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1:28 pm EDT

Second Chance Motors Scam, awful cars

We bought a car in March from the Marietta, GA store...Our car has been in the shop since then...They take their sweet time when dealing with customers..CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A JOKE! They have a 24% interest rate on all loans if not worse..They sold our car loan to someone else and now the warranty saying that they will fix the engine is VOID! Hopefully we can get lawyers involved to get our car fixed and or giving the car back. I WARN ANYONE ABOUT THIS COMPANY THIS COMPANY IS A JOKE! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! JOIN THE CIRCUS BEFORE YOU BUY A CAR FROM THIS PLACE!

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2:28 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Second Chance Motors HORRIBLE COMPANY

Second Chance Motors has to be the worst car dealership around. As I researched I found that there are other customers that feel the same way I feel and even that the BBB has graded this company with an F. I bought my car with the intentions of dealing with a legite, customer first, credit building company. All to find out that the customer is LAST, the company is only LEGITE because the BBB says so and that they dont even report to the credit bureau as they tell all of there customers that they report quarterly.. NOT! Very disturbing news!

Since Ive owned my vehile Aug 09. I have since had the pleasure of dealing with needing a new Radiator, new Thermostat, broke Transfer Case, new Tires in 3 months, broke Sunroof, broke HEAT in the drivers side seat, broke Posture Latch on the side of the driver seat. Had I known that I would have had all of these problems I would have never bought a car from such a company. This same complaint is similar to the complaint that I googled online.

Life of Loan Guarantee
Well what is it? This guarantees your car to be fixed as long as you are doing your scheduled maintenance. Well All of the things listed about needed to be fixed by the dealer. I spoke with Al Smith/Elan Smith about the radiator which broke on Thanksgiving weekend while we were out of town. I told them that we will get the part and my husband will try to put it in. Well he COULDNT! So we had to pay someone else to put the radiator in. We were assured that we would be getting reimbursed.. Al Smith stated that he will only Reimbursed the cost of the part and not the labor. WHY? Because he has people that can do the job for cheaper. Well 4 months later I had to call the Regional Manager Jose and tell him the story and I recieved my checks the next day in full.

Transfer Case
I called Al SMith to let him know that my car was making loud banging noises and it needed to be fixed. Where can I go here in Kentucky? Well can you just bring it to Atlanta. It sounds like this will take a days time. I reiterated to him that it important that I am back home by Sunday. He says OK.. Well Sunday turned into Wednesday and the car was still making the same noise just softer. So I was very upset but I needed to get home to my 9 month old and husband that goes to work at 4:30am every morning.. In a result to this my child was placed in Daycare with a lady she didnt know. She was taken to the hospital because the lady made a mistake and cut her while wippng her with her ring on etc.. All I got was a Sorry and a tank of Gas

The car is back making that noise again.. What do you do now? I called Al Smith he says when is the next time you can come to Atlanta.. I dont know! Why do I have to come there. I live in Kentucky and if your network doesnt stretch that far than make it! I make my payments of 423 every month on time ACCOMODATE ME!

Very Nice and Professional Man! He asked to me to look up this Warranty I was never explained to me. I found it.. I called and my CONTRACT NUMBER WAS NOT IN THE SYSTEM! Perfect so now I have to keep dealing with these Jerks!

New Car
I go to buy a new car on monday and come to find out this car does not show up on the credit report. As if we have no loan out. That sucks! They cant tell if we are good standing or not. But I was told that Second Chance Motors report to the Credit Bureau every 3 months. What a lie! This was one of the reason we bought the car. Well I called the Jonesboro location and spoke with Elan Smith and I said hey do you guys report to the credit bureau. He says YEP Quarterly! I said well thats not true. I will call you back. I called the finance company and spoke with Cora she notified me that Second Chance does NOT report to the credit bureau. If I want it to show up on my credit report than I need to contact the bureau and have them to fax her a paper to fill out. What a DISAPPOINTMENT!

Your car is suppose to come with Warranty well... I spoke with Jose (Regional Mgr) and he told me to look in my contract paperwork and look for a white sheet of paper which will be my warranty paperwork. WELL needless to say I called the warranty company and my contract numbers were bogus! I have no warranty on my car!

