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Wave Tec PoolsChapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing

Just receive a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing for Jason B. Herring, , dba// Seven Marketing, , and Wave Tec Pools. I won a $300.K settlement here in Oklahoma court for one of the many terrible pools that Wave Tec built. Hope all of you have received this Chpt 7 Notice, , EVERYONE needs to contact the Texas Atty General and file a case against him, , as he made millions of of US.
If you have a question email me at::: [protected]

Wave Tec PoolsHorrible pool installation

I ordered my in-ground pool in June 2006 and the installation was completed in October 2006. I have folds bends and crinkles, wrinkles in the liner, which in the long run will damage the liner. The pump has stop working, and sets lower than the pool itself, here are some of the things that are wrong:
Used pump
Liner has a tear
Pump is setting lower than the pool
The two drains on the bottom don't work
The pump has stopped working
The liner has wrinkle and folds
There is a part missing from the pool that was never brought back
The pool is out of specifications

I have contacted Wave Tec Pools, sending email and making phone calls for the past 8 months with no response. I paid $24, 000 for this pool and the customer service that I have been receiving is horrible, I have talked to two Wave Tec reps, and they were of no help. This was a very bad pool install. I have sent pictures of the defective pool to Wave Tec Pools with no response. Also, the pool installer left his equipment, and never returned. He left to get a part for the pool and never returned with that part.

Wave Tec Pools CEO, Jason & Kimberly Herring, do not appear to be concerned with the quality and workmanship of their very expensive product, Wave Tec Pools are distributors of FOX POOLS. I have contacted FOX POOLS Corp., and they have contacted Wave Tec.

Wave Tec PoolsI worked there!

I worked at this company for 6 months. What a joke. The owner is nothing more than a money hungry, arrogant, egotistical piece of #$%^. The so called (higher ups) at Wavetec used to sit around and laugh at pictures customers had sent in showing the unbelievable problems with their pools. The turnover was unbelievable. But, apparently Wavetec and it's illustrious owner have gotten their just reward because if you drive past the old office the sign is painted over in white and there is a for sale sign. Their websites still are up so who knows what kind of scam this guy is running now. I hope the owner and his arrogant and disgusting wife are feeling the pain because they sure as hell put a lot of people through it themselves.

  • De
    Dennis Auger Jul 17, 2008

    These guys suck man. I worked for them as a builder, and they were always giving me the run around. I don't think they ever gave me a check on time, and they still owe me money today. If I ever run into these punk ###, I am going to run their ### ### pockets when I see them, and they are going to get a serious ### beating.

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  • Mr
    Mr Information Aug 16, 2008

    The former CEO, Richard Leaf (not sure of correct spelling) and several employees of Wave Tec Pools have re-grouped and are now working under the name Broadway Pools out of Round Rock TX. The former owner is persueing other interest. Beware!!!

    Broadway Pools is still selling the same pool with some of the same Sub contractors. "You can run but you can not hide!"

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  • Ro
    Robert D. Dabaghian Oct 21, 2008

    I am representing an individual in San Antonio, Texas against the company and its owners for defrauding my client in the sale of a pool. If anyone would like to share any information concerning the company, its owners, or its practices, it would be appreciated. My contact information is below.

    Robert D. Dabaghian
    The Law Office of Robert D. Dabaghian
    6243 IH-10 West, Suite 800
    San Antonio, Texas 78201
    Telephone 210-366-2400
    [email protected]

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  • Ms
    Ms. Happy Jan 01, 2009

    I had a pool done by Wave Tec an d agree 100% about Wave Tec and the owner. He was very shady and cared nothing about the customer. I also did some business with Richard Leaf who was not the CEO, he was the COO (for only a year or so) but had no real decision making powers because he was one of the few honest people over there and the owner would not allow him to do the work I needed done. I called him now that he owns Broadway Pools and he came out and fixed the problems that Wave Tec wouldn't and didn't even charge me because he knows how people were taken advantage of by the owner of Wave Tec. I have also checked on the company Broadway Pools and they have -0- complaints after a year in business. My suggestion is that any Wave Tec customer that needs help should call Richard Leaf at Broadway Pools. I am sure he will help you out. By the way Wave Tec is out of business anyways...what goes around comes around.

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Wave Tec Pools — Potentially fatal flaw with hydraulic system

This is to address anyone who has purchased, is mid construction, or is in a legal dispute with WaveTec pools... My first phone call on Monday morning will be to a "Lemon Law"...

