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Rodis Law GroupFraudsters and cheaters


Rodis Law Group does not do what they advertise, they take your money, do not provide any services, do not return calls, lie to you. They do not provide any followup on your case. They have been reported to the California Bar Examiners as a sham company. Keep your money and hire a real lawyer to help you save your home. Caveot Emptor!!!


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    Lkr Jun 15, 2011
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    Verified customer

    This place needs to be shut down. Every time I call to get a status, I am transferred to a different person giving me a generic answer or none at all. I paid them $5500 in full and can't get an answer for months. Suddenly they call me asking for paperwork that I sent over several times already. One case worker told me that I couldn't speak with the attorney assigned to my case, Ron Rodis, because he is planning to leave the company. I thought I was hiring a legit attorney. I finally called in and got a sympathetic ear who told me he was so sorry and he was going to resign that day because of this type of business practice. Does anyone have any advice about what recourse I have?

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  • So
    Sonia Jeanine Jan 21, 2010

    I am another family with four children trying to live an honest rightful life. Early in 2009 I too trusted in Ron Rodis Law Group. One day after calling numerous of times my husband and I decided to visit the office. To our surprise we found out that they were being audit and could not help anyone. A few days later we received the notice that they were no longer in business. I decided to handle my case alone. I did not have money to pay again. Here I am early 2010 about 13 months later with the news that my modification was denied. So what now? I do not want to sound like I am preaching but I thank God that my family is healthy and well, both my husband and I have jobs and most important is that I know that my LORD Jesus Christ will take control over this situation, he always does. No weapon form against me shall prosper because I am God's child. Even though I am upset and disapointed I will find the strenght to pray for every victim and Ron Rodis and his law group.

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  • Si
    sigh Oct 09, 2009

    JPF...pullllease... stop with the fake Ron Rodis saved my house won't help

    Not only was Rodis Law Group shut down by the FTC, Ron Rodis is now under investigation the State Bar of California

    Everyone who lost money will probably never see it, it will sucked up by receivership legal fees, bankruptcy, etc.

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  • Jp
    JPF Oct 07, 2009

    Ron saved my house. We could not be more happy with the results. You all just dont know how to work with an attorney, they are not in it alone. You have to get involved. I was highly successful and owe it all to Ron. He is our hero!!!
    Thanks Ron!

    The best advice I have for all of you is to hound the lender until they do something for you. Remember, they are not taking a loss on this stuff the only delay is they have tens of thousands of cases to process. Keep your vigilance and stay the course.

    Good luck.

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  • Tr
    Truthbetold Aug 25, 2009

    Ron Rodis and the others are back in business, however, they still have the same cell numbers. May I suggest you call Ron Rodis directly on his cell. He of coarse will still give the same old run around, but the point being, he still has our money. Sometimes, he does answer his phone, and will give the same old song and dance about making it right. Of course he doesn't follow through, and says he needs the okay from the receivership. Which is another lie, I called the receivership, and told them I give permission for him to continue my loan mod. Never heard back from him again, but I keep on calling... He is a lie and a cheat, even his old employees have turned on him. Now they are willing to come forward and tell what they know, since he never full-filled his promises to them either. According to one of his past employees he was going to help them out, and get them on their feet, as well as find employment for everyone that stuck with him until the end. Another Lie, as soon as they left, the only reason he kept in touch with them was to get "letters saying what a good guy he is" for the court. As soon as he got what he got the letters, they never heard from him again... No surprise! I was able to get in contact with a couple of his past employees who offered to help me out as much as possible (no charge), and still push my loan mod through. However, I have not given up on harrassing Ron and his gang of merry crooks.

    Bottom line we ALL got suckered! Now they're ALL back doing the same thing!

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  • Ru
    rugdog-61 Aug 22, 2009

    I am another victim of Rodis Law group. At a time of need these kind of lowlife scammers taking advantage of people who, like myself, could not survive the effect of such a rip off, is just down right sickening!!
    The way these VULTURES swoop in to finish us off, while making us believe they are helping us, makes them a special kind of ###!
    I find it hard to believe they are still walking around free and not in jail! What's wrong with our justice system? In a way what Rodis and the rest are doing is nothing short of stealing our last hopes, our homes and our futures!
    I have sat here and read all of the comments on this site, and the ones that defend anybody involved with the Rodis law group, who have ripped me and obviously a lot of others off, truthfully make me sick.

