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Sa Roadlinkcancelled bus

booked a 00:50 bus from Bloemfontein to Pretoria. Then when I arrived 30 min earlier I am only being told that the bus I had booked is no longer coming because the licence plate had expired.No call had been made to me telling me that prior to the time I went to check in. And oh when I was booking the computers were offline which is not a first.this is unacceptable.addin to that I did get my refund but I am pissed of because of the NO communication factor and the fact that I live far from the bus stop and had to waste my money to travel back. I am sorry to say this but this bus company needs to be closed down and I mean for good this time its nothing but an inconvenience to people.

Sa RoadlinkSA Roadlink lack of concern for the safety

I have heard from other people before that SA Roadlink was the worst way one could travel in the country but I've had the bad luck of experiencing it by myself.
The bus, in a filthy state left Johannesburg to Cape Town at 6pm as it should. Around 3am, stuck in the middle of nowhere, the driver comes and announces to the passengers that he has been driving 48hrs in a row between Johannesburg and Cape Town without a co-driver and that he has to stop because he feels exhausted. In the meantime, the passengers are stuck waiting for another driver coming from Cape Town and who should be arriving around 5am in the morning! A 18hrs trip is then extended because of SA Roadlink negligence to provide a co-driver. Not only they do not care about the safety of the passengers by letting their lives into the hands of a man who was visibly tired from point A but they fail to provide an adequate service. I will never recommend this company to anyone again. Reading complaints from former passengers on various website, it became obvious that SA Roadlink does not take consumer opinions into account and does not plan on finding any remedy. If they rather spend less money on a co-driver and therefore put our safety at risk, my opinion is that SA Roadlink shall be banned from South African roads.

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    chamelle Sep 19, 2013

    wow and to think we want to book 3 seats to cape town next week... we all know the past accidents they made over these few years SA ROADLINK has been in the news like forever. But we did not here any reason complains about accidents so my thoughts were OK they did improve they services????

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Sa Roadlink27 Hour Nightmare Trip on SA Roadlink 21 April 2011

I have always on a yearly basis religiously taken a trip to Port Elizabeth (from Durban) to spend some time with my sisters. Last year I was unable to do so due to the fact that I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had to go for treatment. I just recently completed my treatment and decided to go to PE. I have used the SA Roadlink bus service previously and was very satisfied with their service. I heard some story’s about the bad service but I decided that it can’t be that bad and my kids did enjoy the previous trip with SA Roadlink. I booked the ticket with SA Roadlink via their telephone service on the 12th of April 2011.

I am still very emotional about my resent trip starting on the 21st of April at 6:30 leaving on SA Roadling. There was a delay at the Durban Depot and we left Durban at 8:00 instead of scheduled time at 6:30. I was unaware of any problems at his time! Our first stop was in Umkobaba just outside Durban we were asked to take our luggage and move to a different bus We did so and was informed by the hostess that the bus had problems and we will Change busses in Umtata again. This never happened as planned as there was a delay with the bus we were supposed to swop with. We ended up swopping busses in Butterworth the bus we used was send back to Durban with new passengers. We border the new bus and when everyone settled down hostess Informed us that there was a problem with the new bus and they have asked for a mechanic to come to fix it. This bus did not want to start. When the Butterworth mechanic came he did mention that he has never fixed a bus but he will try his best. With the help of a passenger they managed to fix the canbelt and the recharged the busses batteries. Two hours later we were on our way to East London. When we arrived in East London at mid night we were informed by Mrs. Strydom from SA Roadlink that they need to change the pully system of the canbelt because the old one is causing the belt to break all the time. We were told this repair will take approximately 1 and a half hours. Most of the passengers got back on the bus when the Mechanic arrived and went to sleep. I also fell asleep, but woke up 3 hours later. When I woke up I heard no movement of mechanic working on the bus so I got off the bust to investigate on progress. When I walked around the bus there was no Mechanic I was also very surprised to find that all the drivers and SA Roadlink staff was missing. At this stage I got very worried but could not do anything about it so I got back on the bus to sit with my kids aged 12 and 7.

The time was now 3 am and I got very worried as I did not prepaid for any delay and only had half a pack of chips and a bit of water for my kids. All the shops around was closed and there was no SA roadlink staff in sight. When I got back to my seat I looked out the window across the road and saw Mrs. Strydom sitting in her Vehicle so I got of the bus and approached the vehicle to ask her what the hell was going on. She then told me that she did get us all alternative transport and we will all soon be boarding Sprinters. She did kindly offer to go by something to eat for my kids and I told her that my kids are luckily still sleeping. I did not take this offer because as I told her it will not be fare to other passengers if I only get my kid food.

Just after 6am the sprinters came to pick us up and we proceeded to Port Elizabeth. This was also quite the experience for me and my children to take a Taxi as we have never done so before! We arrived in Port Elizabeth at 9:30 very emotional and upset as this trip was a nightmare.


Cindy van Vuuren

Cell: [protected]
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Sa RoadlinkPrices and ticket cancelation

I bought a bus ticket from saroadlink, for my driver to return
Back from where he is delivering for r799. 00where as the normal price is + - r450. I have suported roadlink and translux for the past 8years, due to the nature of my bussnes, my customer has booked a job back from where my driver is delivering the first vehicle, so i needed to cancel or re - direct the ticket for a nother job to a closser destination witch is dbn to jhburg, so i will be paying r799 where as the actual price is r175.
They had the only seat available for the 23rd of dec, and over hollidays i have to bye my tickets at least, three dayes ahead. Now they wont refund or exchange my ticket for the correct price between dbn and jhburg, ps"this is not the first time, i have just come to the piont of, why can sa roadlink get away with ill treating and robbing us like this time and time again??
Ref no;rl5688204 is the bus ticket number.

