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Thrive Learning Institutedid not get what was promised

January 23, 2009 momentum marketing connected us, charles and wilma kaighen, to thrive learning institute which promised to coach and provide educational videos and training for an on-line business. They promised we would profit enough in 6 months time to pay off our debt. We were charged $15, 200.00 (Now I see that everyone was charged a different price!). We had good credit and had 2 credit cards with zero balance at the time. They took advantage of that for sure! I received very little coaching during the first 3 weeks, then... I was "on my own" to figure out what to do. With that much debt to pay off... I was in trouble! I was also paying $39.95 a month for their lightwave website builder. I began getting calls from other companies who told me that they could help my website be more professional for a fee. I was already drowning in the debt and felt so afraid. I studied the "agreement" and found that they would not give a refund and that I could not sue them for a refund! I felt trapped for sure! I focused my attention on working harder... To get this business to work... After 2 years of trying... I had only made 1 small sale to one of my sisters. This was a disaster! I decided to drop the website (That would save me at least $39.95 a month!) and then focused my energies on getting the huge debt paid off. I have often wished something could be done about this! I now see that many others have suffered as well. I am looking at the "agreement" right now... It says, warranty "we fully expect all of our clients to recoup their full initial investment inside of 6 months. If for some reason it is not recouped, we will continue to work with the user until they recoup their initial investment." that did not happen! I attempted to log in to my user account on to access the e-library... And I cannot log in. That was supposed to be available to me for the rest of my life! I was wanting to get some kind of benefit from this great debt! If there is any way of getting even a portion of my money back, I would be so grateful! 15 thousand dollars is a lot of money to pay for nothing! This all happened at a bad time... I was hoping to help my daughter with her college, but instead became so "strapped financially" that she was not able to do more than 1 year of college. I have the "agreement", but do not know how to send that to you all... Or if I need to... Let me know if there is anything more I need to provide.

Thrive Learning InstituteScam

Thrive Learning Institute is a scam. They used a highly skilled, trained and relentless sales agent that used all of the high pressure sales tactics to pressure me to make a deal with them.
They take advantage of people that have been financially hurt and are looking for answers to their money problems. They quickly put you through a "qualification" process to determine your available resources, primarily credit card related. They try and make you feel at ease by saying things like, "well it's not really your money, you are just using the credit system for a while and you will recoup all of the money from the great website you will have from Thrive.
The training is weak, production values poor and the information is generic, dated and available free around the internet. They refused to give me my money back. There is no real customer service, you can't reach people and there are hundreds of others just like me, betrayed, hurt and looking for help from the people that should be protecting us. Let's get organized and launch a group effort and put a stop to this. I'm in Virginia and have an agency who will help. Let me know if you are with me. [protected]

Greg (Alexandria, Virginia)

  • Kona Jul 05, 2009

    Have you been scammed by Thrive? Do you want help? Do you want to help others? Please click on my name above < Kona > and then "Send Message" and I will reply with more information.


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  • Ka
    Kareena Jul 09, 2009
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    Where is your complaint? And please share your story...

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  • Kona Jul 23, 2009

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  • Ur
    urwutuis Aug 02, 2009

    Thrive is definitely a rip.
    I really want some justice for these bloodsuckers. They lie right from the start and then keep lying all the way through.
    That's why they try to scam you into giving them a testimonial after about 2 weeks into the program. They offer to submit your site to search engines in exchange for a testimonial. 50 of them WOW! what a deal, huh? These guys are a very low form of life. About a step below slime.

    by urwutuis

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  • Co
    Connie Roselander Apr 09, 2010
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    Thrive Learning Institute sells people training to put up a website backed by a money back guarantee. My training package cost $8, 900.00, which was promised to be returned if I had not made that amount back in a year. I made no money, but Thrive Learning Institute is not honoring their word.

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  • We
    We're Learning our Lessons Apr 29, 2010
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    We are still working on getting a refund. Keep working at it; eventually they will come through.

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Thrive Learning InstituteScammed out of thousands

This Company advertises themselves as a business school offering a team atmosphere to guide you on building your own online company. They apparently charge everyone differently and scam as much money out of you as a start up price and then finance the rest with a company called Momentum Marketing making 18% interest themselves. They are suppossed to work with you and guarantee you will be able to pay off everything within 6 months or earlier if you work atleast 10 hours a week. I far excelled at 10 hours a week and everytime I spoke with my so called team coach I was given the run around so was never even successful with the basics. Once they no longer offered a coach to me I tried to figure their system out on my own and received no help except an offer for a "new" system that was only available for a short time for another feeof $500.00 seperate from the original $5, 000.00 fee. The original sign up connects numerous other web hosts, credit card charging company's like Imax Bankcard, and once three months is up you are automatically charged a monthly fee...while never making ANY money as promissed. This is so humiliating and has added a great deal of stress to me and my family. They come across as a very legitimate company but clearly are making millions off of poor everyday citizens trying to support their families from home. I can't spend anymore with nothing but debt to show for and my outstanding credit will suffer.

  • Mi
    minocarp May 16, 2011

    This Company advertises themselves as a business school offering a team atmosphere to guide you on building your own online company. They apparently charge everyone differently and scam as much money out of you as a start up price and then finance the rest with a company called Momentum Marketing making 18% interest themselves. They are suppossed to work with you and guarantee you will be able to pay off everything within 6 months or earlier if you work atleast 10 hours a week. I far excelled at 10 hours a week and everytime I spoke with my so called team coach I was given the run around so was never even successful with the basics. Once they no longer offered a coach to me I tried to figure their system out on my own and received no help except an offer for a "new" system that was only available for a short time for another feeof $500.00 seperate from the original $5, 000.00 fee. The original sign up connects numerous other web hosts, credit card charging company's like Imax Bankcard, and once three months is up you are automatically charged a monthly fee...while never making ANY money as promissed. This is so humiliating and has added a great deal of stress to me and my family. They come across as a very legitimate company but clearly are making millions off of poor everyday citizens trying to support their families from home. I can't spend anymore with nothing but debt to show for and my outstanding credit will suffer.

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Thrive Learning InstituteNo refund for breech of contract

I would like to put in a formal complaint about Thrive Learning Institute.

In July of 2008 I decided to go forth with Thrive on a new business website for an investment of $5.703.00. My initial investment was supposed to pay for all the learning materials, advisers, website & SEO Package. I was told that if I did not make my initial investment back within 1 year that I would be eligible for a refund- a “100% money back refund”. I also signed a contract stating that Thrive Learning Institute believed in their program so highly that after my initial 12 week consulting period with the advisers, if I made no profit, that I would continue to have access to the advisers via email, and chat as well as access to all the online information. I have made $0.00, and I had made $0.00 after my initial 12 weeks. After 4 months my login no longer worked for their site and they no longer replied to my emails. I could not chat either as I could not log into the website. After repeated emails and speaking to Drew in tech support and Ann, Cody, & Josh I was told my login would be re-instated and it never was.

I called August 17th of Last year and spoke to Melanie at [protected] x 336 requesting my refund and I was told a manager would get back to me. I have called several times and no one gets back to me. I called [protected], I gave up on the [protected] number as no one answers the phone now, this morning and I was told that there was no record of me in their computer system and a manager would have to get back to me. Three hours later I heard no response from the “manager” so I called back and let them know I had opened a BBB complaint, FTC complaint and IC3 complaint. Suddenly I got a call right back from a Tucker.

Tucker said I was not eligible for a refund and their company does not give out refunds even though I was promised one. He was snotty and rude and only offered me more consulting. He also said he has no record of me contacting Thrive Past July 27, 2008. I have emails proving such. People who I corresponded with along the way, I wrote down their names and Tucker informed me that no such people exist. When I questioned him about the number I was told to call when I started the program, [protected] x 336, I was told that number is not valid for Thrive and they do not work with that company anymore.

I would like you to look into this, and I would like a refund of $5, 703.00, my investment in this scam. The more research I do, the more victims I find of this scam.

  • Ex
    explorer91 Nov 05, 2010


    If you have not received a refund from these guys its because they closed one company and opened a new one. They are making money and have money to refund, but you have to complain to state officials and federal officers. Here is how I got my refund.

    Nicholas Johnson, Josh Lindsay, & Jeff Nielson are former owners of 6 figure as shown at the BBB.

    Now they are operating under a different name Online Success INC. They are not registered with the state or BBB to avoid people finding them. But there address is listed as 7440s Creek Road Place, Sandy UT 84093

    I complained to the Utah Consumer Protection Agency & the FTC. According to the FTC this company is already under investigation Case # 27851383.

    If you complain to those agencies about this being the same owners and the same company you will surely get your refund fast. It took me 14 days and I purchased 12 months ago!

    Hope this helps...


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Thrive Learning InstituteDid not get what was promised

I personally have also been scammed by Thrive Learning Institute. I joined up with them through a company called Auction Profits at that particular time which was October 21, 2008. The convinced me that they would assist and teach me how to set up my own website, obtain a drop shipper for blind drop shipping and would double my investment within six months. I invested initially 5, 485.00 on my credit card of course. They always use that saying "Use other people's money" Well now I know exactly what they are talking about. They are getting rich off of poor suckers like me who falls for their scam! I was also referred to Innovative Tax Services as well for business planning etc. and that cost me another 1600.00 bucks. All Innovative tax services did was get a federal ID number for me for my so called business. I worked anywhere from 8-12 hours every single day of the week trying my best to learn everything I possibly could. I was determined I was going to be successful! NOT! I actually posted my unfinished website in December of 2008. Since that time to date I have only made three sales. Two leather hats and one leather pair of pants! I have only made 120.00 from those sales and have not had any sales since that time. I complained to Thrive almost everyday, cried many tears, was so stressed out about the money I have spent that I made myself sick quite literally! I filed a complaint with the BBB in Utah and got no answers for about a month. I filed against Thrive as well as Auction Profits who now call themselves E-commerce solutions. The original person Josh Bish whom I so called purchased this program from no longer works there and they have of course changed their names. The new manager or owner of Auction Profits otherwise now known is Kevin Handren. When I filed a complaint through the Utah BBB he responded after his time limit which was seven days with similar wording that I was offered additional coaching time by Thrive which at that time I refused and that all my complaint was for was buyer's remorse. I responded that after a year of begging and pleading for help and attempting to get answers I had simply given up and that I have a certificate that was provided me by Auction Profits for a written guarantee that I would double my money profits within six months, and it is a lifetime guarantee. The BBB didn't seem to care about that and suggested that I take what Thrive was offering which was four months of free website hosting and eight more weeks of personal coaching. So I have again given up. I plan to file this complaint with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection as well as the Federal Trade Commission and see where that gets me. I have spent upwards of ten thousand dollars paying hosting fees, the original charges from Thrive and Auction Profits and have made absolutely zero profit up to this point.

So in a nutshell my words of wisdom to anyone who is being called and conned into buying into any of their programs out there, STOP! Don't listen to their fake promises and don't spend one single penny! They are a bunch of crooks who prey on people who are simply looking for a way to make some extra money in an honest fashion and then they dump you like a hot potato when you start complaining! It's not worth the time of day! I hope that this complaint helps anyone out there who have been approached with their tactics!

