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I was employed with this company for 4 years. Before I met Dr. Maurice McClain I was in a very bad place mentally and physically. I had no self confidence, and I didn't think I could do anything in life. He helped to groom me into the woman I am today. Before I met him I was living in a hotel in the worst part of Charleston, SC. Long story short Dr. Maurice McClain changed my life for the better. I am now an Office Manager with all the confidence. Please don't put this man down for trying to help everyone in his path. Don't punish the tree for a few bad apples

Urban Development Solutions — scam

Urban Development Solutions sponsors young black people to go door to door to sell magazines in predominantly...

Urban Development SolutionsMagazine Sales Scams

After researching this group, I found that they were recruiting people out of our shelter to perpetuate their scam. If you have been scammed by them, I have a phone number that should work for your contact. The gentleman who claimed to be the owner is Rodney Rankins was quite a pleasant person. But I am very concerned that he left our shelter with three gentlemen who I know will probably end up stranded in another town down the road. He will not be allowed in our shelter anymore. The contact information I have is for Rodney Rankins at 313/320.3335 or 847.863.7943. Contact him or give his information to someone who can stop him. Website is www.urbands.com and also www.gloryroadstravel.com.

  • Le
    lee chen Oct 09, 2009

    I live in Castro Valley, Ca and two blonde girls came up and started pitching this as a mentoring program and that they are from a "poor" background and need help. It reeked of BS to me, and they would not shut up, the older one (looked around early 20's and the other one looked 19 or so)
    was aggressive and a real scammer type.
    They told me they could not take money or donations. So I noted the web address and I went there it looks very rinky dink. I called the cops and in the meantime they went next door and my neighbor gave them 20.00 just to go away! So there went the donation or money line. He said they were asking for 120.00 for magazine subscriptions!! ( he was so funny, he said please don't tell my wife.)
    So next I went over and interrupted them and the next neighbor and told them I had called the cops and they were scammers. Of course they got really pissed. ( I moved my cars into the garage to avoid damages later)
    I called Rodney Rankins at 313/320.3335 and he said they have no caucasians working for them, and on one in Castro Valley. I don't know if that is true, but he said he was glad I called the cops. We got disconnected in the middle of the call, and he did call me back, (checking on me?)
    The cops just came and I gave them all this info.
    Do not fall victim to these types of scams and people. Please people beware and be careful.
    Update: So great, the cops caught up with the girls and they came back and gave my neighbor his $20.00 back!
    She still claims to be working with Rodney and said he is her boss, so that is a bit dicey.
    Yes. Please people get pro-active, don't just let people get away with this kind of stuff.

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  • Ro
    roguesoldier Aug 19, 2011

    i worked for them i was the onley with person but the treated me no different they are not a scam just some times orders get lost in the mail

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  • Ba
    BACK TAXES Dec 05, 2012

    They don't tell u that u will owe the irs back taxes. They claim u on there taxes and u be the one that end up oweing the irs. Me and my wife both was on magazine crew wit MAURICE ( MOE ) McCLAIN and now we owe more than together $35, 000 in back taxes. RODNEY RANKINS is his go for.

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  • Pl
    plokijuh Apr 30, 2013

    You a grown ### man that should have known you have to pay taxes. if they filed you on their taxes, it was because you didn't make any money. Everyone who gets paid in cash knows it's their responsibility to take care of their own taxes, not the people that pay them. You WAB

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Urban Development SolutionsILLEGAL SCAMMERS

My boyfriend was recruited by this scammers. i didnt feel confortable with the idea of him going to new hampshire for a job but he saud it was legit. i talked to this lady Linda personally and she swore it was legal and legit and he was gonna be fine and make alot of money. my boyfriend wasnt even there for a week before he was arrested for solicitng without a vending license. THEY DID NOT TELL ANYONE THAT HE NEEDED SUCH A LICENSE. they are putting these influencial young people on the stomping ground and dont care what happen to them. they lied to me and his mother saying that they bailed him out of jail and when we called the jail he was still in there. they let him in jail for 4 LONG DAYS...and gave us the run around about he room information and everything else. They didnt even tell his roommates that he was in jail they thought he was missing.These company is a load of ###. they get young black kids how wanna make money and especially now when its harder than ever to find a job and prey on them. If you see anything about thtese company on flyers or in your neighborhood run the other way and call th business burea imediately. i plan on making the country know about what they are really doing to our urban youth!!! BET THAT

  • Ms
    msshelterstar Aug 20, 2009

    These people were at my job trying to recruit shelter residents. The man's name is Rodney Rankins 313/320.3335 or 847.863.7943. Contact him or give his information to someone who can stop him.

