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Together Dating ServiceI was set up and then dumped on

I was set up and then dumped on with dates who where nothing like what I wanted to date. The first date I went on was with a man who was nice, but already had steady girlfriend. The second was with a man who was handicaped and could not drive. I did not sign up to be a nurse maid. The third date was nice but he was so unhappy with the service that he put his account on hold. My 4th date was a man who had just lost his wife. He was so depressing, and we had nothing in comman. I have had this account with together for 11 months and I feel like alot of others. They take your money and run.

Together Dating ServiceFradulent Business Transactions

I joined TDS with the hopes of meeting the man of my dreams, someone whom is supposed to be perfectly matched to my likes and dislikes based on a point system. My first match took 3 months to receive and was a waste of my time the date showed up looking like a BUM! The next matched person took another 4 months to get and he was completly the opposite of what I put down during my interview process. I paid $4000 for a membership to this service I am now regreting and posting this complaint to hopefully deter as many people as possible from ever signing up with these people. They are frauds.

Together Dating ServiceFraud/Coercion

I joined "Together Dating Service" after much coercion from the representative in April 2009. The Rep even went as far as to ask me "how much do you have on your credit card?" when I indicated that I could not afford the $3, 000 fee they asked for. The fee was only shown at the last minute and then the cajoling, coercing and empty promises began. I was told I would receive a referral about every 30 days if there was no match. So, In ignorance I signed the contract and two referrals were sent out right away. The first referral stood me up at the 12th hour and the second was constantly cancelling due to one thing or another. Needless to say for my $3, 000 I have not ever met anyone. The last (second) referral sent to me was dated May 28, 2009. Today is November 6, 2009 and I have not received a referral since...6 months. Every time I call inquiring about a referral I am told they are "working on it"! When I send an email I get no response. I asked them if they were having difficulty fulfilling their end of the agreement and they denied it, but by all indications they can not and are not fulfilling their end of the bargain. It seems they want the money and little else. This needs to stop and I want to know what I can do to end this farce.

  • Cb
    CBorum Nov 19, 2009

    Together Dating Service has since made efforts to be accomodating to me as a client. CBorum

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Together Dating ServiceAwful company

I have been extremely unhappy with Together Dating Service. They pressured with desperation tactics in an uncomfortable setting.

I recently received my final match from the site and I am going around telling everyone that this is the biggest waste of hard-money. It is a scam, and they try to sell you on these romantic pictures on an album that the service works. They first lure clients, I have noticed, mainly desperate good men who mean well by placing signs on the signs with a town's name and then the domain name org. You then visit that site and a short time later, they call to 'set up' an appointment. That is where they bait you to sign with them.

I encountered a woman who was attractive with nice hair, it is fair to say to the average man, she was 'hot'. Heck, she might as well been sitting in the chair in a string bikini and batting her eyes at me even more to play on the feelings of desperate men. It is criminal what this company does and how they have existed 35 years is beyond me.

All in all, I got ONE date out of five matches, so that means the one date I went on cost me 5000 DOLLARS, yes, that is right. And to complain and write your concerns to them, is a useless gesture. You probably would have been better off trying to receive a Christmas gift from the Scrooge.

The first match was okay but decided we lived too far apart to have any dating prospect. And then, the next four have been nothing short of a disaster and waste of money. And all Together does, is smile and get my credit payment for almost the next two years. I don't know how they sleep at night knowing that they mislead and fraudulently play on client's feelings. Shame on them!

Together Dating ServiceFraudulent company

My story is practically the same verbatim as the testimonies below on this page. I saw a sign on the side of the road listed as and was lured in. I was met by a woman who looked like someone I would hang out with, related to me like a girlfriend, and completely seemed to 'understand' who I am and what I am looking for. She proceeded the sales pitch by promising that there are thousands of busy professionals, just like myself, as clients. After a two hour interview, I was confident and excited about the prospect of what was to come.

Sadly, and much to my surprise, I was delivered with 'matches' that couldn't be less appropriate for me. After the third, I quickly realized that the 'matchmaking' wasn't being conducted the way I was promised (and sold).

