man told me one of the cabinet(total should have three pcs) was damaged due to poor handing during loading into lorry.

    Sale man was not informed about the damage and again I have no chose to accept the two cabinets as I had already dismantled my old cabinet, and after checking the two cabinets I have discover both cabinets also NOT according to the drawing and dimension are all wrongly make.

    Can some tell me how to make a complain ? Is Rozel Furniture ans Rozel Furnishing same company ? what is the email address for Rozel Furnishing Pte Ltd ?

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    TonyTowg Mar 27, 2017

    I bought my Sofa from Rozel Taman Tun Malaysia few years ago and I am totally give up on their after sales service and attitude recently. Wrote to them3 time, call their stuff Mr. Mok and talk to him about my urgency on such repair but went to deaf ear. Nothing heard after that call, neither email or call...WTF... I will not recommend ANYONE to buy this brand or even consider this brand...Beware. lastly, leather quality is really horrible...BAD EXPERIENCE...

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  • Mo
    Mollychan Dec 16, 2013

    Rozel is the worst furniture place to go. I bought a set 3:2 :1 @ RM 6, 500.00 in Sept 2011. I was not happy with the whole set as the head rest were not properly alligned and the leather on we're poor quality on the 2 and 3 seater. And the 3 seater had a slightly sink foam inside. They took back n promise to replace the whole set. But the just repair them and I refuse to accept them. They promise to send a new technician to recheck in two weeks but fail to turn up. I called a few times but the response were pushing around. So I have no choice and forget the whole issue. One and half years pass, the leather start cracking here and there. I am really disappointed and will never go there even they give the best discounts.

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    Tom75 Mar 11, 2013

    ### i just order a sofa and dinning table from them. Assist by Danny..i think he is very friendly in serving us etc. My wife even want to buy a coffee table from the but he told us buy from ikea cos if buy from them not worth. i not sure does the complain make danny attitude better or just fake one? ### so the item delivered will be bad? Should i ask them to deliver earlier? oppsss :(

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    CARINE YEO Nov 01, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh No, I should have read the Forum before I went to purchase my item.

    On 26/8/2012, We went to Rozel AMK to shop for Sofa, attended by Daniel, which hard sell the sofa to us. I do not like such service and had wanted to leave the place when my hubby was stopped by his manager, Alvin Tan. Alvin was a very nice guy, friendly. He offered good price and agreed for exchange of any items should we decide not to have the sofa.

    On 24/10/2012, We went back to Rozel AMK.

    WE : Daniel, we have decided to exchange the Sofa for other item.

    ** Daniel's attitude changed immediately.
    I saw a Dining Table which costs $1388.00 and approached Daniel

    WE : Daniel, what will be the best price that you can offer if we want to exchange for
    this table, with black stand and without all the chairs.
    DANIEL : Oh ok I can sell you at $1188.
    WE : This is ridiculous. How much does the chair cost?
    DANIEL : $200 per piece
    WE : Then how come you sell us at $1388?

    *** ( OMG what kind of attitude is this ? )

    WE : Can you ask your manager for a better price ?

    ** Daniel walked away and came back in a few minutes.

    DANIEL : I have checked, my manager mentioned that we can sell you the table at
    1388.00 without the chair, but if to change to black stand, you have to top up
    $200 = $1388

    ** We decided not to have the dining table and move on to look at the Coffee Table which costs $590.00

    WE : Daniel, how about this. what is the best price?
    DANIEL : This is the best price already. By the way, DO YOU KNOW THAT THERE IS A
    WE : But we will not told about it during the purchase?
    DANIEL : It was written clearly in the invoice.
    WE : But you only gave us the invoice after we have settled the payment. This is not
    acceptable. Can you talk to your manage?

    *** Daniel went to approach his manager and I went to look for them after 5 minutes.

    WE : Hi, I feel that this is unfair for us as we will not being informed of the exchange
    charge of 10% of Total Sales Value.
    DANNY ( SHOWROM MANAGER ) : But it was clearly stated in the invoice. Don't you read the T&C before you sign.
    WE : Daniel only passed us the invoice after we have settled the payment
    DANNY : There is no point arguement as it was clearly stated in the invoice.

