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Ca Sep 29, 2019

I am in remission from cancer. And rite aid, in Kalkaska has been my primary pharmacy for the past five years and even before that. I take a drug called, hyslinga 60 mg tablet. It was prescibed that drug for the last three years or so. For pain I was left with from chemo, surgery and radiation. Called fri 9/6 to verify my scripts were ordered. Called back later that day and talked with Eric. was informed medication was out and had to order. Mon 9/9 called to make sure it was ordered. On 9/11 was supposed to pick up medicine, thats the date script was dated for. was informed it dident come in on delivery. 9/12 called to see if it came in. 9/14 called to see if it came in. Talked with a pharmacists that was filling in told him I should just go somewhere else. his reply was, you should do it then! . 9/18 called to see if it came in. 9/20 called to see if it came in. and to transfer it to petoskey mi, since that was the only ones that had it in stock, twice that day. the tech at kalkaska says, its all set for u to pick up. Just to make sure it was there, called petoskey rite aid 9/21 and was informed it had already been filled somewhere else, and it hadent been. So I pull my fatigued, aching body get in my car at 7:30 at night to go to store in kalkaska to figure out what is going on. It was something with the computer and they had to call petoskey, rite aid to talk to the pharmacist. Then it occurred to me, why should have to drive a two hour trip and my gas money just to get my script filled? Instead went to my primary and got a new script sent into family fare pharmacy. which they had for me the next day.

Did rite aid fill mine last month and throw away the bottle and dident order any? Must of! When I asked Eric about this his reply was, their is all new employees. Kalkaska told me they don't know if a drug comes in till the truck comes in. I also know this is a drug not everyone keeps in stock. I get three month scripts at a time. always have. Their happened to be new lady pharmacist, that i had never seen before, that had no problem shoving the attempted tries and fails, paperwork in my face, When I had to go in on the 21st. Also on one of my three month scripts for hyslinga, they forgot to fill one month and it sat in computer to long and it expired. Used to get all my 9 scripts all on the same date. Now they are all messed up. Used to get my vitamins in store to. my boyfriend, Kim meeker has a script for behind the pharmacy counter, for his breathing. needless to say, its a very important one. this last time I went to pick it up, not enough came on truck. How can that be when he has a script for it? So went to two other pharmacy's in Kalkaska and they diden't have it, without ordering it. So went back to rite aid and asked Eric, if their was something in compairison to what he was taking? he pulls out a rite aid brand from behind the counter. Well why the hell diden't he suggest it in the first place?

So transferred my 9 scripts. my boyfriends 10 scripts. and my mothers account to family fare pharmacy. They had my hyslinga in the next day. not only did I not get my medicine from rite aid, felt like I was disrespected, like it was my fault. just excuses and finger pointing. very unprofessional. I don't need this pharmacy on my medical team. neither does my mother or boyfriend. if anyone does ask me about pharmacys I certainly will not suggest rite aid in Kalkaska. and have taken it social media. in this small town word travels fast. seems there is ALOT of unhappy customers

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