    My experience with Rodis has been devastating, I was seeking help with my mortgage so I might be able to keep a roof over my family, and I really could not afford to pay a lot of money, but like most people I was led to believe that I needed the help of a negotiator to accomplish this. The slime at the Rodis Law Group took $2500.00 of my money, money that I had to redirect from parts of my budget like buying groceries, getting an absest tooth taken care of, and staying current on my utility bills.
    I believe these people ALL knew what was going on when they took our money and they should all have to pay for what they have done!

    I simply do not have the money to hire a lawyer to take Rodis to court! I do not have the money to hire another negotiator! And the money is only part of what Rodis has screwed up, it's the time that we lost while they were F*#%ing us that we will never get back, it might just be too late for me to work anything out with my mortgage company now, THANK YOU RODIS!!

    I consider what these fraudsters and scam artist are doing the same as taking food out of the mouths of our families. They prey on our need for help, and it makes me sick that there is so little we can do, if anything, to stop and punish these dirt bags!!!

    I thank those who have posted useful information such as phone numbers and advice about contacting our bank. You bring some hope of getting our money back. That is at least some help, but like I said, it may be too late to save my home.
    If anyone is going to bring some kind of legal action against the Rodis law group or any of the ### responsible for ripping us off, Please contact me if there is anything I can do to help or be a part of the law suit .
    My E-Mail is [email protected]
    My name is Thomas

    I hope to hear that we can do something, anything, to stop this from happening to anyone again, and maybe get these people punished!

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  • Bo
    boo Aug 21, 2009

    why has the Board not done anything yet??????????????????????

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  • Bo
    boo Aug 10, 2009

    How do you know this?

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  • 35
    $3500 down the toilet Jul 22, 2009

    I had a more one on one client/attorney relationship with Ron than most clients because I would only sign up if he handled our case personally. Having been ripped off by an attorney before, I remain sceptical of the slithering ###. When all this went down, I got a letter in the mail from Rob Evans and Associates LLC just like all of you. I called Ron on his cell right away, I actually felt sorry for him, when he explained what had apparently taken place... He assured me he was going to handle my file from right away..I explained that I had called the Mort. Co as stated on the notice. Chase said they never received the required docs..They only got a coversheet..He said "They are lying, He explained that the two offices, which I went to upper 3 office in person, I had always assumed that was his office. He was going to work on my case from the other location, He just had to Ok it with his attorney who was helping him deal with his situation at hand, so I will look into this and call you in the morning" I told him my husband wants his money refunded! "Do you want to money back or your modification? Just give me a chance yours is almost through!" he said Ok then I will talk to you in the morning. Well he never called and has never returned another any of my calls. Obviously he is still in bussiness, I called his office today, however he was unavailable. I called the cell, which I might add he never answers. I left him a message, the least he could of done for me was to walk me through the modification steps. By the way Don't hire a lawyer for a modification!! Just remember this you didn't hire one when you applied for your loan, to help you with the paperwork, and you don't need one know...It is very simple!! You just might not get the results you were led to beleive were likely. Just call your mortgage Co. Ask for a modification packet to be sent to you, its about the same as applying for your loan...You wont even need a broker to help take your money to do something you can do all on your own...

