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Primary Financial ServicesCollecting Illegal Loans

Company is collecting illegal internet payday loans. If pay day loans are illegal in your state and they are calling you get a lawyer. US Bank is currently being sued for aiding the facilitation of illegal loans. Due to recent developments there will be many lawyers in line that would love to take on a class action lawsuit.

  • Mr
    Mr nice guy36 Jun 28, 2011

    I had the displeasure of having to call Mr Shoemaker for a business matter. I was completely offended by his unprofessional rude attitude and behavior. Steer clear of this business if you can, dont do any business with them!!

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Primary Financial ServicesCreepy, just creepy

This company continues to call our house and harass my mother in an attempt to collect someone else's debt from her. There are messages on the machine from a Mr. Peterson at x3226 asking for a company that has nothing to do with us.
It turns out that company's owner has a name which is one letter away from my father's name. My mother has repeatedly told this Mr. Peterson that they have the wrong person, the wrong #, that it's not our name, we have no such company, and that my father has been dead for 10 years. After telling Mr. Peterson this, he demanded my father's death certificate, and said 'but you do have property, don't you?"
There is something very, very wrong with this company and its tactics. My mother has repeatedly told them not to call, and they continue to harass her.
What business do they have knowing our private property information or seeing my father's death certificate. It's not my father's account, we and our phone line have never been connected to the company they are seeking, and we have never heard of the company they are trying to collect on.
We just can't get it through to them they are simply calling the wrong people. It seems as if they are intent on collecting this debt from whoever happens to answer the phone, anywhere, any time, with absolutely no regard to whether or not they have reached the account holder they are seeking. Creepy, just creepy...

Primary Financial Servicesthreat,degrading and belittling

I recieved a letter on Oct 3 from Primary Financial Services from a in house legal department. Stating that they have reviewed my account and felt that i had the ability to to satisfy the obligation. I was told to contact them in 20 days to resolve this matter. If i fail to contact them then they would provide the recommendation for a civil suit the the balance owed on the account. I called on Oct 4, Oct5, Oct 6 and Oct 7 twice and left message for a return call everytime with my telephone number. to no avail I recieved no return call until on Oct 7, to which a rude obnoxious man left me a voicemail stating to leave a message and he would return the call at his convinence! Well I did call back left a message the first time then I called right back and got a receptionist who transferred me to a Mr.Berg... I can even remember the name. He stated right off the the phone call was recorded and will be used for any purpose to collect this debt. He asked for my last 4 and for me to identify my self. He proceeded to tell me that I failed to pay a debt, and I was to pay the entire amount right then, I tried to explain to him what had transpired up until this point and he started getting rude and hatefull telling me I failed and they was going to collect the debt. I stated to him that this was set us as an automatic payment and was paid up until September and nothing was removed from my acoount. I advised him I had not recieved any mail or phone call or any other type of contact regarding this until the letter sent on September 30, He stated I was incorrect and I was LYING. He stated that he had call my sister in California, my brother, two other men, my mother. He started rambling the phone numbers. I had to raise my voice and tell him those people was not my family nor thenumber he rambled off was not my phone numbers. HE stated I was incorrect and if I wasnt going to listen to him and settle this I could hang up. He stated that I needed to be quiet and pay my debt and stop making excuses. He advised he he wasnt going to take me being rude and disrespectful nor was Igoing to give false information regarding the account. I told him I was the one calling in to make arrangements for this and I didnthave to take the treatment he was givinghe stated if I didnt like it then hang up!! I paused for a moment ready to hang up but I also thought of the fact of being threatened of being taken to court for this, I told him again I just want to make arrangements and get on with it. He still was rude an hateful and said if I didnt like it then hang up!!! I was no way rude or hateful nor was I trying to get out of not paying this or making arrangements. He was degrading and so disrespectful I cried when I got off the phone. I have never had anyone ever talk tome that way. I never claimed or even thought of not paying my debts, but when you are laid off and trying to go to school, and you make a payment you dont expect anyuone to belittle you the way he did. I offered to make arrangement at first he stated" How much of it can you pay" I told him i can make payments he interuprted me and stated if I didnt listen to him then hang up and he would make the recommendation of lawsuit! I had to apologize for his behavior to me and let him talk to me that way in order to get an arrangement made. I asked if I could make the payment that I did previous he told me NO, Finally I said how about $100.00 a month. He said ok, ! I felt so pressured to offer an amount just to stay out of court. Then before the settlement was done he had the nerve to state that the gentleman i made the original arrangement with you have never told me that after 6 month the case would be re-evaluated and handed back to the Company. I stated to him, "I was told that after 6motnhs of payments that the time it would be reviewed and as long as I kept the payments as promised then at that time I could continue the payments and just pay thru the company and my credit would not be harmed. Well then this man stated " Well I miss understood what you was saying cause we dont give back files to the to orginal company, and what he said was true"!! I was so mad and still crying in front of my daughter i jst wanted off the phone. I was pretty much called a liar and what was told to me, about who my family was, being a worthless consumer, refusing to pay my debt, etc. I calmed down and finally I was furious how he talked to me and accused me of things! If I didnt want ot pay the bill or make arrangements that I would not have called moreless called everyday. I am by no means perfect however I expect and deserve tobe treated like an human and not a dog. I dont deserve someone to be rude, degrading belittling to me. I am really sorry that I got into this situation, however I can not control the economy, our government cant!! I am working and going to school trying to make it better and get to where I can actually live and not borrow off my family to live. But NO ONE deserves this treatment! I will follow up with this with the BBB and whom ever else I can. This gentleman needs to know their are lines and he crossed them. I understand he had a job to do, but how would he like it if he didnt and lost everything!!! I dont think he would appreciate me calling him and harrassing him like I was. I want to know what else I can do to correct this behavior that he does to people. Please advise me someone what else I can do!

