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TvAddicts.tvVery disappointing service indeed

Poor quality or never received - i bought the series of China Beach and also the movie 'Campus Man' in July 2007. I was charged for both on the 3rd of July. i received the China Beach DVD, some were repeated on the discs and a couple were very poor quality. i have never received 'Campus Man'. After several emails which at the start were delt with quickly i have received no further communication about replacement DVD's or the Campus Man movie since September 2007. i have sent several emails with no response. Very disappointing service indeed.

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    marcia Mar 31, 2008
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    Verified customer

    In January I googled to find a TV show on DVD as I couldn't get it in Australia. I found had what I wanted, the site looked comprehensive and OK, had secure ordering and as I hadn't had any other problems ordering from America, I went with it.
    They readily confirmed my order on the 13th January 08, then confirmed payment on the 14th, then on the 15th I was emailed a backorder notice. I enquired about how long it would take, it was not until the 6th February I got an answer (8 identical) asking me to be patient and they will keep me informed, I replied by email but it bounced back.
    On the 13th February I received an automatic backorder notice from which had a link "cancel and refund my order" which went nowhere. On the 14th and 15th Feb I received emails as the day before but these also said my credit card had NOT been charged. This was FALSE. I've emailed several times since then asking for a refund, it's now April and I still haven''t had a reply, refund or a parcel.

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TvAddicts.tvSub-par Merchandise

My story is all too common by this point, but here goes anyway. I ordered the entire series of 'The Fall Guy" off of TVADDICTS.TV near the beginning of May, 2010. The funny part was after I ordered, I then happened upon this complaint site which had plenty to say about TVADDICTS. Obviously, I became very concerned after reading the countless tales of distress so many people had shared. Only a small handful of accountings mentioned the merchandise recieved was in passable condition. Needless to say, I was very much bothered after reading those.

Well, today (May 14, 2010), my order did arrive. I never expected the packaging or discs to be anything special (which they weren't), but I was hoping the content on the discs would be okay.

What I found immediately were the episodes had been taped off of FX a number of years ago. In fact, the overall image quality is akin to a VHS cassette tape on its last legs. Is the picture viewable? Yes. Can the sound be heard? Yes. How would I rate the conditions of the sound and picture? Simple, I would give it a 'D' grade.

Now, as of today (May 14, 2010), the website 'TVADDICTS.TV appears to be gone. Whenever I have accessed it, a mostly blank white screen appears on my monitor with a three word message which reads:

"Content not available"

I am assuming TVADDICTS.TV has split the scene. They'll undoubtedly appear under a new name before long (if they haven't done so already). Of minor consolation, as of today, my credit card has not been charged for anything other than this $78 purchase.

Am I going to try to get replacements or reimbursements? No. After having read other grueling accounts from people attemting to be refunded, I have come to the conclusion it's not worth the time or energy. This is a scam style operation, and so I'm not going to bother. Instead, I am going to write this off as a very cheap lesson learned.

The only reason I made this purchase was because The Fall Guy was my all time favorite show, and I wanted all of its seasons. Instead, I get a poor VHS quality picture imported from China. How lovely. The lesson here? Only purchase actual studio releases.

In closing, I would strongly encourage anyone who had been toying with the idea of making a purchase like this to reconsider. Companies like TVADDICTS.TV (if in fact they are a company) are con artists and scammers. I suspect the reason this site I've mentioned here has shut down is because the "heat" is on them. Definitely steer clear of these sorts of places.

Resolved TvAddicts.tvNever Received DVDs

I submitted an order on Feb. 1 2010, and on February 10th, I still had not received any shipping information. Fortunately, they also had not charged my card. I was able to call them, but when the person answered, there was no company name included in the greeting, which I thought was very odd. They said they had experienced technical difficulties and that I would receive an email shortly. He didn't even take my name or order number, so that sounded like ALL shipments must have been delayed.

I had read about the other complaints about this company online, so I also sent them an email. I replied to my one email I had received that said my order had been placed and I should receive another confirmation email within 24 hours (which never came). They responded to that email within minutes and said that the DVD set I had ordered was on back order and they should receive a new shipment within a week. I really couldn't wait that long anyway because it was a gift. I sent them an email to cancel my order, and they promptly responded saying that my order was cancelled and my card had not been charged.

I was still very concerned about all the negative comments online about this company, and since they still had my credit card information, I decided to cancel that card with my bank just be sure. Perhaps this would have worked out okay, but I didn't want to take the chance. When I found these DVDs the price seemed too good to be true, so I guess it really was too good.

Proceed with caution.

Resolved TvAddicts.tvNo refund for faulty goods!

Ordered a box set of DVD's. Arrived ok, should have been 83 episodies on 15 discs. All discs are present but 32 of the episodies are missing! Contacted the company right away & asked for a refund, this was agreed. Been waiting ever since, it's now over 6 months to refund $180. I have sent them 65 emails & all I hear is "your refund is under review" although it was approved in July '07. Then they tell me they are having trouble refunding back to my credit card. I asked them to send me a cheque but they can't do that either! Next time I email them it back to "your refund is still under review". I have asked to speak to a manager & get cut off, this has happened 3 times. I've asked for there mailing address to write to the Managing Director but they do not respond! Just because I'm in the UK they think I can't do anything about it. Beleive me I will!! — let down with online order

I placed an order with on the 3rd June 2008 and gave them my debit card details online. This wa...