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  • Le
    leesonlearned Jul 14, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Scammers: a person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud.
    Give back the swindled money.
    I hired Rodis Jan 09, 2009. To date they have done nothing. I had 8 case workers;
    Steve Bejamin
    Kathy Nygun
    Matt Milkovich
    Nader Osar
    Maria Del Delacchio
    Jamie Norris
    My house went into forclosure, I have incurred over $5, 000 legal fees to stop the foreclosure.
    Please file a complaint with the FTC its easy on there website, also with BBB of Southland.
    Here are other web sites that are good.
    If anyone heres about a way to get our money back please let us know.
    Thanks Vivian

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  • Pr
    protest09 Jul 08, 2009


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  • Ho
    Homeless in Arizona Jul 03, 2009
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    Verified customer

    They took our money with nothing done in return. The only correspondence we ever received back from this company was the retainer documents with our bank account information on it to make sure the Law Group received the funds. Nothing was ever done as far as the modification process, and now we are out of a home! Whoever was taking the money from people like us ... ARE CROOKS and should be in jail for a very long time! I'm curious to see if we will ever get our money back, or if they are going to compensate the clients they screwed!

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  • Br
    brucesm36 Jul 01, 2009

    i called the ron rodis law office

    spoke with "rosie katz" she said she would work on my case. this was wednesday 6-24. she told me to contact the receiver and request they make my "file" available for rodis to pick up. i did this right away.

    i have since called the rodis office and have either left a voice mail or a message for her or anyone to get my case working again or to tell me they can not do it. i call at least once a day to no avail.

    i have been polite and professional in my messages. so far no answer.

    prior to the ftc filing i was told that the bank had been reached and a deal was waiting for me. my bank indicates they have no correspondance from rodis at all.

    i wonder what the total number of customers is and if any got help. i was hearing their radio ad on or before december 2008.

    my salesman was Steve Mocciaro
    a fellow in "accounting" was Chris M. Lekawa
    another fellow Matt Milakovich was supposed to be contacting the bank and told me "the bank offered several options"

    i would like to find these people. all of them must have known they were perpetrating a scam.

    i have been watching the better business bureau and cal state bar. this also may be an issue for the california department of real estate and any other state where these folks operated.

    link to state bar:

    link to better business

    i would like to hear from others about this, maybe something can be done to get fees back or have them prosecuted.

    bruce [email protected]

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  • Tr
    Truthbeknow Jun 30, 2009

    It sure is strange that ALL OF YOU that has never stepped foot inside the said business, knows so much about it, and the people that has run the place, and YOU HAVE THE STUPIDITY TO BELIEVE EVERYTHING THAT THE TEMPORARY RECIEVERS' REPORT SAYS, WHEN IT IS ALL TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT! WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR DEGREE?

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  • Pr
    protest09 Jun 30, 2009

    robert my facts are straight. anyone who reads the investigation report from the recievership can make their own conclusion. you say that rons angle was to get wayne fired, so if wayne got fired ron would stay on knowing the company was a scam. ron rodis knew who he was going into buisness with and he is no different than bryan d'antonio, wayne farris. they are all crooks a should be behind say ron saved your home after he let those two crooks. why only you. i spoke to ron after he left them and he told me he was going to e-mail me a new retainer agreement and personally work on my case. that was may 29, 2009, it is now june 30, 2009 and i'm still waiting. he doesn't answer his phones and his office secretary has taken my number down everyday without one return call. ron rodis has lied to me on many occaisions. so you and worked at rodis can save your bs stories about how great of a guy ron rodis is.

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  • want to let all of you know, i also use to work for Rodis Law Group.
    first, when you contact the banks or they contact you, it thier collection dept who will and do lie to get any penny possible. we do not talk to the collection dept, as they know nothing of whats up except to get money. i know for a fact that myself and my team partners would fax, scan and email docs to them. wait the 7-10 days as requested just to be told, nope, its not there. than we would re do it, many times. or to fax or email to another number or dept. the main contact we talked with or had contact with was the Loss mitigation dept. MANY times they would even claim nothing.
    here is a few helpful ways to try and mod your home- most banks want you to be late, they want a hardship, make it believeable. funds, loss of income, jobs, death (if its the case, iam sorry for anyones loss), dont send a 2 liner, make it a page or more and make the loss mit or the bankers negotiator want to shed a tear. most want 2 mo pay stubs and bank statements. YOU can stop the sale date of your home, MAKE THEM STOP IT! beg them, plead, anything, something will work. just dont give up. ITS your house! (unless your 6mo or more, thats kinda your fault for not actiing sooner.) go to the supervisor, dont just take a no from them. get someone in a higher possition. DO NOT TAKE A NO.
    Ron is a good guy! this office was not a fraud shop. we all worked very hard and long hours. MOST of the people i worked with were all good.
    we are now all out of work. i have a family like most of the people i worked with. there are many scam shops out there, please be wise on your next mod shop.