    ***** After some arguement,

    WE : OK I just want to exchange, you can proceed to charge 10% if you want.
    DANNY : Nope, I am not going to exchange. It was stated no exchange. IF YOU ARE UNHAPPY. YOU CAN MAKE A POLICE REPORT IF YOU WANT

    OMG, what kind of attitude is it? from a so called Showroom manager. It really ruin the reputation of ROZEL. I felt very insulted and had wanted to file a Police Report immediately. My hubby advised me to talk to Alvin Tan before making Police Report.
    I spoke to Alvin Tan the next day. He apologized to me and agreed to take action on this. Few days later, Alvin came back with a reply thru email, apologizing once again and told me that both of them have received warning letter from the company. Thou not official enough and I will not trust if I do not get to see the letter personally but choose to believe Alvin Tan.

    I can only say that ALVIN TAN is an asset to ROZEL, and DANIEL HII and DANNY LEE are a shame to ROZEL.

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  • Di
    distraughted Sep 17, 2012

    Absolutely agree with you all victims of ROZEL FURNITURES.
    It was close to the 7th month, we had to move into the house before the inauspicious month, time was tight. we went to the Sungei Kadut outlet and chose a TV console with in-built Hi-Fi system. Paid a deposit and waited for the delivery. One day before the delivery, its staff called me to inform me that my console is demaged by some rats. like seriously???? Rats??? and the day before my delivery??? and best of all, he mentioned that if i want that piece i'd have to wait for a month for the next delivery. How am i to wait? time was pressing! then he offered a substitute console also at a high price, they refuse to give some rebates due to their fault. and worst made it my fault. Ok fine, i didnt want to be over bearing as it was our new house and its inauspicious to have arguements and such. Come what may. when the substitute console came, guess what.. it was not in brand new condition. some edges were chipped off, drawers closing not properly fitted. i accepted it as i have noc hoice. i cant afford another delay.
    then came to payment, i sent out 3 cheques to them, they claimed they have not receive it. possible. fine, then the salesman kept bombarding my phone. i'm at work, in a meeting, inconvenient to talk. guess what, the salesman showed up at my door step in the late night. can i call this harrassment? now, they warned and demanded me to make payment before they take action. is this threatening?

    For all these drama, i have yet to make a complaint with the Retail Association and now they want to harass and threaten me? Gosh... Please, BOYCOTT THEM. There are other better ethical furniture shops out there.

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  • Ro
    Rozel and nova victim Jul 30, 2012

    Hi ahgal, agreed with u! I really dislike the service from rozel and nova. Instead of realising his bad service and attitude, his beloved wife has came to text us telling us that our budget planning caused problem to his husband!! Gosh..
    Was serviced by the assistant showroom manager (opp imm) who later become a showroom manager at kallang way. B####
    U can call rozel hq and talk nicely to the customer service there. They are actually quite nice and are there to solve the problem. Talking to the showroom manager is wasting ur time and might even create more trouble for u.
    [protected] rozel hq

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  • We
    Weixiong ng Oct 13, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Rozel and nova victim Hi! What is the contact number for Rozel hq??

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  • Ah
    ahgal Jul 07, 2012

    nbcb. I want my refund back from Rozel. (opp IMM)
    They conned my money and don't want to refund me my deposit.

    What should I do?

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  • Do
    dodo123 Jun 18, 2012

    oh man. I share the same experience with you guys! My family recently bought a dining table from Rozel, the sales manager L, however, when they first deliver the table, the paint of one of the table legs came off and there were marks that seemed like someone repainted it with black marker!! like seriously, when they came to change in the evening, two of the legs were shaky after being fixed on. so fine they came back another day.. 3rd time..we realised that of the 4 table legs, the shape of this particular part near the joint were different and there were cracked marks at the side of the table itself. again we called them. they said yes wil change, no news after a month, we went down the shop, they said the shipment hasnt reached and they ll call us in a few days time. c'mon until now they have yet to call. i urge people not to buy their stuff. the quality and service are bad for the price paid.

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  • Te
    Terence510 May 23, 2012

    Regretted should have gone into the web to check on the company before making my purchase for a set of dinning table on 17 April 2012 for SGp1499.00, placed a SGP600.00 deposit . Place an order for a set of dining table and six chair. Was to be deliver in a week on 25 April 2012. A day before delivery received a call saying there were some shipment from Taiwan so claimed by them and the delivery will be 2 May 2012. As the delivery nears received another call saying the delivery is postponed to mid May. Went to the showroom spoke to the sales people with different delivery dates and as far as delivery sometime in July. So call sales manager named Louis call and told me the shipment is in. Oh yes they deliver the complete set to me but with very poor worksmanship. Firstly found the marble table with chipped off on two corners, wooden stand with a hole at the inner side, Chairs with sloppy work with glue, chairs not level on all four legs, called them several times to no avail. No response or any call from them to give you an explanation etc.. All i can say is very lousy service!