Primary Financial ServicesConstant Phone Calls

We have been receiving a daily phone call from Primary Financial Services - [protected].
They mentioned that it has something to do with DELL Financial Services for collection. They would like our company information, address, 4-digit ssn to continue the phone call. I have verified with Dell Financial Services and see if we or I have any outstanding bill because we have not bought any computer for over a year. Dell Financial Services mentioned that they do not deal with Primary Financial Services at all and goes through a Bank only. So, I have been suspicious and call PFS. Well, they will not give me any information about what they are calling about unless i verify the address, 4-digit ssn. They would call the office 2 times a day. I have requested them to send me a letter regarding this matter and will not give any information over the phone. I have told them that Dell does not recognize them either. Therefore, if any of you out there getting any scrupulous calls- talk to the company directly where they think you have problems. I believe they are just fishing more info but are not to be trusted. What bothers me most, we are on time with our bills and have religiously paid on time.

Primary Financial ServicesDebt Collector calls the wrong people- mistaken ID but keeps on goin!

This company continues to call our house and harass my mother in an attempt to collect someone else's debt from her. There are messages on the machine from a Mr. Peterson at x3226 asking for a company that has nothing to do with us.
It turns out that company's owner has a name which is one letter away from my father's name. My mother has repeatedly told this Mr. Peterson that they have the wrong person, the wrong #, that it's not our name, we have no such company, and that my father has been dead for 10 years. After telling Mr. Peterson this, he demanded my father's death certificate, and said 'but you do have property, don't you?"
There is something very, very wrong with this company and its tactics. My mother has repeatedly told them not to call, and they continue to harass her.
What business do they have knowing our private property information or seeing my father's death certificate. It's not my father's account, we and our phone line have never been connected to the company they are seeking, and we have never heard of the company they are trying to collect on.
We just can't get it through to them they are simply calling the wrong people. It seems as if they are intent on collecting this debt from whoever happens to answer the phone, anywhere, any time, with absolutely no regard to whether or not they have reached the account holder they are seeking. Creepy, just creepy...

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Primary Financial ServicesCustomer Service

On April 26, 2010 I called PRIMARY FINANCIAL SERVICES in order to set up a payment plan on a defaulted student loan. I had just received gainful employment and was now able to begin paying off my debt. The first time I called, at 12:15 p.m., I spoke with customer representative CHARLENE STONE. Ms. Stone must have been by far the worst person I had every spoken to in Customer Service history. Ms. Stone was highly unprofessional. Ms. Stone made aggressive, condescending, and unbelievable comments to me. She insulted me a number of times by doing such childish things as name-calling. And to make matters worst, Ms. Stone proceeded to disconnect the phone conversation while I was in mid-sentence.