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    worst trip Jul 03, 2013

    hi i have been travelling wit SA Roadlink for the past 8years.. ...i have neva experienced any breakdowns etc, bt i did experience a poor service of the bus wich was jst recently...on the 1st of july i tuk an sa roadlink bus to joburg, most pathetic thng was the bus was stinkn the whole way...also instead of the aircons bein on they put on the heaters, , was the mst horrible trip eva...i do take in concern and wish that be4 management snd off the buses they shuld check that it is cleaned

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    Robert Vonvillingh Dec 30, 2013

    Ok this is the 1st tym I eva travel with sa roadlink and I am very disgustered I traveled from cape town to Durban ok the bus was on tym and all but I was more upset and disgustered the toilet don't work the aircon don't work no tv its horroble then to put the cherry ontop there were cockroches in the bus!!! And not jus 1 but a lot and I have pictures as proof that was jus the worse its not clean.I undastand that its busy season and they mayb had to use older buses but clean it atlest ill neva travel with sa roadlink nor advise any1 else to.this was for Sunday 29th December 2013

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    Izak Bluff Feb 03, 2014
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    Verified customer

    A SA Roadlink coach no. 606 registration no. BM77CV-GP on N3 to Durban between Nottiingham and Balgowan on Sunday 2nd February overtook me at 120km/h. Hell has no fear!!! in a 100km/h zone. Russian roulette !!!

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    michael300 May 19, 2014

    SA Roadlink refuse to answer my phone calls regarding my lost bag i have all documentation . waiting now over 4 months i have sent emails and calls no answer plz anyone i need a contact number i have tried i have over 7 numbers of them . if i dont hear from them in this comming weeks ill do something unthinkable so if you read this my number is 084 237 0884 and 082 840 50 75 email [email protected] waiting

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Sa RoadlinkRefuse to refund me.

3 Months down the line and im still waiting for my refund.

Good afternoon Mr Barends,

I thank you for your valuable correspondence as we at SA ROADLINK will not be able to improve our service levels if we did not get input from our valued passengers.

Mr Barends it is absolutely appaling to read that you have been sent from pillar to post and still no word regarding your refund. I would like to know who you handed your refund application to. Also if you can let me know where your original tickets are as no refund can be entertained without the original ticket attached.

Mr Barends, I would really appreciate a speedy response regarding this.

Kind regartds


On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 3:49 PM, Qiyaam Barends <[protected]> wrote:
Bus Reference Number (3214477)

I was suppose to travel with SA roadlink on the 1st of December 2009, however the bus was over booked and couldn’t accommodate more passengers from Uitenhage traveling to Johannesburg. I had to make alternative arrangements to get to Johannesburg as i was supposed to be back at work the following day. i was contacted by Chris from the Port Elizabeth branch and told him what I’m going to do he said its fine and once I’m in Johannesburg I should go the office and ask for Vanessa who would assist me with the refund. On the 3rd of December I went the Johannesburg offices and Vanessa wasn’t there and I submitted my form to one of the consultants. I have contacted Vanessa on numerous occasions and evrytime she says she is going to phone me back, two weeks has gone and I still haven’t received my refund. please ensure that my refund is done A.S.A.P.


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Sa RoadlinkPoor Management/ Customer Service

I don't even know where to start with this complaint.
I have never come across such disgusting management style in my life. I honestly don't know how a company can operate with the lack of customer service that I experienced at the hands of the 'hostess.'
SA Roadlink was in the news on Friday (01/01/2010), as two of their busses were impounded the night before. I was due to travel on Saturday night. I arrived early for my journey and was told nothing about the chaos that was taking place. The lasy in the office should have been aware of the situation - as there was a bus short- running to Pretoria. I had booked my ticket weeks before but was told that I could not board as the bus was fully booked. I was told that I had to board a quantam taxi that had been hired - to travel to Colesberg, where there would be a bus waiting for us to travel to Pretoria. All the Manager could offer in the way of an explanations was: read your terms and conditions, push me out the way and walk on. The Hostess was laughing saying: 'This Company is a joke!'
The Manager was later heard saying: 'I have handed in my resignation as I cannot work for this Company!'

I boarded the hired taxi and arrived at Colesberg to find no bus waiting for us. A Roadling bus going to Cape Town stopped by the petrol station and the hostess on that bus tried to find out what was going on. Not surprisingly at all, she could reach no one. Not even a high level manager.
We were then told that we would have to wait 3 hours for another bus.

In all the time that we were stranded at Colesberg - not once did your representatives standing there offer us any explanation or comfort. They were actually nowhere to be found.

3 hours later, we boarded the bus to Joburg/ Pretoria. The hostess did not apologise once on board. We only received one 15 min break on a 7 hour journey.

After arriving in Pretoria - nearly 4 hours late - we had still not received any form of apology.

I think that SA Roadlink can take themselves out of the running for any potential business for the Soccer this year.

Apalling on every level!