Will I ever recommend someone to buy a car from Second Chance? NO
Will I report this to the BBB? Yes
Will I contact the news stations in Atlanta? Yes, will make a great story. I am going to forward this same exact email to them all

I have figured out that Second Chance Motors is for an Ignorant Class of people. People that wont check there credit report. People that just need a car and dont matter the price. This is SAD! The only thing I have ever gotten for paying my car note on time every month and dealing with all these issues are a tank of gas and Im sorry. WHICH IS NOT ENOUGH!

Lies upon Lies
Please call if you have any questions I have other customers that can vouch for this being the worst CAR DEALERSHIP EVER!

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Ms Hall
, US
Nov 09, 2011 4:40 pm EST

I too can agree with Ms. Bess because I havent had my car 2 months and SCM has not fixed anything that their "supposed to be life of the loan guarantees" I have taken my car back to them several times because once I got on the highway from leaving their lot I found the car shakes and trembles, my check engine light constantly comes on and the horn does not work as advertised. I've been almost hit several times by other drivers that are backing up and cant see me and I cant alert them by blowing my horn. Each time I take it to them there is a new excuse, "we have to order a part, then we have to order another part, then Chrysler has to put the part I did not purchase the car from Chrysler and these items should have been checked before you sold me the car. Not to mention that my car is now overheating, thermostat housing was broken and thermostat isnt working. I didnt need the heat when I got it but I have a newborn baby and he had to ride in a cold car, are you serious so now that its cold I've found my heater does not work and had to have the car towed home after breaking down on I-20 with my baby. Not to mention the towing to the shop to repair and me having to invest in a rental car until the problem is resolved and fixed. Is this really how you treat your customers after 30 days, I would not refer anyone here, the hassle is too much emotional stress. I came and asked for a reliable car and if this is reliable then you can keep it. The BBB needs to do something about these dealerships and the lemons that they are selling off their lots.


Atlanta, US
Sep 07, 2010 10:37 am EDT

I AM TOTALLY LAUGHING AT THE "COMPLAINT MANAGER" ..We were also giving the life of the loan warranty(which is crap)...i do not understand at what point does the company take responsibility for having crappy cars? Why would you sell these cars to people knowing that they are going to fall apart?! SCM does not report to the credit bureau, but we asked that the first day that we bought our car, and it took them 3 hours to answer it and beat around the bush! The percentage rate on our loan is 24% which we waited another 4hours to find out (thinking they didnt want to tell us) we finally told them we were not going to get the loan if we didn't know..they came up with the percentage really quick. SCM also sold our loan to another loan company in which VOID our warranty if we even had one...will be checking on that one...SAYING that we were notified of the change but yet we didn't agree or sign paperwork saying that we wanted our car loan sold to someone else...I will too be going to the BBB and making a complaint..I am sure the only happy customers are the ones of the family members of SCM...i doubt that they even get their cars from SCM!

Aug 09, 2010 4:05 pm EDT


Complaint Manager
Marietta, US
Jun 28, 2010 4:43 pm EDT

Ms Bess is unfortunately one customer who can not be satisfied! We have attempted on numerous occasions to help Ms Bess even paying for 2 separate diagnostics on her car from 2 different Kia service centers and nothing is wrong with any of the above stated claim. The Kia dealership recommended that she have a tune up, which is regularly scheduled maintenance not covered by a warranty (her policy is in the system) but the customers’ responsibility! That was not acceptable to her.

As explained to Ms Bess the BBB is in place to report complaints NOT SUCCESSES and we have put hundreds of satisfied customers on the road. (If you check the ratings we do have A's as well).

The "Life of the Loan Guarantee" is a guarantee not a warranty and a great program for our clientele. This simply means that we understand when purchasing a used vehicle the chance of needing to have service work are greater than when purchasing a new vehicle. Those repairs can be costly and this program is designed to help those who financially can not afford to pay for those expenses upfront. A deductible is required, your vehicle will be fixed at our service center, and the balance will be set up as a side not to be paid on monthly. This was explained to Ms. Bess several times, THIS IS NOT A BLANK CHECK!

Ms Bess purchased her used vehicle over 10 months ago and has driven over 10, 000 miles. At what point does her vehicle become her responsibility?

Second Chance Motors
Complaint Manager

1:38 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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I bought a 1999 Dodge Avenger, it has been back several times for service including the power windows stopped working, they driver rotor was bad, they caused the SRS light to come on, the engine start skipping and not wanting to start, the check engine light was flashing, the sunroof came loose and more. This last time when I went and picked up the vehicle...

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