After Ms. Stone’s uncouth disconnection, I promptly called back to understand why she had done such a thing. She screamed and, of course, claimed she did not do what I had stated. I asked if there was someone that I could speak with that was more professional and she told me that she wasn’t even the person handling my account and she gave me that person’s name and extension. I hung up.

Still not satisfied, I called back to speak with a higher authority. At 12:46 p.m. I spoke with the VICE-PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS, MR. L.T. RIMBACH. I explained the situation to him, and to my surprise, he was just as rude (if not more) as Ms. Stone. Again, I was spoken to in a very disrespectful manner. My concerns were not addressed. Mr. Rimbach even agreed that Ms. Stone’s actions were appropriate and proper protocol. Mr. Rimbach placed me on hold while I was in mid-sentence. Frustrated after that ridiculous act, I could no longer take any more ridicule, so I hung up.

A day later, I called back to try once more with the actual person assigned to my account. Thankful, she was an angel, compared to the two. She got everything taken care of. The payment plan that I initially offered to Ms. Stone and Mr. Rimbach was accepted.

I cannot believe that it is right by any means for any company to treat its clients/customers in the way that I was treated. This issue must be addressed. This company, or at least the people stated in this complaint, should not be able to legally operate in such a manner. I was very disappointed with the customer service within this company and I feel something MUST be done.

  • Hk
    hkjhin nnjop Nov 12, 2011

    Rimbach full name is probably Leroy Thomas Rimbach Jr file a complaint about the company naming him with your state's attorney general AND the Better Business Bureau
    This is probably his address 9433 W. Alex Avenue Peoria $249, 900 Leroy Thomas Rimbach Jr

    Collectors must follow the law

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Primary Financial ServicesConsumers Rights

I have just made a complaint to the BBB. I am also not suprised to see there are other complaints on how rude, and aggressive Primary Financial is. I started with PFS with a debt from Wells Fargo. The agent who first started to collect the debt was rude and verbally abusive. She said she was going to call child services on me because I told her I was having a hard time finding somewhere to live with my son. Just put down after put down. The average person would have said @#$* off lady. Although I hung up on her I still wanted to pay off my debt. I enrolled in a debt management program Nova Debt (who I give thanks to) and PFS refused to be apart of it, stating I'm trying to hide from a debt that is owed. This didn't make sense because I was trying to pay back but I guess it wasn't enough. I decided to make payments in incriments of 3 months. I noticed a part of my payment was going to fees. PFS kept saying "they" (Wells Fargo) are charging you not us. I called Wells Fargo they stated they sold the account and no longer have information about it. When I spoke to PFS they said I'll never get a hold of the right department at Wells Fargo to get a answer. Where do my rights fall into place? I also wanted to make a payment of $50 for December when I have been making $75 payments. PFS said no or "they" will get upset and put me in default. "Who are they?" I asked, and PFS said "Wells Fargo". I'm back at square one. Hello PFS I wasn't born in a barn yesterday, I'm already in default. There performance with clients is unheard of and I don't even owe that much. I hope they get put out of business!!!

Primary Financial ServicesFelony Level Threats

The person who called me from this company threatened to hurt me and later kill me. I had this person arrested and have opened a civil suit. The original bill was overturned and should have never existed, as it was miscellanious fees which were accidently added to an a closed account after the fact and was the mistake of a bank computer error. Up until this incident I had a flawless credit rating and a wonderful small business. I am still fighting these people and hope you will to, whatever you do lawyer up and nevermind the cost, call your congressman, its a few hours and it helps, just ask the staff there to advocate for you, or seek free legal aid. These people are felons and unprofessional.

  • Wi
    William Payor Apr 25, 2009

    Can yoU Not Talk.. you owe money and you make a BS story like this up. Be accountable for your self. PAY YOUR BILLS and STOP being a LIAR.

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Primary Financial ServicesPay your bills!

I think every one in here complaining about pfs are a whole bunch of professional debtors..let me tell you why..

