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Rob Macpherson (Great American Roofs Aka Us HomecraftersRob MacPherson (Great American Roofs aka US Homecrafters Deceptive and Fraudulent Practices

Rob, you are a liar and I am being really nice to call you only that! There is nothing professional about you or your company… all of you are a bunch of crooks and scam artists. I have no doubt that the people who work for you are loyal and hardworking in your eyes because they are getting their cuts (profits) from scamming others from you. Rob, you ask for a deposit before ever beginning the work for one reason and one reason only: to tie people's hands behind their back so they have no other choice but to wait on you (for months) to complete the job after you scrape up money to pay off the vendors and workers you owe. It is true that you want the homeowner to cancel the contract because then you can justify keeping the deposit. Either way, you win. I usually don't like to pass judgment on anyone, but Rob MacPherson...there is a place for people like you who lie, cheat, steal, hurt, and defraud money from innocent people who simply want their house completed...and that is HELL!

So, you can change your company name from Great American Roofs to U.S. Homecrafters or use them interchangeably as you do now. Whether you decide to change your own name or use the alias of T. Sloan like William Sloan does to hide the fact that he is a registered sex offender who was convicted of Sexual Exploitation of a Child in September of 1996 ( God knows your heart, your mind, and your motives…And I can tell you- He is not pleased.

Regardless of the fact (which you mentioned) of the money coming from the insurance company, I pay a hefty cost every year to renew my homeowners insurance as I’m sure many homeowners do. So, in other words, it is our hard earned money that you have taken and continue to take from unsuspecting victims. Then, when you finally decide to do the job, it is poor craftsmanship because you hire cheap labor as you don't even come out to oversee the job until after it is completed and you want a check. You don't even take the time to climb your big behind on top of the roof to do your own inspection as many contractors do to make sure customers are satisfied and that there are no potential problems down the road. Then, you have the nerve to become offended when a homeowner requests an inspection before final payment is rendered. Hell, I did too after I found out that a homeowner in The Estates in Tyrone, Georgia home sustained quite a bit of water damage after a new roof had been installed by your company and recently I have learned of others. You are pathetic and I hope that everyone who reads this email will have the courage to take some sort of legal action against you.


  • Ro
    rob McPherson sucks Jul 10, 2014

    this dude is still out there conning folks. I just heard he scammed an acquaintance of mine out of $2000 for car repairs prior to selling her auto and never did the work . this guy should be locked up for a long time.

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  • Hu
    hugsandkisses2 Feb 21, 2010

    Rob Macpherson just started another company and I hope anyone who uses his new company Safe Estimate, Inc based out of Kennesaw GA calls the Police department or looks at all his other companies before turning over any money!!!

    There sales Rep is listed as Shannon Leavell, Kennesaw.

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  • Ga
    gapeach09 Nov 17, 2009

    It amazes me how Robert MacPherson squeaks through the cracks of the justice system. This man makes me VOMIT for the crimes he's committed and yet he still gets away with the injustice he has done to so many innocent law abbiding citizens. I feel sorry for all the people that have lost their hard earned savings because apparently all the money has gone to the CRACK heads that live in his house including his fiance'.

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  • hugsandkisses Nov 04, 2009

    Does he still have his business too?

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  • hugsandkisses Nov 04, 2009

    Rob Macpherson scammed me out of over 3k and I'm sure enjoyed it while he was vacationing - visiting his family in MA or preparing for his wedding to Emily Meyers, Birmingham. I hope he is sent to jail to stay for a long time. I wish him nothing but the worst and many many sleepless nights of worry. I am told his attorney Martin Putney has advised him to seek other representation and now he is with Burns from Canton, GA.

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  • Pk
    Pknox Oct 06, 2009

    Those of you who have had your properties damaged after Great American Roofs worked on them should file claims against their (Great American Roofs) insurance policy. I do not recall which insurance company provided their commercial policy but, someone out there should have a certificate of insurance with all the company's information on it. If any of you have it or knows someone who does. Please help others by making the policy information available to others.


