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real estate Fraudulent bidding

I was bidding for the property and price went up almost 15k beyond my bid, then I got a call from that I was a highest bidder and I buy the property. So I sent money set up a closing date. They two weeks later I was told by the client agent that seller does not own the property. It's been two week they are holding my deposit.
I am still trying to find out the status. tells me that they are
Waiting for the sellers response. But propety is listed back in market with local realtor while I am in contract and they have deposit. I am pretty sure this is not legal. I am looking for anyone else who have run in to this situations.

  • Ba
    balamurugan Oct 29, 2008

    "We would just like to say thank- Frontline Builders team for the wonderful job for which we have bought a new home from them. We truly could not have asked for more during this entire process and greatly appreciate all of their patience and hard work. They gave great guidance and advice that we do not think we would have gotten elsewhere and we will recommend them to anyone who asks in the future."

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  • Da
    Dan Holz Oct 30, 2008

    Who the f__ck cares? Is Frontline so desperate, so despicable, so unreputable that they must post these ### endorsements on a complaints website? You people need to get a life!

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  • Jo
    Joey Apr 27, 2009

    I had the pleasure of working with Mike Todaro of Golden Image Realty. He is very informative and has great knowledge of today's market. I'm very, very satisfied with the services I received and look forward to working with him again in the future. Thanks Mike.

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  • Mi
    milami Sep 09, 2011

    New realtor, new licensee.
    Never have any problems with her !!! Very proffessionnal and a person you can really trust in!!!
    Very satisfied!!!

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  • Dm
    DMCIHomesOffiicial Aug 27, 2013

    This is to give contact information for complaints submitted here so we could appropriate necessary action.

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real estate Lies, Slander,Theft and fraud

We noticed an ad on the Internet for a home in the TN mountains. We called and spoke to a Kimberly Rocha of Freedom Realty.

We went to see it based on what she had told us, little did we know she lied to us the whole time.

We purchased the home in good faith and quickly found out that basically
everything we had been told was a lie. Before we got there she had
removed some of the furniture that we paid an extra $3500 for. Namely a
dinning room table and chairs.

That was bad enough but then before we got back to the home for a
second time, being a vacation type home we don't live there full time,
She has taken Firewood that my son and I had cut and spent days piling up.

When confronted she admitted that her and her Mexican husband did in
fact take it but refused to return any of it or pay us the $500.00 we
figure we lost. Instead she Sent her husband after me to threaten me.

Now to cover her dishonesty she has spread lies about us to anyone that will listen to her.

We found out that she was taken to court several years ago by people
she has sold to and was told to stop operating illegally and she has
refused to do so and continues to operate against court order to this

She is under criminal investigation both Federal and State. Also the Real Estate commission is investigating several complaints.

Stay as far away from Freedom Realty and Kim Rocha as humanely possible !

Lies, Slander,Theft and fraud

real estate

real estate Abuse of Unpaid Sales Force

Formations, LLC has repeatedly recruited sales professionals all over the country to procure real estate properties for their "existing" clients. The interesting thing is that over the past couple of years, several people have joined the firm, have worked their tails off to procure business for the firm, then have either been forced to leave or been booted out. While these individuals have not received a dime for their work, all the business that they created was left behind. Meanwhile, management has often bragged about running a business without having anybody on the payroll.

Formations, LLC has a revolving door of interns from the University of Colorado. In fact, the company management is always happy to disclose that they have had great support from the University, which keeps sending those interns who are made to do office work with little or no compensation. When these interns are fed up with the way that they are treated and decide to leave, they are instructed to write a goodbye letter itemizing all the "positives" of having had the priceless (sic) opportunity to be used at Formations, LLC. At least one of the interns has indicated that he felt pressured to write such letter. He feared that if he refused, his chances of securing gainful employment elsewhere might be affected. Meanwhile, Formations, LLC uses those letters as recruiting tools to convince gullible real estate agents and brokers to join Formation, LLC.

