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True & AssociatesFraudulant

Company is anything but "True", Fraudulant company that ONLY pays it's salesman by Commision
only. Filed a complaint with Dept. of Labor &
Better Business Beuro. This immature Shady character who owns the small rip-off company in Deerfield Beach, FL is just that. NOT a multimilion dollar company based out of N.J. ( Only in True's Mind Only it Exists ) My "Supervisor" quit for the same
reason everyone else does, He's not stupid so the only
action that can be taken is to NOT PAY you, How immature and FRAUDULANT. Even the Investigator
said the same thing - It is not a legitimate company.
So beware and avoid them. "What comes around goes around" God Bless America

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    DagoRed Apr 22, 2009

    I agree, I heard that it is a fly by night making it's profit off of ripping people off, Stay away, these are bad people.

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True & AssociatesFraudulent company

The fact that the receptionist answered the phone 'Marketing' instead of 'True & Associates' was the first clue. The second was the absence of a company sign or website which was 'undergoing routine maintenance.' When I went for my interview, which was a cattle-call, only a piece of paper with the word 'marketing' on it was taped to the front door, or I wouldn't have known I was in the right place. As I waited for my interview with company owner, loud music was blaring from the receptionist's computer. One of the songs actually had the word 'mother[censored]er' in its vocals. The nine other interviewees in the waiting room with me were slack-jawed from the shock of it.

Skipping forward, I was asked to come again for a 'second interview' which I was told would be eight hours long, and I would have to dress down in a polo shirt, not interview-appropriate clothing. I'm embarrassed to say I actually showed up. I was told I would be spending the day at an 'event' with Anthony, so down the stairs we went to the parking lot. At that point, Anthony told me I would have to move my car, as if I were going to be leaving my car in the parking lot and riding with him to the event in his car. Not knowing anything about Anthony, including his last name, I expressed that I would prefer to take my own car, if that wouldn't be a problem. Anthony's blunt answer was, 'It would.'

There was no way I was getting into a car with a total stranger with bad manners and an aggressive attitude. By the way, I never got the owner's last name or his business card. Adding it all up, I wasted my time interviewing with this unprofessional company. Beware.