Wave Tec PoolsRefusing to communicate and refund monies

Wave Tec Pools has to be the most unprofessional company I have ever seen. 8 months ago I had a salesman come by to sell me a pool. He looks at my backyard and says "no problem, I don't see any septic tank or field here". I am new to septic tank as I just moved in. So I ask him outright " if there is something in the way, what happens"? He replies, "Oh, you get a full refund". So, next a surveyor comes out and promises me the same thing that nothing is in the way, and I would get a full refund if there were.

Then a lady, Mary Ann, Who by coincidence does not work for them anymore so they say, leans on me for the next 5500 check, and has my survey in her hand. She says the same thing as the others. There is nothing in the way and I will get a full refund if there is. So, with my initial $5500 and this $5500, I am in this for 11,000. 2 months go by and they dump a ton of equipment on the side of my house.

A month later they finally come out, dig a big hole in the backyard, hit a septic pipe and say, OK, we can't put it here. We will be back in touch. A Month after that they send 2 guys who can't speak a word of English, and they proceed to paint a pool outline in my FRONT YARD. They say, "we start dig now". I said, no you don't. I proceeded to contact the office, and 10 messages later I get Mark Daniels. He comes by and confirms that the placement is ridiculous. He then says, "Ok, so you want to cancel? We will charge you 30% of the total pool!" That’s 30% of the $22000! I proceeded to tell him about everyone telling me I was getting a full refund, as nothing was done, the equipment they had on the side of my house they said did not have to be ordered as it was a cancellation from another customer, and I have a hole and punctured pipe in my backyard.

I was trying to settle this amicably, so I said, "OK, lets try to work this out". Mark Daniels says "OK, I will bring this to my CEO and try to get this worked out. A Month goes by with me leaving no less than 15 messages. Finally he calls me back and says, "Oh, we are putting a settlement together now". That was 2 months ago! I leave message after message with no response. They basically robbed me of $11,000 and have not contacted me since. They have 43 complaints with the Attorney General's office, 84 unresolved complaints with the BBB.

These people are outright crooks and need to be shut down. Now I will settle for no less than a full refund as I have to get someone to fill the hole in my backyard, fix the pipe, and replace all the grass that was ripped up from not only the hole, but the equipment that killed all of the grass on the side of my house.

  • En
    Enrique Flores Dec 11, 2007

    I have the same problem with Synergy pools who by the way seems to be the same company as wave tec. Mark O'Daniels is the constructin guy and I believe that Richard Leaf is the Chief Operating Officer. I am going to bring to sue the in small claims court but I don't know which name to use. I think I will sue Richard Leaf that way I am covered.

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  • We
    We got ripped off Jun 25, 2017

    @Enrique Flores Richard Leaf now owns Broadway Pools, another crooked pool company. I would love to know if you won your suit. I hope so. Please give an update.

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  • Sy
    Sydney Alfrido Mar 06, 2008

    I would love in on this as would about a hundred or more other people. I think the best bet is a class action law suite. I'm looking into it and I know others are as well. This, by the way, is the third time that WaveTec has changed names. The BBB dropped them twice, once was WaveTec, once as another company.

    Complaints by this company go unanswered. They contract out their work and that's how they get out of responsibility. It's not 'their fault' its the contractors they hired.

    They have gone so far as to tell me that they can't find a record of my ever having purchased one of their pools. Though the green swamp in my back yard bears testiment to the fact that I do.

    I would love to be in on this and would lend my support to your suite in any way I can.

    Sydney Alfrido
    [email protected]

    Don't hesitate to contact me.

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  • Ms
    Ms. Happy Jan 01, 2009

    I agree with everything you are saying about Wave Tec being a horrible company...although my dealings with Richard Leaf, who only worked there a short period of time, were nothing be good. He was one of the few honest people over there, although he didn't have much decision making power because the owner controlled everything.

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    We got ripped off Jun 25, 2017

    @Ms. Happy This was so obviously written by Richard Leaf's wife. He is now the owner of Broadway Pools, another crooked company. Beware of Broadway Pools or any other company opened up in the names of Robert Richard Leaf or Cynthia (Cindy) Leaf.