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Thrive Learning InstituteRequesting a Refund

We are waiting for a call from Thrive, in order to settle our request for the return of our money. We were smooth talked into thinking that we could make a little extra money but getting a web site and a drop shipper. We were told we would get our money back in 6 months time and be able to make a 6 figure income. You found out that we had a good credit rating and therefore talked us into thinking that we needed to pay this money in order to be able to make more. This is a lot of money for us and we are struggling to pay our credit card bill now. This has a potential to ruin our credit rating and we need to get this money back to be able to pay it off and get back on our feet.

We are seniors and have a limited income. We just wanted to make a little extra and now we are deeper in debt than before we started this. At one time, I also was talked into setting up and business with Google Shadow, which is a business of Dave Rasmussan. I wanted some advise from Thrive about who he was and wasn’t given any indication that he is also from Thrive. I was told that he(Thrive) didn’t know him. Now I find out that he is also a part of Thrive. I did sign up with him thinking that I could get a web site going, but later thought this was probably not a good thing and cancelled it. I was able to get my money back. I am so glad that I cancelled that offer. Just another method that Thrive was using the get peoples money.

  • We
    We're Learning our Lessons Dec 11, 2009
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    We are asking for a 100% refund for our money invested. We have worked hard at the program. But there was no help from Thrive coaching. We listened to the Webinars and the Live Chats, but they didn’t give us much information. Just asked us if we had questions and I didn’t even know what kind of questions to ask. I responded a couple of times on the live chats that I didn’t understand, but didn’t get any response or help. The discussion was way above our understanding and we were promised TLC; we were told we didn’t need computer skills; actually didn’t even need a computer; we could go to a library and do the same thing.

    They promised to call us and we made appointments and we stayed home to wait for the calls and they never came. It took a couple of days for them to answer the calls.

    We are seniors and the coaching staff were young computer techies and that didn’t understand our frustration. We were told that we were purchasing a web site and a drop shipper, but then we were expected to set it all up and get our own drop shipper. We paid a lot of money for service, but didn’t receive anything.

    It is almost a year and we have no income and we are paying high interest charges on our credit cards without the means of paying it off.

    Please refund us our money.

    We are sincerely requesting a 100% refund of our money; $21, 717.00 US.

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    We're Learning our Lessons Dec 15, 2009
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    Just sent this fax to Thrive, Zach Bradshaw; wonder if I will get a reply???

    "We are again sending this fax with a request to refund us our money.

    We have not heard from you for over a week now and we are desperately waiting to hear about the refund of our money that we paid to Thrive for services that we did not receive.

    We were smooth talked into this program and paid BIG money for a web site and a drop shipper and we never received anything. We were given access to webinars that didn’t have any information. We participated in live chats that were nothing but a lot of “self-promotion” of themselves and their web sites.

    We signed up for big money; the Chief Executive spot (I am told). Nobody else paid for that spot. We were suppose to get service! Why weren’t we given the choice to sign up for a lesser spot?? Why weren’t we given the option to sign up for less money?? Why weren’t we given a choice?? We paid for BIG service and we got none. We were told we would get TLC and we got a kick in the butt! You scammed us for $20, 000.00 and we lost out! We gave you our Credit Card info and you saw that we had a good credit rating and you took that and destroyed it. Now we are left here with a huge debt and no means of paying for it. We are seniors and all we wanted was a little extra money to help us pay for our mortgage and get it paid off sooner.

    Please if you have a heart out there in Utah, please, PLEASE send us our money back.

    Thank you."

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  • We
    We're Learning our Lessons Dec 19, 2009
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    Verified customer

    Attention: Zach Bradshaw:

    Sending another fax in hopes that we will get a response to the request for a refund of our money paid to Thrive.

    We were smooth talked into being able to make some money by getting a web site and a drop shipper. We were told we could get our money back in 6 months time and then be able to make a 6 figure income. We gave you our credit card information and you scammed us out of a lot of money; ruined our credit rating and we are left with nothing but a BIG credit card debt.

    We are seniors and thought that we would just be able to make a little extra income a month in order to help us pay for the mortgage on our house; maybe live a little more comfortably in our retirement years and now we are having to continue to work to pay off this credit card debt.

    We were told not to tell our family at the time; that should have been a big flag to us, but we were so assured that we would be able to do this; without any computer skills, that we fell for it.

    Please, please, I beg you to refund us our money. Please give us a call and give us our hard earned money back.

    Thank you.

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  • Na
    Nanchan Jan 14, 2010

    We too fell into Thrive's clutches over 16 months ago. Their written warranty said that expect their clients to recoup their full initial investment inside of 6 months. We have not cleared even $300 in the 16 months we have been affiliated with Thrive.

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  • Thrive Scam
    Thrive has used countless other companies as fronts to protect them, some of these companies are Internet Auction Services, Infusion Media, Accelerated Business Solutions, Platinum Training Solutions, Internet Income Solutions, Internet Logistics and Thriveli just to name a few. These companies are in bed with Thrive, they make all of the promises and break all of the laws and then Thrive claims they did nothing wrong and that they only received 10 percent of the money you paid so in the worst case they are liable for only the 10 percent, this is a lie. Thrive eventually receives all of the money and lets the other companies that broke the laws go broke so they can't pay you back and then Thrive invents a new company to replace the one that broke the laws and went broke.
    I will continue to tell the world about Thrive and the people associated with Thrive as long as I am able to type, I will be sending this message to blogs that have nothing to do with Thrive. I'm also going to contact 60 Minutes to see if they would like to do a story on Thrive, its people and the State of Utah.
    I have lost $12, 000 dollars to these crooks, I'm from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada and I will definitely be forwarding my story to the Competition Bureau of Canada, Phonebusters, BBB, Ombudsman, my Member of Parliament and my Member of The Legislative Assembly, as well as the Governor of Utah, the Attorney General of Utah and the Governor General of the U.S., I'll also be asking the Governor and Attorney General of Utah if they are proud of the fact that Utah is the "Scam Capital of the World". I will also be including the names of the major people involved "Colton Moody, Erik Largin, Zack Bradshaw, David Rasmussen, Matthew Rasmussen and Chad Guthrie, if anyone knows of any others involved in Thrive please let me know. Thrive was originally the Summit Group, then renamed Momentum Marketing and now operates as Thrive, they change the name when they need to but it’s the same people with the same scam.
    I have a new idea, if everyone sent complaints to their individual states "Secretary of State, Securities Department" and include a copy of the State of Illinois "Summary Order to Cease and Desist", along with a copy of their story we could shut them down. The order stops Thrive Learning Institute, their Officers, Directors, Employees, Agents, Affiliates, Successors and Assigns from offering and/or selling business opportunities in the State of Illinois or to residents of the State of Illinois. If every State and Country made a Cease and Desist Order Thrive would be finished. You can get a copy of the Order online from The State of Illinois Secretary of State, Securities Department; File # 0800401.
    If you want to get any of your money back you must file a complaint with The State of Utah, Department of Commerce and Consumer Protection, Attention Glen Minson, Fraud Investigations Dept., treat him nicely as you need his help but don’t give up, keep calling him until you get your money back, he may try to convince you it’s your fault for signing the agreement but that’s BS, you’ve been scammed as have thousands of other innocent people. Please read the deal Thrive has made with the State of Utah (see Government Actions below) to protect themselves, look for anything that you can use in this agreement to help you get out of your deal with Thrive and its affiliates. You must do this as soon as possible, before the “sales company” you made the deal with goes out of or are forced out of business, you may be able to get your money back from them, but they will most likely drag things out until they go out of business, each company in Utah posts a $50, 000 bond, this is one of the places you may be able to get a refund from, once the $50, 000 is gone and so is the “sales company” Thrive will start up a new “sales company”. You should be able to get 10% of your money back from Thrive (see below). A very important thing to do is write letters to everybody and let everyone you can learn about Thrive and the people involved. Public awareness is Thrives greatest enemy and our greatest strength, send letters everywhere on the net.
    Government Actions
    September 18, 2009

    On September 18, 2009 the Utah Division of Consumer Protection ("Division") entered into a Consent Agreement with Thrive Learning LLC ("Thrive"). The Division and Thrive agreed to the following:

    1. Thrive shall agree to enter into an Exclusive Marketing Agreement with any and all telemarketing floors it does business with.

    2. Thrive shall require all individuals, independent contractors, agents, ensigns, who actively sell its products and services to use the End User Purchase Agreement when selling Thrive products and services. In particular, Thrive agrees to disclose the following to consumers who purchase its products and services: a) the purchase price; b) a clear and detailed description of the products purchased; c) management fees or hosting fees, if applicable; d) suggested prerequisites to operating an e-commerce website, including but not limited to: ownership of a computer, additional capital resources, Internet connection, and general computer knowledge; e) there are no guarantees of success or promises of money back; f) hard work and effort is required to be successful; and g) the customer has a three (3) day right of rescission. It was agreed that these disclosures should be in a typeface which is clear and legible.

    3. Thrive shall include within its End User Agreement the following written notice in twelve (12) point bold font in all caps:


    This provision shall appear in the immediate proximity where the purchaser signs and is not valid when prohibited by local law.

    4. Thrive shall include within its End User Agreement the following written notice in twelve (12) point bold font in all caps:


    This provision shall appear in the immediate proximity where the purchaser signs and is not valid when prohibited by local law.

    5. Both the Division and Thrive agree that, should Thrive fail to provide the disclosures outlined above to a particular purchaser and/or transaction, Thrive shall fully refund the purchaser and/or cancel the transaction.

    6. Both the Division and Thrive agree that Thrive has the ability to satisfactorily resolve all customer complaints arising out of transactions which occurred prior to the execution of this Agreement. If a refund and/or cancellation is appropriate, as determined by the Division, to satisfactorily resolve a customer’s complaint, Thrives liability is limited to the amount it received from the transaction.

    7. Thrive will work in good faith with the Division to resolve all complaints the Division receives irrespective whether the underlying transaction occurred before or after the execution of this Agreement.

    8. Thrive will attempt to enforce the complaint resolution mechanisms outlined in its Exclusive Marketing Agreement with all telemarketing sales floors it currently does business with.

    9. Thrive will use its best efforts to ensure every purchaser of its products and services will participate in a recorded compliance call. During the compliance call the customer must be informed of: the purchase price, the products the customer will receive or is receiving, the number of weeks of coaching, and the "cooling off" period. Thrive agrees to periodically review a random selection of these audio compliance recordings to ensure the information was properly disclosed to the purchaser. The underlying transaction associated with any audio compliance recording which does not contain the information may be subject to cancellation and/or refund.

    10. It is understood and agreed Thrive will provide the Division a copy of a customer's compliance recording within fifteen (15) days of such request. Failure to provide a copy of the audio of the compliance recording to the Division will result in a full cancellation and refund of the transaction with the purchaser. Thrive, its agents, independent contractors, and/or ensigns are required only to maintain audio compliance recordings for one (1) year after the date of the recording.

    11. Thrive will provide the Division a copy of any complaining customer's contracts, communications, and use of Thrive products and services within fifteen (15) days of receiving a request from the Division.

