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While on vacation in Puerto Vallarta we were invited to a timeshare presentation. The gentleman who invited us told us we would only be there for 90 min. After five (5) hours of conversation we decided to purchase a timeshare, the sales person basically push you to purchase there membership. Our sales representative Jose Varga told us we could rent these...

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12:00 am EDT

Playa Del Sol Grand - Timeshare rip off!

WE purchased a timeshare from BRaden PEarson-representative for Playa Del Sol Grand. We purchased this with the expectations of renting the weeks. Braden connected us to Royal Holiday and at that time we gave them 7 weeks of our rental in exchange for $8000, to arrive on 8/1/07. We have received no check and we cannot get anyone to helps us. This is a scam-Braden Pearson is a representative of PlayDel Sol and Play Del Sol should take some responsibility for their sales representatives. BEWARE!

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Jan 25, 2010 4:14 pm EST

We also purchased timeshare from Braden Pearson at the playa del sol hotel, and I am shocked to read this negetive press about him on these sites! My husband and I have owned P.D.S. for five years and Braden has always made sure our expectations have been exceded. In fact despite what i have been reading, We have recived several thousand dollars over the years in rental income and continue to vacation using the money we recive from our investment. Playa del sol is a wonderful organization, and Braden is an incredable man!

Jan 31, 2009 2:37 pm EST

Unfortunalty i was sucked in to this scam of a company but on the other end, i was an employee in their "service center" we were told directly to lie to these poor people whom clearly have been ripped off, with barely any traing we were forced to answer phones all day from people who spent thousands of money for "weeks" when in reality they would never be able to book because honestly there were oversold, as employees we were promised a free vacation to mexico for "training" after two years of working there no trip! when i finally quit i was so burned out on "customer service" (for PDS it was lying to people) i decided to go back to school so i guess that was the only good that came out of it. i hope this helps, dont be a sucker you dont have to buy!

Jan 10, 2009 12:01 am EST

I feel your pain my friend. I too purchased a timeshare from Braden Pearson in September 2008 with all the same bull crap that I'm sure he gave you. How stupid would someone be to pass up what he was offering, and the fact that he made it seem so believeable and logical to do it is what just kills me to look back at it. I kept saying to myself "If it sounds too good to be true it probably is". It was. I bet he did the whole prayer before breakfast thing to make you think he was religous, and talked to you about his kid and his wild ex girlfriend, and his parents in New Zealand and all that Bull! Lying Liar is what he is. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THESE PEOPLE! I still haven't recieve one single piece of paperwork reguarding my purchase made on September 5th, 2008 and it is now January 9, 2009. I will sell my timeshare for well under what I paid (If I ever have anything to sell) just to be away from this total sham of a company known as PLaya del Sol Grand

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