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Silver Cloud Smoke ShopRipped me off

In August of 2008 I believe it was around the 20th I placed and order and it came to around $160.00 dollars. I never received the order I tried and tried to contact the Silver Cloud Smoke Shop for days. Everytime I would call the mailbox was full when ever I emailed them I never got a response. I sent an email to the Chamber of Commerence but never received a reply. After about 2 months I gave up. This is BULL____ They should be made to refund all of our money.

Silver Cloud Smoke ShopTook My Payment and Did Not Send Product

Placed an order in August 2008, money taken out of my account, received shipping confirmation email and never received my order. Emails to Silver Cloud returned as undeliverable, voice mail full and then number no longer in service but no credit to my account. This is stealing. Then in December 2008, fraudulent charges began showing up on my account. I've made numerous Internet purchases for a number of years without any problems what so ever. I find it suspicious that within a couple of months after having problems with Silver Cloud Smoke Shop, my account had unauthorized charges made.

If you purchased anything from Silver Cloud Smoke Shop via the Internet, WATCH YOUR ACCOUNT CAREFULLY.

Silver Cloud Smoke ShopAttention customers who have had money taken

If you have had monies taken out of your account by Silver Cloud Smoke Shop please contact and file a complaint. Also the New Mexico Attorney Generals office and the bureau of Indian Affairs. The company (or someone) is making multiple AFT's (automatic funds transfer)from customers who had a reoccuring order.

It is begining to look like possibly the companies accounts may have been hacked. At any rate it has become a serious crime.

  • Sh
    Sharron Young Oct 10, 2008

    Please do not call the phone number in this post. IT IS NOT to Silver Cloud

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Silver Cloud Smoke Shop — Extorting money

This company is owned by Paul Rainbird, who is, believe it or not...the Lt. Govorner of the Pueblo of...

Silver Cloud Smoke Shoporders missing

I too have been had by them, on 2 orders for $71.67 each. They were raided by the feds, and their status is 'questionable'. By far the most detailed information is happening on this thread:

HTH, and make sure you contact your bank to block any ongoing ACH withdrawals! Not sure what can be done about checks or MO already cashed, other than your local small claims court.

  • Mi
    Mike Oct 01, 2008

    Money was withdrawn from my acct. on 9/15, I was told my order was processed on 9/18. As of 10/1, still no product.

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  • Te
    Terry Kuss Oct 07, 2008

    If you E-payment from your checiking account, you better change your checking account #. Silver Cloud is out of Business.

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  • Ki
    Kitty Oct 20, 2008

    This company is under a "Search & Seizure" order from the ATF.
    Do not order from them again!!

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  • Dr
    drexellake Feb 18, 2011

    These sites are all doing business as the same person. Every one of these sites are con artist and rip offs. The product they sell is bogus and harmful. Most of the reviews you see online and in forums are written by this same business lying in an attempt to get your hard earned money. All of these sites link or mirror to each other. THIS STUFF IS BOGUS IN EVERY WAY SHAPE AND FORM AND IS NASTY.
    Please contact me with your complaint details for a class action lawsuit. [email protected]

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Silver Cloud Smoke ShopOrder not received

I mailed an order on on Sept 6, 2008 along with a money order for >$300 and have received nothing in the form of communication or product. There's no response to e-mails and phone calls are switched to a full mail box.

I've dealt with these people for several years and, until now, have been impressed with the speed with which they handled orders. Is anyone getting any answers?

  • Ll
    llama Oct 01, 2008

    Here's what you are looking for peeps! i paid by online check, went to my bank, told them what was going on and the bank transferred my money back. Good Luck all!

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Federal agents have raided a company linked to a tribal official that is suspected of selling cigarettes without paying more than $6 million in state taxes.

    The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has executed search warrants on the Internet-based Silver Cloud Smoke Shop.

    The state tax is 91 cents per pack of cigarettes.

    Search and seizure warrants filed in federal court show investigators believe San Ildefonso Pueblo First Lt. Gov. Paul Rainbird and other tribal members purchased more than $16 million worth of untaxed tobacco from suppliers. The documents charge they then sold the products for reduced prices and shipped them from an Albuquerque warehouse.

    According to an ATF report, Native Americans can buy the cigarettes as long as it is for sale or use on the reservation in which they are enrolled as a tribal member.

    But since Rainbird was reportedly selling cigarettes across the country through his Web site, the state claims he had a more than $9 per carton advantage over other businesses and leaving the state of New Mexico out more than $6 million in tax revenue.

    Rainbird's attorney said the business is legal because of tribal sovereignty.

    Rainbird isn't the only person ATF agents are investigating.

    In more than 100 pages of court documents, its revealed the investigation stretches all the way to Bosque Farms.

    Court papers show months worth of surveillance focusing on a home belonging to a coworker in Bosque Farms, an Albuquerque warehouse and Rainbird's home.

    Rainbird's attorney said his client runs a tribally owned business so he is not required to collect or pay state taxes.

    The attorney said, if necessary, they are prepared to fight the allegations.

    Rainbird's attorney said ATF agents seized computers, crippling the company's ability to do business.

    His attorney also said Rainbird has been selling cigarettes since early 2003 and has never had a problem with the state before.

    No one has been charged with any crime and the investigation is ongoing.


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  • Sc
    schopf Oct 08, 2008

    bad boy

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  • Ag
    A Garvey Oct 14, 2008

    I just spoke to the 2nd Lt. Gov, Terence Garcia, and told him that my mother was charged $214.92 - 26 times which is out of her checking account and they are trying for 27.
    FBI is next...

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  • Pa
    Pat Oct 20, 2008

    Same thing happened to me. We got ripped off.

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  • Da
    dalfin16 Nov 30, 2008

    I also ordered cigarettes for $226.- on August, 2008 from have not received it. I called them and I e-mailed them no responed.I called several compony9 includes BBB finally someone toled me they just closed the door.They took my money$226.-.

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Silver Cloud Smoke Shop — Bad service

I have an ongoing monthly order with Silver Cloud Smoke Shop in which $77.76 is directly withdrawn from our...