    12. Thrive acknowledges and affirms it will: a) regularly update its coaching standards and procedures in an attempt to keep its products and services competitive and comparable with other companies which offer similar coaching; and b) require any party who provides a testimonial or earnings claim to execute a declaration in conformity with the "Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising".

    Nothing in this Agreement should be construed as an admission of guilt or liability on the part of Thrive. Thrive has entered into this Agreement freely and voluntarily without any undue influence of the Division.

    In my opinion the people involved with Thrive are crooks, scam artists with no morals or conscience. I wonder what the families and neighbours of Colton Moody, Erik Largin, Zack Bradshaw, David Rasmussen, Matthew Rasmussen and Chad Guthrie would say if they knew what these people really did for a living. I wonder how these upstanding citizens would like it if somebody went to their neighbourhood and area business’s (Springville, Orem, Lindon, American Fork, Draper, etc.)and handed out flyers and told people what kind of business they operate and how they are crooks and scam artists who prey on people when they are at their most vulnerable (not that I would ever condone doing this).
    These people (Colton Moody, Erik Largin, Zack Bradshaw, David Rasmussen, Matthew Rasmussen and Chad Guthrie) set up dummy companies such as; Here is a brief list of companies associated with Thrive Learning Institute:
    Professional Marketing Group, PMG, PMG Mentors, Private Mentoring Group, Vermotion, Secure Gate, Fortius, Auctions for Income, NMR, IDI, Auctions 4 Income, Quicksite National Marketing Resources, PMI, National Marketing Resources, Iworks, Inc, Virtual Contact Inc, Paynet Merchant Services, Professional Marketing International, PMI Coaching, ITC Internet Treasure Chest, IDI Global, Summit Consulting, Online Supplier Coaching,, online supplier, Netgateway,, Galaxy Mall, Imergent, Internet Treasure Chest, Stores Online, Foreclosureworld, Summit Group, Summit Consulting, Internet Development, Income Success Team, The Tax Club, Links 4 Trade, Professional Consulting Services, PCS, nmrcoaching, pmicoaching, quicksite builder, Nathan Kenyon, Dave Espino, Jim Cochran, Greg Cooper, Frank Kerns, Colton Moody, Dolf De Roos, PROSPER INC., Prosper Learning,,,,, multiple streams of income, PMI coaching, usight home Inc., EPenzio, Russ Dalbey, Hacket Media, John Beck, Robert Allen, auction secrets,,, bright builders,, foreclosures, EPI, epibiz, power profit system, mentors in motion, passport to millions, wealth and self, cash secrets, Auctions for Income, NMR, IDI, Auctions 4 Income, Quicksite National Marketing Resources, National Marketing Resources, Iworks, Inc, Virtual Contact Inc, Paynet Merchant Services, Professional Marketing International and the list KEEPS GROWING!!!, Internet Auction Services, Infusion Media, Accelerated Business Solutions, Platinum Training Solutions, Internet Income Solutions, Internet Logistics and Thriveli and so on, and they get unemployed people to own them so when they go bankrupt or are shut down for wrong doings their names are protected and so is Thrives name, they claim they have nothing to do with the “sales company” and that Thrive only receives 10% of what you pay and the rest goes to the “sales company” so Thrives liability is only 10%. I wonder if the I.R.S. would be interested in checking out all of these companies and see where the money actually goes.
    Check out this blog.
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    Re: Thrive Learning Institute ???
    Yes, BEWARE of Thrive Learning Institute! The latest addition to UT online 'educational' scams. The former founders of Tafiti Consulting a division of Media Learner, started Thrive because they got greedy and wanted the whole pie. Thrive uses the Lightwave Builder which is really a Bright Builders product (all these are UT based companies) who is in bed with Echo (Electronic Clearing House of SF, UT) online merchant account processors who also rip everyone off - they use First Regional bank, Ca - it's easier to get a mortgage or auto loan than a merchant account here. Then there is Prosper Inc, Mentoring of America, PMI (recently became a part of Media Learner) - all these coaching companies charge thousands of dollars to provide online websites and coaching by inexperienced kids. There is a 3 day cancellation policy which the major sales companies that sell you these programs such as Summit don’t tell you about-it is almost impossible to get your money back. Watch out for Matt & Dave Rasmussen (Thrive), S. Sonnenberg (Media Learner) Todd Baum (Echo), Alex of Summit. These are scams and all UT based. Good Luck!

    What really bothers me is the State of Utah, do they not care that they are the “Internet scam capital of the world”. It’s my opinion that all of the necessary government palms have been greased, at the very best the Utah government is ignoring this problem but it’s my opinion they are much more involved. I received a blog from someone who said “The Summit Group and another call center Thrive Learning, both under the management of Colton Moody and Eric Largin, donated $25, 000 to Shurtleff’s campaign in 2008 (Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff), I don’t know if this is true, it’s word for word what I received in a blog from “not happy”. In 2008, Shurtleff filled his campaign chest with $187, 500 in donations from seven call-center companies—all based in Utah and six which have been investigated by the Utah Division of Consumer Protection or prosecuted by assistant attorneys general in Shurtleff’s office representing Consumer Protection. That’s not counting the actions these companies have faced from 10 other state’s attorneys general or consumer protection agencies and from investigative counterparts in Australia. Donations Shurtleff netted from these companies made up more than a quarter of his 2008 war chest.
    Thrive has their own testimonials online, everyone of them endorses Thrive and everyone of them is a lie, the public is not allowed to post on this site, only the testimonials made up by Thrive are posted. Do not believe any positive posts about Thrive, there are no truthful positive posts about Thrive as there has never been a truly successful Thrive graduate with money making online business, not even one out of the tens of thousands of people they have scammed. Thrive hires inexperienced college students desperate for cash to pretend to train you, none of them have a successful online business. Why wouldn’t they have a part time online business if they knew how to actually start up and operate one? I’ve noticed over the last year and a half that most of the information on Thrive and how to get your money back have been removed from the internet, kind of strange that only these comments telling the truth about thrive and how to get your money back are being removed. These crooks have been at this a long time and know who to pay off and what to do to allow them to continue stealing money from uninformed innocent people like you. Write as many letters as you can to as many organisations as possible, FBI (IC3-GOV), Governor of Utah, Attorney General of Utah, Attorney General of the U.S., Better Business Bureau, /link removed/ (although I have had several bloggers tell me they believe /link removed/ is as corrupt as Thrive and probably on their payroll), your Secretary of State (Securities Department), make sure you send letters you can track so you can follow up with the date, time and who picked up your letter and always make copies off everything and make notes about every conversation you have. Don’t give up and don’t try to play fairly with these scammers, send letters to everyone you can, do whatever it takes to get your money back (within reason).
    Disclaimer: ( All of the things I have stated here are my opinion only and should be not be taken as the truth or used as facts or proof, do your own research and form your own opinion.)

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  • FIAD Services Apr 02, 2012

    We have done a background report on Professional Marketing International and other known accomplices (see below link) PLEASE LET US KNOW IF WE NEED TO ADD OR UPDATE ANYTHING! Please note report consists of previous client feedback who had previously done business with Professional Marketing International.

    BACKGROUND REPORT – Professional Marketing International -

    Reported accomplices so far for Professional Marketing International;
    Professional Marketing International
    P M I
    PMI Coaching
    PMI Education
    Wasatch Summit LLC
    My E Biz
    National Marketing Resources
    Home Buyer’s Club
    Operation Dropship
    Interactive Training System
    Click Sell Go
    AFI Auction Max
    SKW Central
    Sean Keegan Walker’s Tax Liens & Deeds
    Electronic Marketing Services Inc
    EMS Coaching
    EMServe LLC
    PMI Education Center
    The Insiders Edge
    Think a Little Different
    uSight Home Inc
    Home Inc
    Home Office Marketing Enterprises
    Stores on Line
    Storesonline Inc
    Imergent Inc.
    H.O.M.E. Inc
    H O M E Inc.
    HOME Inc.
    Tafiti Consulting

    Please check out the other companies we have also been informed of listed on our site should you hear of them in the future.

    FIAD Card Services (please visit our website, ). We definitely can be of help if you have not yet received a full refund. We have no upfront fees and work on a contingency basis. We only need you to answer a few questions to confirm we can help. PLEASE NOTE- The original purchase date must be within the past 24 months.

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  • Ru
    Rustyshackleford1 Feb 24, 2014

    "In my opinion the people involved with Thrive are crooks, scam artists with no morals or conscience. I wonder what the families and neighbours of Colton Moody, Erik Largin, Zack Bradshaw, David Rasmussen, Matthew Rasmussen and Chad Guthrie would say if they knew what these people really did for a living. I wonder how these upstanding citizens would like it if somebody went to their neighbourhood and area business’s (Springville, Orem, Lindon, American Fork, Draper, etc.)and handed out flyers and told people what kind of business they operate and how they are crooks and scam artists who prey on people when they are at their most vulnerable" -

    I am their neighbor.. and I agree with you buddy. They all need to go to jail (after paying everyone back with interest)

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  • Re
    RedfacedOne Jun 29, 2016

    I became a victim of the Thrive Learning Institute during the great recession at a time when I was both vulnerable and desperate. I had started a business but was not making enough to support myself so I was having to spend through my resources and use credit cards. Thrive offered a chance to start an online retail store, or so I thought. I had signed up for a service here and there and was about to drop out because of the cost. I was being nickel and dimed. They told me if a paid one lump sum of $13k plus, there would be no additional cost to staring my business. That turned out NOT to include fees for annual wholesaler membership, website, products to sell, etc. I spent and hour on the phone with someone one night to discuss my business goals. A business plan was part of what I had paid for. I received what I can only call a cookie cutter plan of about 30 pages that had nothing to do with what I had discussed with them. As time went on I realized there would still be more and more costs, but I did not go any further. I did not really learn anything from them at all, except that I had been scammed. Has anyone received a refund from them? If so, could you share what I need to do. It is 2016 and I am still paying of this debt.

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Thrive Learning InstituteNo Help after the 4 week pro-active stage

Long story short - after the initial 4 weeks pro-active training (which was dismal at best) there is no further contact from these people other than an occasional email. All phone conversations cease. So I was defrauded out of $4, 500 for a webhosting company that takes your money and runs.

In August, I clicked to a Google business add ohline and was sent a cd/dvd in the mail to teach me how to make money by using the web. I no sooner received this item than I received a phone call from the Thrive Learning Institute based out of Utah. He made the whole concept of an online university to learn how to make money by the using the internet sound sooooo easy that a child could do it. After numerous phone conversations with them, I agreed over the phone to do this and consented to a $4, 500 checking account withdrawal with the hope that within 4-6 weeks I could recoup my investment.

After 4 weeks with basically no help from them, I emailed them to let them know that I wanted my money back. I soon thereafter filed a formal complaint with the Utah Attorney General's office and carbon copied by Pennsylvania Attorney General's office. Within a week, I received a terse phone call from their company attorney asking what my problem was and after a lengthy conversation I agreed to give them another 4 weeks to help me get my website up and running and he promised to NOT take out the $49.95 monthly website hosting fee. ha! for a website that was not completed in any way.