1. Pay your bills (that way bill collectors wont call you)

2. Parents!!! Smack your kids in the mouth then help them pay so bill collectors dont have to call you.

3. Stop screening your calls at work (by you doing that debt collectors will stop calling you every 5min!!! Common sense!!

4. Agree to pay if you owe trust you will not win and no you will not get an attorney for a lawsuit because you cant afford it.


5. Did i mention pay your bill and find something different to do with your time!!!

  • Ka
    Karen Dec 23, 2007

    All people who end up with collection agencies on their case aren't deadbeats. One trip to the ER- and it WAS an emergency- ran into $3000 that I couldn't afford to even make payments on at the time. (No not even $5). The ink wasn't dry on the bill till I got a letter from a collector. The deadbeats are healthcare providers who don't offer insurance to their often unappreciated staff! Collection agencies are rude bullies 9/10 of the time so before you lump us all together look at the circumstances!

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  • Su
    Susan Jan 12, 2008

    Clearly Frank up above likes to hear himself talk and wax prolific about Debt Collectors who violate an assortment of laws and the people whom they target. Not everyone targeted is a deadbeat, some are victims of being nothing more than naive when it comes to their rights that are protected under FACTA and FDCPA and state civil codes as it relates to uncollectable old debt that has either been settled on or charged off years ago, and is far beyond the SOL for being collectable. I'm guessing Frank is a minimum wage worker for one of the Zombie Debt Collectors and is getting his vitriol off so to speak on this site given that getting off anywhere else is probably an impossibility unless blow up dolls count. Frank go back top school, get an education higher than 5th grade and perhaps you can make a career enhancing move to Jack In The Box for $1 more an hour and move out of your parents rumpus room into an apartment of your very own and actually find a girlfriend that does not require and air pump and batteries to function.

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  • Hu
    hurting in America Oct 18, 2008

    I've lived in America all my life, paid my bills twenty years. This year the bottom fell out. Lost my job, my investment property, my car and the home I lived in. PRIMARY FINANCIAL SERVICES, have you turned the TV on lately, read the newspaper, this is the worst economy since the depression. In these times, compassion and a sense of humanity is not a lot to ask for.

    You have a job to do. However, threatening and screaming at people still won't get blood from a rock.

    Be grateful you have a paycheck, unfortunately, your paycheck comes off the backs of the down and out.

    God help anyone who could treat people who are hit with this bad times, harshly. God help you.

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  • Mr
    Mr. C or G or D or ... Nov 18, 2008

    Well Frank, you make it pretty obvious for whom you work (PFS). I'm sure it was you who phoned me with all the threats. You did not use the name "Frank" though. You were Mr. Tibbs once, and Gary on another occasion. Then, when you were unable to get anywhere with me through your idle threats and sarcasm, you sent my "file" to Amy, or Susan, or Sandra, or whatever else her name happened to be on any given day. Her desk was the "final stop" before it went to "The Legal Department". When I agreed to pay an amount I could afford, you told me you couldn't even present that amount to your "client". Well listen, Frank; your "client" is your company, not my creditor. You idiots* purchase bad debt from creditors. In my case, you purchased my account balance from Wells Fargo. Wells no longer has any interest in my account whatsoever. They wrote off the bad debt 18 months ago. Had you represented yourself in a more professional manner, I probably would have worked with you because I wouldn't have checked references and performed background checks on your company. After the first call from you I knew exactly what I was dealing with: Idiots*. Any time a creditor calls for the first time and makes threats, it should be obvious to everyone that they are not legitimate. C'mon Frank - force the sale of my home? place a debt rider on my mortgage? (That's where they get an injunction to hold your mortgage until you sell your home, then they get the original debt PLUS late fees PLUS legal fees PLUS other fees. THIS IS A THREAT ONLY AND HAS ABSOLUTELY NO LEGAL RAMIFICATION!!! Your mortgage holder is not going to sign off any amount to another creditor. You cannot be forced to put more debt into your mortgage.) REAL collectors do not act this way. Get a clue. Quit purchasing bad debts. You make a lot of money from people that don't understand the collection process and your efforts to intimidate. Had you not purchased my bad debt like an idiot*, I wouldn't be writing this novel. I'm sure there are many others out there like myself who simply ran into difficult times. Nothing makes debtors feel better that being able to pay their bills. When we can pay our bills, it means we have money. Not necessarily extra money, but money enough to enjoy our means. It's simple for you, isn't it Frank? Pay your debts. Smack the kids. Have parents pay our debts. I suggest that is the way your debts are handled. How many times did you get smacked last week Frank? Idiot*.

