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REC WarehouseWarranty issue

My spa top collapsed & broke due to the rain caving it in. They would not warranty the foam inserts but said they would warranty the cover if I purchased the foam inserts. I purchased the inserts on 5-18-11 & 9 weeks later received my inserts. While waiting for my cover to come in the local store closed & I am unable to get a call back from the corporate person to handle warranties. I have left 5 messages on 5 different days over a two week period without any call back. When I tell the call center what is going on they claim all they are is a call center & all they can do is transfer me to the voice mail. Extremely frustrated as I purchased an extended 10 year warranty for this!

REC WarehouseLeaking pool

We purchased an oval pool in July 2009 and it leaks water daily. We have to put 500 gals. of water in it twice a week. It appears to be from where the liner pushes against where he outside metal bolts together but it also has pockets in the bottom where the liner is pushing under the tin, yes tin panels are under the liner. The installers didn't put enough sand under the liner. Waisted that 6ooo dollars! Rec WH won't repair nor will the installers. The installers wouldn't stay for the water to fill the bottom.

REC Warehousecustomer service/pool

I bought a 18x33 above ground pool 6 yrs ago and paid over 6000.00. The first liner I had for only one month and had holes in it
to which they tried to say it was my fault. they did relace it with one that they wanted to give me and that to had holes in it so they "patched" it. I now have two little rusted holes going from the outside in that punctured the liner and begun to leak. When I called them they asked me if I mow rocks, i said no i mow grass and he laughed and hung up on me. i called back and he acted as if he didnt
do it on purpose. He put me through to another person and he said for another close to 400.00 he would order the side panel and another liner and that it would take 3 weeks. Its been 4 months now
and all they are doing is giving me the run around.

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    Kory T Feb 25, 2010

    That sounds just like my experience with them. I was forced to order a part, Turbo Jet Valve and after 3 months with a whole in my pool I finally had to keep calling them to get them to finally ship it.

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REC WarehouseHole in one month-old pool liner

We replaced our pool liner one month ago and found a hole 3 feet wide. the pool drained overnight.
REC Warehouse and its installation contractor TopNotch claim not being responsable for its liner. We have use the pool 2 time for a total of 1 hour. We did not puncture anything and it happened without us being there.
There is an obvious defect in the liner, but how do you prove it? Can anyone shed a light on the cause of this hole? and what can we do against REC Warehouse?