So with another 4 weeks gone by and still no website they started charging my account again and again I called to complain and again I received a terse phone call from their top people. Then the deal was for me to just start all over with another website with other products. So now I had to apply for two (2) domain names for websites that I don't even have. I receive spam emails and phone calls from other bogus companies to get me into more scams, etc.

So in the end, I have nothing - no website, no money and no help from the Utah Attorney General. So whoever is out there reading this, DO NOT accept any kind of false help from the Thrive Learning Institute because you will be screwed.

Thrive Learning InstituteScammed-want full refund

Greed! Greed has happened to many in this country. What was wrong with making a 10-15% profit and not cheating individuals for your own personal gain? Some people want more and will lie, cheat, and steal to get your money, so they can have more at your expense and you have less. You receive nothing in return but stress and have a harder time just trying to have the basic necessities of life—food, heat, medicine, but they don’t really care.

Welcome to Infusion Media, Thrive Learning Institute, and Capital One Credit Card Company where you are really taken for a ride. Hi Clint Arnell, Brandon Clark, Zach Bradshaw, and the Capital One Dispute and Fraud Investigation Departments.

At Thrive Learning Institute you pay a lot of money for a lot of nothing. Think you are getting a web site from them to start an online business. Think again. What you get is doing all of the work yourself because the only thing they provide is telling you where to go to access free things on the Internet for your web site. They also provide more ways for you to spend your money when you were told there were absolutely no more out of pocket expenses. You have to purchase a domain name, get a business license, a drop shipper, set up a merchant account through them, pay hosting fees, and so on.

Now this is the good part. I spent $4, 225 for all of this and what I actually got was this: Infusion Media had their phone number disconnected, so I thought it was a scam (it really is a scam) and filed a dispute with my credit card company. Brandon Clark and Zach Bradshaw said they had me on tape and I could not get my money back, so I worked very hard at making my $4, 225 really count. Here is where we find out what kind of a company Thrive really is. Sean from Thrive called to verify that I had, in fact, filed a dispute with the credit card company. When I verified I had filed a dispute, he said I needed to stop calling and e mailing them for help because they (Thrive) weren’t going to help me any more and I needed to call Zach Bradshaw.

So, I called Zach Bradshaw and he wanted to know why I filed the dispute. I explained why I filed the dispute and the concerns I have with Thrive Learning Institute. Zach said if I dropped the dispute, my concerns would be taken care of. Zach offered me 6 additional months of free hosting and to start my year training over again. Zach was to send a confirming e-mail regarding this, which I never received, so I didn’t drop the dispute. I talked with Zach again and told him I wanted my money back as I never received an email from him. Zach said why would I send you an email when I don’t know how you learn and I didn’t hear from you regarding dropping the dispute. I told him you know how I learn because I have been in contact with Thrive constantly trying to get this done. Zach used the communications I had with Thrive (verbal and written) against me for the dispute with the credit card company and Capital One fell for it. Zach said because I did not drop the dispute with the credit card company has caused Thrive a hit on their merchant account and also cost Thrive a considerable amount of money. I told him I was waiting for his confirming email before I dropped the dispute. Once again, I was getting nothing in return from Thrive for my $4, 225 investment. Zach offered me this: I could either continue with the training or forfeit my money.

I chose to file complaints with the FTC, Utah Attorney General’s Office, Attorney General’s Office in the state I live, and again file a dispute and fraud complaint regarding the charge with the credit card company, and the BBB of Utah.

So this is what I end up with. (1) An offer for $1, 000 from Thrive because I don’t want to continue their training because it doesn’t work, they are unprofessional, untruthful, etc., (2) Rejection from Capital One regarding the dispute and/or fraud complaint (you can prove their was misrepresentation, pay services and not receive them and still can’t get your money back), even though you provide documentation from agencies as the FTC, Utah Consumer Protection Division that there was wrong doing and nothing is done, and (3) you are unable to receive anything from Infusion Media. You would think the credit card company would agree with me, the consumer, as I did not receive the services promised and have sent the appropriate documentation. What I received was misrepresentation and deceptive sales practices of what Infusion Media and Thrive Learning Institute could and would do for you; when in reality what I received was misrepresentation of what they actually provide, when you actually receive much of nothing for your investment, but violating the Business Opportunities Act in Utah and in my resident state, and other violations. Does breaking the law no longer have consequences and full restitution for the victims?

So, at this point, I am out my $4, 225 investment. I could get $1, 000 from Thrive and pay only $3, 225 for 2 months of the Thrive Learning Institute’s training and support, which really got me nothing because Thrive locked me out of their training web site and access to my web site/domain name, which I paid for. And, last but not least, what company provides a service that you paid handsomely for is allowed to decide they are no longer going to help you because you filed a credit card dispute against them. Just like many other victims of Infusion Media, Thrive Learning Institute, and the credit card companies, Capital One in my case, I have been taken for a ride. It is even harder to survive myself, let alone taking care of an elderly parent and provide financial assistance to a child that has a brain tumor. Thanks for your greed and taking from others who trusted you. No one deserves to be taken advantage in this manner because they want to take provide for their family. A personal thanks to Clint Arnell, Brandon Clark, Zach Bradshaw, and Capital One for taking food from my table, medicine from my daughter, and heat from my home.

  • Mi
    Mislead??? Nov 16, 2009

    How recent did this happen to you? I got charged that exact amount too and got the same BS but that was months ago and if their still doing this scam we got to stop them!!! brandon clark sold me thrives services too. He cons you into buying something else you think your getting.Accelerated business solution aka infusion media were to be shut down by the FBI??? or so i was told by the utah consumer protection agency.I hope they read all of these complaints, i know that Brandon clark has read some before and he gave me lame excuses on all of them. It's crazy how thier doing the same thing still and getting away with it!!!

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  • Jo
    JoeGrumpy Feb 07, 2010

    Did you ever receive any money initially from your credit card co.? I was hooked for a lot more from Thrive. I also filed a complaint with Capital One and initially credited my account the full amount, but I didn't have all my stuff together at the time and let the it drop. I'm in the process now of getting my things in order to refile.

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  • De
    Decorating by Debi Apr 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you DsbJ1jjd - you said so eloquently exactly what happened to me. Same exact strategy that Thrive used on me-down to the last letter. Amazing. I felt like I was so alone in my quest for trying to retrieve my money that they fraudulently took from me. I will not give up on trying. I will fight to my dying day trying to rectify this wrong. They should be allowed to screw people like they are and get away with it.

    Debbie Clark
    PO Box 225
    Mifflintown, PA 17059

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  • Fr
    Fraud Scam by Thrive Learning Institute Jan 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree with you all. They are literally criminals in my mind. The only difference is, is that I'm into them for $15, 000. I guess that was the going rate at the time I signed on. I read in other reviews that the price changed from person to person. Some were only charged $ 600 and others $10, 00 and ME, $15, 000. I spent
    1 1/2 years building my website only to have them make me change it at least 3 times and when I told them that their "up-grade" at one point didn't work They told me I had to do the whole site over again. I guess they didn't have the programmer that knew how to correct it. I understand they hire students for their so called "experts" that train you. I NEVER got a hit or made a sale from my site and after a year and a half I told them I just wanted out. I had spent so much time and effort on it and it was such a let down when it failed that I just wanted to crawl in a hole somewhere and never come out.
    I am a 70 year old retired widow and live on social security and by the time I pay my monthly bills there isn't anything left over for gas for my car or food for my table. Thank God I can plant a garden and harvest most of my food. I don't know how to go about getting my money back but I sure wish someone would tell me because I had to mortgage my home to cover the cost of this fraudulent so called business.
    Maybe we need to get everyone who has been scammed by them on one page and go after them and break them. I sure would like to see that happen.
    I went on the Utah website to file a complaint and besides being scammed for #15, 000, they want me to pay $25.00 to file the complaint. And then they will let me know what Thrive has to respond to it. That's a laugh. I tried that once and the BBB sent me a notice that there was no company by that name, even though they are listed in the BBB. I got a call from the BBB one day wanting to endorse my business with them and I told them they could take their BBB and stick it because of the scam I received from Thrive. He asked me if I filed a complaint and I told him that I had and they did nothing about it. So much for the BBB!!!
    So if anyone has a way or website that will fight for our money without taking more away from us please let me know or include me in it. signed: [email protected]

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Thrive Learning InstituteNew Stagety

Hi all,

Well, it seems that all predictions seem to be off with Thrive. Yea, they’re still within their first five years that it takes to really make a business operate (but still will probably end up failing). Utah’s Department of Consumer Protection don’t seem to care about the way, we the people, were hung out to dry by Thrive and their lying sales floors. Glen Minson, so called investigator for DCP knows who they are and what they do, but apparently having to contact and deal with Thrive’s PR person over and over again for so long, seems to have struck up quite a friendly relationship. Anyone who’s had to deal with this Glen character knows what’s being said here. Thanks Glen, for bending over, stringing along and throwing these innocent people under the bus while you were supposed be getting paid to protect them. The most recent news is that they've gotten out from under that Utah Business Opportunities Act by simply changing their contract and cutting a deal with the state (called "settling out of court"…Oh yea, that's right, the Utah Attorney General already took his donations, didn't he?)

Which means, outside of some embarrassment, Thrive gets to skate…and get back to the business of scamming people as usual. Of course, they can pay the best designers they can find to hawk their wares and a marketing division which does nothing but game the search engines…and top it all off with a complete lack of customer service(weak videos and worse coaching). They don't understand how real commerce works, only how to scam - so their promotion, marketing and delivery sucks because their customer service sucks (what a vicious circle).

What really sucks is that they seem to get away with it. Of course, this really means that when you get right down to it, it's only you and me and other people we know that can shut these crooks down - either they get out of the business (unlikely) or they have the sales floor and learning under the same roof where they have to take more responsibility for what they deliver. Customer service is number one in keeping a business alive…and they don’t have any of it.

In case you didn’t notice most all the people who had personal blogs have mostly disappeared from the scene. After some research it turns out they were made to sign a little note which probably doesn't have any real legal weight behind it - but no one has the money to take it to a real lawyer to check it out. Look what I just found…

What are people doing to get back at Thrive(who don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to this) ? Simple, They just dig up the poop Thrive left lying around in public areas(forums and blogs) and then copy and post it to their blog. A lot of this information is actually in the forums. More can be found by simply looking up Google's cached copies (or checking with other people in the various forums to see if they downloaded those pages.)

Dave Rasumussen has tried to go nearly invisible by hiding his wife's blog. Eric Largin has similarly locked down his LinkedIn pages so that no one can actually network with him (so why does he have a LinkedIn page then?) Colton Moody still has his picture up on facebook with his wife. Zach Bradshaw has been either too busy or too embarrassed to put his real face or info up anywhere - and he'll never want to do this, unless he moves out of Utah or even the country (way to go, Zach - you just blew any chance to enjoy the Internet like the rest of us...)

But a lot of stuff has been exposed on these guys and there is still a lot more out there.

The reason these blogs disappeared is that they tied the personal lives of those scammers. Their actual family, friends, community (as well as the local Chamber of Commerce) don't know what they do. Just like sneaky politicians, they can't stand the spotlight. So, they easily buy off those complaining customers by refunding them - and think nothing about infringing on their First Amendment Rights and getting them to sign them away. Again, it was hard not to notice all the blogs and comments removed from forums and the rest of the internet in the last five months.