    *Webster's defines an idiot as a foolish or stupid person.
    A person of profound mental ###ation having a mental age below three years.

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  • Ga
    gammy Jan 23, 2009

    While I believe people should pay for what they buy, have the collectors every considered that they'd be in the unemployment line if everyone DID pay their bills? Then how would they pay THEIR bills?

    A little courtesy and understanding goes a long way.

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Primary Financial Services — Ridiculous customer treatment

Debt Collection The representatives at this company are the WORST that I have ever had to deal with. First...

Primary Financial ServicesAbhorrent collection practices

Primary Financial Services, LLC
3115 North 3rd Ave, Suite 112
Phoenix, AZ 85013

The debt collection practices of Primary Financial Services are abhorrent. My so called representative, Mr. Skapp, threatened litigation on behalf of Wells Fargo (who I owed in the first place), insisted that I was not capable of paying my debts after telling me what he was able to access, informed me that he will call any reference necessary to get in touch with me (which he did), constantly put words in my mouth OR twisted anything I said around to make me sound like an imbecile. Mr. Skapp is the one looking like an imbecile in my book. He's heartless. He's either an ex-con or was the short kid in class who had to become a bully to scare others into "liking" him. I'd love to run a credit report on Mr. Skapp and see if indeed all his bills are paid in a timely manner and heaven forbid, he actually has a debt. The last straw for me regarding PFS and the notorious Mr. Skapp was him laughing hysterically, calling me "Unbelievable!" and accusing me of basing my ability to pay off this debt on someone's "demise" or "life insurance". Perfect example of him putting words into my mouth. Hatefulness is beyond my scope of comprehension. What a surprise that he failed to mention the call was being recorded. Still haven't decided what I'd like to do about that. One would think, if you had the proper experience as a debt collector, that you'd be able to determine who are the down on their luck, bill paying citizens from the flakes. Mr. Skapp, I'm sure your job is quite thankless. One day, you'll have a ridiculous debt that you have to pay and someone will treat you the same way you have treated others. Hopefully you'll be able to take what you dish out.

  • Pa
    payurbill Nov 12, 2008

    Pay ur Bill!

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  • Do
    DODO11 May 23, 2010

    Been in the telecom industry, I can tell you spoofing is illegal, you can always use other resources to follow thru. You may want to contact The US attorney general, the FCC as well as the FTC. Also if this is interstate you can actually contact the FBI.

    Based on the law, they cannot contact you at your place of business. They are only legally able to contact you at your home; you can also send a stop and desist letter via certified mail.

    Record their conversation, when you speak to them if you do, many of them have no clue of the law and make drastic mistake threatening people. They can't make any statements in which they can destroy your credit, call your family, call your work and or tell everybody that you have debts and you do not pay, this is protected by the law. IN this case now you have the upper hand, as now they open the door for a lawsuit, almost any attorney will take this type of cases on contingency. Is an infringement of your rights and punish by law. This people use scare tactics to scare people and even collect many times the same debts that have been paid previously.
    The reality nothing that they can do, if you do not or can't pay, they must take you to court and get a judgment against you, then they need to be able to collect.
    You want to get even, call then day in and day out, to their numbers use redial, and have anybody that you know do the same, do it day in and day out, that will shut down their PBX system, if they do it to you do it to them.
    Yes annoying, but effective if hundreds of people do the same and saturate their phone lines.

    Here are some of the biggest scan bags in the industry, and believe me they are all scan bags at the end. They count on you to be afraid of them.

    RGS Financial
    P.O. Box 852039
    Richardson, TX 75085-2039
    RGS Financial, Inc.
    1700 Jay-Ell Drive
    Suite 200
    Richardson, TX 75081
    Call their 800 numbers is free to you but not to them.
    They use many spoof numbers if any, as many times they use no caller ID on purpose but they leave you a number to call. Always keep the recording particularly if they are menacing and report does to your police local department as now you have a legal record.
    Spoof Number used: 1310-953-3485

    Viking Collection Service, Inc.

