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Ive been watching the xfactor celeb specail on itv today and aftr the vixen from the chase sung I noticed one of the celebs if can be calld that in the audience that if im thinkn was that pete wateramn that is sick in my eyes he should eb buried in the ground as he got done for some nasty eveill stuff years ago with kids if ik not mistaken got accused of all sorts under age sex how can u even let the sick [censored] abck on tele he was a very powerful man even being accused if that many accounts he should be stick off from the tv and all sorts of fame infact he shoukd be llcked awsy or buried this is so sock of you I will take this to the independsnt team of tv and newspapeer of how sick the tv programme is for haveing him on there and for yourself to still to surrport him in such a wsy im no goi g bocote itv totaly and make sure loads of my freidns do as dint like nonces [censored]ing sock [censored]


X Factor

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X FactorLucie Jones

I have never felt the need to complain previously, however Simon Cowell's actions on Friday night were despicable.

From my point of view Mr Cowell used the public vote to further ratings and eliminate competition for his acts. In a highly hypocritical move going against his statement of judging the sing off on its own merits, his actions and comments showed no bearing to that. The fact that he covered this by a statement that he expected the twins to go is just bare faced cheek. In recent weeks they have garnered support due to their hideous performances and it was highly unlikely. Poor Lucie, by far the most talented of the two acts presented to the judges came off worse, potentially ruining a burgeoning career.

Simon Cowell in my opinion has never shown any positive reaction to Lucie in spite of her excellent performances. On Saturday it seems she became a victim in his quest for ratings and for his acts to succeed over those of the other judges. Her performance was by far the better and more appealing of the two, yet Mr Cowell decided to allow an act with minimal talent stay in the show and a very real contender to be sent home.

The voting on the Sunday show is now a joke. Why does Simon always have to declare his vote last, effectively giving him more power to control the result that any of the other judges?

I fully believe the quest to find a Leona or Alexandra in 2009 is now over for the X Factor. Furthermore it seems the lurid aspect of the auditions, that of watching people embarrass themselves, has now transgressed into the live shows with ‘Jedward’. An opportunity for Simon Cowell to bring back the X Factors credibility as a talent show went flying out the window on Saturday. Now all that remains is to question his obviously dubious motives for his decision.

I for one will not be playing into his hands anymore and will not vote again nor will I be watching the show from now on. With luck, others who may not actively complain to ITV regarding the farce, may also do the same.

X FactorSimon Cowell

I wish to make acomplaint against Simon Cowell on X Factor last night. He is an utter disgrace! He had complained about how bad Jedward were and that it was a singing competition and yet he turned yellow and allowed a brilliant, talented girl to be booted off for them. I realise now she was a real contender for winning and Simon wanted rid of her for 'his boys ' to have a chance. Simon has done nothing but cheat! he has given his acts songs which were not part of the theme nights and now he couldn't open his mouth and save Lucie when he has always said it goes on the performance they have just done and she was in a different league to the twins. Much as I understand that people feel sorry for the twins and that some think they are entertaining, Simon has shown how low he will go to win the X Factor. I will NEVER watch it again, and I hope he has just made the biggest mistake of his career. Lets hope it's now the rise and fall of Simon Cowell after what he has done to a talented young girl, all in the name of fame and fortune.

  • Ca
    cathbal66 Nov 10, 2009

    Simon Cowell should be made to retract his decision on allowing last week's show to go to the public vote. He has said since day one that John and Edward can't sing and that the XFactor is a singing competition - why then did he not vote for Lucie, the best singer on Sun 8th Nov? Clearly he is working to a different agenda in eliminating the competition and clearing the way for his own acts, who he also helped greatly by cheating on their behalf with song choices that do not match the weekly themes.

    He has been publicly changing the rules to this competition as he goes along, making a mockery of what was once a reputable talent show, rewarding contestants with life-changing opportunities. He cannot be taken seriously now and nor can the credibility of the show. It would be a travesty if he was not reprimanded and taken to task by some credible governing body. He is setting an example to the nation's youth that lying and cheating your way to the top is acceptable - these reflect the morals of a nation where we allow celebrities too much freedom in dictating the moral standards that enter our living rooms.