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TvAddicts.tvTerrible rip off!

In late 2006 I purchased a dvd set titled The Incredible Hulk complete series 1-5 from, the copy I was sent was defective and not as described, I was promised a replacement or a refund and nothing happened. For the next two months repeated emails I sent were ignored, I later found the site had been shut down, after a couple of months I found two replica sites with different names by accident. I confronted them via email saying I knew it was the same company; the sites were exactly the same except coloring and a different phone number, they didn't deny this and promised me again a replacement or refund.

The site I was now dealing with was, I opted for a refund and was promised I would get it. In the two or so months after that I was repeatedly told my refund was being processed, every time I asked what the delay was I was told there was a problem processing my refund. I offered to give my credit card details again, I was twice told that my card had been refunded but it never was, I asked to speak to the manager and made it known how bad I was being treated, every answer I was sent was the same words verbatim with a different name at the bottom.

I was repeatedly lied to and misled, I even threatened legal action but couldn't find out how to go about it so I gave up. Two months ago I found another replica site, again there was no denial and this time I simply asked for a replacement and I was told I'd get it. The company asked for my original order number, I gave it and received no answer, I sent a couple more emails expressing how yet again I was being ignored and mistreated.

This is a company that has several replica sites, they have altered their sites names by adding .tv and removing .com and have other sites with different names. I have since discovered no longer exists. This company sells defective dvd sets and keeps customers money, makes repeated unfulfilled promises of replacements and refunds but never delivers and repeatedly lies to their customers, I have come across other complaints similar to mine.

I have been treated appallingly since late 2006; this company has altered their site names so as not to be found and when I did find them I have been given fake apologies and repeatedly lied to, misled and ignored.

This company may have other replica sites but as yet I have only found the ones mentioned in this report, six in total, two of which have been shut down. I believe this company's web sites should be shut down and that they shouldn't be able to operate. — Scam and abuse!

I ordered the complete Cosby Show series on 12-14-07 and was immediately charged $127.72 on my credit card. ...

Resolved — Scam and rip off!

On Dec. 28 I bought from Who's The Boss the Complete Series on DVD, this show hasn't...

TvAddicts.tvA rip off artist of a company!

February of 2007 I ordered the dvd set Babylon 5: Seasons 1-5 for $120. When the package arrived they had shipped me a set of dvd's for some tv show "Ed" which I had never heard of and did not want. I called and was told to send it back and they would ship the correct item. I sent it back... and waited. Since then I have had 14 email messages go back and forth with them always promising to send my order. The last message on 1-9-08 I was told they would be sending me the tracking number. I have not heard since then, and even sent another message two weeks later that got no response. I went to the web site and see that they advertise the Babylon 5 series so must have it. But they have deactivated any connection on the website to send them an email. If you click on "contact us" you go to a page that tells you that you can email them any time but gives no email address. They seem to be stealing from people left and right.

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    Barb Gillespie Feb 04, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Where did you get an address to send it back? My item from them came from Canada and then they gave me some bogus address in Miami, FL to mail back to. UPS says it doesn't exist.

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Resolved TvAddicts.tvOrder never received

I placed an order on December 11, 2007 and it was posted to my credit card on December 13, 2007. As of this date (January 20, 2008) I have not received my order and the vendor will not respond to e-mail or telephone calls. On a previous order that I placed the DVD's were very poor quality and there is nothing wrong with my DVD player. It is brand new. There were also DVD's in the collection that were not part of the titled collection and once again the customer service response is very poor.

I have notified my credit card company and requested that they reverse the charge on my account. I will continue to report the poor service relating to in any method or website that I can find.

  • Jb
    JB Jan 28, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I was ripped off also. I ordered Amos and Andy DVDs on Jan 5 and all I got was a back order E mail and a bogus phone answering recording. They are scared to talk to us on the phone and we need to sue them for thousands of dollars.

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  • Ja
    James DAmario Feb 01, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I'm glad I found this site and your complaint. I was considering ordering from them but recieved similiar Customer Service problems. I've left 4 voicemail messages, 2 emails and have been calling everyday and am not able to get anything but a computer telling me no one is available. I hope you get your money back and this "company" gets shut down!

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  • Ap
    April H. Smith Feb 13, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow, I wish I had found this place earlier! I ordered the DVD of "Cupid" from TVAddicts at the end of Oct. '07, and was charged immediately (about $66). After weeks of not receiving, I started trying to contact them. Called the phone number and left a message that was never returned. Tried the online contact form multiple times and never got a response. Even tried the live help, had to wait 15 minutes for the girl to wake up, then got extremely stilted, unhelpful response. Have since received several emails saying my DVDs are backordered, but when I click the link to cancel and get my refund... "Oops we can't find that page." When I go to the website and click on the email link, there is no email. I finally decided to complain to the Better Business Bureau, but they require an address, and, of course, TVAddicts gives none.

    I guess the money paid is my stupid lesson for not checking the "company" out better, but it really pisses me off.

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  • Da
    Darryl Feb 25, 2008
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    Verified customer


    Dose anyone no the contact details for cause i received my item but 6 of the 16 disc had nothing on it, i also lead to believe the dvds i order was original.

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