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I rented a car from Right Cars on 15th June 2013 and returned it in perfect working order on 16th June 2013.
The company took £383 from my card on collection of the car. They should have returned £350 but they have not yet reverted the transaction. Right Cars terms and conditions state that it could take between 10 and 14 working days for the funds to show up on my bank statement but it has not been returned.

On 25th June I spoke to a gentleman called Richard Little who told me he was the chairman of Right Cars. I think he might be the accountant not the chairman, my wife spoke to Kyle Anderson, who told her that. Mr Little said to me that the money had been sent to my account on 18/06/13 and provided me with a reference number that my bank do not recognise.

Today (08/07/13) is the 15th working day and the money has not been returned to my card. I rang the company three times this morning but there was no answer.

I would like to have the £350 returned to my card as soon as possible, so I am asking the my bank to act on my behalf to recover the money.

So far it seems like this company is not to be trusted with anybody credit card details..


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    infinidim Jul 24, 2013

    We have had exactly the same issue with Right Cars of Paisley Glasgow. They took the money from my wife card and have not returned it yet and it is now 14 working days since they took the money. They have also stated to us that they credited my wife's account on the 9th July with the money which they didn't.

    You should not trust this company with you credit card details at all.

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  • Ri
    Right Cars Jul 30, 2013

    The exact same thing happened to me and my bank is dealing with it. DONT HIRE A CAR WITH RIGHT CARS IN PAISLEY, COMPLETE COWBOYS!

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  • Ju
    Juan Solo Aug 19, 2013

    On the 12th July 2013, after 19 working days (not 10 and 14 as mentioned on their terms and conditions) Right Cars returned my £350 deposit.

    I received an email threatening with legal action (see text below).

    Glad I got my money back. Never again hiring from these cowboys.

    Dear Juan alfonzo / Juan Solo
    It has been brought to our attention your slanderous postings on the Internet, for which we will not tolerate as a company. This email is sent as the first phase to give you warning that unless this post is removed with immediate affect we will commence legal proceedings without any further notice.

    Having check the call logs there are no missed calls on the Right Cars telephone system which logs all calls and records all calls. Perhaps you where not calling the correct number.
    Secondly if you have a problem with your refund there are member of staff there to help.
    Thirdly, if you bank are dealing with the matter and it results in a chargeback you will be charged for any administration we have to perform in dealing with the matter as per our terms and conditions.
    Unless we receive confirmation that the post has been removed within the next 24 Hrs we will commence legal proceeds

    Right Cars Glasgow

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  • Tu
    tunnes Nov 04, 2013

    Hi, please can someone provide me with the right telephone number for this company as car was returned on 26th October and still no sign of the £350 been refunded. I couldn't get their number online anywhere, not even on their website.


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  • Ji
    Jingscrivenshelpmeboab Feb 05, 2014

    Yep, me too. Still waiting my deposit refund of £350 and it is now approaching a month. Having paid by Credit Card, they will arrange a charge back.
    I was amused by the reply Right Cars issued above threatening Juan with Legal Action. As the Company is clearly in breach of its own Contract, I doubt they would have a leg to stand on. I can't help feeling there are a lot of other people out there with the same problem who haven't posted to this website.
    Suffice to say, I shan't be hiring from them again. There are many car companies out there who return their deposits promptly and professionally. Right Cars aren't one of them. You get what you pay for, as they say in the car industry.

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  • Wi
    wideboytrackerdown Feb 10, 2014

    Yep, still waiting here too - £350 outstanding from a December 2013 rental - now 11 February 2014. I've already complained to Argus Car Hire - the company the booking was made through. The more people that are made aware of this company's dubious business practices the better. BTW there is a similar thread on facebook - highlighting exactly the same problem. I intend contacting programmes like watchdog (rogue trader or whoever will listen) to maintain the momentum. By the way, their MD is Mr Karl Taylor - email: [email protected]

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  • Wi
    wideboytrackerdown Feb 10, 2014

    Perhaps these companies should also be avoided?
    List of companies owned by Karl Taylor. Karl Taylor holds currently these positions: Director (DIRECTOR), Director (DIRECTOR), Director (DIRECTOR) in companies ABBEY SELF DRIVE LIMITED, GATWICK AIRPORT CAR RENTAL LIMITED, RIGHT CARS VEHICLE RENTAL LIMITED. He/she has been a Director (DIRECTOR) of ABBEY SELF DRIVE LIMITED for 7 years, Director (DIRECTOR) of GATWICK AIRPORT CAR RENTAL LIMITED for 7 years, Director (DIRECTOR) of RIGHT CARS VEHICLE RENTAL LIMITED for 26 months.

