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Do Not Get This Card! the people there have no idea about there own card every time i call in i get different information on how to load this card it takes a bout a week to get money on this card how are you suppose to get anything done you gotta go to 50 stores just to load also i talk to a manager Kelly from California id number 71668 very unproffessional no compassion for the customer just a bunch of what she can't do the customer, once you load your money you don't see it for weeks and you gotta keep calling them to try to get it released what type of credit card is this! DONT USE

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Jun 29, 2022 2:04 pm EDT

Terrible. Opened card and had it expedited to me for the$35.00 fee. They have charged my debit card 2 times now for that fee. When I call to get my $35.00 back they say that they have processed the request and I will be taken care of in the order it is received. Two weeks later and they are trying to tell me the same thing. Now we are in June and they have hit my revvi card for the $75.00 annual fee in July. Hello, we are still in June.