Now with this being an election year, we can actually have some fun with the candidates by asking them the real questions about what their stand on the Utah scams are. Then post any response to the forums, where others can see, comment, and do their own emails and calls to these offices. Then ask their own questions like, “how they are going to act (or not) on the illegal activities that Utah is becoming known for. Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff is running against Bob Bennett in the primary. Be sure to give Bennett all the info you have about Shurtleff's campaign contributions...

These forums have been the most effective work in forcing Thrive to reform. These posts don't go away (except where they made taking down forum posts as part of their paper agreement/payoff deal) as long as they are factual. As long as they are true they won't be taken down by the moderators or administrators.

These forums are an open invitation to recover and post the data from those now-missing blogs. And so, people would then be able to simply have all the real, publicly-available information to quote and post on their own blogs.

The simplicity of setting up a blog is nearly as easy as creating a forum post. So it's a no-brainer that if we could simply get in touch with all these people who have given up on their refund and then had them scrape, copy, and post the information found (making sure to link back to where they got it, of course) - these people could get their refunds a lot faster.

Of course, nobody is saying we should organize or anything like that – (we don't want to stoop to racketeering like Colton Moody, Eric Largin, and Matt and Dave Rasmussen). This post is only bringing up ideas that should be made known to anyone who is posting in these forums.

If you want your money back fast, you start a blog and spill the beans. That's just a fact.

Now, what we on this forum and those few who still have blogs out there are really doing is trying to educate the public on how to use the Internet.
(Same thing the scammers are doing, but they cost a lot more for that education...)

So the suggestion here to anyone interested in stopping Thrive and getting their refund, is:
• Copy this post and repost on the forums from time to time(especially if it was removed)
• Contact everyone they can on the forums to see if they are interested in setting up blogs.
• Find people who have the publicly-accessible information on these individuals (which had been posted on blogs and forums before and now have disappeared)
• Get that info recovered and posted to the forums (all of them, if possible) so that this data will always be publicly-known and readily available.

That would mean that everyone has to get several other people blogging before they put up their own blog. Thrive didn't just get those informative blogs removed, they also made that data disappear on the forums. Their strategy was to pick off the hardest working and most dedicated, pay them, and force them to take down all their hard work…all vital public information.

Saundrak is still around and so is Kona - both of whom are willing to work with anyone on getting started with their refund cycles. (And if you want to help these two, visit their blogs and post comments there - it starts ranking them above

Thrive Learning Institute is set to go under if they have to start paying off too many refunds (they only make 10% out of every sale), and would have to pay back the rest (which they can’t get back from the sales floors). They've probably already spent the money they did get ...serves you right.
Their other option is to declare bankruptcy and start over. However, the same truthful yet negative information will still be in those forums when they surface again.

I'm asking everyone on this forum:

What do you think of that plan? Do you think it’s possible? Do you think the people in this forum (and others) will get behind this and get everyone blogging to get their refunds?
Personally, hopes are high…but, I don't think that it will actually get rid of scammers totally. PMI Inc and some others like Pacific Webworks have been around for some ten years. Nobody has ever shut them down and their scamming ways still continue. They are only a little better than Thrive…but only because they have a better business plan (mostly because they generate their own leads and cut out the middleman).
But… what we can do is start picking up people who have been discouraged into quitting and getting these guys to simply put up a blog so they can get their money back.

So, what do you think?!?

  • Wh
    What a fool Oct 21, 2009

    I am so confused and disgusted that I could scream. I have spent several hours on the phone with different people who all sound a like and seem to be reading from a script. I just want my money back and never to hear from these people again.

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  • Ja
    Jane Oct 25, 2009

    I will help any way I can. I was able to get my money back. I got it back from the company who originally sold me the contract, which was Platinum Training Solutions. Thrive on the other hand was just like you said. I was not made to sign anything since my refund came from the company who sold it. I feel that PTS didn't have a clue how Thrive operated. I feel Thrive sold them a bill of goods as far as the services they would provide and of course didn't follow through. I have not removed any of my posts, hoping they would help others. I'm shocked to hear about Mr. Minson. He was helpful to me when I was asking for my money. Evidently, he has joined their club. SO SAD!!!

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  • Mi
    Mislead??? Nov 10, 2009

    What do i do since the company that sold me thrive's services got shut down by the feds? Though the charge was mad by thrive, or at least that what it said on my CC statement and had thrives phone #. Any help out there to help me...?

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  • Ib
    I BN Conned Jan 06, 2010

    I'm happy to do whatever I can. I have a Post in this forum in a different section. I wrote a more extended report in "anti-fraud international." My so-called contract came from a company called, "Vannuity LLC. When I sent my fraud complaint to Discover card, I received a copy of a reply to Discover that came from another company called, " The Shanklin Group", which in addition to their relationship with Thrive is also an insurance broker. The principal is "Brett Labrum", who has been sited on other forums as another one of the con-men associated with Thrive. It's like a shell game trying to put all the pieces together in this nefarious gang of rip off artists. Since they are probably Mormons, I've thought about an appeal to the Mormon hierarchy for help.
    Tell me about your blog methodology--the, "how to" stuff, and I'll implement. How about an attorney in Utah? If they take a class action on contingency there might be enough meat on the bones to make it worthwhile. Get back to me ASAP please.
    Dave-- I BN Conned-(post display name).

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Thrive Learning Instituteinternet scam

A representative from Thrive Learning Institute talked my 81-year-old mother into charging $6350 for a web-based business opportunity. She receives income only from social security and certainly can not afford to spend this money. For health reasons she is not able to follow through on the "training" they claim to provide or to conduct a business online. I was out of town when this initially transpired. When I returned, I spent a whole Sunday afternoon on the internet investigating this business. What I found out caused me to call John Waddlesworth at Thrive to get my mother released from this contract. I have talked to him twice and he says a refund is not possible and that from his conversations with my mother, he feels she is able to handle the business and I was not being "ethical" to speak for her. He did promise to stop the $39.95 monthly website fee being taken from her checking account but I don't know if that will happen. As it turns out, a second $39.95 was deducted from her checking account after I spoke with him. Fortunately, my mother's bank refunded all the charges made against her checking account and issued her a new debit card so that Thrive can no longer have access to it.
My mother's credit card company (Discover) from which the $6350 was taken has not been as helpful. They originally said they would be sending paperwork to us to fill out to try to get the money back, but now they say their hands are tied since she freely gave her credit card information to Thrive. I'm not even sure what the name of the company is. Thrive Institute? IDI? Focus? Thrive Learning? LVFG? Money Mastery? Every correspondence (email, phone, bank charge, USPS) uses a different name.
Incidentally, I found a report from the BBB in Utah giving an F rating to Thrive Learning LLC as part of LVFG, Inc.
I have written to the Utah Consumer Protection Agency and the Utah Attorney General. I'm sure that Thrive has covered all its bases but maybe if the powers that be get enough complaints, they'll do something about it.
We are considering hiring a lawyer to try to resolve this mess. I am angry that unscrupulous jerks can continue to use the internet to prey on those who are not able to fight back. From what I can tell from internet chatter this company has been getting away with this for a long time.
Has anybody been able to get a refund from this company?

  • Ho
    honestvoice Oct 02, 2009

    I did not get scammed for as much money, but these folks are a complete rip off and need to be shut down!

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  • Ro
    Robert Ramos Oct 05, 2009

    Yes, several have recieved refunds. As stated on this and other forums. There are several blogs out there with tons of info. I created one to help with this thrive mess. Go to:

    I have linked other blog sites with even more info(including one who has recieved a refund)

    Good luck and happy hunting

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  • Dp
    DPFH Nov 06, 2009

    I've just realized that I'm being scammed after almost 1 year...!!! I can't believe that I'm so stupid...!!!
    I'm having problem with iMAX now to close the account, and nothing useful from Thrive Learning Institute. Gosh, I have lost US$ 5000 at initial registration, and monthly payment for web building and iMAX bancard which both never been activated and used by me.
    Do you guys have any idea how many days the people received their money back?
    Man, I just found out now, feel like crying now... =(
    I'll post more later

    D. H.

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Thrive Learning Institutescammed me and took $6625

I am another victim of Thrive Learning Institute. Here is my story.

I clicked on link that said "Google Ad works", it took me to one guy's testimonial about the way in which he is been earning "2000 to 3000" dollars per month from home. I hesitated for a long time and clicked the link which asked me to put my name and address in it. And the web site asked my for my credit card number to send their exclusive package. The web site said it would cost me $1.95 which would be used for mailing charges or something. This is it. I did not know that this is the worst thing I could do to myself. Few days later, I got a call from a telemarketing company named "ABS"(Accelerated Business Solutions). I really don’t know how ABS got my information. A person named Phil from ABS told me about the Thrive e-Learning program. He told me about drop shipping, OPM and how good internet marketing is. All the this time I was thinking that ABS was related to Google Ad Works. He sounded so genuine and I did believe what he told me. He even made me write a business plan. He forwarded me talk to his "Program Director" Brandon Clark. Brandon promised me that it would return all money back in 2 months ( or 8 weeks) and it is proven, and in 12 months I would at least make 2 times my initial investment. He told me that it is "Drop Ship" program. He told me that I need to put some initial investment in order to get more money back. He also told me that Thrive will spoon feed me with all the information, and all I need to do is to follow the instructions. He used some high pressure marketing on me, and took $6625 from me on the same day.

I fell into this trap. Then I was assigned to a team called "Team 1A" which had 4 coaches. Somebody named Nate called me on the first day, and introduced me to their student web site And he also told me that there will weekly calls, live chats and I needed to spend 5-10 hours going through their material. He talked as if they are available 24 by 7 to for me.

In less than 2 weeks I realized that the content that they are providing was not at all useful in starting any kind of internet business. Also, I did not get any “world class” coaching from the coaches. These “coaches” gave me useless information about drop-shipping and were not available 24 X 7, not even respond to me when I call them.

Not only that, these people drove me into other companies which took more money out of me. The coaches started pushing me to buy services from another web site called “” for a listing of drop shippers. ( like a Yellow pages for drop shippers). They made me pay another $97 for nothing.

Another company named “IMAX” started approaching me for a Merchant account. At this point I said, no more and started asking for my money back from Thrive. And I tried real hard to reach the people responsible for paying back. They simply ignored my calls and emails.

At that point I approached my credit card company to start the refund process, and I also complained about these companies (ABS, Thrive and in Better Business Bureau (BBB), FBI, Federal trade commission(FTC) and Utah’s Attorney general’s office. I am still working on my case.

So, I suggest all of you reading this post to be very careful about such companies, and never sign up ( Or sign a contract) for these Internet Money Scams.

I also created a blog to help the victims like me. Feel free to use the information I provided there. And also caution others from doing the same mistake.

  • Au
    auntsha50 Sep 08, 2009

    Same thing happened to me...Unbelievable what these people have done and are still doing.

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  • Mi
    Mislead??? Sep 14, 2009

    When did this happen to you? ABS Got shut down by the feds!!! If this was recent we gotta do something to get these ###...