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  • Ro
    Robert Jun 29, 2009

    Hello Protest09,

    I think you should read again because the notes you speak of are out of context to what you are referring. I know his angle for that and it was to force Bryan D'Antonio to either fire Wayne Farris(check your spelling Mr.Fact Checker) or have his contract terminated. I am defending him because he personally saved my house like he promised after he stopped doing business with Bryan and Wayne. For your information Wyane Farris has more to do with screwing these people than any of the people listed. If you would like to speak with him and rip him a new A%S his personal cell #[protected].

    This Guy(Wayne Farris) has the nerve to try and start a new tax company days after being shutdown by the FTC. I would be very aware of this guy staying in any market place because he is a crook! He is also a licensed California Broker and his real name is Charles Wayne Farris and he lives in Aliso Viejo. This guy was fully responsible for the day to day operations.

    Make sure you point the finger at the correct person and if you read the report you would be posting your warning about this guy.



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  • Pr
    protest09 Jun 29, 2009

    truthbetold i suggest you do some research on your guy ron rodis. read the recieverships documents. ron knew exactly what was going on. read the notes he sent to that lowlife bryan d'antonio. ron new the company was a scam and in return for risking his name on the company he wanted 50% of the revenue and his salary to double. thats a fact from the investigation that was completed. before you start defending him in this forum get your facts straight. ron rodis is a criminal and just as much of a lowlife as bryan d'antonio, wayne ferris, and christy d'antonio. i will have my day in court with these crooks. as for all of you who have gotten cheated keep the pressure on these crooks.

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  • An
    Another Rodis Victim - MD Jun 28, 2009

    Hello all,
    Call me another victim of Stuart Spencer and Rodis Law Group! I first started talking with these guys back in December '08. There were many calls back and forth and Stuart Spencer really knew how to tell me what I wanted to hear. He sounded like one of the attorneys but I later learned he was the Top Sales Manager there with some sort of 'Director' title.

    Actually the 1st guy I talked to was Shawne Malone and he sounded like a typical salesman. Shawne didn't know anything but how to ask for my credit card number. When it became obvious that I wasn't going to do anything with Shawne, Stuart Spencer got on the phone and was that guy ever slick! He conned me out of $3, 500! I felt like their number one client until after I paid. Then I couldn't get a call back from Stuart no matter how many times I tried.

    In the beginning, these guys even gave me their cell numbers and told me I could call them for help anytime. Actually, I think I will call them now and let them know what I think of their con game. If you too have been ripped off, let them know what you think.
    Shawne's phone number is [protected]
    and Stuart Spencer's phone number is [protected].

    The sad part is that now since Rodis is closed down, I learned both Stuart and Shawne just up and moved their con game down the street. They're both continuing to rip people off at some place in Santa Ana called "Traut Law Group" and they even have phony credentials up on the web site.

    Complaintsboard, I really hope you're also investigating Traut Firm, at and Traut Law Group, at

    On Traut Firm, these 2 attorneys have zero real estate or mortgage experience going back 20 years. Real Estate and Mortgages aren't even mentioned along with the half a dozen areas they claim as their specialty. Then suddenly on Traut Law Group, same exact address and people, they miraculously claim to be experienced loan modification attorneys. Looks like just 2 more guys jumping on the band wagon and hiring con men to do their dirty work!

