Roto-Rooter Groupservice/billing

B Jul 11, 2019

In May, I called Roto Rooter due to flooded bathroom which did some damage to my place and an apartment below.
1. Service reps don't have very good communication skills. I was told they would come out the next day after the supervisor Darren visited. I waited an entire day and no one showed. While at work the next night, I received a text from service guys around 9pm saying they were waiting outside building.

2. I'm sensitive about my personal items being touched by those I don't know. Instead of asking my sons to clear out cabinet, they cleared out things and put items together that shouldn't have been boxed together; cleaning products with personal care.

3. I asked for copies of photos and the contract and not ever received any thus far.

4. When I filled out a survey making a complaint, I received a call but the guy sounded like I was making a big deal out of nothing.

5. My insurance company, Erie Insurance adjuster, has made several attempts to obtain a detailed invoice from Roto Rooter and has not yet received it. Roto Rooter sent a bill of $4210.67 for insurance to pay.
Labor cost: 3, 836.42
Other: 115.29
Tax: 258.96

Erie insurance sent a check of $1313.00 for services and will need to call my adjuster whose number I have enclosed with check.

I've already alerted family and friends about Roto Rooter hoping they don't call if an emergency arises for them. I will not ever do business with Roto Rooter again.

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