There is evidence that the firm has consistently recruited unlicensed individuals to broker real estate transactions, and has shared commissions with those individuals, which is an act contrary to the laws that govern the licensed real estate business in the state of Colorado.

Formations, LLC often leaves past associates names on their website long after they are gone, to make it look like they are a successful and busy company.

One of the owners, M. David Paul, is just a ghost. We never saw him, heard from him or knew of his attendance of any of the office meetings. He was the reason we joined the firm, and we never heard his voice. The managing partner, Shane Bohart, is awful to interact with! He is one of those obnoxiously loud type-A personalities that constantly berate his work force. He treats people in a rather uncivilized way.

Go work for Formations, LLC at your own risk! But be warned. You will be made to work, and work, and work. Perfection will be demanded of you. You will be put on a schedule and weekly reports of your performance will be expected. You will not be allowed (yes, allowed) to express your opinion on any subject. Although you are hired as a contractor, Formations, LLC will rule you and will tell you what to do and how! And unless you have no personality and self-respect, before you even complete a year, you will be shown the door and all your work will go to waste. There has been plenty of unhappy associates join and leave this company for the past couple of years, including licensed attorneys. We all have talked about what an aggravating waste of time our unpleasant experience was.

  • Be
    BetterNotSay Apr 03, 2014

    Shane Bohart is not a pleasant person to have as a manager.

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real estate Resh Realty

I have sold real estate for 18 years I have worked for 6 different companies in that time. I have NEVER had a broker spend time and money in lead generation like this one. The owner is constantly looking for new ways to find business for his agents. He spends the time to train them and give them the tools they need to close sales. Does he demand that his agents not waste the leads he pays for? YES!!
I have 2 small children, some health issues and I go to college at night. I STILL made more money last year than in the past 5. No complaining about a "down market" for me. I am good and I am experienced but 90% of my business was HANDED to me by my broker. I really appreciated him when I was called by a rival company. Out of curiosity, I went to the interview. The broker, of one the largest companies in town, had a full color chart of my production on his desk. He offered me his highest commission split and I told him no thanks. If the previous posts scare you-stay safe and stay broke.

real estate Unathorized money

Another Real Estate fraud to help you find a home for free or 99 cents. Than they steal your account number and start charging for monthly dues for that which you never authorized. So by my standards they are no better than someone who steals your identity.
I would like my money back that you stole from my account @49.00 each I have instructed the bank not to pay you.
I have been looking for a new home I'm disabled an live on a fixed income, it is hard to find a place to live if your credit score goes to 500; these people I have claimed have taken my money WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION. Have put me in a bad position I want my money back AND you all pay the over limit fee. Mrs. B

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real estate Escrow Deposit not Refunded

Escrow Deposit- 5140 NW 116 Court, Doral, Florida 33178
Re: Seller: Aurora Loan Services
Buyer: Lorena Pineda
Escrow: $6, 000.00

Parties involved:

William J. Gardner PA
7280 West Palmetto Park Road
Suite 208-N
Boca Raton, Florida 33433
[protected] (Facsimile

Customer Service - Aurora Loan Services
Toll-Free: [protected]
Hours: Monday - Thursday, 8:00am to 11:00pm, Friday, 8:00am to 9:00pm and Saturday, 8:00am to 4:00pm, Eastern Time
[Click here]to send us an email
Fax: [protected]

Property were sold same month, and they keep the scrow deposit, because was not approved by the association on time.

Escrow Deposit not Refunded

real estate

real estate ripooffs

Request money back she charged sum of $520.00 after she said she was not going to charge if she got fired from selling a home at westminster her name is Reggie Williams and her phone number is [protected] that is not fair to be charged that kind of money when she did not do enough for us my feedback to that realtor would be bad seller 0% not recommended to any one and very rude to us the costumers.
my name is Barbara and I live at 3141west 95 ave
westminster, co 80031 I want that realtor to return money back to my new realtor need to contact me

