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CB Business and Industrial Simon Mall Gift Cards

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12:00 am EDT

Simon Mall Gift Cards Bank keeps your money

I received a Simon Mall Gift Card from a relative. Took it to Borders bookstore once. The next time at Borders I told them to check how much was left on the card. The card doesn't allow them to do that, they said. A seasoned employee suggested ringing up several dollars at a time until the card declared an overdraw. It took a lot of frustrating time to do this. At the end an unknown amount still remained on the card. I don't know which next store is willing to waste its time making repeat ring-ups to get my money out.

The bank keeps it. We lose. In 13 months they drain the account $2.50 each month. A "service charge."

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Jan 14, 2011 5:19 pm EST

Simon mall Amex gift cards are a scam. Any time you swipe the gift card, even if the transaction doesn't go through, for example if the customer decides to back out because they want to ad something to their purchase, (and if you don't realize as a cashier that the card is in fact a Simon gift card, this turns out to be a huge mistake) the money has already been taken off the card as soon as it is swipped, and the only way to get it back is to spend all kinds of time on the phone with their customer service, and it takes 8-10 business days for the money to go back onto the card. So the retailer doesn't have the money nor does the customer, but Simon Gift Cards gets to keep the money thats out in cyberspace for up to 10 business days before they give it back. No other credit card/gift card does this, not Visa, Mastercard or standard Amex cards, NONE. How can money be taken off a card if a transaction has not been completed? It's absolutely assinine.

Forestdale, US
Dec 28, 2010 11:31 pm EST

My issue is the service-or lack thereof. I ordered my daughter a $200 gift card for Christmas. I placed the order on December 8th. It is three days after Christmas and it still hasnt arrived yet! I have called customer service multiple times and I get put on hold for over 20 minutes only to be left without a resolution. Today I finally called my bank and I am filing a claim to have the charges reversed. My daughter will get cash and I will never buy another Simon Mall giftcard again.

Jan 24, 2009 1:25 pm EST
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there is a number on the card to call for the balance. You can also go to wherever simon gift cards are issued and ask them to check the balance, individual stores wouldnt be able to tell you that info.

12:00 am EDT
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Simon Mall Gift Cards have lots of no's and very few yes'. The gift giver pays a fee up front. If you don't use it for any reason in 6 months after purchase date. Then they charge you $2.50 a month for "administrative fees" and a re-issue charge of $7.50 (which I think I just saw went up to $12.50)- if you card expires without using it. I called and asked...

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