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Timeshare ResalesSales fraud

A year ago I received a call from a Justin from Administrative Timeshare Resales, who told me that he had a buyer for my timeshare, I told them I would sell out for $7, 500 but no money up front. He called me back a few hours later, said the guy accepted my offer, than all I needed was $2500 to contract with them and start the escrow. I told him things can go wrong I'm not going to put the money out. He called the next day, said the loan was approved and funded. He said there was no way anything could fall out of bed, I gave them the $2500. Every month I called and was told by Sara and Lisa that everything was going good. They both told me that my timeshare had been sold! Which I now believe to be a lie. As the months went by they kept giving me excuses. Finally in February I was told that it had never been funded and that the person no longer qualified so it was on the market to find another buyer. Under the contract they had to return my $2500 if they had not sold at after 12 months. That time has now came up... and where are they??? Their main 800-number has a mailbox that is full, their local number is disconnected, and the fax line just rings and rings. I e-mailed them and have gotten no response. I think the nails are in the coffin.
What disturbs me is that I would've never given my money if I hadn't been told that it was already funded. That was evidently a lie. That makes this fraud.

Timeshare ResalesLIED about selling my timeshare!!!

I received a phone call from a man named Danny...[protected]...He gave me a great sales pitch...HE HAD A BUYER for my timeshare in Hot Springs AR!! I was very reluctant to believe a word he was saying!! SHOULD HAVE LISTENED to that inner voice !
I had LOST $1200+ with another company and told him so. He assured me they could get that money back when the sale was final.
I kept saying NO and he finally got me to say OK!!! And I threw away another $1200+ on October 11-2009. HE ASSURED ME I would have my money BEFORE CHRISTMAS $13, 800 for the timeshare plus the other money. I got a call early Dec. from a man who told me ALL of the paperwork was complete and the closing would be Jan. 14th 2010. I asked him why the delay, telling him what Danny had promised, he said that was just the way things happen sometime...I waited ALL DAY Jan. 14th...NOTHING!
NO DEED TO SIGN...AND NOOOO CHECK FOR ME!!! I called Danny this week to find out WHY??? His reply, "It was going to take 30-45 days for the PAPERWORK to be done!" :>( " I AM SICK...I'M ON A FIXED INCOME...His NICE voice had CHANGED!!!
I WAS LIED TO...by another CON ARTIST!!! Stupid ME RIGHT???? THANKS ...to anybody who reads this. Linda Mitchell

PS: I understand they are under investigation in the state of FL. by the Attorney General!!! I really NEED the money, if ONLY what they STOLE from me!!!...At this point I don't hold out much hope.

Timeshare Resales — No form of contact

They took my points and didn't help me to sell my timeshare. I need my money for my points to do my...

Timeshare ResalesRipped Off

We fell for the old timeshare resale con, we then fell for another one that said we could join a class action to get out registration fees back. Just over £2500 down the swanney!!!

We did find a way out via www.getmymoneyback.info but it took some doing. We got our refund for the mythical class action through the credit card company (£900) but have lost out on the resale scam as the credit card company say they cannot investigate the claim fully as the scammers went bust.

Does anyone know if you can still stand a realistic chance if the company is insolvent?

  • Sa
    Sam Apr 20, 2009

    Been to their website, is this an ebook then? We got lumbered with a nasty case of unwanted holiday club and want to get out of it.

    This site is still up but is showing that the book or kit as they call it will be launched 24 April 09

    Can you post what you paid for it. Less than £14.99 or more?

    I did see that this is maybe a 2nd version, if so then it must be an update!?!

    I'm disgusted to find so little support out there for UK consumers. We got into one form of holiday club "rescue package" in order get rid of our timeshare and reclaim our money.

    We were told to expect about 85% of what looks and appears to be a £17, 000 cheque. turns out it is as good as a betting slip

    But (and heres the big BUT) we have to wait nearly 5 years and get it back through another company called RECLAIM. We have have both googled this and are certain we will get a big fat NOTHING!

    Hindsight is a wonderful but painful thing

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  • Bc
    Bchiszar Aug 29, 2009

    There are ways to effectively get your money back from this scam. I started a website specifically for owners who have been taken using the resale method. www.TimeshareOwnerAdvocates.com . I have all kinds of useful information. Call your credit card company and file a dispute for services not rendered as described. Even if the company went out of business or dissolved, there may still be a reserve on the account in which you can draw your refund from. The resale company has 30 days to respond to a dispute otherwise they rule in your favor. If you find the information here or on my website useful, please visit one of our sponsors websites. Thanks and good luck to you.

    -Advocate General

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Timeshare ResalesTook my money and never called again

These guy are crooks. They contacted me several months ago, I don't know how they got my number. The person "My Agent" told me that i filled out something on the internet. He was very persuasive, told me that they sell timeshares face to face, like the way i bought it. I told him i was unsure and he sent me some information about his company to my email. he kept calling and being pushy. I really needed the money so I finally did it.
After that i spoke to him a couple of times and all i got was excuses. Then he stopped taking my calls and now i have to talk to this really rude customer services ladies. I called my credit card company and tried to get my money back but because i signed a contract that i could barely read (the writing is so small) I could not get my money back.

These people are liars and they will take your money like they stole mine. Don't even listen to what they tell you. I couldn't even get my money back after six months like he promised me.

  • Ca
    carlos Nov 15, 2008

    You should try www.resaleripoffs.com. They helped me get my money back in full from one company and a partial refund on the second. I will never pay upfront again. They get peoples money back from timeshare resale companies, have a complaint forum, and do investigations on shady companies in the timeshare resale industry. Good luck.

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