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Suntrup KiaPoor customer service

Kia is a good car company. Economical, reliable cars. Suntrup Kia is a poor dealer. They will not write anything they promise down and then they often will not stand behind their promises. Customer Service is run by a Suntrp family member who has little interest in solving customer problems...she is more interesed in making sure that the dealership is sheltered from possible financial liability. If you buy from Suntrup...I recommend you have your vehicle serviced elsewhere.

Suntrup KiaLiars, rude, no customer service

I suspected the deal was shady when the finance manager, Carlos, refused to let me see the numbers on paper. He fiddle farted around with paperwork trying to distract me. When I did see the contract I saw the price of the vehicle had actually increased AFTER my down payment and friends/family discount had been applied. I'm not sure how a $19, 900 SUV after a 2K down payment ends up being $20, 500 BEFORE the finance charges!! Then he tried to sell me GAP insurance, stating the finance co. requires it, which I refused. I was told I had to have the 100K mile warranty as well or the finance co. would turn us down. I was also told it costs Suntrup 2 grand to "sell" this loan to us and they can't come down on the price of the SUV or they would lose money. So that "fee" is passed on to us, the customer.

A few days later the finance co. calls me to verify our address and income info. I asked the rep about this so called 2 grand fee they supposedly charged Suntrup to sell us this loan. She said the finance manager was NOT supposed to tell us that and they could no longer finance our loan. I also asked if they required us to purchase the 100K extended warranty and she said absolutely not. She said she was going to call the finance manager immediately to terminate our contract.

When talked to the salesman and finance manager that day they said for me to bring the SUV back immediately. I said thats fine and asked about the 2 grand we put down on it. They said they'd send it to me in the mail. Umm... I'm supposed to trust these liars to get my money back to me after the lies I was just told? GREAT. My husband then called the finance manager later that day and told them they will get their car back when we get our money back. The car is in the garage safe and when they get our 2 grand check ready for us we'd be more than happy to give the car back. The finance manager told my husband he was calling the police on us and hung up on my husband! Now THATS customer service.

Then following day I drove the car to the dealership and returned it. I asked the salesman for our check and he said they don't cut checks there and I'd get it in the mail in a week. I said that's not good enough because I need our money back so we can find another vehicle. He refused to budge so I asked for the accounting dept. He said they didnt have one. He referred me to BJ in the finance dept. I started to ask BJ if there was any way he could do me a huge favor and work on getting the check to me that day and before I could even open my mouth he began to tell me in a very loud, ignorant matter "You heard what the salesman said, we don't deal with checks here. I'll call the office later and request it." I said I really need my check and I can't wait a week. He replied in an even nastier tone "Look, you are getting your check next week and thats it" At that point I interrupted him by asking him who in the F he was talking to like that. He stated loudly "You are lucky you have a relative working here or your butt woulda been outta here a long time ago!" I was shocked and asked to speak to his supervisor immediately. He said his supervisor was Carlos who is the one who gave us this bogus deal to start with!!! I asked to speak with Carlos's manager. He brought out Jeremy to speak to me. Jeremy was way more concerned with his new cell phone than to speaking to me. I told him I really needed my down payment that day. He said "ok no prob I'll see what I can do." I said I appreciate it because I really need to work on getting another car fast. To this Jeremy replied "Well you had a car" Meaning the car they tried to screw me over with. I said yes but I was lied to and the finance co. refused the loan. At that point Carlos and Jeremy BOTH became very agitated and said "we dont lie to our customers" and turned and walked away from me. I said hey, we are still talking here. Carlos told me to leave immediately or they were calling the police on me. So at that point I was sure to be extra loud when I MF'ed them on my way out the door.

I was kicked out of the dealership that I have bought 2 cars from in the past, had all my maintenance done and referred many friends to. Thats customer service at Suntrup.

To date I have NOT received my check yet. I'm giving it another week then filing a complaint with the prosecuting attorney's office.

Save yourself the headache and money and go some where else. You can't even get a good deal here when you have family working for this place.

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    22Zohan Feb 25, 2010

    I was customer at the time this rude lady was there. She yelled and cussed while young children were present. The management staff was calm and nice and handled her correctly. Carlos, the finance manager, is a professional. He would never lie to a customer. I seen this lady before and other places and she is a disgrace to mankind.

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    LarryMoore66 Jul 16, 2012
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    Gloom, despair & agony on me...
    Deep, dark depression, excessive misery !!!

    No Joke...this is what many will suffer with a dealer like Suntrup, Kia, St. Louis


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