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Wave Tec PoolsCan't keep their promises and never call back

We were very excited to finally be able to have a pool. When the sales Represanative first came He told us that Wave Tec Pools where the best in the market, with very low maintenance and with great warranties. We mention that we had had other local pool companies come by and one of the problem was the access to the backyard. He measured and said that a company as BIG as Wave Tec that would never be a problem and that Wave Tec would get in and out with no problem. We mention to him that this would be a cash deal and that was all we would have to spend. We were also so eager to swim and this very summer and the REP. promised us that we be swiiming in our own pool in one month upon signing the contract. So we did and send the 1st payment on a form of a cashier's check and after 2 weeks of not hearding from them I decide to call them. They just gave me the run around and until 4 months later our pool kit arrived. The installer came by after a week of the pool kit arriving and stated that the access to the backyard was to small. I told him what the REP. had said and he advised me to call WAVE TEC and I did. WAVE TEC wanted to knock down a rock wall at my expense as well as putting it back up. They wanted other $2,000 more for them to take care of that. But that was not part of the aggrement with the REP. and we did mention this problem from other local pool com. My frustation are that they demand quick payments with few or any results. You can leave thousands of voice mails and never get any answers or call back. After all, the bad experice I had with WAVE TEC POOLS before the pool was even built, I could not imagaine what other problem I would have with any warranties. So, before I went any further I decide to cancel with a penalty of 30%. Which was hard at first to do but in the long run I knew it would be best. MY ADVISE IS TO GET EVERYTHING IN WRITTING OR RECORDED BEFORE SIGNNING ANYTHING WITH WAVE TEC POOLS.

  • Be
    Ben Wiechman Feb 03, 2007

    Boy do I feel blessed -- my pool has been completed for about a year now. At least I don't have a hole in the yard and no pool to show for it. I financed thru Superior Funding, but what was supposed to take 1-2 months took 6 months to complete. Only one defect - one rounded side of the pool is 1 inch lower than the rest of the pool. I was told that was within limits, but I have problems when it rains heavy.

    The main problem I have is that there has been materialmans lien on my property for a year now due to 2 bounced checks that the contractor wrote for the concrete. Wave TEC refuses to communicate with me about this now even though initially they were going to deduct the amount of the lien from the contractor's pay and then pay it off. But now I'm hearing that the contractor may have never been paid. Also I'm getting some calls from people in my area (Atlanta) telling me that Wave TEC has filed for bankruptcy and that are over 250 holes in yards across Atlanta, and all construction has stopped. I'm just glad my pool construction misery is over even though I still have it lingering over me with the lien.

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  • Mr
    Mr. Kelly Bunch Feb 11, 2007

    I have basically the same issue with the company as the others do. To start off Wave Tec's financial office called and told me I was approved to have a pool installed, so we had the rep come to the house and we talked and were very excited. We had sent all documents to Todd as requested, and were given Jennifer as a point of contact, I had to send her the same documents three more times. It has been six months since the start of this pool purchase. I am only out $500.00 at this point plus the clearing of a 1/3 acre of land. I have called and called, to only get a over filled answering machine, and never a real person. The one time that I did get Jennifer on the phone, she obviously had never listened to any of my messages, and she asked for me to send documentation again. A total of six months has passed, I find it harder now than before to get a person on the phone. We are looking to get our deposit refunded, the company has let us down, and I am sure that there are more people out there that are in the same rut as I am. Thank you Wave Tec for the learning experience, you have done well in this lesson.

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  • Ta
    Tabiatha G Wright Feb 20, 2007

    I too fell for wavetec scam. My pool cost 42k. The seller for wave tec came to my house surveyed the yard says on this will work. Claim to be a Christian, how he was a preacher, we could take his word. He never blinked an eye while he wasn't telling the truth. We order the pool. It was about 3 months before we heard from a wave rep after calling leaving messages getting the run around. Mine you the pool should of started construction a month after signing contract. Well the pool finally arrives on a overnight truck after many many calls to wave tec. Wave tec tells me that they will have a crew there to unload the pool with a forklift. The pool shows up no one here to unload. I immediately get on the phone with wave tec they tell me to contact the sub contractor. I call them they tell me to call wave tec at this point I yelling just telling them I want to cancel. They say I will be charged so much percent for canceling, then I'm really mad. I keep yelling telling I'm not paying anything. Well my husband tells me to calm down.

    Two days later the pool gets unloaded. We keep the pool. About a week later they start the digging. They don't wait for the ground to start settling. They put up walls. At this time I had paid Half of cost of pool. Because of the way superior funding had set up checks Remind you this is a second mortgage ) 4 Different checks to payable to wavetec through a sub contractor.They get the pool in about two weeks. They start filling it we water. Its almost3 days later before concrete gets poured.Well the dirt did not settle. I believe this was 2003 (I don't have all my notes in front of me). Well the next summer when we uncovered the pool what id we have CRACKED CONCRETE.We called Wave tec they said Nothing!

