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Toutali T. Asikia is the owner of TJ Concrete & Landscaping. He is a con man. He has yet to complete our driveway and yard for 2 months now. He tore up our driveway plus yard and promised to complete it within the week. We paid him half of the agreed price to initial the proposed work. He removed a few trees off our front yard and the asphalt off our driveway. We later paid him the remainder as he requested because he told us he will need the money to get the equipments/concrete to complete the job. Once paid, he rarely responds to phone calls, (if he does answer, he will say that he will be right there, but never shows up) nor will he show up to complete the job. DO NOT EVER PAY HIM UNTIL THE JOB IS COMPLETED!!! I WOULD NEVER RECOMMED HIM TO ANYONE!! He has taken money from several people leaving them in the same scenario as he did us, some even worst. He has con someone that we know of and has not even started any work. He has worked on some projects in which the homeowners would have to either follow him to rent the equipments, or pay for the cement. He sounds very sincere, but very little truth comes out of his mouth. He claims to be the son of a preacher and will lead you to believe that he is religious. HE IS A CON MAN!!!

  • Dr
    Driving-on-Dirt Aug 31, 2012

    His real name is Toutalli or Tali Esekia. He has a facebook.

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  • Dj
    djjellis1 Nov 09, 2012

    Well if you want to know where he is. He is over acrossed from the Costco in Dimond next to the Alaska USA on King and Dimond Blvd!!!

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  • Su
    Sud_1 Jul 08, 2014

    I have same experience with a person with same name and very similar modus operandi. Claiming the son of a paster etc... He is currently operating from Sacramento CA.

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  • Bk
    BKDKHD Jul 08, 2014

    This person should be in Jail. He did this with many people in the Bay Area, CA. What would be the ideal way to Hunt him down? We even complained it to police and they said they cannot do anything since it is a civil matter. Do you guys have any recommendations? He lives in Sacramento, CA and he even wrote his address on the so called contract but we don't even know if he lives there or not. He took 2k from us and didnt show his face after that. Its been a month now.

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  • An
    AnotherVictimByTJ Jul 18, 2014

    We had similar experience with some one with similar profile. His real name is "Siaatoutai Toutali". He goes by name of Aloha constructions. He says he lives in Sacramento. He drives ford expedition with license plate 4TLX989

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  • Al
    aloha-TJ-victim Oct 08, 2014

    For those in bay area CA, we have spoken with dublin police and filing fraud and criminal intent charges. please feel free to talk to Dublin Police about the same.

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TJ ConstructionCon Man

TJ Construction is a "company" that I would not recommend to friends. Owned by a gold toothed man Toutah Asikia. In the last 3 weeks he has taken our down payment, ripped up our driveway, taken my neighbors down payment, ripped up our neighbors driveway, graded our driveway to 50% of the agreed upon amount of concrete, Blew hydrollic fluid all over the road, disappeared for 4 days without contact, was told by my neighbor how to do his work properly, regraded our driveway to 80% of the agreed up on concrete because I told him that he didn't take the base down enough. Was watched intensely by my neighbor as he progressed on his drivway, finish our neighbors driveway, Ignored all my calls for the last week. Left my driveway ripped up without a notice of when he will be back. Unfortunately I'm not the only one that he has done this to. In a neighborhood near by there is a driveway in the same state mine is done by the same guy. ripped up a couple months ago. His finished work looks fine, but without you holding his hand and going to the supply store with him, and being right there to watch his work and double check him, I wouldn't expect the driveway to be what the agreement was. See my full review at