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I am a board member with Saratoga Lakes Condo properties... We are currently seeking suit against ROOF 911 construction in regards to several of our units with a tremendous amount of damage from leaks and improper roof installation. The mistake of contracting ROOF 911 construction has cost our management company over, two hundred thousand dollars and a leaking roof. Needless to say our community, although disappointed, moreover, has affected our tenants living quality.



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    Commercial roofwiz Aug 09, 2015

    It never ceases to amaze me how ridiculous some of these Internet trolls can be. I am a roofing company owner specializing in commercial hail damage work. I don't work for, or in any way, have any business relationship with roof911. In fact, they are a competitor, if anything. The owner of this company, Dev, is a pioneer in this field and anyone who has been in this business for more than one storm season knows that he has a sterling reputation, an impressive client list, and is someone who people look up to and want to emulate. It's a shame that he even has to get on here and respond to these losers, but you know what? That's what people who care about their business and the brand they've worked hard to build do. What kind of a person deals with a problem they have with a job or a company by going online and crying over it like a little babyI'll tell you who-passive aggressive little babies that are too scared to pick up a phone and call someone about it . Really weak. Don't believe these cowards. Dev and the guys at Roof911 are gamechangers, and have gotten tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars for their clients. Keep doing what you're doing guys, haters gonna hate. My name is Michael johnson, I live in texas, my phone number is [protected], feel free to call if you want an honest recommendation for roof911.

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  • Ro
    Roof 911 Mar 29, 2012
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    As the owner of the company in question these comment I find simply exaggerated and one sided. In defense to my company that has installed thousands of roofs and supports and feeds 100 families. I find that our transition to service our commercial clients over residential has created challenges on some home owners that got caught in the middle of corporate a restructuring transition to service our national commercial clients.

    If any customer or potential customer needs to verify our credibility - Please call any of the 40 churches and listed pastors and ask them about me or my company and how we went above and beyond on customer care or roof insttallation. This list represents $10 million dollars in hail damage repair claims.

    Gods First Breakthrough - Pastor Sherry Mcoy -[protected]
    Sharon Baptist - Pastor Jeff - [protected]
    Vinnings First Baptist Church - Pastor - steve Ball [protected]
    Mt Harmoney Baptist Church - pastor Ray Spivey -[protected]
    Bethel United Methodist Church - Sam Battle -[protected]
    Concord Church Of Nazarene - Pastor Davis Jr. -[protected]
    Trinity Church of Nazarene -pastor James Bradley -[protected]
    Temple de Trinidad -pastor Valdez - [protected]
    Tabernacle Baptist Church - Pastor Ken Jackson -[protected]
    Shiloh Baptist Church -Pastor James Chambler - [protected]
    Mt Pisgah Baptist Church - Pastor Clifton Henderson -[protected]
    Lutheran Church of Incarnation - pastor Reynolds -[protected]
    Kennesaw United Methodist - pastor Harland Mathew -[protected]
    First Christian Church Of Lawrenceville - Linda Rowe - [protected]
    Northside Baptist -Mr Chatham - [protected]

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    Charlotte Engineer Dec 12, 2011
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    Roof911 Took my $9000 insurance check and only completed half the work I hired them to perform. I hired them in June of 2011. Currently, all Charlotte Roof911 offices have been closed, and all local numbers and emails have been disconnected (along with most, if not all, employees were fired). I have made several attempts to contact the CEO Dev Zdenek, and all of my phone calls and emails have gone unanswered.

    I hired Roof911 for repairs after a large hail storm that took place in April, 2011. The scope of work to be completed by Roof911 included: new roof shingles, new gutter system, new metal deck over front porch, and new front elevation of vinyl siding.

    Completed work: new roof shingles, new gutter system.

    Uncompleted work: new black metal roof deck over front porch, new front elevation of vinyl siding.

    I was not given any paperwork, besides the starting contract with Roof911 (which I still have). I also have pictures of the roof shingle install, before, during, and after completion. I also have some text messages sent between myself and Jake Fristoe concerning the work not yet completed, since that is how most of the communication was handled.