    I kept on calling finally they said they would send a representative out to look at the cracks. Well they did. He took pictures. Then he went back to Texas. We heard nothing until the county notified us of a lien on our house from the sub contractor who said we owed him $200.00. We then again called Wavetec They said they had to look into the matter. Well then I went to attorney. Cost Me another 1000.00 for him to write a letter to wave tec (I don't know if this was done I've never saw the letter Nor have I ever received my notes back. The attorney did have a contractor to come and look at the concrete Which is still cracking. Still to this day I have CRACKS. I have wholes where the dirt has settled away from th concrete. So anyone want to file a class action let me know.

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  • Ga
    Gail Hargis Apr 03, 2007

    Wow...there are people out there having the same problems with Wave Tec Pools as us! Our pool disaster started in May 05 when I too was sucked into the Wave Tec scam. The pool wasn't finished until 5 months after purchase. And the problems began. The contractors left my yard a complete disaster!!! My husband had to lay 3 pallets of sod to cover the damage, not to mention having to rent a catapillar to move and flatten dirt that was left. It takes about 10 phone calls to ever get anyone to return your phone call. The dirt just keeps on sinking around the pool and this so-called poolcrete that never cracks is a joke. We now have a sink hole in the bottom on the shallow end and the pool leaks somewhere between the pool and the pumps. I've spent the last 2 days trying to get someone out here and fix it. This was definitely an expensive lesson learned.

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  • De
    Dean Johnston Apr 20, 2007

    My problems initially started after my 3 day grace period was up on the pool . I will not go into that issue. I was one of the fortunate ones that did not have to wait 5+ months to get my pool installed. However, that is where my major complaint lies! I am having problems getting my pool repaired with Wave-Tec also. It is not just with Wave-Tec, it is with the sub-contractor. They finished my pool and I noticed that the walls were not straight, the steps were bulging (with a major curve deficiency) and I had a big hump at the end of my pool. Additionally, the water line was not evenly hitting all of the diamonds that were on my liner. I asked the sub contr4actor, Frank Rascon, said that it was a defective liner. I put that information in the report they get when the job is complete. I initially spoke with Paul thompson and he sent a Wave-Tec employed representative out to my house. This was in Oct-Nov of last year. I also reported that the light in my pool had burnt out and was no longer working (this was less than a month after my pool was installed and it was the expensive color logic light!) He reported that my deck was "wavy" and did not meet the required "angle that it is supposed to be at so the water does not flow back into the pool." He also agreed the steps were installed improperly. Additionally, he reported that the water level issue was not due to a defective liner, it was due to poor construction. I asked him what needed to be done to correct the problem and he said the pool needed to be rebuilt. I also gave him at least 20 digital pictures with all of the deficiencies outlined. I spoke with Paul again and he said he was going to get Frank back out there to fix the problems, but it would probably be after the "busy season" which would be January. I figured not a problem, I wouldn't be swimming anyways. I di not take into consideration that this company had not been Johnny-on-the-spot with any other issues. I contacted them again in January and found out that Paul was no longer with the company (no surprise, everyone I had dealt with up to this point was no longer with the company). I was forwarded to Mark O'Daniel. To his credit, he did get the sub-contractors representative out to my house. This was the end of any real support from him. The representative cam out (very professional and unfortunately not the decision maker of that company...even more unfortunately he is no longer with that sub-contractor... HE WAS THE ONLY PERSON THAT HAS REMAINED IN CONSTANT CONTACT WITH ME SINCE THIS WHOLE PROBLEM STARTED). I gave him the same pictures that I gave Wave-Tec and told him what the Wave-Tec guy had said. He took the information back to Frank. Since the problems were that apparent, Frank offered me two options:

    1. He would apply something called "Cool Deck" over the entire concrete surface and this would level the area. He could do this in a rather rapid manner. I was told the retail cost of this was about $2500.

    2. They could come out and fix the problem, but it would be "awhile" before they could do it.

    I countered with the following, (not wanting to drag the process out for the next year):

    I needed to pour some additional concrete and was waiting till later in the year. My biggest issue with his first offer (outside of the fact that my pool wasn't getting completely repaired) was that would make the whole thing ascetically unpleasing if I decided to sell the house. I told them if he poured my additional patio and covered the entire surface with the "cool deck" that That I would agree to this compromise. I felt this was more than generous in that the cost to rebuild the pool would far outweigh the cost to do what I was asking.