    Anybody putting together a class action lawsuit, please contact me and count me in! My email address is: [email protected]

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  • Ve
    Ver Jun 22, 2009

    From NJ - This is crazy, too crazy and ugly! God helps us!... but one thing I have to say when my sister started to get worried and saying something smell wrong here... She was right... I contacted Rodis Law Group in January. I started to get all the paper work for my father and started to fax, e-mail etc. all docs required. I found weird that every month I had a new case worker... and two of the case workers that worked in my case quit working there during this time... I remember one Lady pretty young telling me in March 2009, your files will be given to another worker because my last day here will be next Friday, I asked her why are you leaving, were you laid off? She stayed quite, then said no, I'm going back to school...but her tone of voice sounded weird, like she was in a hurry to leave... we got this new lady on our case and I handle over everything to my sister so she would continue to handle our home case with Rodis Law Group because I am going to School online and this process just take up your time... I needed to concentrate... I just finish school today... And about 4 days ago my sister told me about Rodis Law Group mess... Our bank was negotiating with them, and our bank even send us a letter of starting the process of modification... Right after I guess the bank found out that Rodis Law Group has been shut, etc. etc. they changed their song and sent us another letter which we received this past week were the bank is telling us that they are taking us to court and giving us 30 days to answer, if not foreclosure... you guys know that deal... Well I told my sister, let me finish my final and from Monday on we start working on what we need to do... I will read the FTC Report... I am very sorry for all of you that are like us in this terrible situation... I just can't understand how people that go to school get a degree, (they are suppose to be smart - intelligent?!! no maybe slick is the word for them) they even pay a lot of money and took many loans to accomplish their goal... Come out to the world to live a lie after a lie and live such a dark, stupid and fraud life...and then hurt other people along their way and think that they will get away easily without no consequences... I tell everyone this... I know that if we are here right now talking about this...somehow these people will have to pay for their atrocious and vicious wrong doing, Yes there is a God and Powerful GOD who listens to the prayer of the righteous and defends those who loves Him, I will see it and I declare it this day!!!...As for all of us I pray that God helps us to come out of this situation victorious and I pray that all of us may keep our homes... I will get myself well informed and if I find out something that may help anyone I will posted. On the other hand I want to thank all of you, even in your anger, all of you have said some trues that are hard to take, but they are true in their own context...Thanks for those who posted the phone numbers, website links, etc...

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  • Do
    don't believe this Jun 21, 2009

    The bank won't help me. I submitted a claim re the fraud and was told since I authorized debit, then they cannot help. Any suggestions?

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  • E0
    E'lisa Jun 19, 2009

    I don't know what to go all about this..Ron, Bryan and Wyane. What's so strange when I found out about Rodis a couple of days ago, my husband called our mortgage lender and they seemed to know nothing negative. My husband wasn't sure to say anything to them. All they said was that the have everyting they need and just waiting to nagotiate and asked us to give them a call a week prior to our sale date of our home. It has been twice that they postphoned our sale date because they are waiting for Rodis to contact them. We started paperwork with Rodis in December '08. I don't know what to expect next or to file on them or not. As for the money... I called my bank and explained what happed with no questions asked they searched the three installments payments of 1k each month and told me I should expect to see my money in my account within 3-5 business day. The banck said I was protected by law which he referred to "merchant services". As long as the other party (rodis) never rendered the service we are protected by law. I highly recommed that if you have not contacted your bank to do so. As long as you paid by check or bank debit card they may be able to help. Hope this info will give you some hope. Meanwhile, I have contacted the hope line and I will let you know what the outcome of this. God Bless.

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  • Tr
    Truthbeknow Jun 18, 2009

    No. Trustnoone, They will not allow positive feedback to be posted, we'll see if this gets on.
    Bryan Dantonio was away and had left someone else in charge of his Data Med business when the incident happened that put him in jail. But... YOU, THE PUBLIC, ARE THE FIRST TO POINT FINGERS, AREN"T YOU! So now, he's guilty until proven innocent, excuse me, is this " The United States of America"?