    7500 Office Ridge Circle, Suite 100
    Eden Prairie, MN 55344Arizona
    2075 West Pinnacle Peak Road, Suite 110
    Phoenix, Arizona 85027 Spoof number use caller id Block. One of their numbers is 1800-287-5802

    Primary Financial Services also uses Collection agency services to mask there illegal practices ( (Their web site is been down for long time to be able to cover their illegal practices)
    3115 N 3rd Ave Ste 112
    Phoenix, AZ 85013
    (602) 279-1000

    If you want to negotiate a settlement call your original lender directly, do not with this scan bags, they are in commissions or percentages based. Many banks and lender will negotiate up to 80 % of the debts, make sure they do not report it to the IRS if not they can make you pay the taxes on the remaining amount, and make sure they clean your credit, get it in writing first.

    Don't get mad get even.

    People which do block the caller ID and or use Spoof numbers always have something to hide, that is the only reason they will use a Spoof number (Fake number / Voip Number / Or PBX number whit no actual connection only rings and then dies) Report them to the Authorities, this business practices are illegal and punish by law: if they use spoof numbers, Obscene and rude language, threats, harassment, all this are felonies and punish by law. Report them to your Local Telecom provider, your local District attorney, the local police department, your local senator, record the conversation and keep any and all voice mail left, don't be afraid, they can do absolutely nothing to you till they take you to court if you owe them any money, is futile to argue with ignorant people.

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  • Ph
    ph22 Nov 28, 2011

    Well Mr Pay Your Bill,
    You CAN contact the debtor at their place of business until are asked not to by superior at your place of employment, it i not against any FDCPA law, or any law for that matter. Collectors are not "threatening" you, they are simply stating what actions they CAN and WILL take if you do not work out an arrangment for the money you loaned against in some way shape or form. Once a debt has been paid the account is automatically reported to the client as paid in full or settlement and is not collected any further per the FDCPA. No collection agency is going to continue collecting on a paid claim and would not put their million dollar or billion dollar company on the line for your small claim you should have been adult enough to handle at the time regardless of your cercumstances. Everyone has a hard time with money as an american in this economy but people seem to think that having internet, cable, more then one vehicle out of their budget etc, anything that is not a necessity should come over a bill that they owe on. Its easier said then done to take care of an expensive bills so you should look at collections as motivation to set up a smaller monthly payment you can afford or a settlement to save you a possible couple thousand dollars. In addition, it is not logical for an agency to obtain a judment for a claim over a certian amount per the client. Per the FDCPA only certian kind of claims can even legally obtain a judgment, so are incorrect. Also, the "PBX" system you are talking about shutting down by your twelve year old prank calls is not for every agency. Every agency has a completly different system that prevent problems like that happening so incase people like you want to get your rocks off. Last but not least every client has their percentage of comissions and it is completly different with every single client. Depending on the age of the claim, the amount of the claim, the debtors credit, assets, the written financial proof given for bills and monthly income and the attitude you show the collector. No employee of the collection agency is required or obligated to give you any type of discount and it will be understood by any judge or client to not give a discount to an ignorant person. Hope you are now educated on what collections really is and you can go tell all your friends :-) It might have been easier and less time consuming for you to just take a settlement instead of you now probably in the process of a lawsuit for your unfortionate neglect of knowlage on the subject you posted.

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  • Bo
    boo2013 Aug 14, 2013

    This is a response to ph22. A lot seems to have changed.
    From the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau:

    "Can debt collectors call my employer and tell them they are calling about my debts?
    updated July 10, 2013

    No. A debt collector generally may not contact your employer or other third-parties about the debt. Debt collectors may ask your employer to verify your employment, or ask for your address or telephone number. Generally, a debt collector is only permitted to discuss your debt with you, your spouse, or your attorney. Also, if a debt collector knows that you are not allowed to receive the debt collector’s calls at work then the debt collector is not allowed to call you there. If your employer does not allow you to receive personal calls at work you should let the debt collector know that.

    We have prepared sample letters that a consumer could use to respond to a debt collector who is trying to collect a debt along with tips on how to use them. The sample letters may help you to get information, set ground rules about any further communication, or protect some of your rights. "

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