real estate extortion

NEVER sign a lease agreement with Marlin. They are in the business of extorting money out of clients that fulfill their contracts. We finished our lease agreement with this co. with several releases to boot. We informed them we were not renewing our lease. We had to send in a notice of termination letter 90 days before we could terminate the lease or we would be automatically be releasing the m

achine again for the next year. We were asked to send a fax to them re: termination and we did in a timely manner. The customer service dept acknowledged they had received our intent to terminate. We asked them to pick up our Zerox copier. We were informed that it was our responsibility to send the machine back to them.
We requested an address and they wouldn't give us one. We continued to request one and they wouldn't give us anything. One rep. told us New Jersey another San Diego. Since we are in Ca. the San Diego otpion sounded fine. They would not cooperate @ all.
We called Zerox ( whom we have done business with in regards to machinary), their rep said they aren't recommening Marlin anymore. Then we get a call from Carnes Burnham & Mahoney (Marlins' investigators), saying we owe 7900. to Marlin because they hadn't received payments. We apprised Carnes about what transpired. They said they had the power to "rip our books apart and tie us up in litigation" They then threatened us with ruined credit etc. They were quoted the U.C.C. laws. I asked wheather they should be giving legal advice since they wern't lawyers. That angered the guy from Carnes. So be it. We are a small co. but we are not going to be paying them anymore money.
The next call from Carnes again about settling everything for half the money. We explained our position again and they said theyweren't interested. They were the gun for hire to get the money.
I requested the phone # of Malins' legal dept. and or a Marlin attorny so counsel could go over everything lawyer to lawyer. Carnes refused. They said they didn't have to give out that information.
So, we are expecting legal bills and anything else they decide to throw @ us. PLEASE read their lease ( google Marlin leasing lawsuits) and see how prohibitive that document is. It's completely and unfairly stacked against the leasee. Have an attorney read it before you sign it.
We did everything that was asked of us. These guys are corporate bullies. We have appropriate discovery if this becomes a bigger issue. However, after leasing a copier from them for 7 years, we still have no place to send the machine.

real estate Questioning their integrity?

Just recently on vacation in Charleston my friend and I walked by and the friendly guy started talking to us and eventually offered us to pay for our sail that we were going on that week providing we come back in the morning and listen to a salespitch. I felt like I already knew what is was going to be about and what my answer would be after listening to it. After I was introduced to an agent who I express immediately all my reasons as to why I couldn't, wouldn't and shouldn't sign any contract. Not realizing until later the word contract was turned into membership and after many time of trying to walk away from the very pleasant but persistent agent I felt confident that I had nothing to lose. We just wanted out of there after all we were on a vacation. I knew that I at the least had 24 hrs if not 3 days to cancel this "membership". I was lead to another room where I was told to intial and sign the membership (she even used the example of joining a health club), not once was the cancellation policy discussed or given to me by any representative. The very next morning after talking to a friend he reminded me how difficult if would be for me to benefit from this membership due to my disabilities and how difficult finding someone to go with would be hard. You had to book the trip almost a year in advance to get what you wanted. He heard about clubs like this and recommended that I cancel immediately. The very next morning I called the lady who handle the "membership" papers. She stated to me that I could not cancel and that she explained this to us and anyone that comes in the doors, that was a red flag for was a down right lie. No one I listened to or spoke to talked about the cancellation policy. Well, the language of the clause that was initialed by me was in the form of real estate and rescission and the lack of the law in SC. I didn't give it any thought since she made it sound like I was initialing that I wasn't purchasing Real Estate therefore I felt like it didn't pertain to me. She never explained simply that there was no cancellations. I went to the owner immediately after that phone call feeling that "lie" was a red flag and this is not a company I want to further invest in since all of it was misleading. I was told to at least book one trip with them but I'm afraid I'll lose more money. I just want out and I'm hoping that soon I'll be able to post good news on this site about this company and how they let me out of this due to them not being clear and the fact I did disclose everything about me to them. Unfortunately, he wants me to talk to him on the phone and I'm reluctant since my email (6) are not being answered in writing. I did contact my CC company and hopefully they will dispute this for me and it will be over. They did the wrong thing and I just want my "membership" cancelled. Did anyone else have any problems with these company and if you did would I as a single disabled woman be able to benefit from a vacation company such as this. I know most of the time I need someone with me and also most places you book you are charge for double occupancy...which I asked about and got a vague answer.