    He replied that he would poor the additional patio space, but would only cover the decking around the pool with the "cool deck". This counteroffer would not fix the problem. Then I would have two different surfaces in my back yard and it would look just as bad as it does now! I told them that was not sufficient and they would have to just fix the pool. Additionally, I told them that since this was their mess=up, I would have to have my yard in the same condition that it is currently in after they complete the job. That means they would have to put sod back down around my pool if they tore up what is currently there.

    I am pushing ahead through all of the un-returned calls and messages I left at Wave-Tec (there has only been one person that has returned my messages and she does not even work in that area) Here is where I am at now. They were supposed to come out on 16 April to start the repairs. That date was pushed back to 23 April, I was told that I would receive a call ahead of time so I could empty my pool for them to do the work. I still have not received a call to do that so I am questioning whether or not they will actually show-up on Monday. I have left messages for all of the following people today:

    Richard Leaf (COO)
    Mark O'Daniell (I think head technical problem guy)
    Frank Rascon (Owner of sub-contracting company)
    Jason Herring (owner of Wave-Tec and Superior Funding))
    Ron Middleton (finance manager at Superior)

    At this point my messages have not been directly returned by them. I did receive a call back from one person that said she spoke with Mark and he assured her that the sub would be out on Monday (she is very nice also in returning my call... it seems the people that are returning my calls are NOT the people that should be returning my calls and the people that should be returning my calls WILL NOT)

    The other issue I have is I cannot see wasting the money in chemicals if they are going to have to tear the whole thing apart. So while I am waiting for them to do what they are supposed to do, my pool is getting greener and greener.

    At this point though, I honestly feel as a consumer that just fixing my pool is not enough! After all of the discomfort they have put me and my family through, I think they should go the extra mile. Additionally, I am in the military and may find myself separated from my family in the near future due to assignment and do not want to put this HEADACHE on my wife!

    I will keep this site updated with any progress or lack thereof.

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  • Ca
    carrie May 08, 2008

    It took 6 months to get our pool. It was absolutely the worst experience that we've ever encountered. First off, the rep who came out was the biggest liar. We had several pool companies come out to give us an estimate on a pool, as we had a lot of rock and our backyard has a fairly steep slope. We had actually looked Wave Tec up on the Better Business Bureau site and saw there were many complaints. The rep assured us that it was because of Hurricane Katrina the previous year, and they had a lot of issues with their subcontractors going to Louisianna and not finishing the jobs. So, we talked it over and decided to go with it. The worst thing about all of this is that the design of their pools is a wonderful idea. They had the potential to do very well, but they are obviously greedy and don't care about their customers. Mark O'Daniels who was mentioned above in another comment, is also the BIGGEST liar. There was only one man in that company who actually would stay in contact with us during the whole screwed up process, and he quit right after our pool was completed, probably because he had a conscience. He actually felt bad, I believe, about what everyone was going through. He always called us back and listened to me complain.

    The first contractor came out and spent a total of a week "trying" to dig a hole in our backyard with a little Bobcat loader - when all we had back there was rock. Finally, we just hired our own contractor to come in and dig the whole for us. The first contractor then decided he didn't really want to drive out to our house anymore and just quit coming. So, then they sent another crew out here. I came home from work one day early to find them all laying around in the shade out in MY backyard DRINKING BEER and doing absolutely nothing on my pool. So, of course, we had to wait on another crew. It took forever to get the pool completed, it looked like the worst crap when they were "done" with it. We have had to spend a lot of money getting the pool area looking like it does now, and we had to do A LOT of cleanup after they were finished. The whole thing has so far cost us what we would have paid a DECENT company to put in a gunite pool. We filed several complaints with the Better Business Bureau but as they are not members, big surprise, there isn't really anything they can do except report it. I take it they are not in business anymore, but they still have their website, so I am sure they are still trying to scam people out of money. Good luck trying to get them to repair or fix anything. Fortunately, we have not had any major issues so far with the pool, nothing we couldn't handle ourselves anyway.

    If we ever have the urge to put in another pool, although doubtful, we will research and check with past customers and make sure the company has good business practices. This has definitely been the most EXPENSIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCE.

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  • Ma
    maria m Apr 05, 2009

    i am also a unhappy wave-tec customer my pool lining after 3 years is ripping apart and wave-tec will not answer my calls and my pool started to crack after 6 months and after getting lawyers and doing every thing
    possibe there is still no solution to my problems. we are still paying for our bad experience. i would never recommed wave-tec

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Wave Tec Pools — Fraud contract!

I was sold a Wave-Tech Pool (32K) + financing for $4K in a retaining wall to support the pool. I paid $2K cash down, for a total expenditure of $34K. I have since found blogs and...