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  • Bi
    birch17dog Nov 10, 2009

    I too am disgusted with Simon Cowell's passing the onus over to the voting public, not having the courage of his convictions as stated in earlier shows. That is "I will leave the country if Jedward win X-Factor", now he endorses their staying in the show.
    I will not be watching any more x-factor shows.
    IS IT A FIX ?

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  • Sc
    S Clark Nov 10, 2009

    I totally agree, the X Factor show is now a joke. Simon Cowellhas single-handedly brought all the 'proper', talented contestants down to the ridiculous level of farce. We as a family have decided to record the programmes and watch only the SINGERS we like, not the comments or the 'voting' as it is pathetic. We were horrified Mr Cowell would choose to keep the talentless twins in- surely he must have known he outcome of the public vote, and not Lucie. How will he feel I wonder when one of his acts are voted out and the terrible two keep going ?!

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  • To
    tomsee Nov 10, 2009

    I too will not be watching any more x-factor shows.

    I agree with previous posts - especially that he has repeatedly said that the XFactor is a 'singing competition'.

    He cannot treat people like this and he has lost all credibility and respect.

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  • Ho
    Horrified in the US Nov 10, 2009

    Something doesn't smell right in Britain!

    Simon has never said anything positive about the twins and just the night before he
    agreed with Louie in that Lucie would probably be the last femalein the competition.

    The twins only talent is that they are cute twins that could be on Nicolodeon or Disney
    X Factor...no. I couldn't even believe they made it in to the competition.

    Is this show about talent or judges personal agendas?

    I always thought Simon was pretty spot on with American Idol even though he has been known to be a bit harsh. Now, I question his credibility as I'm sure others will as well.

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X Factortonights deadlock

I cannot believe what happened on tonights x factor, there is no way that lucie jones should have gone, she is by far a better singer than john and edward and all the rest that have gone were better aswell. Simon should not have made that go to a deadlock, he hated them at first, i think the votes have been fixed to keep them in, they cant sing at all. It's the x factor that we are watching not britains got talent and for this reason i wont ever watch the x factor again because of it being fixed. All the money people have wasted on voting to keep the people in that they actually want and they won't be counted because for some bizarre reason the x factor bosses and judges ect want to keep those stupid idiots in.

  • Be
    bekyboo Nov 08, 2009

    i totally agree with the above comment, very talented singers are being kicked out for those two nuisances who have no vocal talent whatsoever. i for one will not be watching any further shows.

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  • Rm
    RMD* Nov 08, 2009

    Im very annoyed with Simons tactics in sending Lucie home. Why bother voting if Simon 'Coward' is only going to twist it to his advantage anyway!! I will not be bothering to watch x factor again, and after looking at the comments on the x factor website i think itv will be loosing alot of viewers for this programme. Nobody wants to watch a talent show that isnt about the talent - its just a fix.

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  • Ka
    Kaye UK Nov 08, 2009

    the whole programme is there to line the pockets of Simon Cowell! He had the chance tonight to get rid of the deadly duo and he basically kept them in! After all it's great PR for the show, therefore will keep people watching for the day they get kicked off. They have NO X-factor, they can't sing, dance in unison, they look awful ... so why they are even in the show eludes me.
    Get Rid!

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  • To
    TomEd Nov 08, 2009

    Louis Walsh is the biggest joke of all the judges. Look at how he defended those jokers. The two clowns should not have cleared the auditions in the first place.

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  • Pa
    PaulTrouble Nov 09, 2009

    I originally believed that Simon Cowell although sometimes rude made the correct decision. That was until he chose two useless talentless children that prance around like animals over a young talented girl that was developing every week. Simon has in the past criticised saying that this is a singing competition so why pick the two lads? I am sure that if Danyl was in the bottom two he would not want another judge let it go to the public vote! I guess we as the public are slightly to blame as there is no way she should be out now, considering Lloyd is still in!
    The final blame lands with Cowell, i do not wish to watch this anymore, as it is no longer a talent contest but a popularity contest. I think that is more with the judges than the contestants!