  • Jo
    John Conner Aug 31, 2010

    Are you not smart enough to just say NO.

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  • Db
    dbm2 Sep 23, 2010

    Wholesale Travel is pressure time share, no less, no more. Their lawyers have taught them well. While not illegal they are certainly unethical with a taste of illegal. They depend on a good BBB rating to give their company an air of legitimacy. Their BBB rating is down to B-. That should tell you something. They are nothing more than carpetbaggers and scaly wags. Stay away.

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real estate Anonymous innacurate complaints

Apparently there is no descretion on your companyys part to anaylze a complaint for any sort of accuracy. It is only when a person or someone they know runs into an inaccurate ad that they are informed about the comments. I had my name slandered by someone that doesn't have any other means to deal with their supposed anger. If they were accurate perhaps they would have speeled my name correctly, the company I worked at 2+ years ago, or even stated the city inwhich they lived the same in the two separate comments.

I have NEVER had a client named TRINA SMITH.

They wnet to another site and called me rude and racist. Perhaps maybe they were talking about themselves being racist as my family is a multicultural family with them spewing these comments. This is probably nothing short of a hate crime intended to harm my economic status. A person that is being abused by another person should have some sort of recouse like the court of law other than being tried without a jury or judge over the internet.

real estate Bank of America/Country Wide

As we all know short sales are lengthy and time consuming, however, this one has truly been a night mare and continues to be. I believe there is no one compentent at BA or Countrywide now merged into one big mess! I had a short sale negotiated, approved and signed off by Freddie Mac and the letter is in their system, however, due to the approval coming as the systems merged, my negotiator, bless her for doing a good job, called me on Nov. 29 to say it was approved but she was unable to get into the system now and that I would have to deal with the newly assigned negotiator who could simply print it or email it to me and we could proceed to closing. I have a cash buyer anxiously awaiting to make the transaction complete. Well, I immediately contacted Short Sale support and have had the complete run around now for 12 days! First I'm told there is no new negotiator assigned as yet; then I am told the name of my new negotiator, who I try endlessly to contact via phone and email with no response. I manage to get his superivor's phone number, or so I thought. I was given 3 different numbers by 3 different clerks at Short Sale Support all of which are not the number to the lady who is suppose to be the supervisor!!!Every number is for someone else or "not a working number."

Today, I am told that I have now been assigned another negotiator, for whatever reason only God knows! I try to contact him via the phone number they gave to me, which is always a voice mail that is full. I've tried email, no response. In the meanwhile the second mortgage is being charged off so now we are in trouble on that negotiation which was agreed upon and signed off previously.

Can any one blame the entire American public for having total disgust for all banks and our government who makes us pay for this nonsense? Is there no one compent anymore in the industry, I begin to doublt it.

  • Tr
    Tracy Herron Oct 07, 2008

    My complaint is, first off the home is occupied and anybody can see by the maintenance of the property that it is in fact occupied. Secondly taxes collected from the buyer are none homesteaded taxes, causing the buyer to pay substantially higher monthly notes and in essence ended up in foreclosure. Third thing is you have people coming to these people's home walking around the property and preparing to board up a property that is still occupied. Could you imagine the law suite when the judge found out that their personal property was boarded up and that the were never ordered to go to court for an eviction.