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  • Me
    MeTooGotScrewed Jun 17, 2009

    your not going to believe this...I called Ron Rodis's personal cell phone as given by gotscammed and i actually got through to the guy (at least he said he was Ron Rodis)...after giving him a piece of my mind he told me his side of the story, about hooking up with some shady partners yada yada yada...then he talked to me for over an hour telling me about the loan modification process and gave me advice on what to do about my loan, he even called me back when I lost my connection on my cell phone...i'll tell you what, the dude sounds like a lawyer, not neceassarily a bad thing if he's representing you, but bad because i know he screwed me and alot of other people...oh yea, he did promise me my money back, although i'm not holding my breath...i did pay with my credit card so I'll be going through them to try to get my money back...all in all it was very weird, I still think the guy is a snake but i did appreciate the time he spent talking to me and I got to say as much as i know of you all are going to hate me for this, but I felt a bit sorry for the guy, must be my Catholic up bringing...So I heard it from the horses mouth Rodis Law Group was shut down by the FTC, If your expecting a call back from them dont hold your breathe, if you paid with a credit card there may be hope to get your money back see gotscammed's to tell my Wife, this is when it gets ugly...good luck to all of you

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  • Tr
    TRUSTNOONE Jun 15, 2009


    How do I know you people aren't Ron Rodis himself, or someone he put up to posting blogs online trying to clear his name and blame other people for his mistakes. Sorry buddy, ain't gonna work for me. Believe that! Ron Rodis and all his lawfirms are scams.

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  • Tr
    TRUSTNOONE Jun 15, 2009

    R U KIDDING ME? You're telling me that if you were to go in on a lucrative business venture with someone - you wouldn't research their background and get references first???!!! Especially when it comes to people going in on a business with you that you are adding money to and putting it under YOUR NAME? If he did that he would have known in the beginning he wouldnt be in this mess. All he had to do was google their name - and poof! it would have all been there! HIS FAULT - not mine!

    Yeah blame all those other people you want, but it was Rodis Law Firm that took my money, Rodis Law firm (and 3 others) that were shut down by the FTC - all my contracts state "RON RODIS" and that is all that matters to me... You are telling me that he was all innocent...I am SURE he knew what he was getting in to.

    No matter what you do, whether you leave Ron alone or not (and believe me I won't), he can't help you keep your home. Have you seen any positive feedback from his business cause I haven't - everything is NEGATIVE (You are better off hiring someone else from the government programs that are FREE)... He can't even get you your money back because they froze all his assets from those companies - so when he says he is trying to get your money back - he is LYING like ALWAYS! He knows he can't so why even bother telling you he is TRYING...If he was completely sincere about that, then why doesn't he just pay us back with his own money - his money was ours to begin with right?

    Ron Rodis is a crook and should be in jail along with all his conspirators!!!

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  • Sa
    SadButTrue Jun 15, 2009

    I WORKED FOR RODIS LAW GROUP. Can I be real with you? I thought from the begenning this company was Bad News! The intake officers (whom you spoke to in the begenning = SALES) work off commisio0n. Therefore, they were going to bring in as many clients as possible. It wasn't untill 2 months later did they start to realize they were getting to many files in an needed to hire more help for the legal side...Your case workers, case managers, negotiators. So we got a little behind...the banks were behind too! We did everything the banks required us to do! Ron Rodis was a little nieve and didnt see anything coming. Ron didnt know that Brian D'Antonio had a past conviction of selling "Work from Home Business Oppertunity" that was a FRAUD company and landed him in Prison for 4 years and 2.6 million paid back! Ron basically saw a Husband and wife team that successfully owned other companys and wanted in! Who wouldn't? But this decision cost him his license. I feel bad for Ron. I also feel bad for the other Loser of a lawer they got right out of Law School to open and use his license as "America's Law Group". Given another month or two, the new lawer would have been in the same shoes.
    Ron was soooo busy trying to put out fires that lost sight in what was really happening to him. Now i agree that its a shame that this all happened, but it also happened to us too. We are out of jobs and put in your same pardicament. I am too about to lose my home because I have no job now. It effects everyone. Personally I know Ron Rodis, he woulnd't have put us in this pardicument. He was the one that was willing to REFUND clients. It was Christy and Brian & Wayne that were saying we couldnt! Read the FTC Data Medical and Bryan D'Antonio. That's the guy who started this company...he's your problem!