As fate would have it, I serendipitously ran into the sales woman who sold me the package in my hometown 300 miles away during the Christmas holidays. After I approached her, she offered to help me get my money back since I hadn't physically met anyone. When I called her after I was back in San Antonio, she gave me the run around. I attempted to speak to management, but I was rebuffed. When speaking with an account rep, I relayed my concerns and disappointment in the service. Because I signed this airtight agreement, I will be charged for the duration of my 'contract'.

I simply don't think that I should have to 'eat' these large monthly transactions because I 'fell for' the sales pitch. Together must take responsibility for their actions and not delivering what was promised.

  • Re
    rev1969 Sep 18, 2009

    i got scammed by Together in 1997, here in Albany, NY. There was an article written about them in 1998 in the local paper. And yet, over a DECADE later, they are still in business scamming people? What the hell?

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  • Le
    leavenworthlass Mar 30, 2011

    I too was a victim of Together Dating. After being talked into joining, promising that this was, "An investment in my future", I joined . Expecting to meet someone who had similar interests, goals, standards etc etc, they proceeded in sending me people with whom I had no common interests, bad hygiene, substance abuse issues etc etc. I was actually introduced to people I specifically said I did not want to date! What a waste of my hard earned money. After 14 dates ( I try to give people a chance) and many I turned down just from chatting on the phone with, there wasn't one person that even came close to what I am looking for in a partner. If I sound picky, yes maybe wanting someone with more than 3 teeth in their mouth is picky. Seriously, my first date was such a person! If these people call and try to get you in for one of their one on one interviews, RUN the other way! They know exactly what angle to play to get you to open your wallet!

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  • Lm
    LM in Minnesota Feb 19, 2015
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    Verified customer

    I did meet and marry my husband after meeting through Together Dating Service. We both married later in life and so with more maturity I can overlook some things a little easier than when I was younger. But it has always stuck in my crawl that this dating service over promised and under delivered at a high price tag. That was eleven years ago; now there are so many online dating services that can do background checks and compatibility test that I would recommend these options over Together in a heartbeat. My husband is not the financially stable one in the relationship. I've usually had to be that one, but compared to many of my referrals I think he was the safer bet. One of my referrals was morbidly obese, in his late 30's and still lived at home. Some of the others weren't much better. After already catching the rep in a few lies I wrote the service and got a nasty little "you've got to give people a chance" letter. Together does not deliver on their sales pitch of matching candidates who are financially stable, educated or otherwise and the background and credit check was for their own benefit. Save your money on this one and try a different service.

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  • Km
    KM from LA Jan 13, 2020

    I too met and married my husband from a Together recommendation. The first few Guys were nothing to write home about. One was in his 40’s living with his father after being divorced. He was a bus driver. Not a financially stable college educated man. Another was physically disabled, I don’t have an issue with disabilities, but he seemed to also be a bit mentally disabled. He nearly became a stalker. After two dates, he was sending me postcards at work and after I told him it wasn’t going to work, he showed up at my office.

    I was lucky. I did meet a very good man. He’s financially stable, has a great career and is highly educated. I have no complaints and we’ve been married for 10 years!

    Because of my positive results, a friend of mine decided to use the same agency. It was awful! They were kind and caring to her until she signed up. Then, they were awful. They treated her badly, her matches were pitiful and they tried to tell her she was the problem. Of course, like me, she was financially secure and well educated. She had a good career and wanted someone with those same characteristics.

    I would not recommend this agency to anyone.

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Together Dating ServiceWon't stop calling me!

I looked at the website which is run by Together Dating Service. I added my phone number, and they have called me 8 times. I've asked not to be called again, and to be placed on their do not call list. The telemarketers are rude and down right mean. Please don't deal with Together Dating.

  • Br
    Brent Carter Jun 29, 2015

    i haveno idea who they are but they keep sending debt collectors after me i just got woke up after a long shift last nitght for them to be mean and rude to me

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  • Br
    Brent Carter Jun 29, 2015

    i wil not pay for something i did not ask for from a company i have no idea who they are

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