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My personal experience: I was offered an interview from Three Stars Media for an Administrative Assistant...

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Three Stars Media, also know under the name Three Stars Team, Three Stars and quite a few others, sent a...

Three Stars MediaGot Fired for no reason

I was employed by Three Stars Media and fired within 4 days of employment. I was never given a reason for why I got fired. I was a victim of a scam...I am not sure how they are doing it but people who work there are told not to say anything and do whatever even if it is wrong.

  • Bi
    bill Mar 28, 2009

    you got fired, so what. of course you're going to say negative stuff. Put some energy in finding a new job, instead of posting negative comments about stuff you make up.

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  • Te
    test Mar 29, 2009

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  • Te
    test Mar 29, 2009

    He is not making anything up.

    If that is the case...then blame the thousands of complaints by hundreds of people all over the Internet...maybe they also MADE UP stuff.

    The BBB report...maybe those are made up reports...

    Three Stars Media is in the ###.

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  • Al
    Ali May 29, 2009
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    Verified customer

    I'm sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation with Three Stars. But your complaint has stopped me and probably several others from pursuing their employment interview offer. I'm glad I did a little more research before going down there. I found it a little suspiscous when I couldn't find an address or phone number for their office on their website. Then, when you do get their number, the sysem is automated and you never get to talk to anybody. They can forget getting any more of my info. Glad my resume info is minimal. Again, sorry for your unfortunate situation but thank you for the information.

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  • Hf
    hf4268 Jul 09, 2009

    Three Stars is a scam operation. By the way, they get their employees to say only good things about the company and destroy those who complain. Here is a recent local news video about the company:

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