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  • Su
    sunderraj Nov 19, 2008

    We would like to thank the entire Frontline Builders team for making of our home a joyful experience Every employee was professional and willing to help From our first meeting to closing we were impressed with everyone that we dealt with We were especially amazed at the speed and the craftsmanship with which our home was bought Thank you for making the dream home such a great experience

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  • Gi
    giving61 Apr 04, 2011

    If you look in Williams Auction disclosure form it says no repairs and no utilities. I thought that the utilities were just turned off. I bought the property at the auction and put $2500 down on it. It also said may affect financing. I needed an appraisal in order to complete my financing which meant the utilities needed to be turned on long enough for the appraisal. I talked with Trisha Adams at ext; 1252 and she said that
    the property was unsafe to turn the utilities on. When I
    suggested that the electric company come in and inspect the electric, she flat out refused because she said that the house was totally unsafe to have them do it. This so called real estate should have be disclosed as Cash Buyer Only and Value is in the Land, but that isn't what it said. This was a false statement on their part in there disclosure knowing that it couldn't be appraised because of a real safety issue which wasn't stated in there disclosure. They will keep my $2500 deposit if I don't come up with CASH before April 22nd. I would want my deposit returned and rescind the contract and all the homes they list are written up the same way in there disclosures. They need to stop what they are doing and do return my money of $2500 so I can buy a home that is safe and can be appraised without worry. I don't know how many other consumers have been done the same way as myself with this particular auction site.

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  • Ty
    TyJr88 Sep 07, 2011

    Sounds like you didn't pay attention to the disclosures and the Contract and now you are complaining that they are trying to hold you to the Contract you signed. You said they told you utilities would not be able to be turned on and that it may affect financing, and that is exactly what happened. So if they warned you ahead of time, why did you bid on it? Why do we always try to blame others for our own mistakes...

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  • I originally listed the prop.with my previous Broker, JL Moneyline. My listing in question was not posted on MLs per my brokers direction, which is a MLS violation.
    My employmnet was discontiued by JL Moneyline on 10/22
    Hired by Shaffer Real Estate on 10/25
    My client fired JL Moneyline on 10/31 and relisted his property with me(Shaffer R/E) on 11/17
    JL Moneyline treated to sue my client if he sold his property and listed it with another company because the listing belong to JL Moneyline. Client told him he fired his co. and his business was with me, Mary Deeringer and her new company. I sourced the client.
    We offered the owner of JL Moneyline 25% commission to go away and let us proceed, he refused and has continued to harass us and my client.
    I have documentation for everything. Including conversation log between both brokers trying to settle this and can't come to an agreement.
    My interest is what's best for my client. We have a Hafa approved Short sale and have 120 days to perform. I also have advertised, and showed the property to many clients and now have several offers. I need some legal direction to know if we continue with this listing and sale, does the old Broker have legal grounds to sue my client? I need some direction.

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real estate BUILDERS

My wife and I just would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Sumanth Kumar Das in Frontline Builders Inc. for his personal participation in the buying of our home in Bangalore. We found Frontline Builders sale a It was exciting working with professionalism for a fair price. We made him aware we were not new to the new home buying process, that we bad bought 3 other homes and was looking for a quality home with an on time delivery. Sumanth surpassed our expectations, always professional with a pleasant attitude. He was instrumental in making the buying of our 4th home a pleasant and fun experience.

  • Ba
    bajaskier Dec 05, 2008

    Who the f__ck cares? Is Frontline so desperate, so despicable, so unreputable that they must post these ### endorsements on a complaints website? You people need to get a life!

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real estate Terrible advices

Realtor Alan Forbes with Century 21 Lois Lauer Realty in Redlands, CA gave terrible and inconsistent advice. Alan Forbes told us that the seller's home inspection report looked very good to him and he did not recommend that we get our own buyer's home inspection report. Alan Forbes was representing us exclusively.

Realtor Alan Forbes did not remind us that one of the numerous forms he had us sign warned us to get our own buyer's inspection report (he did not explain this form when we signed it well before we saw the seller's inspection report). We ended up purchasing the home with numerous pool/electrical/plumbing/safety/roofing/etc. problems. We spent over 12k in unexpected repairs. The sales manager, Realtor Sharon Jarrett-Meyer agreed that the seller's inspection report was very incomplete and that a buyer should always get their own inspection report. However, she refused to compensate us in anyway and pointed out that Lois Lauer Realty had no liability since we had signed the form regarding the importance of getting our own buyer's inspection report. Sharon Jarrett-Meyer laughed that she usually gets complaints about her other agents and bragged about the volume of sales done by Century 21 Lois Lauer Realty. DON'T TRUST ALAN FORBES, SHARON JARRETT-MEYER AND CENTURY 21 LOIS LAUER REALTY IN REDLANDS, CA! If you cannot prove their legal liability, they will not be accountable for terrible/inconsistent and unethical advice.

