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That site is HUGE SCAM

I signed up to Xdating web site.When I did that almost everyday some girl send me message and let me know that she's interested on me.Then I upgrade myself to premium member and what happen??? Now two weeks premium member and not even one message to me.I contact ladies but no more messages to me.That site is HUGE SCAM!!! Be careful if you gonna upgrade yourself on that site and be ready that all messages to you will stop!!!

  • Kl
    Klinex Nov 09, 2012

    I've been scammed in the same way other reports state. Once you upgrade to a premium service, the emails from other members stop. Seems there are so many of us. Maybe we should start our own dating website.

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  • De
    deanstir Jun 20, 2014

    xdating is a big scam, the girls are either working the site to make money, . if they contact u they give u a different email address to contact them. they never have any intention on meeting up with u, . this site should be taken down, the fact that they still are allowed to rip off people to this day amazes me. some one need to step up and shut this company down.

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  • Tw
    twiceagsin Oct 07, 2014

    Yes the site is a scam. I paid And no Mesin.ages from then on i think the women are a plant to draw men I

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I paid for membership on Xdating dot com, only to receive nothing in response

I paid for membership on Xdating dot com, only to receive nothing in response from "members" that I contacted. I'm so pissed! :(

  • Ge
    Geoffx13 Jan 22, 2014

    Same issue...and their response to any queries is the same email...Dear Member,

    I can assure you there are tens of thousands of real users on our site. The proof is that people all over the world write 'thank you' emails to the help desk daily because they found someone.

    However it's a fact a dating site also attracts a lot of spammers and scammers. They create fake accounts with fake information and try to collect email addresses by sending out winks or upgrade with stolen credit card information. Our fraud department blocks close to 500 users daily because of this but sadly there are always some who slip through our system.

    You can always send us usernames if you see something suspicious and someone from our fraud department will look into it.

    Best regards, Support Team
    never anything else

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  • Mi
    Michael Arnold Jun 06, 2016

    Could a member of the support team contact me ??? I would like to up-grade for 1 month an 1 month only to really try the site out with out getting billed automatically at the end of that one month ... Is this at all possible ? I'm on a fixed income an cannot afford multiple bills that just keep chargeing my account !!! Mr.Muck. M.H.A. ([email protected] or. [email protected]

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I will do everything in my power to bring them down

I went to several websites before deciding on They appeared to have more people in my area than the rest. I should have done the research about them being a scam. I signed up a free standard member for about a week just to see what happens. I was getting 3 emails a day from people in my city and so logically I said this may be a good site to join. I joined and no responses any more. I was livid, because I have never been scammed before. I never thought this website was a scam. I will do everything in my power to bring them down. I will post everywhere that I can.

Bad and ifnorant service after payment

Their service is very welcoming in the beginning, you get all sorts of different emails and promotions… but everything goes opposite way after you make your first payment. They just start to ignore you and it looks like there is no way to get a refund. I’m very disappointed and I intend to make legal actions against them.

  • Ca
    carding32 Mar 10, 2012

    Yeah I'm starting to think the women are paid "models"...

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  • Sa
    Samon Srey Oct 07, 2019

    I have been charged $44.42 USD for the last 3 months totalling $133.26 USD. I don't have a membership nor did I give permission for this site to charge me. How do I get a refund or did I just get ripped off?

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