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  • Na
    Natalie_C Dec 21, 2011

    I have the similar experience. Their items are more expensive compared to other shops. We managed to get the same price as the other shops. However, problem comes in when we noticed that they delivered THE WRONG TABLE! It was different from the one we ordered. Luckily we took a photo of the table beforehand and showed it to the deliveryman. Even the deliveryman agreed that the table is different. We told Rozel up and they told us that its the same model just that it is an A and B version difference. The one they sent us were the new design.

    I wanted to look for the guy that serve us, but the person who answered our call said that the guy is busy serving other customers will call us back. Ok... we waited till next day, call back, "Oppps, sorry, he's not at work today." Ok.. next day, he said that he will call us back... Nope, nada zlich. Nothing from them.

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  • Ro
    Rozel victim 2 Nov 10, 2011

    We also have experienced some egoistic issues with sales persons in this company. He behaved quite unprofessionally most of the time. The items look nice, but when compared to cost outside, they are a little expensive even on their offer prices. If I tell them the cost outside is less, they try to reduce to that amt r try to talk abt quality ..usual biz technique. . but the problem is that they treat as if they are doing us a favor and neither let customer to have a look peacefully nor give the time to decide and force things on them. If a little unsure while deciding, then there are possibilities that you might be enforce some bad products and you might be cheated on the cost and product as well. The whole transaction experiences is so frustrating. They made us walk to their shop about 5 times for nothing and then they don't communicate well if asked for status. Everything was good before we paid partially. Its after they got more than 50% of the amt, their real picture is out. Our delivery date is gone and nothing delivered and we are still chasing to make the remaining payment, since we didn't want to loose our initial deposit. Now after 2 months, we lost hope on their product and after delivery services, since I can't waste time to run behind them if the install imperfectly or f they purposely deliver wrong products after such egoistic issues. So, we have decided to withdraw our order.
    Please be aware. I won't recommend Rozel furniture to any genuine person who looks for a Hazel free dealings.

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  • Ro
    Rozel Victim Oct 20, 2011

    I agree to all of the above comments including Mr. Purify's comment. But purify cannot purify the rozel guys. Anybody can talk or advice others like mr purify. but when things goes out of hands, people get stuck. Thanks to the services from Rozel, and their atrocious behavior and rude attitude. Thanks to purify's advice. The only way to bring rozel guys to knees is to propagate this forum complaints across all the blogs and circulate pamplets on these guys along with their promotional pamplets. I have started distributing the pamplets (the cost is peanuts when compared to the humiliation experienced with rozel guys).

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  • Mr
    Mr purify Aug 09, 2011

    Well, I strongly think that each and every company that exists have their positive and negative issue. No one is perfect faultless. It's wiser to see how people handle negative issue in a good way, we will all learn from life experience. Cheers everyone.

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  • Ik
    Ika Amira Jul 19, 2011

    OMG!!! I never thought of browing these website earlier. Well, quite lucky i guess as my experienced was not that bad though.

    I went to Rozel last nite with my hubby. Thought of just browsing their collections. I saw only 1 customer busy moving around and a sales guy assisting them. Then came this guy quite friendly, approached us and asked what we were looking for. After explaining things, he then brought us around and showed us the sofas which fit to our budget. They way he served us quite nice and convincing. After negotiating the price, I've managed to sign a deal with them. They will deliver my sofas next mth as I wanted to have it before my festive season. Just hope that the delivery will come smoothly.

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  • Xp
    xPURPLEx Jul 18, 2011

    seriously their( Rozel Furniture ) stuffs attitude was totally sux to the max.
    pls hire ppl with good attitude and good servic.
    today ( 18 july 2011 ), me and my mom went to Rozel Furniture (438 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Industrial Park 1 (JCS Building ) . there were this guy was friendly but here come a guy who keep wanna talk win. we told him ytd we went to singapore expo furniture and told him that this furniture mall is every weeks changing topic of every furniture but he say " ytd was last day and every mth only have 1 time furniture mall in singapore expo and say he do furniture mall alot of times le of cos he know " this type of attitude talking to customer? somemore me and my family just went there ytd and brought something frm furniture there too. there so many ppl say that every week will change topic of furniture. TSK!! i wont go Rozel Furniture buy things anymore. so what its cheap? attitude and service so bad. in good mood will become bad mood of seeing this -.-

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