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Ka Oct 01, 2019

Approximately one week ago I attempted to get a flu shot prior to an upcoming surgery. I am 72 years old. I filled out the paperwork and an employee named michelle attempted to get approval from medicare. (I was not involved with the computer process.) she came out to the waiting area many times to ask me questions. She stated that my birth date did not comport with whatever her computer was telling her. After a period of time, I just told her to forget about any further attempts and I left the store. My complaint is not with what michelle was trying to do. She tried numerous times. I was concerned enough that yesterday I went to my local social security administration office to make sure that the information was correct. I was at the social security office for an extended period of time. The information was correct; my birth date was correct. The ssa employee suggested that I go back to rite aid and alert them that there is possibly a "glitch" in their system.
I went to my rite aid directly after leaving ssa and tried to alert michelle so that she could, at the very least, alert the proper personnel. I asked another pharmacy employee if I could speak with michelle. They told me to go to the other side to speak with her. She was working on her computer. She did not stop what she was doing and only looked up twice while I was just trying to tell her that ssa asked me to alert them of a possible problem. I have never made a complaint to any company but her insensitivity to the information I was trying to impart was completely unnecessary and rude. The mere fact that she could not give me two minutes of her undivided attention was uncalled for. I firmly believe she never told anyone of authority about this possible glitch in your system. I am not trying to cause michelle any problems, other than possibly a reminder of what customer service really means.
I appreciate your time in reading this and I hope you will at least check into it like ssa suggested.

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