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  • Ev
    Evonne Oct 06, 2009

    It has been an uphill journey filled with disappointment, outrage, and many sleepless nights as Robert D. Macpherson has done nothing but hurt, scam, lie, defraud, and bully many homeowners. But, we must not forget those (the faithful few) who still work for him as they are just as much as a crook as Rob himself is.

    I use to wonder how many of them sleep at night...but soon realized that they sleep comfortable as they undoubtably enjoy the luxuries our money (unsuspecting homeowners) have afforded them. Robert D. Macpherson does have a long criminal history. However, it will take all of us to get the message out to others who have been victimized so that they can report him to the local authorities. Thanks to all of you who have come forth and are willing to testify on behalf of the victims of Great American Roofs/US Home Creafters! Let's continue to pray that justice will rain favor on us as we push forth towards court proceedings.

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  • Vi
    VictimofCherokeecounty Oct 04, 2009

    This man has a very long history of criminal activity - he was convicted in TN of extortion and he was arrested and charged with theft by taking twice that I know of in Cherokee county GA. However, Cherokee DAs office is very corrupt and actually let this man go - He was charged and indicted by the Grand Jury for felony charges of damage to a rental house of over $60, 000 and theft by taking/bank fraud (writiing bad check) over $15, 000 to a single person and the Cherokee county DAs office actually let this ### go and only made him pay $2, 500 to the victim. So, not only should this crook be in jail but the Cherokee county DAs office should be prosecuted as well for letting someone like him back onto the streets to let him scam others out of lots of money as well! Gary Moss is the Cherokee DA and he is a crook!!! If he would have done his job this man wouldn't be out onthe streets still comitting these crimes. I'm glad another county (counties) have finally put him where he belongs! Whatever you do - don't move to Cherokee county GA - unless you are a crook or murderer!

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  • Pk
    Pknox Oct 03, 2009

    I'm glad to see they finally got that crook. I worked for him as well. He lied to and cheated many people that I referred to his company. I knew many of these people personally.

    After I refused to provide Mr. Mc Phearson with any other contracts he threatened me with jail by asking, if I liked orange or blue better (referring to jail-house jumpsuits). Its funny because I am wondering what color he is wearing.

    Anyone needing testimony from me about this crook please feel free to contact me directly. Phillip Knox

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  • Th
    Thick Chick Oct 01, 2009

    Rob McPherson was ARRESTED yesterday! HA

    Rob Macpherson (Great American Roofs Aka Us Homecrafters — Rob MacPherson (Great American Roofs aka US Homecrafters Deceptive and Fraudulent Practices

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  • Sa
    SandraJohn Sep 26, 2009

    I will like to ask the "Happy Employee" how is Rob MacPherson installing roofs while his big ### is tucked away in the Walton County Jail. In addition, there are several subcontractors who have refused to do any work and/or furnish supplies, dumpsters...etc. as Rob owes thousands of dollars to them and writes bad checks. As a result, he has been getting his company cons to put things in their names like the guy named Ralph with his bent over ### who should be arrested as well.

    In regards to the Better Business Bureau, they have made it quite clear that Great American Roofs aka U.S. Homecrafters are no longer affiliated with their organization and has, in fact, awarded this company an "F" rating. One may visit the BBB website and check this out for his/herself. So this is no third-hand information! It is straight from the source.

    Customer satisfaction?... customer satisfaction! This is something that Rob or anyone who is affiliated with his company knows nothing about. Customer satisfaction? Not when you run off with customer's money and fail to contact them and fulfill your contractual obligation... Not when newly installed roofs still leak and you can't get the company to acknowledge their warranty or even come out to remedy the problem...Not when the company sends a registered sex offender (Child Exploitation) to your home where in some cases, children are present...Not when Rob and his company lies and steal from hardworking homeowners... Please.

    The "Happy Employee" must be the "blonde bimbo" (perhaps Linda Perkins) who he spent some of our money on to get her boob job!

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  • Sa
    SandraJohn Sep 26, 2009

    Well said Travis! Whoever the "Happy Employee" is… I am sure that he/she has gotten their cut! And I, along with other residents, will do everything in our legal capabilities to ensure that warrants are issued for this person too as in the case of William T. Sloan!