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  • Jb
    JBV Sep 16, 2009

    I'm in the process of trying to get back $6350 that Thrive took from my 81-year-old mother. They refuse to refund the money and called me unethical for not letting them talk to her. I am composing letters to The State Attorney General of Utah and anyone else I can think of. Her credit card company is sending a fraud form to fill out but they don't sound too hopeful.

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  • Mr
    Mr Livid Oct 27, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These ### are out there sucking people in at the wort time in everyones life with the economy and job losses. Anyone getting into this scam was doing so to make a little extra money so they could survive the circumstances. Instead we all got screwed big time. For me it was $10, 000.00 USD which is $13, 000.00 CDA. Holy crap am "I" screwed. If there is a god, the Utah States Attorney will shut these ### down and send everybody a refund
    and throw Zack Bradshaw and all his stooges in jail. They are worse than ### for preying on innocent people that are just trying to keep up, not even get ahead of the game.
    I must say that you should be very afraid of any internet schemes for making money working from home or other internet schemes. Thanks. C.

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  • Ka
    Karma Justice Oct 28, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree that we really can make a difference in helping each other with these postings. I believe in karma and I hope that these companies will get what is coming to them very soon. What goes around comes around. I looked at the website of Concepts Execution and looked at the picture of the family on the home page. My guess is that those people are simply models and not the real people. If they are, then so be it.

    I want to recover my money as well and I wish everyone else the best in recovering their losses to these ruthless and heartless companies. I am getting ready to send an email to the co-owner Robert Montgomery/Concepts Execution which I am certain will enrage him since he is an aggressive person and already threatened me on the phone.

    From now on, I am going to try and record the conversations and use the emails as another source of documentation. I didn't notice if anyone has mentioned this, but I suspect that they also sold my contact information as I get daily calls from a variety of companies wanting to sell me one thing or another. I have also gotten chain letters in the mail, and other scam offers.

    IMAX Bancard finally cancelled my account, but they charged me a cancellation fee. I saw this later in fine print on the contract and at least they only charged a small fee compared to what it said on the contract. Someone from Thrive had told me that I wouldn't be charged for cancelation of the account. Lies, lies, lies.

    Ameritax is another concern. I am especially concerned since they have my SSN due to it being a tax service and getting a business name. At this point, I am trying to recover what I can one step at a time.

    I had told the co-owner at Concepts Execution during our heated discussion that not only am I going through this my mother is dying of cancer. I really wanted to part ways and make it a win/win situation for both of us. He really didn't care at all. In fact, he said it wasn't his fault that my mother was dying. I didn't say that it was. This guy doesn't know what it is to be a true human being.

    One day he will lose a loved one and I can only hope that he will be regretful of what he put me through. I'm not holding my breathe on his "getting it" about life.

    We all have choices in life and we will be responsible for those choices even if we don't think so. Everyone loves something or someone, and one day he will be faced with loss and probably in a much more dramatic and painful way than what he has put us through.

    I have known people like this that suffer painful deaths and painful situations in life. This is why I try my best to consider my actions based on a great deal of thought. I try not to react emotionally and I think that these companies should be reported. That is the only way to help others and might help us recover our own losses.

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  • Mi
    Mislead??? Nov 04, 2009

    Has anyone got their money back or any head way with thrive? They are still running the google kit scam even though ABS got shut down and all their assets were seized!!! The owners Matt and Dave Rasmussen are ### and i hope they read this and all the other complaints against there so called business Thrive. They dont care about all the peoples lives that they have disturbed and all the problems that they caused within. I too hope they are hurt in someway. one day they will get whats coming to them, i hope at least. We must stop them or at least make it known very well to other not to do business with Thrive!!!

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  • Gu
    Guai Guai Feb 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you all for your sharing. Your painful experiences have saved me from losing more money to Concepts Execution. Believe it or not, now it is 2/2011, they are still out and about scamming people. They even scammed people in Australia! Luckily I told them my credit card limit was low, so they only asked me for USD1940. My mistake was I didn't read your postings before I got into the contract and gave them the money. Once I realized they were scammers, I frantically sent them emails and courier a certified letter asking for cancellation of contract. It was still within the 3-day period. Of course they don't care, because they are thieves! I have sent in a complaint to the Utah Division of Consumer Protection, hopefully they will be able to help. Thanks you again, I would have lost more than money without you!

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Thrive Learning InstituteRE: Unsurpassed customer frustraition

During the course of my traumatizing experience with my Thrive Learning Institute process, I was also sucked in to a big mess with a merchant business account to be able to accept credit cards for orders online. I was contacted by a person with Thrive (or so that’s what I thought). She went on to talk about a merchant account (online credit card possessing) and that I should sign up to begin accepting credit cards for online orders. She told me they would wave the setup fee for a limited time and that the offer would not last long (more tricks of the trade).I signed up on 3/11/09 thinking that I could still get a website going and salvage this program. A 35$ per month charge was to be in effect after activation of my account (so I was told). To my delight, Kayla, asked if I needed an appointment with their web builder. I agreed and she informed me that they were busy right now and that the soonest available appointment would be 3/30/08(almost three weeks). I agreed, even though I was frustrated at having to wait so long. I tried to continue my progress and anxiously waited for the web builder’s call. On the 3/30, after waiting all day, I received no phone call. This was the last thing I was willing to stand. After trying to make a go of this so called system (again and again) and working to pay off my upward spiraling debt, I realized, it would be impossible to complete this business. In late May 09, I realized on my bank statements that this company has charged their $35 fee for the last two months even without activation. I called customer service and (without asking for the two months totaling $70) I asked to please cancel the account and they informed me there is a $250 cancellation fee (which was never discussed or mentioned before I signed the contract). I never used this account and in fact never even activated it. After the initial shock of this and expressing this verbally, He told me the fee is negotiable. After a brief break from our conversation so he could talk to his manager, he returned to the phone and informed me they would be willing to go down to $150. I told him I would call him back and hung up disgusted. They have, as of July 1 charged me for June as well. I called to cancel the account on July, 9, 2009 and refused to pay a cancellation fee. I called my bank to place these charges in dispute and ask for a charge back to my account. My bank informed me they can only do a charge back for no longer than 60 days. I could only get the month of June and May placed back on my account. I was willing to leave it at that and chalk this up to a business loss. On July 29, 2009, I received a letter from the merchant account collection dept. stating that I owe a balance of $120 due by 7/31/09 or face further collection action. In addition, a report of the past due amount will be reported to credit bureaus. I disputed the charge asking them to wave the amount due and refund what I was charged for in total from them. I sent them a brief explanation of my negative experience with Thrive along with my complaint and a copy of the State of Illinois cease and desist order against Online Data Institute/Thrive Learning Institute. I faxed all this info yesterday at 2:15pm. I received a call from the collections department rep. around 3:15pm telling me they received the info; they will look it over and call me back tomorrow.
They spoke and listened to me as an equal. They were punctual about their actions. They took the time to look over and understand my problem. The next day (just as they said) at 9:45am they informed me that not only were they waving the amount due, but they are going to refund my money in full. Now That’s Customer Service!!! Are you listening Thrive… That’s how you attain unsurpassed customer satisfaction!!!

  • Ro
    Robert Ramos Sep 29, 2009

    I started a blog to warn and help others who fell into this scam...go to:

    Good luck to all

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  • Od
    odizbaby Sep 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thrive needs to be shut down! Are you listening UTAH?

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Thrive Learning InstituteAwful experience

I signed up for Internet training on eBay and was sold a bill of goods. The problem is in their aggressive sales techniques - and they are responsible for the call centers they contract to sell for them. Thrive Learning promises you can make your money back in 2-3 months, but in fact they have a success rate which is about 1 in 10, 000 actually doing so - and that's ever, not just within 3 months.

I complained after the training was complete, because I didn't actually learn anything that I hadn't already known. Their training at that time mostly consisted of how to set up their proprietary sitebuilding software - which can take you weeks or months to actually build your site on a part-time basis. You are charged additional monthly fees for site hosting and programs - but can't actually move your site without rebuilding it again. There are several free programs that come with most web hosts that you can use for site building - much better than Thrive's version.

As well, all of the training that Thrive offers can be found on the Internet for free. So being charged several thousand to be "coached" and another $40 per month for site hosting is excessive.

The scam continues as they sell you add-on programs and "services" such as credit-card processing, site marketing reviews, and PPC advertising. Some have even been offered the creation of a Montana S-corporation. I've read of people going into $30-$50, 000 in debt with nothing to show for it. (I was "lucky" in this regard.)

They do not have their refund policy stated on their website and it is not covered in their telemarketing pitch. This is an FTC violation. As well, Thrive Learning is a "fulfillment center" for at least 20 other scams - and so could be investigated under RICO statutes for racketeering.

Utah call centers contributed around 1/4 of the Utah Attorney General's election campaign - but are not being prosecuted for known complaints. The manager for Thrive Learning is also associated with these other Utah call centers.

All of this is publically available information.

Another tactic they use is to string you along until your credit card company is unwilling to do a charge-back (usually about two months). While Utah requires any company to refund within a 3-day period, often your training doesn't start until after that time, so you won't find out you're scammed until the State can no longer enforce that statute.

If anyone is approached by Thrive Learning, the best thing to do is to hang up immediately.

  • Li
    lied2 Jul 20, 2009

    Your comments are so true about Thrive Learning scam.

    That's right...hang up on anyone trying to sell you anything about building a business on line, or coaching.

    Many people who purchase packages from Thrive Learning end up losing their hard earned thousands of $$$$$ to lining the pockets of Colton Moody CEO of Summit Group/manager/owner of Thrive Learning and CEO David R Rasmussen of Thrive Learning along with some of their other cover up crooks.

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  • Ut
    utahconsumeradvocate Jul 23, 2009

    all of the thrive comments follow a general pattern. I hope others can learn from your experience.

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  • Kona Aug 19, 2009


    Why can't Utah enforce their own code, like Title 13?

    I can't believe that companies are allowed to lie and are not required to comply with the law. Why should consumers be required to comply with Thrive's contract when Thrive and its sales floors are not required to comply with the law of the state they operate from.

    Fines don't do it - for the few people who have the means to complain, it's a small price to pay for all the other money they are raking in from those who don't know that they can or should complain.

    Free enterprise is one thing, but false advertising is another.

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  • El
    Elizabeth Kelly Aug 27, 2009

    I gave Thrive $17, 000.00 a year ago, and I've seen very little return. Finally made two sales this week, and made $20.00 after hiring another firm to help me. I'm paying $500.00 per month on my credit card trying to pay back the money. The stress has been so bad, I became very ill and had to retire on disability. I receive $1, 500.00 per month, from disability so things are very hard.
    Thrive or Strategic Wealth referred me to another company and suggested that in order to make money I should liquidate my IRA account, and invest in property in Nevada. Bad mistake. One of the properties went belly up and the company said they would return $44, 000+ of my money. I called the company three days ago, and I was sent to voice mail. Haven't heard from them since.

