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RNK CommunicationsThe company has totally disappeared, and is un-reachable.

I have bought about 30 international calling cards ($5 and/or $10 each) by RNK.
I have been making telephone calls with the cards.
All of a sudden, the cards stopped working. The company could not be reached. Supposedly, they went out of business overnight. Without any prior notices.
How can I receive the refund of the money on the RNK cards which I still own?
Thank you!
Simon Zaslavsky
Tel.: [protected]
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    InotOk12 Sep 30, 2012


    Please be careful to buy RNK international 1 cent prepaid phone card. When I used this card, I never can phone someone successfully whatever to china or to US. The company always said your phone is rejected or please use direct phone. I think this is a cheap.

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RNK CommunicationsMisleading prepaid phone card charges

I have been using this prepaid card for almost a year because they are offering a long distance charge for only 1 cent per minute as what it said on their prepaid phone card clearly.
I have been enjoying the 1 cents per minute till I bought few of the cards and suprisingly when I used one of the card as usual the minute drops so fast. I was shocked and called the RNK Communications customer service and they told me that the charges has been increased from 1 cent per minute to 5 cents per minute. This is completely rip-off and scam as on the prepaid phone card still stated 1 cent per minute. I felt the company try to cheat consumer by advertising a lower rate i.e 1 cents per minute on the prepaid phone card wherelse the actual charge is 5 cents per minute.
Hope further legal action can be taken on RNK Communications.

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    merdem Jun 17, 2012

    Thanks so much for your comment. I will change to another company.

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