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Shaver Kiashaver kia a bunch of con artists

Shaver kia took my trade and was supposed to pay it off in full, i also purchased a new car from them.Instead what they did was sell my trade in and did not pay off the loan. I am now left with the payment of a car that i do not even have in my possesion, along with the brand new car i bought from them. I hope this doesnt happen to anyone else. my husband and i are ayoung couple with a new baby, our credit is dinged for now, and we worked very hard to maintain a good credit score. We were completely taken advantage of. We have gotten no answers or accountability from Shaver Kia thus far.

  • Je
    Jean Abbate Feb 03, 2009

    I totally agree with you. I bought a car from them, supposedly certified pre-owned had it ten days and the air bag system started screwing up on me. We also agreed to the three year bumper to bumper warranty for $30.00 a month. I took the car back to them and they had it for four days without even looking at it. I demanded they get me a loaner car but instead they sent me to Hertz. Two weeks later I get my car back supposedly "fixed." Hah, less than a week later, the same problems start again. When I take it to them again they tell me its going to cost me $500.00 deductible (yes, a deductible on a warranty) I find out all they did was reset the system. I feel like they were just biding thier time until I'd had the car more than thirty days. And here's the real kicker, they never paid Hertz for the rental. I received a letter from Hertz saying that Shaver continiously ignored their requests for payment. I just had to send almost $400.00 to Hertz so the bill wouldnt go to collections. I want to sue this company but they have myseriously disappeared into thin air. Every Shaver auto center has been closed down. Any info on how to contact them would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Ug
    U got pounded Feb 16, 2009

    Bro you got pounded and bamboooozled! How do u feel about that that? Haha!!!

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Shaver KiaTrade in not paid off as overcharged for things

My wife and I traded in a vechicle that was to be paid off by the dealer. Come to find out it isnt and now we have that car back and are now responsable for two loans. All we want to do is give the new car back and get out of that loan since it is a bad loan now. We were told we would get warranty things and an alarm system which we paid for and now we cant get that either. All of this is in our contract that should be void due to a breech of contract on the dealers end. If any help can come my way please call [protected]. Thank you...

Resolved Shaver KiaRip off

Do not service your KIA at Shaver KIA in San Bernardino. They charge a whopping $ 150 per hour!!! Also, they don't post their hourly rates. DUH, who would knowingly pay that rate? I am filing a complaint with the Bureau of Automotive repairs. Let's see if they will even enforce their regulations.

I was charged $ 1, 300 for a minor air conditioning repair. The part cost $450, the rest...LABOR. They're in the business of ripping off customers. I have tried other KIA service departments and they suck as well. Lousy lousy service. I will never ever buy a KIA again.