    Elizabeth Kelly [email protected]

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Resolved Thrive Learning InstituteBIG SCAM

I check all the forums on a regular basis and see the number of people that are still being scammed is sickening in its numbers.
I have seen many individuals asking the people responsible for ruining their lives and credit, these ### of the earth individuals such as COLTEN MOODY, ZACHARY BRADSHAW, DAVE AND MATT RASMUSSEN, " How do you sleep at night?"
So far they have not responded. So I will ask you guys again...COLTEN MOODY, ZACHARY BRADSHAW, DAVE AND MATT RASMUSSEN...HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT?????????????????????????????????
When will you guys finally post an answer to this question? Or are you guys just gutless, spineless cockroaches that only come out at night and under the cover of darkness to feed? Or like leeches that hide quietly in the sludge and slime of murkey stagnant water only surfacing to bleed your victims dry?
You have responded personally to the author of the posts written on
but of course that was only to do more of what your famous for-SCAMMING, yet you will not come out publicly and respond to your accusers on these forums.
Well, too bad for can run but you cant hide. Karma is headed your way.

Resolved Thrive Learning Institute — scammed

I GOT A REFUND AND YOU CAN TOO! I have gotten a refund even after almost completing my web site!!! So it...

Thrive Learning InstituteDid not get the &Professional& help they promised

I am very disgusted with Thrive Learning. I did everything faithfully for the first 3 weeks. There were problems with the videos, which I had to bring t0 their attention. When I asked a question, even though there were 4 people on my so-called team, their answers were far from professional. There was a time I asked 3 different questions and when they responded, after a day and a half, she said I received all of your questions, but I am only answering one of them. There were always problems with videos. After spending 4000.00 dollars, my feeling was this so-called professional help wasn't worth 40 cents. Then when I talked to Mr. Zach Bradshaw, he was an all out a**hole. What a joke!!!

  • Ba
    BAT Apr 08, 2009

    Everything they told me I could have very easily just Googled and found the answers. They keep stressing Key Words! Yet do nothing to help and after 2 months of them saying do this and do that I said the heck with it! I worked very hard coming up with information and honestly I think they take our GOOD ideas and run with them! Don't share any info with them unless you truly think they will help you.

    For me on a scale of 1-10 10 being the best I give them a 2 and want a refund! Bruce Gott the person that introduced me to this is a big scammer and has nver returned my calls or emails..Jerk!

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  • Be
    Ben There May 16, 2009

    Thrive Learning Institute is a scam because they can't deliver what they promise. They are oversold by sales floors (call centers) that you can actually make your money back in three months.

    But Thrive only gives you 4 hours of coaching, plus access to a library of videos which you pick and choose form. No way are you going to make any amount of income with that little training.

    However, Thrive only gets about 10% of that money you spent. If you want a refund, you'll have to get it back from that sales floor (Internet Income Solutions or Summit, maybe some others - or other names.)

    Here's how to go about it:

    1) Contact your bank and get them to send you a fraud form. Fill this out and then get them to do a charge-back on the account. US law says you have 60 days. But if they didn't tell you about the refund (Thrive doesn't have any refund policy on its site - an FTC violation) - then you have 90 days from Utah itself.

    2) File complaints with FTC, FBI, Utah A/G, and the Utah Division of Consumer Protection. ( Be persistent. If you stick with it - and it can take months - this will do the trick - best line I've been able to find right now.

    These scammers hate charge-backs because if they get too many, the credit card company can cancel their credit line.

    And Utah has to be complained to so that they know that this scene needs correction. And will end up doping something about it.

    There's more information at

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  • Mi
    mike May 20, 2009

    heres the thing about all these complaints its not the oppertuinty its the people working it. heres the proof. mr. Pauley brought me aboard and now im makin about 4500 a month with my online biz so maybe all you people who say it doesnt work need to ask your self am i really working it or am i just b**ching because im to afraid to be successful. once again thank you mr pauley

    -2 Votes
  • Be
    Ben There May 20, 2009


    Where's your proof? Got a website? How about posting a invoice proving what you made from it? (Just blur out the contact details...

    But if you are just b**ching about people complaining about poor service, where's your assistance in helping them get a coach who will get them what they need?

    Plenty of Thrive shills out there to say "how great" these fulfillment centers are - only problem, they never actually back up what they say.

    Thousands of people are scammed every year by Thrive Learning Institute and others.

    Very, very, very few people actually ever get their money back.

    Show us the money - prove that you've made it work. Otherwise, put up or...

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  • Ja
    Jane May 20, 2009

    You tell him, Ben. I don't know, but I have read more negative than positive about Thrive. You have my vote!!!

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  • Be
    Ben There May 20, 2009

    Here's a new expose' just published about the Utah Internet Scam Family - loaded with the inside scoop about how they operate and what you can do to get you refund. Also, tons of links to report your scam to - and - media links so you can share your story,

    Time to put these guys out of business...


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  • Ja
    Jane Jul 13, 2009

    I would like everyone to know that I have just received a full refund of the money I initially invested. I did what was recommended and I do believe that's how it happened. It took about 7 months altogether but it worked!! So please, don't give up. In my opinion, it was more Thrive than the company who sold me the contract. Thrive should be ashamed of themselves. Good Luck to all!!!

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Thrive Learning InstituteStealing Money and Harrassment

I was scammed by a company using 2 names-Thrive Learning Institute and Infusion Media. They are the same company. They will contact you by e-mail offering to sell you a Google kit to start an online business. They will use your credit card numbers to debit your account for S&H as well as other unheard of charges. Then they will call for your other credit card numbers so they can take money from all of your credit card companies and start a home computer business. Brandon Clark, who seems to be the leader's name in this business will seem to be a very nice guy until you tell him of your intent to retrieve your stolen funds. Then he will call you at 10:15 at night and wake you from a sound sleep and discredit your claims towards retribution of your funds. Please beware of this company. Guard yourself from similar torture.

  • Vi
    violet Mar 22, 2009

    Help, Help... did anyone get there money back?????? I just signed up yesterday... and I want to cancel. Help anyone, ...thanks you.. Need any comments I can get.

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  • Je
    Jerry Pace May 29, 2009

    What are you idiots talking about?? My wife and I came aboard Thrive's "Success Team" a little over 2 months ago and couldn't be happier! In a few short weeks with our coaching team helping us, we have been able to not only find a product to sell, but we have also cleared a profit of over $3, 800 so far...anybody not making money with these experts helping them has got to be brain dead. I wish I would have found them a few years ago!

    Jerry Pace
    Clearfield, IN

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  • Je
    Jerry Pace May 29, 2009

    I also have great things to say about Thrive Learning Institute, and more to the point, about Brandon Clark. I have been looking for a way to make money from home for the past 3 years. After a nasty divorce and two different layoffs, I was discouraged beyond belief. That's when my fortune changed. While surfing the web late one night I came across an advertisement that boasted of making thousands from home. With 2 young childred at home, I figured I had nothing to lose. I initially spent about $2 dollars on their materials which were very helpful. About a week after that, I got a phone call from someone offering to let me qualify to work with coaches. A short "interview" transpired that led me to talk with their Program Director named Brandon Clark. He answered all my questions and was nothing but informative, and professional. At the end of the call I spent about $10, 000 dollars. I am thrilled to say that I have never been in a better position financially. It took roughly 4 months for me to make my investment back. Now I consistantly make over $5, 000 a month. I recomend their services if you are serious about an online business.


    Cheryl Matheson
    Spokane, WA

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  • Je
    Jerry Pace May 29, 2009

    I made enough money with Thrive and their coaching program to pay my way through my final year of college. Couldn't have done it without them. THRIVE ROCKS!!!

    DW Henry
    Henderson, NV

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  • Je
    Jerry Pace May 29, 2009

    Anyone discrediting Thrive, or their Success Team is up in the night. I consistantly make 3 thousand dollars plus after graduating from their program. I too was interviewed by Brandon Clark. The man knew his stuff to say the least. To the person who is slinging mud I say get it together!

    Steven Call
    Tyler, TX

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  • Be
    Ben There May 29, 2009

    Too bad Jerry never puts a website up where these facts could be checked out.

    Since he gives all these stories from various states - are these just off Thrive's website?

    Oh - and four out of five of Jerry's posts are on this page.

    How about some actual statistics rather than "success stories" which are a little too glowing with no real world evidence to back them up.

    Need: actual websites where people are earning money, as Thrive trained them. What their average Google position is - or how many affiliates are selling for them, number of auctions they run, etc. Proof. What niche are they operating in - what's their Page Rank?

    Business people I talk to say it's nearly impossible for anyone to make their money back in 60-90 days - so what "secret formula" are you using to make $3, 800 in two months? (Or is it something in the Kool-Aid?) Nothing on the videos on their site showed how to do this.

    If you've seen some video's the rest of their clients haven't - tell all of us "brain dead" "idiots" the names of these and how they made for you "fabulous" success.

    Otherwise, you're just another Thrive Learning shill.

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  • Wi
    William May 30, 2009

    First of all, Ben There...where have you been reallly? If you spent as much energy making money online as you spend attempting to discredit people and their efforts, you might actually be somewhere. What do you do for a living? What evidence do you have that substantiates your claims? Please Ben There, the only place you have been is down your daddys leg...which is where the best part of you ran.

    -3 Votes
  • cmchatten May 30, 2009

    Well William...Ben There is a pretty smart guy and having checked out his very successful website against sound to me like you hold a VERY PERSONAL GRUDGE against Ben There!!!
    Could your name have possibly been mentioned in one of Ben There's articles????????

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  • Be
    Ben There May 30, 2009


    Too easy to flame, isn't it?

    Have you taken any Thrive training? Or do you just work for Thrive?

    Let's just apply this advice you've given in your two posts on this board to yourself. While you earlier said you experienced great coaching, where is your own site?

    You can look up my other posts easily and know that I give specific ways people can get their refunds - and it isn't by complaining about Thrive or anyone else. People get their refunds by going back to the sales company through the Utah Div of Consumer Protection and/or the Utah A/G. And also doing charge-backs.

    The important point about posting to complaint forums is to treat people as you'd like to be treated. Either give good advice which is helpful, or simply back up your claims about the service you received. The main point of these forums and boards is to *help* others.

    Yes, there are people out there who don't really want to work at what they've decided to do. And this also is partially Thrive's responsibility. Their sales floors (which they train to sell their products) should be qualifying people better. Some people are simply refund risks. These people should either be given extra coaching until they are satisfied, or simply get the sales floor to refund them in order to avoid a lot of complaints.

    However, there are many people who come to these boards for help with their problem. If there were more people telling them to simply do some more lessons, or to quit the hosting and learn everything you can from all the eLibrary - well, that would be helpful.

    I choose to help by informing people about their options on getting refunds.

    But to have people on these forums and boards who do nothing but flame other people really shows their character.

    Meeting people in public used to mean you had to have public manners. Now that anyone can hide behind a login, some take advantage of this to simply be rude.

    So, William, what's your choice?

    Have you actually built a site that other people can go to? Or is your next comment here only going to be to flame me or someone else?

    Choose wisely.