  • Da
    Daniel Dec 01, 2008

    I just had a great experience with Alan. One of the most trusted brokers in the area. Spotless, thorough, and very professional.
    I checked his references and inquired with his office to see if there were any complaints on file with him. He just this one complaint over the last 10 years ( I found out he has been licensed since 1985) and he has done hundreds of transactions. I highly recommend Alan Forbes!
    Lewis Stanley

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  • Br
    Brian Ullon Dec 17, 2010

    Alan Forbes is by far one of the most competent and trusted Realtors in Redlands! He is from the community he represents and has his clients best interest in mind..not just trying to close a deal.. He is very thorough, and keeps you in the loop with every step of the process. He has not only helped us with the purchase of our first home, but he then also sold our home in just 6 days!! I would highly recommend Alan Forbes to anyone who is in the market for either home buying/selling. Thanks again Alan! The Ullon's

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  • Al
    Alan Forbes Feb 23, 2011

    Realtor Alan Forbes with Century 21 Lois Lauer Realty in Redlands, CA gave advice:
    Realtor Alan Forbes with Century 21 Lois Lauer Realty in Redlands, CA
    This is Alan Forbes. I have to say that this complaint is quite disturbing. I have been in Real Estate for over 20 years and this is an unfounded complaint. The buyer who made this complaint was not a naive consumer. He had sold his home and purchased a new one through me before. This was his third transaction with Alan Forbes. He signed the documents that advised him to get a home inspection and he signed the document agreeing to waive his home inspection. The seller provided a home inspection report that indicated there were no obvious problems with the home. I told him the inspection looked good but it was ultimately up to him whether he wanted to pay for his own inspection. I advised him that the pool appeared to have issues that should be looked into, and provided him and the sellers agent, pictures of the pool concerns. He obviously had buyers remorse, coupled with problems that came up after they moved in, had to be blamed on someone. To accept the responsibility of his own decision would have been too much to ask. So, the facts are clear and I did consider legal action against the buyer for slander. I expect someone had to be the fall guy for him to save face. All I can do is wish him peace, prosperity, and a clear conscience. I do wish he had mentioned how pleased he was with my services on the previous transactions and the fact that I negotiated over $50, 000 off the asking price on this home he is complaining about.
    Realtor Alan Forbes with Century 21 Lois Lauer Realty in Redlands, CA
    Realtor Alan Forbes with Century 21 Lois Lauer Realty in Redlands, CA

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  • De
    DenaT Jan 23, 2013

    Always get your own home inspection which is what Realtor Forbes should have told his buyer.

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real estate lack of communication from Wells Fargo

I am a sales agent representing a seller who has been disabled and unable to pay his mortgage payments on his property. We have had an offer in front of the Loss Mitigation/ Short Sale department since Oct. 11th. the loan was originally with GMAC and then sold to Wells Fargo. It is a good offer since the BPO came in for 15,000 under the offered price....We obtained an extension for settlement until this week....the buyer is going to walk since they need to be in a home before the holiday. Both the seller and myself have followed up with the short sale dept on a daily basis the servicing agent says he is waiting to hear from Wells Fargo...he had stated that this process would take 2 to 3 weeks from the original date....he now states that there is NOTHING that he can do nor myself or the seller to encourage Wells Fargo to be in communication with the seller to notify him wether or not this agreement will be the big picture...the loss is for under 30,000 compared to the loss of 265 if this goes to shiriff sale.
It is abusive to the public that there is no workablity with the mortgage company.
If anyone knows of a way to be in contact with the Wells Fargo short sale department, I would love to hear from you.