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There are hundreds of victims who have been ripped off by richard goddeau and his operation If you are a victim, let us know as we are working with several law enforcement agencies to finally bring this thief to justice. richard goddeau and his sham of an operation makes claims of offering aged corporations that are suppose to help build business credit and the like. He is a liar and a conman who has ripped off many people around the country using bank wire fraud and the internet. He is blind and sits behind a computer committing crimes and preying on desperate small business people looking for loans & working capital to keep their doors open. Be aware! He has been using a fake Carson City Nevada address and another address in Reno Nevada. Our sources have tracked him down in Athens, New York where it is believed he resides. Contact us please if you have been victimized by this person or his company.

Last reported information on his is mailing address is PO Box 133, Athens, New York 12015 and local mobile phone is [protected]. The number is probably computer generated using spoof technology. But law enforcement will make that determination. He uses phony mailing addresses and forwarding services in Carson City & Reno Nevada, again he is positioned somewhere in the Athens New York area so keep your eyes open.

Up until now, no one has ever met or seen this person. His crimes are generally situated across the internet and through US Mail & Bank Wire Fraud. Here are some videos he's recently posted on online ranting about bring down other noteworthy consumer sites. Take a close look and notify us if you have information on this person.

In one video he is on an angry and vindictive rant because victims like you have taken action and reported him on sites like the /link removed/ and others. As you will see in the video, he has worked overtime building a script program that can "clone" legitimate websites for thieves to imitate and misuse. He's also using this same technology to remove bad reports about himself from the search engines. It is time to bring his long crime spree to an end. Please Email us. We will put you in touch with law enforcement working on this case.


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May 13, 2022 11:24 pm EDT

[protected] this is his current phone number if anyone is interested he was my uncle I no longer claim that as he is a scumbag and has lied about so many things including being hurt and abused by my grandfather who was his adopted father. He has stole 180,000 from a lady who gained a trust from her father's passing. He is nothing and a no one as well as he's still committing fraud with his food stamps he gets alot of help from the state of NY and he has been living in sc and flordia.

Dec 29, 2016 7:46 pm EST

He now goes by the name Rick Anthony Smith and runs He claims it's in Nevada but the address for the business is for a tow yard. He's still in Athens, New York.

Jun 05, 2016 2:54 pm EDT

he has changed the name of his store to Pro Cloud Vapors. Which is located at 113 2nd street in Athens New York.