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Thrive Learning InstituteNot being able to get my Money back

Thrive has done nothing that they have promised. I am so disgusted that I spent over 14 grand with them plus all the fees associated with it like e-bay etc. My web site has never been built and I was told it would be built for me...not true. The only thing they do is have web hosting classes which I could not participate in if I wanted to. I have told them already that you need a mike and a headphones which I do not have.
I have since hired another company to build my web site for me and they have given me a list of dropshippers already...all for 2500. I am sending a letter to the better business of Utah as I feel that is all I can do at this point. The name of my web site is being changed with the new company and they seem to know what they are doing for a much lower price. I only wish I had found out about them before becoming involved with the scamming company known as Thrive.

  • Bl
    blueyes77 Aug 07, 2009

    I am another victim of these mis informing thieves that have taken me for about $8400.00 usd . I am in Canada and I was lucky that the dollar was even at the time. The only good part of the whole scam from these extremely rude and ignorant low lifes. I can't believe that they are still in business.
    I would like to know how to go after these parasites and close them down before more poor desperate hard working people fall into their clutches. I was off work at the time due to a mental illness and very vulnerable to the crap they pitched to me about using OPM (others peoples money). Little did I know it would be our money they were talking about.
    I signed up for a $69.00 Michael Matthews website that was already built per say. That was the beginning of the phone calls from the Summit Group and their sales people. First they made it sound like they were doing me a favour if I qualified for their special program. All they wanted to know was my credit card info.( limit of credit available) That should have been my first clue...but I was severely ill with depression and not thinking properly.

    I told Mr. Chad Selmos the next day I wanted to cancel and he was going to charge me $1500.00 for cancelling which was total crap. He said at one time that he needed a note from my Doctor and I said you must be joking pal. He forgot to inform me about any other costs an accountant fee of another $1395.00 to a guy named Ryan. I was called by a woman named Lynnell telling me this. He also wanted $39.95 mthly. for his services. This Chad guy was nothing but a deceiving (BLANK BLANK) that will get his one day when he stands before his Creator to explain what he was apart of. Him, Mike Wellings, Alex Saavedra and Summit Group. He forgot to mention a hosting fee of $39.95 to Thrive mthy. I have contacted them about my Doctors orders that I will never be well enough to return to work of any kind indefinately. These people don't care about the health of their customers and if a note from my doctor would get my hard earned cash back...they can have it.

    If anyone knows where to turn for help I would appreciate it a bunch.


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  • Ro
    Robert Ramos Aug 14, 2009

    Go to pages 7-8 at There are other Canadians like you in the same mess. BenThere's posts and coments on this site in addition seems to be the way to go. I can send you info as well that I have been collecting over last 3 months. You can contact me at [email protected] Luck

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  • El
    Elizabeth Kelly Aug 27, 2009

    I gave Thrive $17, 000.00 a year ago, and I've seen very little return. Finally made two sales this week, and made $20.00 after hiring another firm to help me. I'm paying $500.00 per month on my credit card trying to pay back the money. The stress has been so bad, I became very ill and had to retire on disability. I receive $1, 500.00 per month, from disability so things are very hard.
    Thrive or Strategic Wealth referred me to another company and suggested that in order to make money I should liquidate my IRA account, and invest in property in Nevada. Bad mistake. One of the properties went belly up and the company said they would return $44, 000+ of my money. I called the company three days ago, and I was sent to voice mail. Haven't heard from them since.

    Elizabeth Kelly [email protected]

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  • Ro
    Robert Ramos Sep 29, 2009

    I started a blog to warn and help others who fell into this scam...go to:

    Good luck to all

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  • Bl
    blueyes77 Nov 04, 2009

    I would like to agree with all of these stories. They are all similiar about misleading and dishonesty from The Thrive learning Institute/Summit Group/Momentum Marketing.
    When you call them to discuss any issues it only says "Corporate" with no name other than that.

    Go to my Blog at or

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Thrive Learning InstituteMisled

I wish to make a correction from my entry on January 21st. I was mentioning that I had originally been contacted by "Platinum Trading Solutions" who never mentioned the name "Thrive Learning Institute" the whole time I was being pitched. In reviewing my notes and going to the website I see that it is really called "Platinum Training Solutions" and is definitely "Thrive Learning Institute" disquised. I say disguised because again, the "Thrive" name is never used in describing their program and if you Google under that name, no complaint blogs come up! But in the "testimonials" section there is at least one person who refers to the program as "Thrive I". Regarding where I stand with Thrive at present, I would say to anybody considering buying their program, Good Luck and get ready for a ride!

  • Be
    Ben There May 11, 2009

    Who sold you the package? Platium Training Solutions?

    There is no company by that name in Utah's approved list of telemarketers.

    File a complaint either way with Utah Division of Consumer Protection as this is the best and most certain way right now of getting a refund.

    Also file reports with the FTC and FBI. As well, file a fraud report with your credit card company and get them to do an investigation to do a charge-back on Thrive Learning Institute.

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  • Li
    lied2 May 30, 2009

    Ben There,
    Where do I find out if Infusion Media...(perhaps a name change to Accelerated Business Solutions) is on Utah's approved list of Telemarketers?
    By the way, thanks for all your help and info. It's much appreciated.

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  • Be
    Ben There May 30, 2009

    The approved list of telemarketers is at:

    You can also email or call the Division of Consumer Protection to check with them directly.

    Good Luck.

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  • Zo
    zoogie Jun 04, 2009

    Here is everything you need to know about this company and the dozens of other names they hide under. I got a call from them and one of the first things they wanted to know is how many credit cards I had and about how much available credit I had. Geez, I can't believe anyone falls for that.

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  • Mi
    mikeswarts Aug 20, 2009

    All of these Utah online businesses are scams plain and simple . They have new scam websites popping up daily from there. Thrive has now changed it's name 2 or 3 times and they are not going to stop . The Attorney General whom they helped to get reelected is not doing much if anything about all of these places, so it is up to us to expose them for what they are; scams and thieves . Thrive can change their name all they want they will still be a scam

    My list of Utah scam companies are,, and Thrives new names.

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  • Bo
    BostonKIng Mar 18, 2010

    None of you know what you are talking about. Thrive has always been, and still is named Thrive. The other company names that you come up with are in fact, different companies. I assume that based on your limited understanding in business that you didn't know that companies create relationships, and partnerships. Thrive learning is solely a coaching and training company. They do not do any type of marketing for new clients. That is where the other companies come in. They are either marketing companies, or companies that YOU initial signed up with for some type of education/information regarding Making Money Online.
    So if you have a issue with the service, you should point the finger where it belongs, at YOURSELF. Thrive is an education company, they provide education. It is up to YOU to ask questions, follow through, and make sure that you stay 100% committed... You are starting a business. It doesn't happen overnight, and it isn’t easy. I guess that's why when people fail they tend to blame others for failure... Bottom line it is up to you to stay committed and follow through...probably why they have worked for someone else all of their lives. ... They aren't willing to commit the time and follow through to make it happen.

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  • Ra
    racontuer Nov 17, 2010

    C Future:

    I hate to tell you, but Boston King is right. These are all different companies, some of which exist, and some do not. Some, like thrive, are scammers... and some are legitimate businesses. BK may be a littler harsh, but blaming every name you can come up with is equally wrong and inappropriate. Man up- you made a mistake.I am not surprised, because based on your post, you do not seem to be the sort of person who is willing to do any research on anything. Case in point, it does not take much if any time to see that, contrary to what you say, this statement is false:

    I see that it is really called "Platinum Training Solutions" and is definitely "Thrive Learning Institute" disquised (sic)...

    Two completely different businesses, in two completely different cities, run by different people, and, most importantly, one is a legitimate business (albeit not telemarketing) and one is a scammer.

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  • Co
    corey lorenzo Mar 30, 2011

    I have located the owners and scammers / contact the Utah BBB / Utah Consumer Protection / & the FTC as they have cases open currently to file criminal charges against the owners.
    NJ Corporate / Nicholas Johnson
    7440s Creek Road #300
    SLC UT 84093

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Thrive Learning Institutescammed out of my money

On november 1, 2008 I was contacted by internet auction solutions to start a business online. They kept me on the phone for about two and a half hours and every time I tried to get out of it; the man kept insisting that I could do this. That was a lie. He got 6, 236.00 from me and I was not able to get my business going. The coaches from thrive learning instatitute would keep giving me the run around. Giving me more and more nonsence. I know now that they would do this to wear me down so I would break down and give in and give up. This is an online scam and all they do is give false hope and take your money. Be aware of there tactics.
They are experts at taking your money and if you try to get your money from them, they tell you you signed a contract. There is no way out of it. I just wish the government would get involved and shut them down. Seems like someone could do something? They have hurt to many individuals

  • Aa
    a.a. patin Feb 05, 2009

    The comments made by the guest have been a real help to me. I know now that I was not alone with my money scammed out from me from thrive learning institute. There are many others out there that need to come out and speak up against them. it is a rip off.

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  • Yo
    Yolande Sims Feb 06, 2009

    Dear a.a. patin

    I wish I had done my homework or that I had found this site sooner. In June 2008 I was contacted by Internet Auction Solutions after I downloaded a free e-Bay kit from eBay's website. The man's name was Arthur Morton of Utah. He was a fast talker. I also spoke with his secretary or assistants Inez and Christine. I was told that I would receive a 1 year DOBA membership and that I should recover my initial investment in profits in 12 weeks just working 10 hrs. a week. Thank God Chase would not allow me to increse my credit limit. Half of the money came from my savings account and the other from my Chase credit card. DOBA is a drop ship company with nothing that I wanted to sell. I did all of the real work myself and the coach with didn't tell me too much that I didn't know or could research for free. I worked my but off. This was in addition to my 40 hr. a week job. When the 4 coaching sessions were almost over the young man named Bryce informed me that drop shipping is not the best way to go with e-Bay websites and that I should find something around the house to sell. I set my first auction up properly, but it was a flop because the high bidder was not ligitimate and Pay Pal refused to pay. For weeks I tried getting things cleared up w/ Pay Pal. I shut down operations and I was devestated. I'm just getting to the point where I can deal with this. I can't find an address on these guys or I would write them and ask for my $2, 930.36 back. Did you try and get your money back? I was told by Arthur that this is considered Business Education and is 100% tax deductible. I don't know if that is a lie. Does anyone know? Is it too late to ask for my money back even though I believe I was scammed?
    Y. Sims in Mobile, AL.

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  • Be
    Ben There May 11, 2009

    There is a way out of it. Your contract is probably illegal.

    Check out the Utah State site - Division of Consumer Protection. There you will find a PDF of licensed telemarketers in the state.

    Your Internet Auctions Solutions isn't listed. Meaning that they probably didn't have permission to sell from Utah. File a complaint with that Division and you should be able to get some help. They are currently overloaded with Thrive Complaints - be persistent.

    And you should also file a fraud alert with your credit card company. This will help. Don't forget the FTC and FBI.

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  • Li
    lied2 Jul 15, 2009

    Thrive Learning Institute and Infusion Media have hurt many people with their scamming techniques...literally emptying pockets of many unsuspecting innocent souls like myself.

    They sell you a story that sounds so good you couldn't lose a thing by trying to build a work at home internet marketing e-commerce business with their training and coaching program.

    I have signed the petition and I encourage anyone else to do so if you have not yet done it. I notice new names added all the time.

    If you have a complaint with either of the businesses named about file your complaint immediately with Utah Attorney General's office as they are handling many complaints about these companies now.

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