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X FactorUnable to vote from Ireland

How come people from Republic of Ireland are unable to vote on the x factor this year???? It's so unfair

  • Co
    Comhall Oct 12, 2008

    I know it's so unfair, I mean we were aloud to vote last year so why can't we vote this year!? I emailed TV3 about it last night and put a yahoo answers question up about it; here's the link to it: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081012064210AAqZEtL
    P.S. Come on Eoghon!

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  • Ro
    Ronan Oct 12, 2008

    I agree its very unfair - ROI viewers have been able to vote since Season 2. I imgaine its because this year there is an Irish contestant Eoghan. If a whole country is supporting just one contestant then I believe it maybe outweighs the potential votes others could get.

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  • Na
    Nadia Oct 13, 2008

    I agree. I think we deserve an explanation as to why we are not allowed to vote from the ROI this year.

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  • Ju
    Julie Oct 25, 2008

    i cannot believe that scott was voted out. i feel that daniel was kept in simply because he played the sympathy card yet AGAIN . i am very angry at this. scott had much more going for him than daniel and even the other judges have aired their views on him before. but because the felt sorry for him they kept him in.
    i will not be watching x factor again because of this.
    there is a reason it is called the x factor had scott had it all .
    it was evident tonite that it sould be called the pathetic factor as keeping daniel in was simply PATHETIC :|

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  • Er
    erinn Oct 30, 2008

    It is very unfair that ROI are not allowed to vote. Leon Jackson had the whole of Scotland behind him last year . Just because Eoghan is from Ireland it should not matter. They should still be able to vote !

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  • Aa
    aaron Nov 08, 2008

    i agree with everyone it so so unfare

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  • Do
    Donna Moloney Nov 02, 2009

    i agree that roi should be allow to vote because i is unfair for the people in roi because they migght watch the xfactor i think that the people in charge of the x factor are unfair. last year Eoghan is from ireland and it should have not affected the voting in roi. i remeber when i started watching the x factor was when shayne ward was on it and every night i have voted for him. The year leona lewis was on the x factor the roi was able to vote but i just can't under stand why can we not vote any more. Now this year in 2009 john and edward are from ireland and we are not allowed to vote hopefully next year we will be able to vote. COME ON TEAM COLE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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  • St
    stevo19 Nov 05, 2009

    yeah roi should be able to vote for x factor, no point in them coming to do auditions in dublin for the show if they aren't allowed to vote during the live shows.

    NB eoghan is from northern ireland, northern ireland people can vote, i supported eoghan cos eoghan supported our British Troops!!

    0 Votes

X Factoralan penfold

as the mother of a young son with aspergers who has the added problem of a learning difficulty, i was devestated to watch that grown man being exposed in such a way. your team spend time to make sure finalists are well balanced and ready for the task ahead, but your very own drawn out, selection process allows this man to be laughed at not only by the whole country, but by people he respects, people who now it would seem, would allow this man to become the butt of their jokes to be laughed at to his face, and god knowes he didnt even realise what they were laughing at. i have a son who is aspergers and wants to be on x factor, and he can sing after a fashion, but i tell him all the time, no son, ur not good enough for that type of challange.
he is my son and i have to be that tough on him. i dread the time i am not around to protect him when he grows to be a man, and tv production companys can use people with this disability, as good tv fodder. you did not need to do this, it was sickening and even you are not familer with asprgers syndrom, it was easy for any one to see this man had special needs. you may have been polite in the end, but you allowed this to happen and laughed at him. shame on you all. it was cheap and unnessary. to simon cowell. louie walse. danie minouge. and cheryl cole, who should not have let this one slide. shame on you all. breege patton. daniel s mummy.

  • Ja
    jane Nov 08, 2008

    am getting really cheesed off with louis, i used to think he was a nice bloke but he.s just being vindictive. why does he ave to keep voting people off why can't he just let it go to deadlock. Louis u r really begining to PISS me off, be fair and if its such a hard decision each week let it go to deadlock...

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