    I would like to personally encourage anyone who has given Great American Roofs/U.S. Homecrafters any money and has not received services and/or materials to please contact your local police department immediately. If he has written you a bad check (especially on a closed account), contact your local police department immediately. If you have received poor roofing services/installation, contact your attorney as soon as possible as he will not be honoring any warranties.

    It is a fact that Robert (Rob) D. Macpherson and William T. Sloan were both booked in the Walton County Jail on September 18, 2009 on Theft by Conversion charges. “Rob” Macpherson is unable to make bail as he has 5 warrants of Theft by Deception that have been issued for him in Tyrone, GA (so a detainer's hold has been placed on him). In other words, he will not be going anywhere any time soon other than to visit different jailhouses as pending warrants are being sought by residents in both Cobb and Paulding County as well.

    And just in case you think that this could not get any worse, a warrant has been issued for Rob MacPherson’s arrest in Tennessee. So, this “Backwoods Hill Billie” will be doing lots of traveling…something he has enjoyed doing at the cost of his victims. But, I’m afraid he won’t be traveling to a resort of his choice. Instead, his resort will consist of a prison cell which will be about 8 feet wide, 8 feet high, and 12 feet long.

    Please hear me: Robert D. MacPherson is nothing more than an "Equal Opportunity" crook! He was running his very own backwoods version of a “punsy” scam. So, he is quite the little version of Bernard Madoff. Like the Madoof scam, I am sure that once this hits the news (media), people will be coming out of the woodworks about this shady character and his counterfeit companies.

    When this happens, I am certain that this “Happy Employee” won’t be so happy when he/she and Rob are both conversing to one another through the bars of the jail cell they will be sharing right next to each other.

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  • Tr
    Travis B Sep 21, 2009

    Great American Roofs is a complete joke.

    "Happy Employee" let me go ahead and tell you to find other work. Rob is a scam artist. I know this because I used to work for him. I live a mile away from his house. The "sales manager" Tee or William Sloan is a sex offender and a liar.

    I would like everyone to know that you can see Rob & Tee at the Walton County jail being held on a large number of charges.

    Any homeowners needing additional information about Rob, Tee, or the company, I may be able to help. I was the production manager of the company and quit after not being payed.

    I did work for Rob, and did my best job possible to get the homeowners everything they asked.

    Email me if you me:


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  • Ha
    HappyEmployee Sep 11, 2009

    I totally disagree with your comment! This company has paid me everything I am owed. This company still has a "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau and the reason for a "No Rating" is they are updating records. It appears you are basing all your information on a third party. They continue to install jobs each week to customer satisfaction.

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  • I can't believe I found this site. My boyfriend worked for this company months ago. He said it was the worst working experience of his life. Just to paraphrase, he said the owner (Rob Mc Phearson), was a big slob and he looked very un-kept. He described him as being about 6-3, grossly over weight, and a very cleaver, fast talking con-man.

    His specific experience with Great American Roofing is very consistent with what is being complained of by the people on this site. He thought he was working with a reputable company when he contacted and signed up numerous people in an attempt to help them get new roofs. Everything seemed fine until it was time to actually do the work. He described how he was asked to get money from his clients then to hand it over to Mr. Mc Phearson with other paperwork. When his customers asked him about when their projects would get started or other details about the process he attempted to contact Mr. Mc Phearson or William sloan. On many, many occasions they would not answer the phones (of course they had caller I.D. and the money). They held all the cards. He said it was his first clue that something was wrong. When he finally did talk with Mc Phearson he never got straight answers. Then the only information he ever got came from Mr. Sloan (who turned out to be a sex offender? WOW) was lip service and no results.

    My boyfriend is a very hard working person and he empathizes with the plight of those who can't fend for themselves. He was completely and utterly discussed by what turned out to be a very, very, unorganized and unprofessional company. The only way you guys can get your money is to file police reports. I don't think Mc Phearson wants to experience jail time. Believe me he will go to jail regardless of what contract he tries to hide behind.

    As of September 8, 2009 the Better Business Bureau has taken away Great American Roofs “A” rating and has given them a, “No Rating.” LET'S KEEP AN EYE ON THAT ONE TOO PEOPLE.

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