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  • Tr
    Truthbetold Jun 15, 2009

    People, please check your information before posting negative comments. I know for a fact Ron Rodis had nothing to do with what happened. He was just has much undermined and lied to as the rest of us by Christi and Bryan D’Antonio, and Wayne Farris. I checked the records and statements by employees, as soon as Ron Rodis found out what was going on, he separated from them. By that time he did everything possible to save most of the homes from foreclosure. Ron was just another pawn used by the D’Antonio’s. Too bad it took this for him to find out!

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  • St
    Steve O. Jun 14, 2009

    Everyone needs to listen up. The banks are receiving 20, 000 loan mod request a day. The banks are not staffing up they are laying off and they can not service the volume being requested. I called Bank of America because I thought I was being scammed by the Rodis Law Group because the person I spoke with said they never heard from my attorney. When I called back a second time they said we have your loan mod package and it was submitted back in January. I asked what the F&%$ and she said they are just getting to mid January. Then told me I needed to submit new financial information since mine was so old. Ironically enough I received a call from my attorney the day before asking for new financials.

    If you are in jeopardy of losing your home to foreclosure the only person you can blame is YOURSELF. Suddenly we are all victims but when it came to lying about how much money we made when we bought the home it was ALL GOOD.

    I felt like I had been scammed by Rodis Law Group but the banks are the ones that are scamming you. They are saying they will help and putting our packets in a pile and if your house goes to sale they just scammed you out of Hundreds of Thousands. Now who is the real scam artist?

    I also took it upon myself to read the FTC report and yes it is available to the public. It is 25 pages on the website that you can download. It appears our attorney was scammed too. If you read the report Bryan D'Antonio is the guy that Ron Rodis fired and stopped all relationships with. Bryan D'Antonio is the scam artist that already spent time in Jail and now will do it again. So, the person sleeping on the job is the FTC! Ron Rodis had been servicing all of his clients until the FTC came and shut him down temporarily. He had also filed lawsuits against Bryan and another guy named Wayne Farris. I looked these two guys up and here are there numbers:

    Bryan D'Antonio cell [protected]
    Wayne Farris cell [protected]

    PS-leave Ron alone so we don't lose our home.

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  • Bo
    boo Jun 13, 2009

    yes I AGREE

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  • Bo
    boo Jun 13, 2009

    I also called the Law board and medical board, I can only hope they will put a stop to these dishonest people.
    Good Luck

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  • Mi
    Mike Jun 12, 2009

    They are no good!I hope they all go to jail and very soon!

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  • Go
    gotscammed Jun 11, 2009

    to: don't believe this:
    TRUST ME, keep calling that number - Ron Rodis IS the OWNER of that company - they are lying to you AND they are a part of it. Just keep pushing to talk to him, he is there!

    Here are a couple of tips / MUST READ!!!

    1) I called the number the FTC provided (888) 995-hope. They are a 24hr Nonprofit service that ARE willing to help FREE OF CHARGE. I just got off the phone with them (literally) and they are stepping in and will be calling my mortgage company to post pone my sale date and work to modify my loan with the mortgage company. What else have I got to lose - and it's FREE! I believe tho, that this is only if you are delinquent and facing foreclosure but not sure...

    2)YOU CAN GET YOUR MONEY BACK - if you paid with a visa or debit or check you can call your bank and report fraud on the account. Call your 800 number for your bank and have them refer you to their fraud department which I am sure is open 24 hrs a day and file your claim. Check your statement and see who actually took the money out. Because as I found out, there were 3 different companies besides Rodis Law Group that debited my account. The debits read: The Financial Group, America's Law Group and Tax Relief ASAP (which I never gave authorization to take the money - I thought I was just dealing with Rodis Law Group)- that right there is FRAUD. (My bank informed me that the reason they had different companies take out the money for them was so that no stop payments to could go through if a customer requested one). After all the companies names on my statements it showed the same phone number [protected]). All of these groups were linked to Rodis and have been shut down by the FTC.

    3) We all need to contact the FTC and State Bar and complain about these companies and their MASTER MIND Ron Rodis. I believe if enough people file complaints we might be able to get a federal lawsuit brought against him so that he and his "current open business" can't do this to us or any other hardworking people who are just trying to get by and keep our homes.

