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Saker Shopritestore manager

I am completely floored by the treatment I witnessed from a store manager to a department manager! The attitude, the language, and just the way he ganged up on this employee for no good reason. I get it, I know its all about retail, but when you don't have the sales due to no fault of the dept manager, but for lack of customers, weather, or season, regardless is no reason to attack the poor employee, because I know they work their [censor] off on weekends and holidays as well, and this particular employee was there constantly, day in day out and had no help. I noticed her being by herself in a very work detailed dept, maybe a part timer would help her for four or five hours but mostly waiting on customers leaving her to do everything else and then to see this little tough guy manager attack her over some stupid reason such as not having a sign in the correct spot? Good Lord, why? Needless to say they fired the poor thing, unexpectedly, and from what I discovered, lied about the reason for termination! What a bunch of [censor], I didn't say anything before when I found a roach in my groceries before, because yeah, that happens, but to mistreat a person like that is unheard of! I will not shop there anymore and have told the majority of my friends and neighbors to do the same. I rather drive miles out of my way to a different grocery store than be witness to that stores indecent treatment and now that I've mentioned it, ROACHES

Saker Shoprite — threats to employees

The HR (Human Resources), which is not Human by any means, continues to threaten jobs in that store. Several...

Saker Shopritestore managers and owners

What a horrible store. The managers are a joke, the employees are obviously unappreciated. I saw a tall gangly manager yelling at an employee for not taking a woman with a full cart of groceries in their 6 items or less line. What is the point of having signs when these New York bennies think they can come in and be pampered and catered to by this a**hole manager whose name is Mr. Geary. What a creep!! No wonder that store has such an employee turnover, I never see the same cashier twice. The Sakers should be ashamed of themselves. All they are are money grubbing a**holes. That store should be shut down for health violations. DON'T SHOP IN THIS STORE!!!

  • Hi
    Hitlisted Apr 25, 2011

    Sorry but Saker does not hire the employees. That is the job of the HR ( Human Resources). They are the ones that should be put on he firing line, not Saker. I have personnally met Mr. Saker, he is a decent person. We have the same turnover rate in the Ewing store. It is the mannerism of the HR, which in the Ewing store 514, is Rose Shaw. She is horrible. She talks about employees, and if she doesnt like you, she will make you time there miserable. She targets certain people, that stand up to her & management. She coddles cry-babies & weak-links. She busts on hard workers that do their jobs & dont take any crap from her. So you cant blame Mr. Saker for the attitudes of mean managers. Ewing has 3 managers, Mr. 's Carey, Vicari, & Carty. All are great managers, very nice & funny. They are very well liked & treated with the respect that they give back to employees. Mrs. Shaw talks down to the employees & treats them like gum on bottom of her shoe. If you give respect & decency, you get it in return.

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  • Hi
    hidinginthecoolers Jul 21, 2011

    there is a lot of the that going on in a lot of his stores should i list the store number . oh! i another one that needs to get her's real soon MS JENNA.. Alway taking smoke breaks n not just 15 mims.. some HR mangers get away with a lot of [email protected]@@
    n yes three mangers r very nice mr. Carey is very nice just don't piss him off or else .. always like Carty & Vicari..
    oh ! And they should have never fired Bart ... the Fart man.

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  • Xi
    XitalMx Sep 06, 2013


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  • Xi
    XitalMx Sep 06, 2013

    l palumbo ever hear OF CUSTOMER SERVICE??? .. u NEVER!! turn down a customer!... IDIOT!

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  • Ja
    Jacqueline Washkau Dec 14, 2013

    NO opportunity for advancement working for that company!! You could be on time every day, give 120% effort and never get any positive feedback from upper management. My manager was so concerned about making sales quotas for the week that she would take a pill to calm her nerves before she had her meetings with Richard Saker!

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  • Kl
    Klan member Jan 29, 2015

    Hey Sakers, You shound Fire Store Manger Matt Larsen because a ### Lover He allows a Fat ### woman to shopping scooter out of the store I said something about it he does not a thing about it those scooters cost $3, 000 when there is a sign that reads " IN STORE ONLY " and his Father shound fired doing same thing at the Hazlet store ( Nick Larsen )

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  • Re
    rensaler Oct 06, 2015

    I Heard the Saker Shoprite in Hamilton Square had a few pharmacy violations from the NJ board of Pharmacy because they had a Pharmacy tech filling prescriptions with-out proper credentials. Around May, 2015

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  • Pi
    Pino Pino May 03, 2017

    Well how about this the baker at Hamilton marketplace Cathy smoke's in the cooler box so the lazy ### don't have to go outside and I dare anyone to go and smell in there it smells like an old ash tray . how gross is this some one needs to stop this now !

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Saker Shoprite — nasty vindictive and accuse people of stealing

Went into this ugly and dirty Saker ShopRite for some groceries. I reached into my handbag to look at my...