    The roof shingle replacement was started June 23rd and finished June 24th. On June 22nd, Jake wrote an email stating that the metal roofing over my front porch and front elevation of siding replacement would shortly follow the shingle work. Gutter replacement was completed shortly after the shingle replacement (not sure of the date), but according to Susan at D&W Inc; they have not been paid for the gutter replacement on my home.

    September 1st, Jake told me (via text message) that Roof911 was waiting for another home in my area, so they could do the work on both homes in the same day. That never happened. The last I heard from Roof911 (via Jake's text message) was on October 18th, 2011. Jake told me to contact someone named Tracy at the main Charlotte office for further information on my home repairs, since he was no longer employed by Roof911. All Roof911 Charlotte area phone numbers have been disconnected, all Charlotte employee emails (and most Atlanta emails) bounce back. I've called Roof911's CEO Dev Adenek several times, left several messages and emails, with no return call/email.

    I filed a complaint with the BBB on November 21st, 2011. There has been no response from Roof911.
    I contacted my insurance company hoping they could help me in some way. They told me that there was no action they could take to help me with the uncompleted work, that I would have to take Roof911 to court.

    Now I find that Roof911 has charged me $500 on December 5th, 2011. I've filed a dispute with my credit card company, as these charges were not approved...especially, since only half the work I hired them to do was completed.

    My attached Photo is proof that most, if not all, email attempts are bounced back.


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  • Se
    Selby1 Nov 02, 2011

    We secured Roof 911 in August to replace our roof, paid them a 50% down payment for them to order the materials, and they promised us they would start the job within three weeks. To date, they have not started the work, they have not delivered any materials, and they have not responded to any of our numerous phone calls. We have filed a complaint with the BBB and our insurance company. We have demanded that they refund our deposit, but still have not heard any response from them. We fear we may have to take legal action against them.

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  • To
    TomSK Sep 26, 2011

    We have litigation pending with this company and are looking for witnesses regarding certain consumer claims. Please contact me at [protected] or by email at [email protected] Thanks, Tom

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  • Pa
    PAUL IN NC Sep 21, 2011

    They took a substantial check ($16, 000+) from me on August 5, 2011 and they are now unreachable. Phone lines are always "mailbox full". Any promises to 'be there tomorrow' and so forth have been broken repeatedly. Six weeks now and no materials, no work, no roof, so response. These people are either a total fraud or they are inept. Either way, STAY FAR AWAY FROM THEM. THEY ARE THIEVES WITH NO BUSINESS ETHICS. I have filed complaints with two Attorney's Generals (NC and GA) the BBB, and my local Sheriff's department. All I want is my money back.

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  • Mr
    Mr. Brooks Aug 25, 2011

    I can first hand agree with every complaint that has been filed in a negative response about this company because ive gone through the exact samething with "leaks"and weeks apoun months of delays and lies before any of my work was started. They are truly an unprofessionally ran company from top to bottom. Incredibly poor customer service and that's putting it nicely! And on top of that there work is completely under par. I have tried numerous times to call there office and owner with" no response" what so ever as said above. With all the consistence of these compliant's I find it hard to be coincidence. I strongly suggest that you find a real roofing company and stay as far away as you can from roof 911 a complete scam of a company.

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  • Up
    upset_home_owner Aug 10, 2011

    Dear WhiteHouseRepresentative, or should I say Roof911 Representative, no one on this board claims that Roof911 manufactures the roofs. A good roofer will ensure that there are no leaks, they are simple a scam company, there are many other complaints and lawsuits on other sites. This company is a total rip off.

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  • Wh
    WhiteHouseRepresentative Aug 08, 2011

    Everyone who is complaining about this company is full of crap. And has no idea what they are talking about. Just because a new roof is put on doesnt mean it wont leak again. Nothing is fullproof in a roof. Especially not if weather has anything to do with it. Ive experienced this companies work and they take care of their customers. Ive met the owner and the managers and the salesmen. After getting to know them, i saw a company who actually cares about the customers and not about greed. If you think that any of those guys invented damage on your roof, then you should feel ashamed and think about hanging yourself. These guys are the real deal, and these guys have integrity!