    PS: tomorrow I will be contacting FOX news to make everyone aware of this man, his companies, and what he has done - so that no more people will have to go through the hell that we are going through right now.

    PSS: please keep us informed with any other tips anyone else might have - this forum really helps!

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  • Su
    Sunny Jun 11, 2009

    Please check FTC's site :

    File complaint, and you will get ref # .

    The FTC has asked the court to halt the unlawful practices, freeze Rodis law group, america's law group & the financial group assets AND SEEK COMPENSATION FOR VICTIMS !!

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  • Do
    don't believe this Jun 10, 2009

    Thanks for the phone number "gotscammed". I just call the office number and was told by the secretary that Ron Rodis and associates is not a part of Rodis Law Group. What a scammer he is. I guess these attorneys think they can get away with anything. Here he has taken all of our monies and is going on with life and don't care. How do they get away with such things. Something has to be done and I hope the FTC does it.

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  • Mi
    Mike Jun 10, 2009

    I'm a retired Marine on 100% disability with (3) young children -- they called me and promised to help me -- I am not behind; however, by needing to wait for vaious disability approvals etc, am in debt up to my neck -- when they called me, Aaron assured me that I was the perfect client, and that they would immediately help my sitiation. Justine was then my "caseworker" They took the last bit of saving I had, and now I'm actually living disability-to-disability payments from the VA and Marine Corps retirement -- HERE IS WHAT IS SAD: ANYONE COULD LOOK AT THE FINANCIAL CRISIS WE ARE IN, AND THEN CONCLUDE THAT EITHER THEY COULD HAVE HELPED US, IF THEY WERE GENUINE OR AS WE HAVE NOW FOUND OUT, TAKE THE LAST DOLLAR WE HAD. AND THATS WHAT THEY DID. THEY TOOK AWAY THE LAST OF ANY MONEY WE HAD, I HAVE JUSTCALLED THE FTC AND NOW WILL CONTACT THE STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL AND THE BBB AND THEN WHEN I GET TO MEET ONE OF THESE SONOFA[censored]ES, REST ASSURE I WILL GET SOME FORM OF SATISFACTION IF NOT MY MONEY BACK

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  • Go
    gotscammed Jun 10, 2009

    I guess everybody is in the same boat. I paid $6500 and nothing!! To make my story short, I got scammed!!! Just to let everyone else know I found out that he has another office in Newport Beach Ca. and still offering the same sh*t! (loan mods) I also got this info from a former employee of Ron Rodis Law Firm. Give them a call and ask them to give your money back. Ask for Ron Rodis or Rob every hour and everyday!!

    Newport Beach Ca tel# [protected]

    Lets all gang up on this f**kers and scammers.

    I reported them to FTC and State Bar, not to mention that my personal attorney is writing a letter to this scammers and I will see them in court soon. Believe me, I will get my money back.

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  • Gs
    Gscjr Jun 09, 2009

    We're in the same boat. Gave them $3500 in advance and received zero help for the money. When they were still answering the phones we had three different case workers. They would never call. Every time I called them they would say "I have your folder right here in front of me. I was just going to call you." Sure. The voice mail from the FTC says that they have frozen their assets. Maybe we'll get a couple of bucks back someday. I'm not holding my breath. Ron Rodis should go to jail.

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  • Ma
    Mabe Jun 08, 2009

    My husband and I have also lost money with Rodis Law Group. We gave them then $3500.00 up front and they will not return our phone calls. We also heard today from their message that they were shut down by the FTC.
    Not sure what to make of that. We haven't paid out mortgage at their suggestions and now what do we do? They have our money and now we could loose our home. Does anyone have any suggestions?? We have 3 little girls to think about.

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  • Ma
    Marian Jun 08, 2009

    As of May 27th, 2009, the Rodis Law Group was shut down. I found that out when I tried to contact them today. Not only that, they have done nothing in my loan modification case. I feel like a total fool. Right now, my husband and I are talking to a non-profit company so we can try and save our house.

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