Saker Shoprite[censor]

This store is horrible - it is filthy and the workers are surly and nasty. Then there is the fact that they are watching people on a video at all times and commenting on them. They make ethnic comments. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I am trying to get the government after them, hope I succeed. What a horrible experience. Try pathmark, its much friendlier and better. Its also clean. The workers are so helpful and nice there. The owner of shoprite richard saker is a money hungry pimple faced loser.

  • Sh
    sharon a. Sep 23, 2008

    Agreed. They are horrible. The brother Thomas is nice but Richard is over the top nasty and mean. Not sure why - he has enough money. A self hating man for sure. Should be put away in jail.

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  • Ga
    Gabi Feb 18, 2009


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  • Ju
    JUSTICE SERVED Mar 15, 2010

    /URL removed/

    This woman is out for revenge. Go and read the other article above, and Saker's attorneys response, AND OTHER COMMENTS ON HERE. She claims she is mentally ill yet she writes so well and is organized for revenge. She still has not figured out that she she MUST be accountable. So she stole 20 dollars worth of merchandise and got caught that day. What about the other days she did not get caught? So lets see, if everyone has a bad day then we all get to steal, and then we get to act like babies when we get caught? Hmmm. Must be nice to live like a child. She may be depressed, aren't alot of people these days? BUT, she is not insane! Insanity would be her only excuse to be found not guilty, but she was found guilty. Her pity party is just that, and no one is joining. Awwwwe

    BTW, theft is a regular problem at all stores. Security cameras are necessary. They are not allowed to install them in bathrooms, it is illegal. I work for a security company. Every 10-20 dollars taken from various individuals adds up to a lot of money. Criminals hate that they cannot get away with it anymore. Boohoo!

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  • Hp
    hplc2218 Apr 02, 2011

    I was chastised today at Shoprite of Freehold over 2 cents for no reason. I will explain.

    On Wednesday March 30, 2011, I did my grocery shopping and I bought 2 paks of Keebler cookies. The cookies were on sale 3 for 6. Today Saturday April 2nd, walked a mile back up to the store with the 2 paks of cookies and the receipt to see if I could get the 3rd pak. I was charged 2.99 a pak on Wednesday.
    I walked in and wen to the courtesy booth and put the bag with the cookies down and handed the kid the receipt and asked "I only bought 2 of these cookies by mistake, they are on sale 3 for 6, what can I do?" The kid said to go get another pak. I went and pick up another pak and returned to the courtesy booth about 45 seconds later.
    The kid scanned the pak and asked me for 2 cents. I said "I do not have any money". This is when the kid working in the booth chastised me, saying"oh boy (shaking his head, looking up and down ) What do you expect to just walk in here and get a pak of cookies"

    I asked to speak to the manager, I was outraged by the treatment.

    To NOW answer the kids question, no I never expected that, I expected to be treated kind and courteous. I didn't realize I had no money on me. The 2 paks of cookies could have been returned on the American Express and then I would have re bought those 2 paks with the 3rd pak.
    But instead of being treated kindly and in a helping manner, I got chastised in front of a bunch of customers and the other workers for not having 2 cents in my pocket.

    The the kid started lying to the manager over what he had said.

    I have been doing my grocery shopping every Tuesday or Wednesday at that store for 2 years now personally, and sometimes I have to go back and return something I bought by mistake or for the wrong price, and I have never been treated as badly as I was treated today over 2 cents.
    You go tot be kidding me.
    What is this kid's problem?? Was it because I haven't shaved in a couple days, or my hair was wind blown and messy from walking the mile up to the store? Was it because I wasn't wearing designer clothes?
    What is this kids problem? I was holding the credit card when I took out the receipt to hand it to him.
    I am demanding an APOLOGY AND A 10 DOLLAR CUPON to make up for the distress this kid caused me, the embarrassment I felt, and having to talk to the manager, and now having to write this email.
    Also, the kid could have simply said "Sir, we cant do it like this, Ill have to return the other 2 on your card, then you can buy all 3" BUT INSTEAD OF BEING KIND AND CURTEOUS, HE CHASTISES ME SAYING " WHAT DO YOU EXPECT, TO JUST WAK IN HERE AND GET A PAK OF COKKIES" .- YOU SHOULD HAVE SAW THE DISGUST THE KID HAD ON HIS FACE FOR ME.


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  • Lz
    lzoppo Dec 18, 2014

    I worked for Saker Shoprite in Edison, NJ. I can tell you a lot of horror stories of this place. For one they must be paying the health department off. Go in this store and put your hand on top of the Ricotta section and the cheese section by the wispride tell me if you feel any air flow. I guarantee none which means the case isn't working up to standards and has been not working properly for months. Another thing is they keep their product out all night long to be packed out on the floor. Go in the morning and I guarantee you will see product in frozen and dairy department products on the floor waiting to be packed out feel the cases. Hmm still cold? doubt it. Another thing is the meat department when the meat turns brownish they add red juice to make it look good again. In the appy department where the subs says must sell by and if they don't they just reuse the meat and put new bread all of these are violations of health and yet the health department does nothing. Another thing is go in the dairy section meat section I guarantee you will find tons of out of codes, mold, etc. Place should be shut down period

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