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  • Dr
    Drms Mar 15, 2011
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    Wish I had seen this board, this company should be called "Crooks911". I was told that damage on my roof was invented, and yet this guys ripped my off $400 for no work done because I found out their scheme and cancelled right away! Do not deal with this company or you will regret it.

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  • Ka
    KATN Feb 02, 2011

    I'm very sad at the poor work done to my roof. We have leaks all over the place. While the Roof 911 company fired the subcontractors, who actually replaced the entire roof, and the company has attempted to repair some of the work, it's been a mess and not without us having to make multiple calls. I was cleaning our bathtubs during today's rain, and water was dripping on my head. We are still having leaks 2 years after having a new roof put on the house. The repairs to the company's mistakes have been done just as shoddy. The repair of the roof of a bay window looked like it was made by an amateur, and it leaked again. It took one and a half years to fix that leak. If the owner would like to call and stop by, he's welcome. I emailed the company just a few minutes ago.

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  • Dz
    Dzdenek Jan 16, 2011

    I am often amazed at these strange notes left by our competitors in the market place. I find it very strange and I find it even stranger when I am solicited to pay money to remove these notes from these types of websites...please feel free to check our website we post all of our clients and long term customers from commercial to residential customers over 3000 roofs installed and A+ rated by the BBB which means we resolve any issues that is posted.

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  • Lo
    Lon K. Jan 15, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Unreliable and poor workmanship defines this company's roofing crews.
    As a residential home builder and contractor I was called to help a customer in DeKalb County Ga. after this company butchered her roof and wall flashing. I could not believe the unprofessional workmanship and below code mandated standards used. No roof vents installed, no metal drip edge installed, improper sealing techniques; they even disconnected and removed the owner's power roof ventilator!
    Their practices allowed leaks which damaged ceiling, drywall, hardwood flooring and siding. They sent a crew of sub-contracted roofers to repaint her walls, and install new flooring. The wall color was never matched and they installed brown hardwood instead of natural. Once we inspected the wall-roof intersections we found gobs of clear silicone caulking used, no step flashing and obvious leaks. The owners never responded to the requests for repairs, would not even return phone calls.
    Eventually this company allowed their insurance company to settle a claim. Luckily they had real liability insurance.
    If you use this company, make sure their insurance policy is really in effect, because they will never stand up for their own crummy work, instead they hide behind voice mailboxes and never returned calls.

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  • Ju
    junior roof consultant Sep 20, 2010

    Everyone these days have a lot of opinions, this opinion is yours and my opinion is that I think roof 911 is the best roofing company in the whole world. And my father the owner works really hard and, what he wrote before, (on the top)
    that he does not take slander on the internet about his buisness. My dad and his employees spend a lot of time making sure you have a supurb roof. I go to the office all the time to see how this buisness works because kids these days should learn about companies and other important buisnesses. And I see sweat, love, hard work that goes on that roof. Our employees have familys and it is most important to spend time with family but they have to take 1- 3 hours off from that to help you and the cusumors with your needs. Now like I said at the top this is my opinion.

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  • Ja
    jarein Jul 24, 2010

    Great team of roofers and perfect install...but invoice took 30 days!! I just want to pay my bill.

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  • Ro
    Roof 911 May 07, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I as the owner of Roof 911 Construction typically do not respond to slander on the internet as our reputation of excellence is well known in Georgia and the South East. The Saratoga project was a insurance claim that our engineering team has negotiated and won over $200k in repairs for Saratoga. The client refuses to pay for services and we are litigating as we have completed the roof with excellence. The interior damages have been examined by multiple engineers who have determined the interior damages are stucco related and not roof related. I would also note we install over $1 million dollars a month in commercial roofing and have a A+ rating with the BBB and a well respected member of the Atlanta and Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.

    Our clients are fortune 500 companies and local businesses owners in NC SC TN MS AL GA please watch the installs on our website
    Public Storage
    City of Atlanta
    Sonny's BBQ
    GoodYear Tire

    Should any potential clients need any information call Dev Zdenek CEO [protected] ext 201 or email :
    [email protected]

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