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Woolite bottles still look the same, pink and blue with stripes and the words "original scent" are featured prominently. But it's not the original scent. It used to smell sort of like baby powder and now it's musky. To me it really stinks. I called them and eventually reached someone who listened to me. Yes, she said, they know the formula is different now. They sent me free samples of more stinky Woolite. I guess their focus groups liked musk and they can call it whatever they want. If they ever really did switch back to the original scent, how would you know? Otherwise, it's a great product, but things don't really seem clean to me when they smell bad.

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    steinhrs1 May 29, 2011

    Bought Woolite Rug Stick this last Winter. Went to use it today and it would not produce any foam. 9 oz. trial size can would not make foam. I tried soaking in hot water, but that did not help. Can seemed almost solid inside. Shaking did not produce any results. Not sure if sat around in store too long. Ended up throwing can out.

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    Delving Eye Nov 25, 2012


    I have a half-full bottle of Woolite that belonged to my mother, which I had never used. It's about 20 years old. It has a dark blue and white label. I recently washed a sequined jacket that was really smelly and it came out beautifully, with Woolite's signature, baby-powder scent.

    That's when I decided to start washing everything with Woolite for Delicates (not the large one for machines, which is no better than All, Tide, Arm & Hammer or any of those brands.)

    So, off to the store to buy another small bottle. Opened the new version and was horrified at the awful, perfume-y scent. Just as bad as Tide, which gives me an instant headache.

    What a disappointment. Woolite had a fantastic product. No more. And they just lost me as a customer.

    PS: I've tried Seventh Generation's Eucalyptus & Lavendar (available in the grocery store), which is merely so-so. I'm going to try Eucalan Wool Wash, since every commenter on Amazon seems to love it.

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    pjnevada Dec 19, 2014

    I have used Woolite for years but not anymore. I would buy at least 20 big bottles every month and wash only with woolite, The smell is now gives me a head ache. So long woolite. May never smell you again you no longer smell clean nor are my sheets soft.

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    Garfield007 Jul 01, 2016

    I've been using Woolite in the old dark blue bottle and white bottle for eons but not anymore. I don't like the new scent at all so you've lost another customer. Do you realize that most of us really don't want our "delicates" to smell like perfume. The "original" scent is not "spring" whatever so trying to fool us women calling it the "original" is going to be bad for this company. Where is the logic of having a well-performing product formula, correct and acceptable fragrance, the complete cornering of the market just to change it all and take the risk of losing your loyal customers??? Please go back and re-think this before the majority choose a competitor's product never to return to yours. If you wanted to produce a new product to attract a different portion of the population, go for it but choosing to force consistingly buying customers to accept this flawed product is bad business.

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WooliteTerrible experience

Reckitt Benckiser the maker of Woolite. Does not accept Consumer's concern with their products. Example: Using an opaque (Black Cap) is useless as a measuring cup since its difficult to see the Woolite required level for the washing size being used. Excess Woolite generates excess foaming and requires additional cleaning cycles, which wastes water. How can this be improved to save water & Woolite plus improve the correct amount per each wash.

Suggest using a clear plastic cap or a Black Cap with a translucent sight gage. Appreciate your comments on this suggestion. Many Thanks.

Never received their comments on the above!!!