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Urban Development SolutionsMagazines never received $175.00 worth

Purchased 4 magazine at $40 each plus a 15.00 processing fee on 06-20-08. On 08-11-08 spoke with Kate, about not receiving any magazines, she stated one order was not processed and the other has upto 120 days to be shipped. I informed her at that time that I would like to close this and receive a refund. She informed me that there policy was 120 days for shipping after the order had been placed. Since one order was placed on 6-21-08 I would have to wait 120 days in order to cancel, only if magazines were never received, well they weren't. The Second receipt was never processed so there for she could process it today 8-11 and I would have to wait another 120 days before I would receive a refund, again only if the magazines were never received. And those were never received, it is now 01-05-09 and have not seen a check or a magazine. I sent in a letter to Urban Developement Solutions on 10-01-08 to po box 18324 Golden, CO 80401 (this is the address the website gives for cancellations. I also sent a letter to the address that Kate had given to me [protected]), which was po box 18324 Golden, CO 80402. Both letter were identical and contained my name, form of payment, their receipts numbers and an explaination as to why I wanted a refund. Kate also informed me that the number I called was just an answering type service, that they were not actually Urban Development Solutions, but another company.
01-05-09 to date I can not reach company, phone number states all operators busy leave message. And there was never a response to the letters I sent. I can tell you it was two african americans, in their late 25's, both claiming to be from the inner city of chicago and somewhere else. They were currently living in NJ and travelled about 2 hours to solisite me and my neighbors. Another neighbor has had the same experience. One of the boys had a speech impedimont. I do not advise helping them as they called it, because this so called company has taken them in and given them room and bored and this is how they make extra money. I have seen them in our neighborhood before. I have both original receipts with the name of one of the boys on it. Please contact me if you have any questions or information anyone can provide.

  • Ms
    msshelterstar Aug 20, 2009

    These people were at my job trying to recruit shelter residents. The alledged owner's name is Rodney Rankins 313/320.3335 or 847.863.7943. Contact him or give his information to someone who can stop him.

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Urban Development SolutionsMagazine Subscription Service

A few months ago I purchased a couple magazine subscriptions from a young man who stopped by my door. I have yet to receive my magazine subscription, and the check was cashed months ago. Call me a sucker... oh well.

That being said, I would like someone who has their phone number/email address/website (one that they were actually able to get through to someone) to please email it to me.
I will be taking legal action to end this problem if this does not get worked out. I know the amount is somewhat insignificant, but to me it is the idea that this group thinks they can do this. I have plenty of lawyers that I am willing to utilize to get to the bottom of this!

  • Ms
    msshelterstar Aug 20, 2009

    These people were at my job trying to recruit shelter residents. The alledged owner's name is Rodney Rankins 313/320.3335 or 847.863.7943. Contact him or give his information to someone who can stop him.

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  • Al
    alexfowler123 Nov 16, 2009

    I didn't get my mags eather. and I need to get a refund, but I haven't been able to get through to anyone who can help me.

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  • An
    Andrea44 Apr 15, 2011

    Call customer service at 1-219-809-5732. I just recently ordered, so I know it will take some time to see if I actually get any magazines, but when I gave them my order number, they had all my info--and it was listed correctly. So...we shall see what happens! Hope this helps!

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Urban Development Solutions — incorrect information posted

Urban Development Solutions is a legitimate company whose young people work very hard to satisfy their...

Urban Development Solutions — Scammers!

A black guy was going from door to door in my community trying to sell magazines(February 8, 2008--a Friday...