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I've used their long distance services for years, but there was some company change over a year ago and since then the rates have gone up without notice. My local phone company now has better rates than this company. Recently the intrastate rates were raised to 25 cents a minute. WITHOUT NOTICE! (From reading other reviews this seems to be a M.O.) Since I call in state more than out, and after receiving an unexpectedly high bill, I changed my long distance carrier quickly at the local phone company, but I still got a bill later for basic service and taxes even though I'm not using them anymore, because I failed to call Powernet Global to cancel the service. Customer service was cold and rude, but not unexpected considering they likely have to deal with other dissatisfied customers. I'll happily pay the local phone company rates to be free of this company. I am taking the time to find every review site I can to let folks know about this "alleged" HA! rip-off !

  • Dh
    dh2222 Sep 22, 2017

    Within the last year, we also found that PNG has raised rates out of th blues with no notice at least three times.
    Furthermore, we suddenly cannot make international calls, it's been three weeks and the problem has still not been rectified.
    PNG service has been getting worse in the last twelve months.

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Resolved PowerNet GlobalCustomer Service

PowerNet Global - Not so Powerful in Customer Service

As a business customer of five years, I share the following:

Horrific customer service. Rude. Aggressive. Actively looking for ways *not* to help. Adversarial at all levels. Inaccurate record keeping. Unwilling to assist.

In a world of Tom Peters, 'Wow!" experiences, this is WOW! in a bad way. UNBELIEVABLE.

In a recent round of altercations, I asked one of the representatives at PNG about the culture there - wondering why this attitude seemed so prevelant. They indicated that a lot of customers feel thay way but that it boils down to how individual representatives handle the calls.

Really? Who's watching the service metrics? Ever hear of call recording? Someone should look closely at the customer experience here and fire the staff - or take them to Nordstrom and show them what a quality customer experience looks like.

That said...

I am waiting now to see how they handle a current issue.

If you have other options, it is my recommendation that you pursue them.

  • Mj
    MJSmith Mar 01, 2010

    isayquit your damn complaing I mean really there are bigger problems in this world than somebody was rude to you like the earthquakes in Hati and Chilie. I mean if these are the first people who were rude to you then you had it pretty damn good. I think it should be federally banned for customers to complain period. There are homeless people who complain less than customers and the homeless have every right to complain.

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