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  • No
    Not as described Feb 18, 2014

    Yes I have been had also charged with no refund Still waiting on my £350 to be returned to my card. Complete con as I was told it would be refunded the day I returned the car that was 12 days ago. I have contacted my credit card company they are on the case. Can't believed these guys think this is acceptable business practice

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  • Ne
    Neoteric Mar 20, 2014

    I'm having the same problem. Right Cars Paisley took £406 as deposit and have not yet returned it - three months later. I'm trying to get it reimbursed from my credit card company but I'm beginning to think that the Small Claims Court would be more appropriate.

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  • Wi
    Windard Mar 21, 2014

    This has also happened to me. The 14 working days for the refund of my £350 ran out yesterday (20th March). I rang Right Cars again this morning and was told that they will scan the receipt to me which was issued by them on 4th March. They really are a disreputable company and not to be trusted with money or card details. I am now going to ask my credit card company to help me with this case.

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  • Se
    Sendiri Mar 31, 2014

    Juan only called Richard Little a gentleman presumably because English is not his mother tongue. He is actually one of the 2 directors of Right Cars and his registered address is 5 Rowanberry Court, Lennoxtown, Glasgow G66 7BF. You can write to him there if you can't phone his office - but also try phoning as a booking, they tend to answer those calls. The other director, Karl Taylor lives in East Sussex and is also a director of Gatwick Airport Car Rental Ltd. Right Cars are also registered in East Sussex, hence the Disputes via English law.
    From the number of complaints about withheld deposits it would look like this company is in severe financial difficulties. Would the withheld deposits be paying the leases on the office and cars? Would R. J. Little be driving a Jaguar that could be used for executive hire? I wonder how many cars and staff there are in this company. From the complaints there appears to be a female (in Head Office Accounts!), R. J. Little, and one other male assistant. Number of cars? Don't think it's many.
    This is supposed to be a cheap rental company but by the time you have gone through all the frustration, time, and effort of trying to get your money back, it's very expensive PLUS the bigger rental companies don't take a deposit from your credit card, they merely take an imprint in case it is needed.
    I suspect there will be a witch hunt by Little and his staff because of this posting but his days are numbered unless he starts providing a proper service.

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  • Tp
    TPE Jun 06, 2014

    Me too! I'm another victim of this bunch of crooks. If this practice is not illegal its certainly immoral. I have contacted trading standards, which Magazine and the BBC with a hope that this issue gets the publicity it deservs

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  • Fr
    Fraser67 Jun 11, 2014

    Exactly the same story from me - I didn't think twice about my deposit being returned. This was May 2014. It has taken over a month to get my £350 back. It seems they waited until I asked my bank to take action - suddenly the money is returned. Right Cars, I don't think so.

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  • Mi
    MissLiverpool Jul 28, 2014

    I too are now in this same boat, my 14 days have passed and I am now being told that their finance team are looking into where my deposit has gone because they did issue the refund the next day my rental was return some how I think there are "porkies" being told, does anyone has any suggestions for me as to how to get my money back?

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  • Fi
    fifiwi Aug 01, 2014

    Another one! I hired a car from them, 16th to 20th May, and was assured that the £350 would be re-credited to my credit card immediately...Ha!! No sign of it in June or July credit card finally hit my account on 21st July!! (after the July statement print date)
    Meanwhile, I had made a few fruitless calls to their office- watch out for the loud music which almost drowns out the female voice, while you wait for your call to be answered. I also emailed them about it. They even sent a copy of the "receipt" showing the refund had been made. Well, yes, but it took 2 months..there is something seriously wrong with this company. If I need a car for future Glasgow visits, I'll be going elsewhere. They may be "cheap" but it's not worth the hassle.

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  • Mi
    MissLiverpool Aug 01, 2014

    I have just received a refund slip from Right Cars, The problem is there is no time or date on the slip, having worked in retail I know where the date and time should be and there is a crease line on my scanned document where this should be. When asked about the date and time I was told that this is all they have and was assured that the refund was made the day after I returned the car. I was also told that I should see the money in my account within the next 2-3 working days. Yes Right Cars this would be correct as you have only just processed my refund today, that is why you have hidden the date and time from me! Who are these guys kidding!

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  • Mi
    MissLiverpool Aug 01, 2014

    Fifiwi, when you received your receipt did it have a date and time on it?

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